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Nicko Fq


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Steve Erics


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Jacob be nimble...Jack be quick! Another badass workout sesh with my effin awesome trainer!! wontstopcantstop gaysian fitness healthyliving lifestyle happiness burningfat fatdeath healthy gym workout

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Alin 🙋


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DINNER - TIME 🥘 bei dem heißen Wetter bin ich ziemlich froh über eine Stärkung 🙈 wenn ich schon auf Nudeln und Brot verzichte - sind Kartoffeln wenigstens erlaubt 😍 Morgen gehts wieder ins gym 💪 trainingtrainharddreambodytrainingdayinstagirlinstapostinstagoodinstagirlinstafoodinstagirlinstafithealthhealthyhealthyfoodhelathydiethealthyeatinglowlowcarblowcarbfoodmotivationfitnessmotivationfoodpornfoodloverfoodbloggerfintessgirlfitnessbloggerfitnessfreakarnoldclassicoptimumnutrition

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🐼 Maria Pavlou 🐼


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Le chef! 😜 food chicken rice taste healthy salad plate fotd potd

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Puedo Adelgazar


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🤔Alimentos Funcionales ¿Qué Son? Un alimento se considera funcional porque, además de sus propiedades nutritivas, contiene ciertos elementos, cuyo consumo diario dentro de una dieta equilibrada contribuye a mantener o mejorar nuestro estado de salud y bienestar. Entre las funciones y propiedades de los alimentos funcionales podemos destacar: antioxidantes, metabólicas, crecimiento y desarrollo, mejoría de las funciones cardiovasculares y digestivas. Existen alimentos funcionales “naturales” y otros con agregados de componentes como minerales, vitaminas, ácido grasos esenciales, fibra, antioxidantes, fitoesteroles y bacterias intestinales. Entre los numerosos productos, podemos mencionar: 📌 Leches fortificadas con Hierro, Zinc, vitamina A y calcio. 📌 Leches infantiles de fórmulas enriquecidas 📌Barritas de semillas energéticas con omega 6 📌 Cereales enriquecidos con fibra 📌Jugos de Fruta (Arándanos y Naranja) con Vitamina C y betacarotenos 📌Yogures con bacterias fermentadas ( Probióticos) 👉Alimentos funcionales ¿Son indispensables? Está demostrado que los alimentos funcionales son susceptibles de mejorar la salud, pero de ningún modo son imprescindibles. Son beneficiosos y sólo complementan una dieta equilibrada. Pueden ser útiles en algunas etapas de crecimiento y desarrollo como la infancia. Respecto de la pérdida de peso, no se ha demostrado un beneficio mayor ni adicional. En cuanto a una alimentación saludable, existen alimentos naturales que por sí mismo, podrían llamarse funcionales. Es el caso de los pescados (especialmente los azules de aguas frías y profundas abundantes en omega 3), los frutos secos ( omega 6 y 9) y algunos aceites vegetales (oliva y canola) ricos en omega 3 y 6 Lo mismo para el caso de verduras y frutas ricas en vitaminas, fibra y minerales. Por ejemplo, una sola sardina tiene el equivalente a casi 6 litros de leche enriquecida con Omega 3. healthy comerlimpio eatclean saludable nutricion

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kirstie pritchard


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weetabix strawberries seeds mackerel salad seabream greens rainbowfood healthy fightingback

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Jose Costa


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Smoothie de mirtilios, gengibre e yogurte natural... Power healthy hotbody

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Laura Vallejo


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💙Love yourself enough to start a new lifestyle and be conscious about what are you eating and your body🏋️‍♀️ Today is a perfect day to start to fight for your dreams✨ fitnesswomen health healthy healthywomen healthyandfit healthybreak lovefitness fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration year2017 newoportunities changeyourlife loveyourself rudegirl fight dream

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Resteverwertung. Rinderhack mit allem was der Kühlschrank so hergab 😊. Ist das eigentlich normal, dass das (Bio von aldi ) schon zwei Tage vor erreichen des MHD so aussieht als wäre es nicht mehr gut 🤔🤢?! essen protein fitnessaddict fitfam lecker muscle fitness lifestyle fitspo keepgoing instafit eatclean healthy instagood fitnessfood gymfood dubistwasduisst delicious foodporn

