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Marcela Cardoso


Comment from Marcela Cardoso:

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Chris Hall


Comment from Chris Hall:

5 week cut starts today. Bring on the diet face 💀bodybuilding diet cutting holiday shredded progress motivation carbs health fitness fitfam gym muscle cheatmeal benandjerrys

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LiipeMaciel 💪👊🔫😎😈


Comment from LiipeMaciel 💪👊🔫😎😈:

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Comment from TTHU:

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Comment from Claudia:

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sebastiano spotti


Comment from sebastiano spotti:

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Comment from architect.powerlifter.linguist:

با سلام و درود بر همه دوستان؛ ورزش را دوست دارم چرا که عاشق زندگی هستم و ورزش یکی از پایه‌ای ترین لذت‌های زندگی است. I love sport because I love life, and sport is one of the basic joys of life powerlifting instapowerlifting powerliftingmotivation💪 powerliftingmotivation squats squats deadlift gym coach bodybuilding powerman

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Shannon North 😘💋


Comment from Shannon North 😘💋:

Camel pose variation 🐫 Massive improvement on my box splits!👌🏼. . . . . protein lean gym healthy flexibility boxsplit fitbit fitbitcharge2 skinnybakery likeforlike followme activeblend fitness exercise gains motivation squats muscle lean abs slimmingworldmeals slimmingworldrecipes slimmingworldfamily slimmingworld slimmingworlduk mealprep polefitness poletricks handstand splits

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Miss Goodlife


Comment from Miss Goodlife:

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Valy Guerriero 🍰🍎🍷🐕🐈🌞💰✈❤👊🔫💣👗👠📚


Comment from Valy Guerriero 🍰🍎🍷🐕🐈🌞💰✈❤👊🔫💣👗👠📚:

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Comment from kpakulla:

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:: Mark ::


Comment from :: Mark :::

• B I R T H D A Y • . . So here's the obligatory passport and drink pic before jetting off. Best thing is I don't know where I'm going. Even tho I have a boarding card, concorde24 has taken all the information off that links to the destination! . . Can't wait to actually find out where I'm going, regardless it'll be great! Birthday tomorrow! Thank you so much to everyone that came to a meal last night and that helped make this birthday so great! . . dedication motivation getfit instalike instapic instadaily instahealth trainhard picoftheday fitnessaddict fur gay beard ripped pumped flex gym workout fitness fitnessmodel fitnessaddict malemodel fitfam workout healthyliving instafit lifestyle instagay training fitforlife personaltrainer nandos

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Pora Diety


Comment from Pora Diety:

Szybki posiłek i biegniemy na trening 🍽🏋💪 eat eatclean gym gymlife fitness fit tomato chicken lunch carrot gnocchi weekend goals motivation wrocław warszawa dietetyk odchudzanie dieta

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Jan Michael Karlsson


Comment from Jan Michael Karlsson:

Onse pakko sunnuntainaki vähäkatovähä gymaestheticvoimapuotigymhotmomsfinnishboy

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Comment from Lexi:

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Eduardo Barrecheguren


Comment from Eduardo Barrecheguren:

ABSolutamente ORGULLOSO de alexcuerpo y el gran trabajo que estamos haciendo juntos. El Entrenamiento Personal, y el Entrenamiento Online en este caso, no se tratan de las metas que el Entrenador quiera conseguir, sino de que el Entrenador quiera tanto o más que su cliente que el cliente consiga SUS metas (las del cliente) y le ayude día a día a disfrutar del proceso, dándole a su cliente las herramientas adecuadas (y no son las mismas para todos los clientes, aunque muchos "entrenadores" así lo crean). Estas herramientas variarán en función de la situación particular de cada cliente (sexo, edad, estado civil, trabajo, estilo de vida, apoyo o no de colegas, amigos y familiares, factores psicológicos "x" derivados de su experiencia - o falta de ella- previa con el entrenamiento y nutricional, factores externos e imprevistos que vayan surgiendo a lo largo del camino, y un sinfín de cosas que debemos tener en cuenta para darle al cliente lo que necesita en cada momento, lo cual variará enormemente a lo largo del tiempo). Dicho lo cual, si QUIERES PONERTE EN FORMA, y estás dispuesto/a a comprometerte a hacer un cambio positivo en tus hábitos nutricionales y de entrenamiento, por pequeño que sea, y a ser paciente, tarde o temprano conseguirás tus objetivos si estos son realistas. Os sorprendería lo mucho que se puede conseguir en 6 semanas, 3 meses, 6 meses o un año, cuando se hacen las cosas bien. ¿Y en 2-3 años? En ese periodo de tiempo, si realmente quieres y actúas al respecto, puedes haber pegado un cambio radical a tu vida, mucho más allá de tu aspecto físico ;)

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Tii Alasimi 🇫🇮 Bikini fitness


Comment from Tii Alasimi 🇫🇮 Bikini fitness:

Sunnuntai on PARAS salipäivä kun ei ole työpäivän kiireet esteenä 🔥 Tänään rintaa ja selkää 💪🏽 Vihdoinkin melkein 3 viikon flunssa alkaa väistyä! - I'm Back - Olen Selkä 😝 Kiitos varmistuksista ja seurasta samdownsuck ❤️ selkäpäivä sunnuntai selkäsauna penkki kuntomo käynnistähyväolo kempele kuntosali personaltrainer unelmaduuni bikinifitness athlete offseason back workout gym bodybuilding girlswholift fitmom love fitness lifestyle

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Kirsty aka KB 🏋🏽‍♀️


Comment from Kirsty aka KB 🏋🏽‍♀️:

Standard Sunday getting tips from weightlifting Olympian michaelabreeze on my snatches, cleans and jerks 🏋🏼‍♀️ fitness fitnessjourney fitfam instafit instagym fitfamuk girlswholift fitnotthin gym gymlife gymfit gymtime gymaddict girlsthatlift strongnotskinny muscles weightlifting olympiclifting weightlifter weights weighttraining crossfit valesco fitnessmotivation KBfit

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Comment from T U V A:

•Part 1• I'm posting this video from the sleepover yesterday with my best friends because Kaja is moving to USA tomorrow!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔 I am posting part 2 tomorrow. I will also post a longer video on our YouTube channel! I am going to put the link in my bio when it's out! - Fc: 128 Sec: 60 - gymnastics snow trampoline gym fun cheer cheerleading gymnast gymnastsforlife gymnasticsforever lovethis

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Comment from Gianni_PT (TAYLORFITUK):

"DON'T GET DRUNK GET PUMPED" 💪 Calling all Fitness Heads, Gym Goers, People trying to get healthy and anyone that wants to make a positive change to Body. THENIGHTSHIFT! The first Fitness Rave of it's kind making burning calories and getting in shape fun. All levels of fitness are welcome! 📅 THURSDAY 4th MAY 2017 📍FAR ROCKAWAY In Shoreditch 🕖 Doors Open 7pm 🏋‍♀ Your Work out starts at 8pm 🔹8pm-9pm BOXERCISE (Soca) 🔸9pm-10pm BODY CONDITIONING (Trap) 🔹10-11pm OLD SKOOL ABS (90s Rnb) 🔸11pm - Midnight - Relax and Enjoy With Top CLASS INSTRUCTORS + Live DJ's This is definitely not to be missed. Something new, Something Different and with all the benefits! 🎟Tickets only £5 - More on the Door 📲 Any Questions / Enquiries - | +44 7950399051

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