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Adventure with Two Wheels 🇦🇺


Comment from Adventure with Two Wheels 🇦🇺:

🚩 Got to stay safe with the right gear. Which item would you pick and why? . . 1. Klim Krios Helmet, Drifter Jacket, Outrider Pants klimmotorcycle 2. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk gerbergear 3. 511 Rush 12 511tactical 4. Yamaha XT250 yamahamotoraus 5. 1892 357 Magnum chiappafirearms

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Comment from OTAC GYR:

We aren't the only ones that think the same about our kits. Chk out the badass slings that go with our kits and learn the other uses for his slings at Daves Paracord otacgyr approved Repost davesparacordstuff ・・・ otacgyr has some of the best trauma kits around check them out. We at davesparacordstuff support them all the way.

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B2 Enterprises Inc


Comment from B2 Enterprises Inc:

"Can we still get AR15's in California?" We have several options in stock, more on the way!!! Several AK pattern rifles on the way as well as mini 14s and M1As!!! guns gunchannels gunsdaily ar15 ak47 ak california compliant 762 556 223

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Miniature Army ®


Comment from Miniature Army ®:

Miniature Army's North American Arms revolver. This astonishing, hand-made miniature weapon shoots 2mm pinfire rounds. It is a limited edition model from which there are only 3 units made. Available at: or 🔫You Can DM us 🔫gun weapon guns weapons gunsdaily weaponsfanatics gunfanatics weaponsdaily gunfreaks weaponsreloaded revolver pinfire miniaturearmy

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Wes Robinson


Comment from Wes Robinson:

One more day! protecttheflock kentucky knife blade 2a 2ndamendment america freedom edc everydaycarry concealedcarry glock glock19 9mm gun guns united2a gunsdaily igmilitia pocketdump gunsofig gunsofinstagram carryeverywhere cz p01

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AV Guns / Gun Point MFG


Comment from AV Guns / Gun Point MFG:

The pofusa renegade plus. Looking for a great DI rifle? This is it!

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Jeromy Justus


Comment from Jeromy Justus:

Caution its hot reverseslidechallenge glocks glock19 appendixcarry gunporn surefire glockfeed lit 9mm gunsdaily challengeaccepted dodge leo ohio CCW butfirstletmetakeaselfie thinblueline moeguns savage ets yohomieisthatmybriefcase stippled customglock

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Comment from KiloNinersProfessionalMilsim:

K9PM has an emphasis on military realism in our weapons employment, therefore Deadshot runs a WE Tech M4 Custom (pictured above), Acer runs a PTS Masada and Fantom runs a WE Tech SCAR-L. Sticking to the basics means employing what were used to since every event for us is a moment for perfecting our real steel capabilities. However, we do have AEG's if our gbbr is nonfunctional or non-operational. More pics soon. ----- floridaairsoft tacticaltraining counterterrorism airsofting airsoftteam trainingweapon airsoft specialoperations specops neverquit socom operator recon military noeasyday picoftheday weaponsdaily specialforces weaponsfanatics soldier motivation inspiration gunsdaily defendthesecond gunsallday 2a gunaddict 2ndamendment tactical 556

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Terry Bohannan🕶


Comment from Terry Bohannan🕶:

When your gear looks at you and asks "Where are we going tonight"? I can't help but be proud! phlster fight worthy sheath, Flatpack TQ tourniquet carrier, and magazine carrier. gun guns gunfeed gunsofinstagram gunfanatics gunlife gunporn gundose gunwebsites gunhub sickguns gunsdaily dailygundose 2a gunfreaks dailybadass pewpew pewpewpew pewpewlife concealed_carry_nation glock glockfeed everydaycarry glocksdaily thesheepdogdefenseproject dailybadass hashtagtical art photooftheday

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KT Tactical


Comment from KT Tactical:

mailday grownup puzzle ar15 ar15porn ar15build 556 300 blackout 16 10five weaponsfanatics weaponsdaily weapons gunstagram gunsdaily guns gunsdaily 2a 2nd 2ndamendment secondamendment pew pewpew thepewpewlife picoftheday photooftheday

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Tyrant Designs CNC 🇺🇸


Comment from Tyrant Designs CNC 🇺🇸:

Dear baby Jesus 😍😍😍😍 make your AR as badass as this one by getting yourself a MOD Grip! - - guns rifles tyrantcnc gunsdaily bestgundaily weaponfanatics daily_badass dailybadassery igmilitia ar15 2a pewpew worldofweapons gunbadassery gunowners gunlife gunlifestyle weaponsreloaded gunstagram gunsofinstagram gunday pewpew titan2 sickgunsdaily sickgunsallday dailybadass gunporn guns 556 223 freedom merca guns rifles - - Shop 🇺🇸 || 🇺🇸

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Comment from OTAC GYR:

This much passion into a barricade definitely shows the passion into the actual training. Chk our pro at Templar Defense for your training needs. Repost templar_defense ・・・ Custom range barricade ready for next weeks shooting

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Barbara L. Martin


Comment from Barbara L. Martin:

preciosa bitchesbelike blondehair thewanted reallife boring commentback earthporn vsc monsoon gunsdaily girlswhosmoke

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Comment from sexy.guns:

Follow sexy.guns Via Want To See More Guns! Check Out: ✯Guns.. ✯Sexy.Guns ✯Master.Of.Guns ✯Gun.Guru ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ ✯Source: uniqueweapons . . . . . kalashnikov gunhub usa defendca lantacdrakon trgriq 9mm turkish igmilitia freedom pewpewpew edc 45colt behindenemylines gunsdaily selfdefense dailyguns superredhawk defendthesecond dallas tgifthanks gunnation smithwesson revolver femalemarine GunPorn ThreePercent gunchannels gunsofinstagram

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Comment from WrongWay:

So I'm thinking I'm running out of space 🤔 🔫 neednewsafe laxammo weaponsreloaded gunsofinstagram gopro dailycarry secondamendment gunsdaily gunsandammo weaponfanatics weaponsdaily rifles ar15 pistol revolver colt springfieldarmory glock smithandwesson sigsauer danieldefense ammobros guncollection neverenough

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Joe Krawtschenko


Comment from Joe Krawtschenko:

The Tavor X95's are available at aegistactical Repost project.thom with repostapp ・・・ Tavor X95 with EoTech XPS-2, Lantac Dragon brake and ETS Group mag. Check out aegistactical for the baddest weapons on the planet! guns_gear_knives 2a gunsdaily lantac etsgroup tavor x95 556 secondamendment weaponsdaily weaponspromo weapon gun guns gunporn gunfanatics pewpew pewpewlife eotech iwi weapons weaponsfanatics weaponsreloaded badass

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Girls & Guns


Comment from Girls & Guns:

FOLLOW kimberlymatte 🔥🇺🇸👀 FOLLOW kimberlymatte TAG girlsandguns45 FOR FEATURE FOLLOW

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Northtech Defense


Comment from Northtech Defense:

Our 16" Stainless fluted barrel looking good as ever. Sub moa accuracy and great looks help complete your precision AR-15!

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Jesus Samano


Comment from Jesus Samano:

The g19 is coming along nicely. A few more things and she's done! zevtech gunchannels_ glockporn glock19 everydaycarry estoshuevos gunsofinstagram gunsdaily repost

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Comment from RandMartinez:

AK47 kinda day..... gunshit 223 556nato ak akm ak47 aklove ak_addicts kalashnilyfe 762x39 gunlove gunporn guns pewpewlife pewpew tactical vepr molot gunsdaily gunporn dailygundose

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