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Mert Türetken


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Şunu unutmayın! Herşeyin bir bedeli vardır. Kurt uyur, kuş uyur, zindan uyurdu. Dışarda gürül- gürül akan bir dünya... Bir ben uyumadım, Kaç leylim bahar, Hasretinden prangalar eskittim. Herkese Günaydın fitnessfitnessinspirationfitnessfreakbodybuildingbodytransformationanimalsixpackdoublebicepsmensphysiquefitnessaddictfitnessphysiquefitmenfitnessgoalsfitlifeshreddedshredzarmdaygunsfitnessmotivationfitnessaddictfitnessjourneycrossfitsporsaglıkhealth

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1Legion Airsoft Production 🇺🇸


Comment from 1Legion Airsoft Production 🇺🇸:

shaynus_maximus looking badass! Love the haleystrategicofficial D3CR! 👌🏻 Repost shaynus_maximus with repostapp ・・・ Fear the reaper. seth_forsure if you guys haven't added this Active veterans page then you are sorely missing out. Cheers brother. marines military army armystrong veteran guns gun gunsofinstagram gunstagram ar15 tactical tacticalgear d3cr haleystrategicofficial msa shwood elcan reaper snow eightydeucebag photooftheday photography photo photoshoot

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Historians Union


Comment from Historians Union:

I don't think this is expressed enough. While you live your everyday life, 22 of our nations veterans commit suicide. If we all work together, hopefully we can get this number to Zero. 22 to ZERO. Our nations veterans deserve better, and we need to treat them and help them. As thy let us have what we have now. _________________________________ 22toomany _________________________________ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Tag A Friend🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 _________________________________ Follow My Crew: fuehrer_of_photography max.military the_ww1enthusiasts ww2dailyhistory todays_ww2_history unitedhistorycrew combat_flags americansof military__fiend17 _________________________________ moderncombat combat history modernhistory guns war warhistory modernwarfare modernwespons combathistory veteran pastcombat usmilitary military militaryconflicts usa merica murica unitedstates troops historiansunion _________________________________ 🇺🇸❤️☠Stay Sharp☠❤️🇺🇸

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Comment from Cheyenne:

Lovely and strong annmargaretgunsrolemodel

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Daz Martin


Comment from Daz Martin:

Saying my prayers to the ab gods - - - - abs plank workout lesmills gym guns biceps model malemodel gymlife fitness gymlife

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🌸 J e s s 🌸


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Anybody so excited about getting to hold a Desert Eagle 50AE for the first time? 🤔❤️🇺🇸 merica maga guns shootingrange

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Comment from M-dot:

Y'all see it.. Almost hit my target X in the middle I didn't poke a hole through the paper with the bullet, The bullet really went through...🔥🔫 guns pistols and pimps target fire rapbeef shether

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Comment from AEM CLOTHING™ 🇺🇸:

The good ol' days!! 😂🇺🇸 2a nra fuckisis supportourtroops police trump MAGA politics clothing MOAB donaldtrump savage Ccw247 conservative republican f4f funny America likes4likes instagram meme united likeforfollow presidentTrump followforfollow dankmeme guns pewpew tacticalasfuck AEMclothing

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Comment from Horns1226:

guns armday biceps Decided to lift today because it rained all day and I wanted to do something.. otherwise it was going to be an off day... on my way to the gym I found out I had something to do tomorrow so would have to skip the gym.. so instead of a light boredom-relief gym trip i went and did a tough and abs workout! Tomorrow will be an off day and a new week will start Tuesday 👍🏼 gym gymrat gymlife fit fitfam fitspo fitlife workout workhard getbig getstrong behealthy beactive grind conquer followme 😎

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Comment from Fili:

NBA playoffs jordan 🔥🔥TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS nbaplayoffs curry lebronjames warriors cavs nbafinals comedy basketball dunk gym guns cars trump mexican philippines honduras ferrari

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🇺🇸Proud 2 Protect🇺🇸


Comment from 🇺🇸Proud 2 Protect🇺🇸:

From taps53 guns righttobeararms 2ndamendment america dtom rtba nra merica 1776 molonlabe comeandtakeit donttreadonme 2a

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Comment from lv_3gunshooter:

Malfunction City!! multigun AR15 StoegerM3K slrrifleworks rifle blackrifle weaponsdaily guns merica weapons pewlife gunporn shootfast Lantac Multigun 3gun firearms shotgun stoeger multi-gun 308 DPMS DPMSG2 DPMSG2SASS jam malfunction

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le mk

Comment from le mk:

lol ultimate badass today shooting in the woods in missouri fun times mobilephotography gun guns target practice plinking armas rifle rifles pistolas paraguay with kevincowgur

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Snapchat beccyjane000


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gym life fitness gains arms are my favourite muscles weightlifting weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation guns pumping iron 👌🏻💪🏻

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Catalina Alba


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Inolvidable. paintball game guns shooting happy photooftheday me unforgottable like4like againsttheworld paintballing

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Terry Bohannan🕶


Comment from Terry Bohannan🕶:

•Good gear - good training - good mindset - carry on• glockinc Glock 19 - phlster Gen 2 universal magazine carrier - phlster Skeleton gen 2 - ztknives 0909. guns gunfeed gunsofinstagram gunfanatics gunlife gunporn gundose gunwebsites concealedcarry weaponsdaily gunsdaily dailygundose 2a gunfreaks dailybadass pewpew weaponsfeed pewpewlife concealed_carry_nation glock glockfeed everydaycarry darkangelmedical thesheepdogdefenseproject dailybadass unted2a gunchannels art glockinc glock19 gunart

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💣💸. sketch digitalpainting guns & girls ilustracion ilustration drawing

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Comment from MadisonArms2:

Repost ・・・ tst taxstamptuesday twostamptuesday nfa sbr nothingisfree pricenowdoubled guns gunporn weapon firearms gunsdaily weaponvault gunsdailyusa gun gunchannels weaponsdaily weaponsfanatics gundose merica daily_badass gunsbadassery sickguns murica myworkaintfree imitationisflattery keeptrying

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Comment from MadisonArms2:

Repost guncollector47 ・・・ Here's tomorrow's Private modernimage range day line-up top to bottom sig556 💥 FNH scar16 💥custom competition match rifle accuracyinternational surgeonrifles proof_research 💥 remingtonarmscompany rem700 💥 krissusainc KrissVector 💥 fnh_usa pa90 💥 pistols glockofficial g22 g23 zevtech g34 💥 czusafirearms sp01 sundaygunday gun guns gunporn guncollector 2ndamendment badass sickguns

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Comment from guns_built_america:

Men's version of canned goods Follow guns_built_america _ gunsbuiltamerica gunroom guns AK74 AK47 America american money M1 noice Carbine Garand veterans shotgun goods simple WW1 WW2 rifle ruger trump truth

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