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Gorilla Arms LLC


Comment from Gorilla Arms LLC:

Glock 43 with a blackout_tactical holster. --------------------------------------------------------- glock glock43 9mm edc gun guns gunsdaily concealedcarry molonlabe igmilitia 2a sickguns 2ndamendment pewpew dtom ammo camo badass weapon weapons weaponsdaily tactical tattoo tattoos tattoosleeve tattooedmen tattooed

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TJ Wegner


Comment from TJ Wegner:

The Ruger American Rimfire got a new paint scheme this weekend... ruger rugeramerican rimfire 22lr scope gun guns gunporn gunsofinstagram shooting rifle plinking longrange shooting painting paintjob

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Comment from 2017matters:

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 AH Yeah Legit mistake fail vs  criminal denial?? State police in Washington would have to be alerted by gun dealers within two days of a NICS denial if a pending bill is signed into law. Lawmakers sent Washington Gov. Jay Inslee a measure last week that would require licensed gun dealers to contact state police in the event of a denial on a background check for a gun transfer. The proposal, HB 1501, passed the Republican-controlled Senate unanimously on Thursday and won House concurrence 83-13 on Friday, sending the bill to Inslee’s desk. Those opposed to the measure argued a number of people are erroneously denied a purchase of a firearm through NICS checks and clearing up such an error can take months, or in some cases even years.PROTECT_YOUR_FAMILY_AND_CHILDREN_FROM_HARM BEING_A_DEFENSELESS_UNARMED_VICTIM_SHOULD_NEVER_HAPPEN_EVER!!YOU_ARE_THE_FIRST_LINE_OF_DEFENSE_AND_FIRST_RESPONDER_FOR_YOU_AND_YOUR_FAMILY_UNTIL_HELP_GETS_THERE! PREPARE_SURVIVE_VOTE_AND_SUPPORT_FREEDOM!!!! republican glock igmilitia merica molonlabe nra gun guns gunporn 2ndamendment 2a thepewpewlife america fitness handgun gunsdaily airsoft ar15ak47 kalashnikovveteran 556 trump calguns pistol edcgunchannels girlswhoshoot ccw icon 9mmpewpew presidenttrump

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Ammo Agent


Comment from Ammo Agent:

👀 - 📷 supra930 . . pistol gunporn gun guns badass hellyeah gunchannels metal cops police csgo glock weapon weapons countryboy airsoft firearm photo gunpictures ak47 edc gundose sniper everydaycarry tactical military tacticool marines ar15

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Mantis & Tarantula


Comment from Mantis & Tarantula:

Ladies and gentlemen... MANTIS. Watch our video creepy western gun sword youtubers fun scary scenery mantisandtarantula amazing landscape man mask video movie funny comic horror creep unusual special travel great picoftheday

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Repost thewifespot ・・・ gunsundaygunday sundayfunday guns pistol weapon weaponsammo militarycamooutdoors pewpew life defence armed nra gunnut shoot shooting pew bang bangbang gungirl tagtical molonlabe machinegungirls

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Aviation Society


Comment from Aviation Society:

🔥💯🔝 It’s only appropriate we wear for a sunny flight. ==================================== ✅ Turn Post Notification on 📣 ✅ Follow, like and comment ✏ ✅ Tag your friends 👥 ==================================== . deadpool instagram boobs оружие regram a320 marinecorps perthisok airbus avphotography greece whatsuplebanon instagramaviation 5dmkii planespotter b36 spotter photography gun instaplanearoundtheworld aviationgeek boeinglovers malaysiahospitality airline jetpilot aviationphotography rc landing

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Comment from ruarmy_store:

IDIOT FROM MURMANSK HAS TURNED ALL BORDERS Meet - this guy's name is Nikolai Kuzichev. This photo he posted on his page Vkontakte. Everyone thought that this was another "masterpiece" of the photoshop, while the news did not convey that hundreds of people could suffer during the emergency braking of the train. To all this, the hanged teen signed this photo with the phrase: "The machinist shit the bricks and hummed like a bitch." But after a mass indignation, he quickly renamed his page and removed those photographs from there. Nikolai was brought to administrative responsibility, and his family was fined - moral compensation to the machinist. Happy END! =))))