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Hoje foi dia de baixar o tempo!!! 💪😁🏃. Objetivo 4km em 20' minutos. E teve treino de MMII (HIPERTROFIA E FLEXIBILIDADE) _______________________________ coachjeffcampos health fitness fit TFLers fitnessmodel fitnessaddict workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean excercise

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Fish dinner: salmon cooked with pesto & lemon with spinach, tomatoes & new potatoes 😻 . . . fishdinner dinnertime heath healthy balance bbg sw ww leanin15 workingout fish salmon refuel fats carbs iifym macros micros macro greens fitness fitfam

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Max Fortuna


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Endlich mal was essen 😍muss sagen ich fahr auf diese Veggie Hackbällchen vom Aldi ab. Mega gute werte und man kann sie zu allem essen 😂 food fit healthy foodporn veggie workout würzburg wüfit mcfit fitfam instafit student fitbyscience

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The Healthy Way With Alessia


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**Chickpea and Potato Curry-Eating A whole food plant based diet is so easy and delicious. This dish took a whole of 20 minutes to make, 7 minutes to devour and is super budgetfriendly . Get the recipe here... (link in bio) transitiontovegan veganhealth vegantransition vegandiet vegan plants plantbased plantbaseddiet plantbasedcoach health healthy weight wellnesscoach weightlossjourney foodie foodporn veganfoodshare wholefoods foodie protein meat curry indianfood spices

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💀💀💀 follow healthy live genesis coupe sporty

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Derrick Moore


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Lunchtime! turkey spagetti wholegrain healthy clean leangains

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have you tried the breakfast burrito?! three eggs scrambled with quinoa, black beans, 🥑, cheddar cheese & pico de gaillo in a whole wheat wrap to keep you full allll day🙌🏽👏🏼 photo by lindleypless

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Derek Marso


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Happy Monday! Wishing you all a great week and we hope to see you at Valley Farm Market 🍏🍋🍍🍉

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Keep the progress going ✨ motivationabsgymislifefitgirlfitbodyhardworkgrowingprogresshealthystriveforgreatness

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phat shawn


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If I told y'all a year ago I was unhappy you probably wouldn't believe me. On the outside I may have seemed happy, positive, and full of life but on the inside I was struggling. Everyday was a struggle. With constant thoughts of "I hope I don't look too fat in this" or "why can't i be as thin as the other girls?" I would wake up, put on a pair of leggings and an oversized t shirt suck in my stomach and walk out the door with my head low hoping to just "blend in with the rest of them". I've always struggled with my weight. In middle school I would wear jackets every day to cover my arms because I was so insecure. In high school I always felt like "the fat friend". My senior year I had lost a lot of weight due to unhealthy eating habits. I dropped from a size 12 to a size 8 in jeans. I felt good. Once I graduated and started college the freshman 15 turned to the freshman 40 real quick. I wasn't able to fit into those size 8 or even the size 12 jeans. I fell back into this sluggish state of mind. I was irritable and pessimistic. Once the new year came around I set a goal for myself to not only work on my body, but to work on my mindset and self love. I let the rush of the new year die down at the gym and decided to join Atlanta fitness on February 18,2016. That was the day my entire life turned around. I began researching and creating my own workouts and meal plans. I woke up every morning and practiced self love and confidence exercises in the mirror telling myself, "fat or thin, thick or not, you are beautiful" AND I BEGAN BELIEVING IT. Fat was starting to be replaced with muscle and negative thoughts were being replaced with positive ones. Fast forward a year and here we are. I started at 188.5 and am now weighing in at 148.3. I've lost fat and packed on muscle, I'm a lot more confident and extremely happy with myself and my life now. I've met so many new friends through this journey. Can you believe that one year ago these pants were too small for me?! From being the "fat friend" needing to always be in the middle to being the friend that "doesn't have a bad side" I'm proud to say that I've transformed into a whole new person and I'm loving every second life!

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