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Y te vi parado frente a mí... seco. El amor, como si fuera frasco se me cayó de las manos reventó en mil pedazos cortándote el pecho. Quizás uno nunca es consciente  de lo cruel que puede llegar a ser cuando ya no ama. Quizá no quisiste romperme el amor  ni los ojos. Mi secreto esta a salvo conmigo  el resto fue víctima  de tu mal  tan hermoso y tan correcto que duele. "Perdón por perderte" a penas pronunciaste y yo me di por perdida. Mi corazón ya no late, titila... corre riesgo de quemarse en una nueva despedida. me crossfitcrossfitloverscrossfittercrossfitgirlcrossfitlifestylesquatsworkoutmotivationbodybodybuildinginstafitgymgymlifegymlovergirllikelikesforlikeslikesforlikelike4likebacklike4likeinstagoodhappyfridayfbf

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G ¹ Boys 😈


Comment from G ¹ Boys 😈:

MARQUE AS AMIGAS exercise fit fitfam fitlife fitspo fitnessaddict fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation gym gymlife ifbb instafit instafitness lift muscle npc physique ripped shredded training wbff myprotein myproteinru steelenergy steelenergy_team bodybuilder bodybuildingmotivation sport work job

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Alyssa D. Ram


Comment from Alyssa D. Ram:

Today actions are tomorrow's results 💪bombshellproud bombshellfitness gymlife gymshark greyleggings gymswag gymselfie gymsharkwomen fitnessmotivation fitness healthandfitness inspirationalquotes goodvibes shoulders beastmode fitnessaddict fitnessjourney fitnesslife flex pump weightlifting body bodybuildingmotivation strongisthenewskinny

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Comment from Lita:

gymlife gymtime workout motivation FitnessMotivation fitness girlswholift weighttraining legday squats instafit getfit martialartslife martialarts fitinspiration fitspo fit fitnessaddict gym gains goals personaltrainer nopainnogain noexcuses gymaddict fitforlife gymgirl instalike trainhard strengthtraining

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Lift Vt


Comment from Lift Vt:

Gym life.......when vacuuming becomes an exercise ____rlc 😘 liftvt paidinoreos lungesfororeos gymlife fitfam

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Ifbb Pro Jodie Bell


Comment from Ifbb Pro Jodie Bell:

Wearing some pitbullloyalty today! 😎💪🏾underratedmuscle jbellfitness ifbbfigure motivation gymlife gym trainhard eatclean grow focus dedication strength ripped swole fitnessgear muscle shredded squat cardio sweat grind lifestyle nikewomen

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Comment from Derek:

If this isn't the truth. fitnessmotivation gymlife health fitness fit fitnessmodel fitnessaddict workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training fitbody healthy instahealth fitnessfoodactive strong motivation instagood determination getfit cleaneating eatclean exercise militaryfitness militarymuscle

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Michael Holloway


Comment from Michael Holloway:

Walking in each day with a positive attitude and the will to want to get better each day. Couldn't ask for a Harder-worker. shaylene_mae QTF healthylifestyle fitness abs coreworkout legs toneitup fitlife hardwork dedication progress commitment gymlife backday buildthebody buildthebooty bethebrand

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AqeelTalib Office


Comment from AqeelTalib Office:

💪👊 Do like if you love this❤simeonpanda jeff_seid . . following fitness.iraq following fitness.iraq following fitness.iraq f gym gym gymlife motivation كلنا_العراق عرب عراقي بغداد

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sean slippi-mensah


Comment from sean slippi-mensah:

Same machine different pivot point turns a trick exercise into a back exercise. lafitness fitness FITFAM gymlife backday NEWENERGY

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Comment from Katie🌸:

My workouts have been A1 lately & I truly believe it's because I've been going to the gym I want to go to & feel most comfortable. My normal gym isn't cutting it anymore & who you're surrounded by impacts your energy & motivation! Not only was today one of the best workouts I've had EVER, but I miscounted the weight while I was loading the bar for deadlifts and I got 165x6x3! 185 might not be my 1MR anymore😏😉 •Find what makes you happy & DO IT👏🏼 Lifting heavy sh*t lifts me to cloud 9 so I'm gonna keep doin' that😌•

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Pól Murray


Comment from Pól Murray:

