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Terrene Black


Comment from Terrene Black:

Dreaming of some big wally rights 💭🌊🏄🏼‍♀️ ecsboards gun sunsetbeach throwback hawaii ecs_girls surfergirl offshorewinds 📷 surfhaleiwa 🤙🏼

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Comment from Guntology.:

💥💥Tag Guntology for a feature! [📸: robinson_outdoors] ・・・ Like this one band glock was stock 😢 kentucky knife blade 2a 2ndamendment america freedom edc pewpew everydaycarry concealedcarry glock glock19 9mm gun guns united2a igmilitia pocketdump gunsofig glock43 ztknives ar15 tactical cz p01

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OTAC 🇺🇸 #preparedasfk


Comment from OTAC 🇺🇸 #preparedasfk:

new sticks and shit from 411printing .. always the good stuff from them. our shipments will be preparedasfk

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Chris Naganuma


Comment from Chris Naganuma:

Every day. ⚰️🔥.

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Comment from gungrabber:

Repost pete.556 (get_repost) ・・・ Panerai 531 - Sig Sauer P229 Legion! . . . . gun guns gunporn gundose gunchannels gunpics 9mm weapon weapons weaponsdaily weaponsfanatics sigsauer sigp229 sigp229legion officinepanerai panerai paneristi paneraistrap paneraicentral luminorpanerai panerailuminor paneraipics paneraiwatch pamstraps panerailover pam531 panerai531 strapgame

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Comment from 🎆icons🎆:

I know I'll never get to 40 likes on this post but hey let's try😂 gun play slime cute dm love foam dm

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Comment from reeeka☺︎:

2017.05.26 ___✍️ . GM🐶☀️ 関西は今日はめっちゃいいお天気(*´-`) 暑いぐらいね💦💦 今日はみぃちゃんと京都でおデート❤️ 京都とかいつぶりやろか(゚∀゚) もうすぐ着く〜🙌✨ 岩田さん歩いてないかな🙄笑 . . 三代目jsoulbrothers三代目JSB3jsb 岩田剛典がんちゃんガンちゃん岩ちゃん 名古屋のパーフェクトボーイおがんGUN

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Brian Kimbell


Comment from Brian Kimbell:

New gun🤷🏼‍♂️ gun 22 gunsout

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OTAC 🇺🇸 #preparedasfk


Comment from OTAC 🇺🇸 #preparedasfk:

osigs headed out to pflproject to get reviewed. looking forward to seeing the smile on their faces when they see why we do what we do. stay preparedasfk and be like them because it'll save your life when shit goes bad. plus new sticks always make things cooler 411printing

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2A Templar


Comment from 2A Templar:

LINK IN BIO. TAG YOUR FRIENDS! REPOST. This survey was sent out to the entire CSGV email list. (Academia colluding with anti-gunners?! I wonder if they asked the NRA to send this survey to it's members? Hahaha.) I subscribe to these gun control group emails to keep tabs on them and to be able to post things like this. LET'S​ MAKE SURE THEY HEAR FROM REAL AMERICANS. 2a secondamendment 2ndamendment gun guns ar15 ar15build reloading garand milsurp america nra politics republican conservative theigmilitia 1776united republican gop military 50bmg wisconsin usmc

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Jerard Greene


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Dolph Time


Comment from Dolph Time:

Don't mind if I do! 🤣 Follow for awesome Overwatch content and help me get to 5000! Also click on my YouTube channel link in my bio and help me get to 1500! Thanks 👍

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Comment from P226nut:

So on my last post I just assumed everyone knew about these guns, this is the HMG copy of the strumgewehr, it's not the 22 lr piece of shit made by GSG, these guns are being offered in two realistic caliber choices 5.56 and 7.62x39, they are also being made in two stupid caliber choices 8 Kurtz (the original 7.92x33 chambering) and 300 aac black out, don't buy one in 300 aac please, thank you lol. Anyway this was the pic they sent out trying to determine the stock color, on the far right you can see the stocks they had been showing us, middle left is the color that was voted the winner and the far left is the one I like, these should be pretty cool, but the price tag is $1800 which is too high imo, I want this gun for $1000-$1200, they'll sell a few at $1800, but eventually they'll have to get realistic about their prices. That's just my opinion, but in a few years these should be much cheaper judging by the way the market is. germanguns nazis germany worldwar2 worldwartwo weapon igguns igmilitia instaguns pewpew pewpewpew pewlife ThePewPewLife gun guns gunlife gunporn gunchannels firearms rifle machinegun nra 2ndamendment p38 walther waltherp38 luger glock Hashtagtical glockporn

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Luc Fournier


Comment from Luc Fournier:

My only clean run of the day minus the little hiccup at the start haha trauma_rn came up with this course of fire. 🎥: trauma_rn • dynamicweaponsolutions oneshotindustries gundose • glockigmilitiapewpewlifegunsgunlifegundaily2aweaponsdailyhandgunmericagunpornnra3percenterar15pewpewigdailymolonlabeshootingtrainmakeamericagreatagain9mmgunamericathepewpewlifegunchannelsdynamicweaponsolutionsgetoutandtrainsickgunsoneshotindustries

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Comment from Protect_black_gun_owners_:

pple hired Denise Young Smith, who headed its global human resources program, as its first vice president of diversity and inclusion, CNN reports. Smith started her new position on Monday and will report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple’s diversity report states that the company worldwide is 68 percent male. Here in the United States, the tech giant is 56 percent White, 19 percent Asian, 12 percent Hispanic and 9 percent Black. Diversity remains an elusive goal for Apple and the technology industry. Cook told Mashable that the tech community is at “fault” for the gender disparity.“I think in general we haven’t done enough to reach out and show young women that it’s cool to do it and how much fun it can be,” he said. The CEO added that his company is conducting outreach efforts from middle school through college to encourage women to pursue tech careers. Apple is also connecting with historically Black colleges and Universities, he said. protectblackamericangunownersblackamericangunowners africanamericangunowners BlackRiflesMatter BlackRifleBuilder BlackGuns IGMilitia BlackGunsMatter GunsOfInstagram Guns Gun DTOM 2A Freedom Americaafricansarmyourselves blackmanblackrifle blackgunowners blackgunsmatter BeReady beyourkidsherolove selfloveblackmanblackrifle

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Jonathan Wright


Comment from Jonathan Wright:

Patiently Waiting For Some inforce01 APL-C Holsters to Arrive 😲 - - TacticalToolbox PewTuber

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Justin Lacrosse


Comment from Justin Lacrosse:

My favorite day is fast approaching sundaygunday

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Geisyane Jc


Comment from Geisyane Jc:

Uma paixão! Shooting is a passion!

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Comment from _tv55:

حفر بشكل غرريب 🤔 . . . . 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻✅ ✅_tv55 ✅_tv55 ✅_tv55 👆🏻 ------------------------ satisfyinggunAnimalsksaفولوالرياضتفاعلسعوديهوسع_صدركfoodاكلcarfunfunnyمضحكلايكفولوwaterفناشياء_غريبهالسعوديةسيارات

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Comment from _tv55:

👎🏻🙄 . . . . 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻✅ ✅_tv55 ✅_tv55 ✅_tv55 👆🏻 ------------------------ satisfyinggunAnimalsksaفولوالرياضتفاعلسعوديهوسع_صدركfoodاكلcarfunfunnyمضحكلايكفولوwaterفناشياء_غريبهالسعوديةسيارات

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