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Comment from Sainz:

Home Boy 1_closer Going for the Kill Shot...... This Is A Wrist Breaker 🤣 RangeDay GunRange GunRangeSanDiego Merica California USA 2ndAmmendment NRA 2A Ar15 Glock Springfield 223 556 9mm Guns AmmoAmmunition Arporn DailygunsDontTreadOnMe Gunporn DailyGunDose Tactical pewpew pewpewlife S_Tactical

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Ryan Root


Comment from Ryan Root:

Three level 2 matches in the books to finish out the year. Can't get enough trigger time with the tanfo. . . shakenbake_shooting_team pewpew pewlife uspsa sundaygunday 3gunnation 3gun guns gunporn gunsdaily gunchannels gunsofinstagram shooting rangeday glock tanfoglio mossberg salomon gunlife smithandwesson sundayfunday shootingrange shoot idpa igmilitia accuracymatters

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Comment from oscar2zero:

So I told my UPS driver they should get rompers to wear for their uniforms.. I drew it out for him and all. gunsdailyusa gun gunporn donttreadonme rompers

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Comment from KSCA:

ReapAR 6.8 in Black/Noveske green multicam👊kscarms 68spc cerakote cerakotemafia cerakotethatshit ar15porn ar15 badassguns deerhunting hoghunting gunporn diamondheadusa danieldefense seekinsprecision hogue cmctriggers submoa gunsdaily ar15vault

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Center Mass Defense


Comment from Center Mass Defense:

This is what happens when we get bored recognizing, getting ready for our new safe. gunsdaily gunchannels gun pistol america usa arizona guns glock glock34 pewpew gunporn firearms whereswaldo lonewolf

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Comment from GunChannels_:

Repost wardogwaldrop (get_repost) ・・・ Money🔥 ingen.grp . weaponworksllc . . gunfreaks weaponsdaily gunchannels gunsdaily gatfeed dailydefense dailygundose 2a 2ndamendment secondamendment sai glocksdaily everydaycarry ar15 firearms 9mm pewpew gunporn molonlabe pewpewlife gunsofinstagram igmilitia trijicon glock19 pewpewpew gunsout gunslinger

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Comment from GunChannels_:

Repost slevin_kalevra (get_repost) ・・・ Prepping my gear for taking my future brother-in-law out to the gun range on Saturday. tacticool gunfanatics tactical 9mm weaponfanatics sigsauer instalike instadaily instagun gunlife dailybadass weaponsdaily gunporn gunsdaily firearms pewpew igmilitia guns gunsofinstagram gunsforhands gunchannels gunspictures ak47 america smithwesson 762x39 ammo

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MR The Donald


Comment from MR The Donald:

❤️❤️🇺🇸💯💯 🇺🇸 realdonaldtrump donaldjtrumpjr crookedhillary donaldtrump americanvalues buildthewall lockherup hillaryforprison womenfortrump terrorist alpha maga freedom America 2ndamendment progun guns beastmode gunporn God battleflag

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Tombstone Tactical


Comment from Tombstone Tactical:

Our good friends tacticoolgng sent us some great looking guns glock lonewolf atei thosecuts igmilitia apexthatglock weaponfanatics gunporn hyve

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Forrest Ashton


Comment from Forrest Ashton:

Why have they not made the mini 14 pistol?........edc prepper mini14 rugeramerican 2a 2Amendment ruger truckgun bugoutbag gunporn pistols militaryarms colionnoir rugeramerican hankstrange ?????

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Michael Rice


Comment from Michael Rice:

regram fanaticgunners 🔥🔥 ↠ fanaticgunners ↠ follow fanaticgunners if you like it! •|Luxury Mini Shot gun🔥, What do you think? 💥Tell us in the comment and Follow us➡️ fanaticgunners madgunz_ 🔫🔫|• fullyloaded superv guns firearms firearmfriday firearms rifles pistols handguns suppressed silencers badass gunporn gun sniper metalhead

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Bungalow D Custom Coin Rings


Comment from Bungalow D Custom Coin Rings:

You know this one right? The King Edward VII version of the British India Rupee. Said about the King; A lover of practical jokes, Edward liked putting animals in peoples beds and emptying brandy on people's heads. 🎈🤡🎈 ♣ ♣ Etsy engraving weaponsdaily gunfanatic HandmadeintheUSA Magnumresearch deserteagle 50AE handgun firearm pistol guns gunporn knife knifeporn gunsdaily NRA guncontrol 2a art molonlabe pewpewpew america coins police bluelivesmatter

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1.5k | 1Infamous_Jaxattack


Comment from 1.5k | 1Infamous_Jaxattack:

"Loving my VFC Avalon" Source: 1infamous_jaxattack thanks to vegaforcecompany vegaforcecompany_usa eliteforceairsoft --------------------------------------------- Follow these folks vegaforcecompany airsoftcaroline digital.airsoft channelairsoft 1legion_superfly -------------------------------------------- featureairsoft airsoft airsoftgun airsoftobsessed airsoftwar bbwarz usa m4 military soldier operator VFCavalon QRS suppressor stealth milsim milsimlife milsimairsoft milsimusa milsimnation gunporn

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Comment from EliasNicolopulos:

L96 Artic Warfare ❤️gungasm gunporn

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World Of Weapons Official™


Comment from World Of Weapons Official™:

flt_llc 🔽️Comment and doubletap if you'd shoot it! Tag a friend! ———————————————————————— ➫Check out my other pages: airandland mainstream alldayredneck ————————————————————— worldofweapons weapon weapons guns gun gunporn rifle sniper assaultrifle usa military trump maga america secondamendment 2ndamendment shotgun pistol 2a badass 🇺🇸

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Phil Sansotta


Comment from Phil Sansotta:

Just another day at the office. gemtechsilencer magpul gemtech integra mds shortshorts

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The Fortis Project


Comment from The Fortis Project:

Turn any Glock into a work of art. Stocking dealer for Zev Technologies customerservice thefortisproject gun ar15 arfcom igmilitia gunsofinstagram molonlabe pewpewlife agencyarms zevtech glock 2ndamendment 2a igmilitia gunsbadassery gunporn pistol merica pewpewpew dtom firearmphotography 9mm tactical swat battle everydaycarry

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G-Sight Solutions LLC


Comment from G-Sight Solutions LLC:

If you haven't unlocked the Shot Timer on the Laser Training Pro App now is the time! gsight firearmstraining firearmsinstructor nrainstructor traininglasers lasertraining lasertrainingpro lasertrainingcartridge quickdraw fastdraw cowboyfastdraw shottimer shooterready pewpew pewpewlife colt drawtraining guns berreta iggunslingers igguns gunporn

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Josh DeSpain


Comment from Josh DeSpain:

When you're making some tomato sauce and you know it's so good you have to protect it. kalashnikov ak47 2a 2ndamendment guns rifles igmilitia gunsofinstagram 762x39 pewpew foodporn gunporn cooking

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Comment from Tom:

Having a shoot with some old surplus ammo bang mosin m44 gunporn rifle

12 Hours ago