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Danish Hunter

Comment from Danish Hunter:

This. Is. Awesome! Love this picture by aaronhitchins ✌🏼 Thanks for sharing! hunting fishing deer dog dogs hunter gun bird duck watch forest country jagt jagd happy guns denmark deer nature huntingseason weapons hunt shotgun monday shooting ducks military

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Comment from SLANEYS:

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Comment from Avanavilona:

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Airsofter Indonesia


Comment from Airsofter Indonesia:

Regrann from iqbal101196 - Pew pew ... airsoft airsoftgun airsofter airsoftindonesia indonesiaairsoft indonesia pew pewpew pewpewpew gun gunporn gunadict internationalairsoft m14 sniper sharpshooter nocom_brotherhood - regrann

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Comment from Michał:

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Richard Mackiewicz


Comment from Richard Mackiewicz:

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Comment from Joe:

Monday comin' atcha like...

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Dive in


Comment from Dive in:

Never use your speargun unless underwater and in no circumstances aim your gun at your dive partner. Also make sure to keep in mind how far the shot will travel. divein_wetsuits divein customwetsuits speargun underwater gun divepartner shot

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Ellis Stone


Comment from Ellis Stone:

May my enemies live long so they can see me progress. Part of my creative projects with simonpeterphoto (can't wait to shoot again soon!) 💣💸 modelling model makeup photographer powerful portrait photoshoot portraitphotography photographer atmosphericportrait studio studiophotography gun money gangsta bitch bondgirl fashion feminist fashionphotography bomb dollar beauty beautyphotography

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GTA V Photos


Comment from GTA V Photos:

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SGO Perun


Comment from SGO Perun:

You have to know your terrain. 🗺 ⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎ Check out our mates: anet_photography scghillie weapon762 Remember to follow them. ⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍⚍ asg airsoft airsofter operator recruit airsoftinternational airsoftgun ggarmament gun rifle pewpew shooting game fun hobby passion photosession photography photooftheday forest woods tactical camo camouflage wz93 страйкбол サバゲー instalike instafollow

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Martin Pot


Comment from Martin Pot:

A hunter takes aim at an elephant. . . . . The intention of this photo is to make you do a second-rate, wondering why an innocent-looking elephant is being targeted. This was photographed at the Bali Safari and Marine Park earlier this year, during the elephant show. The show looks at the interaction between humans and elephants over the years, and focuses on elephant conservation. latergram Bali Indonesia balisafaripark gun rifle shoot elephant conservation blackandwhite

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Fréêdøm 🇺🇸


Comment from Fréêdøm 🇺🇸:

11-13-2015. Bus Fire attack. First due engine. Firefighters masked up just before arriving on scene because they were told to go to work when they were to arrive on scene. The MSA masks sound like the firefighters are on air, but it is just the air going through their regulators. They do not go on air until they attack the fire. The flashing/sparking/arching is the water hitting and cooling the magnesium in the steering wheel. It just makes a very bright light and takes a lot (constant stream of water) to cool the magnesium. The firefighters positioned themselves upwind of the fire and at an angle to avoid exploding bumpers or other projectiles. The crew at the nozzle adapted to the low pressure at the nozzle by using a straight stream instead of fog pattern.

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Оружие которое восхищает

Comment from Оружие которое восхищает:

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Team B.E.A.R.D


Comment from Team B.E.A.R.D:

Taking a hard offensive through the "Russian trenches" at Raw-War is Essex. Still my favourite site purely for how welcoming and friendly everyone is 👌 milsim airsoftinternational worldairsoft airsoftobsessed bbwarz airsoftgun airsoftnation pewpew featureairsoft airsoftworld tactical guns airsofter softair tacticool gun airsoftextreme airsoft_community airsofting bbwars m4 airsoftxtreme evike airsoftphotography operator femmefatale followforfollow photooftheday

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Giada Grimaldi


Comment from Giada Grimaldi:

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⚙️ TOᗷY - ᗷeᖇᒪiᑎTiᗯoᖇkᔕ ⚙️


Comment from ⚙️ TOᗷY - ᗷeᖇᒪiᑎTiᗯoᖇkᔕ ⚙️:

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أسلحة هوائيه Air guns


Comment from أسلحة هوائيه Air guns:

الحمدلله على نعمة العقل 😱 دائماً من فترة طويلة من خلال تصفحي في اليوتيوب على الأسلحة الهوائية الايرسوفت والبنتبول احصل تحديات كثيرة مثل هالمجانين الله لايبلانا وفيه تحديات اقوى فيه وانت بدون تيشيرت وفيه بدون ملابس وبمسافه قريبه وتحديات كثيره هبال هذا التحدي قبل خمس سنوات او اكثر التحدي على ٢٠٠طلقه وفاز البطل 🤢 طبعاً اسلحة الايرسوفت المستخدمه airguns54 .. .. .. أسلحة_هوائيهرماية الرماية سلاح بندقية شوزن ساكتون صجم كريكت خرازه فولكن السعودية اليوم مساء_الخير اسلحه_هوائية صيد رمي قنص مقناص بنادق_هوائيه فايروخ الرياض sniper airguns airsoft airgun gun guns pneumatics shoting

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Comment from Андрей:

И опять же привет всем игрунам! Сегодня к нас винтовка.(Рубрика скриншот. 6) варфейсоружиескриншотgunwarface

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Comment from CENTER-T / Центр-Т, ООО:

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