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E. Gilly


Comment from E. Gilly:

Sunday funday shooting my buddies styer. guns gun shooting range rifle sundayfunday gunrange woods country countryboys countryboysparadise styer leadtherapy

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Gaby Titanium


Comment from Gaby Titanium:

Necesitamos todo el aguante! Rompemos todo! Quien se prende? Oh yeah?! Frantic Metallica Taxmania Megadeth Slavery IronMaiden Coma Gun's Soundtruck Raimar PrimerPisoBar! Aniversario

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tac_girl_elizabeth ------ gunsundaygunday sundayfunday guns pistol weapon weaponsammo militarycamooutdoors pewpew life defence armed nra gunnut shoot shooting pew bang bangbang gungirl tagtical molonlabe machinegungirls

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Оружие которое восхищает

Comment from Оружие которое восхищает:

Ставь ❤️ Отмечай 👥 друзей в комментариях 👇 Подпишись на! . . . . . . . . . . . . . оружие револьвер холодноеоружие army армия стрельбы калибр gun автомат пистолет Москва пневмат травмат пневматическоеоружие пневматическийпистолет пневматика ружье мск likeforlike борьба Путин Самооборона ак47 ak47 нож ножи

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BlackDove Group


Comment from BlackDove Group:

Do you have Aging Eyes? I have struggled for 2 years since I have gotten glasses. Here is my fix that has helped me tremendously! . . blackdovegroup warrentactical dawsonprecision gun guns gunporn igmilitia 2a usa merica tactical instructor learntoshoot ar15 m4 glock sig colt 1911 s&w leo thinblueline police sheriff firerescue pd fd

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Rãul Calderõn // Rae Walker


Comment from Rãul Calderõn // Rae Walker:

Check out my LAST video if you haven't yet!! 😂😂 - - ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ funny teenwolf memesdaily hilarious relatable horror comedy comedyskit supernatural creepy actorlife actor hollywood challenger worldstar shaderoom worldstarhiphop hoodcomedy hoodvine hoodhumor zerochill vampirediaries chrisbrown fateofthefurious privacy gun nerfgun dancing nerf

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Comment from Hope:

All it needs is color steampunkartsteampunkartsquidgearschainstophatscrowteacupguninkhourglass

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House of Guns 💀


Comment from House of Guns 💀:

Tag HouseOfGuns for a feature!💥 Repost utahknivesandgear ・・・ A little His and Hers pic!!! As you can see FDE is our favorite haha! Everything pictured here less the Glock backplate and buckmark were picked up at readygunner, if you haven't stopped in and are local you should!!! His: X95 Tavor eotech holographic sight with magnifier surefire_llc weapon light silencerco Omega Suppressor glockinc Gen 4 G19 trijicon Suppressor night sights zevtech Fulcrum Trigger classyraptortactical Mokuti American Flag backplate Hers: smithwessoncorp 15/22 browningfirearms buckmark Red Dot sight Gun Guns ReadyGunner badassmedia UtahShooters bullpup suppressor silencerco silencer smithandwesson ar15 eotech GlockPorn glock classyraptortactical trijicon omega pistol rifle rangedayapparel rangeday shooting America sundayfunday

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Battle Evolution


Comment from Battle Evolution:

New trial gun from a New manufacture, come on out tomorrow and give it a try. Let us know what you think, maybe we will order more. 😎 toy nerf notnerf sweet cool lovemyjob arena

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MVP Essentials™


Comment from MVP Essentials™:

Car essentials by max_logan - Follow for more mvp_essentials

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Charlton Collado


Comment from Charlton Collado:

Who can explain this Witchery . Hint: New Gun to the Collection. m95 Go Follow the Milsurp Guys: hosergunguy humblegunguy canadianwarlord jacksonarms_ photogenic_firearms armed.canadian caligunguy

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Clubber Lang


Comment from Clubber Lang:

Sig Sauer legions at allstate.... 8 available ,gun guns gunporn asf

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