. The DadBoD Bible ultimate home gym. . When picking the equipment, I took a number of things into consideration: . 1.It must be effective in building strength or conditioning. . 2. It has to require minimal space to do the workout . 3. It should be easily transported. (no more excuses for not working out on holiday) . 4. It can be stored away in a cupboard or the garage without taking up much room. (we all have partners who hate things lying around making the place look untidy) . This is what I came up with. •Sandbag •Gymnastic rings •Kettlebell •Indian clubs •Macebell •Valslides •Mobility balls (I use a set called alpha balls) •Parellettes •KO8 suspension & resistance trainer •Bulgarian Bag . Also included but not in photograph is a pull up bar and YOU! Your own body as the weight is one of the best tools you have. Over the coming weeks I am going to show you workouts you can do with each bit of equipment and how you can even make some of these items yourself. . Anything else not there that you would add? Tell me and why you would add it. . strong physique squats squat training attitude believe positivity strength fit fitfam fitspo fitness fitspiration cardio lift positive work workout train fitnessmotivation fitnessfreak muscle muscles protein gym gymlife primalstrengthandmovement abs

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Brandon 🇨🇦


Comment from Brandon 🇨🇦:

What a weekend of eating everything looks like. But also Day 1 of cutting day1 dieting progresspic fitness exercise weightloss weighttraining aesthetic gymlife dreambig workhard neversettle gymmotivation fitnessjourney mma mixedmartialarts athlete instafit fitfam trainhard pushlimits dowhatyoulove

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b-fit sports wear

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Cuando sientas que vas a rendirte piensa en por qué empezaste! 👍🏻👍🏻 beyoutiful activewear tuesday likesforlikes instalike training trainhard train traindirty fit fitness fitnessaddict fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation gym gymtime gymlife eatclean eat eathealthy healthy health healthyfood healthychoices healthyliving workout photo photooftheday motivation challenge mariajoseuraga

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Girls with Dumbbell


Comment from Girls with Dumbbell:

Follow › squatpowergirlss Follow › xfitnessgirl FOR MORE... › ›Turn on post Notifications To See New Content ASAP fitnessmodel fitnessjourney fitnessgirl workout girls girl girlswithmuscles biceps training gym diet goals bodygoals love smile follow picoftheday instagood instamood instadaily love yoga getfit physique girlswholift aesthetics shredded gymlife fitnessmotivation fitness

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Warfare Inc Clothing ™


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Strike a pose Shop Now Click Link in Bio warfareinc clothing lifestyle fashion gymrat gymlife gymflow gymapparel flex fitfam training muscle gains gainz followforfollow swole ifbb npc bodybuilding bjj boxing muaythai wrestling mma ufc fight followme hustle grind showtime

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Darnell L James


Comment from Darnell L James:

We out here working. We don't Submit, Surrender or Settle. It's Pool and Vacation persontrainer certified fitness fitnesslifestyle gymflow gymlife training workouts totalbody flatstomach DarnellthaMonsta crybaby shedidgoodthough kaylynnsmommy

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Comment from Ac Grace (DISTRICT 26 FITNESS):

Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. . Back to work after a great vacation . Glute kickback- 15reps for 70 Ibs, 12 reps for 90 Ibs, 10reps for 100 Ibs, 8 reps for 110 Ibs, backdown 10 reps for 100 Ibs, 12 reps for 90Ibs, 15 reps for 80Ibs 💯✅ 7 sets = 15,12, 10, 8, 10, 12, 15 🔥🔥CLIENT💥CLIENT💥CLIENTS🔥🔥*********************************************** AcGraceTrainer fitnesscoach fitness weightloss gymlife gym bodybuilder passion weights naturalbodybulding goals exercise natural gains pose fits aesthetic teamDistrict26 muscles instafit flex pump District26fitness fitnessfreak fitness gym

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Comment from Erica:

Rack pulls 3x7 260 below the knee. Myyy backkk coaacchh. Also, should've strapped up. That strengthshop bastard bar knurling is gnarly!! . . . . . . . . lifting lift liftheavy girlswholift girlsthatlift fitness workhard trainhard fit fitfam fitlife fitgirl fitchick endunamoobarbellclub douendu powerlifter powerlifting gym gymlife gymrat gymtime gymaddict gymflow train deadlifts deadlift girlswhopowerlift powerliftingwomen traininsane training

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Sacha J. 🇭🇹


Comment from Sacha J. 🇭🇹:

Everyone has different goals that they are trying to achieve to improve their overall physique... The key is to tailor your training to address your weaknesses!

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