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Comment from vnbfitness:

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Ida McMillan-Zapf


Comment from Ida McMillan-Zapf:

flexing and it ain't even Friday 🤷🏼‍♀️ feeling empowered after a BANGIN S+S group fitness class💪🏼 being able to encourage, teach and motivate all at once has opened my eyes to the beauty and flow which goes into movement. Exercise is MEANT to be a way to discover that inner super-human strength we all have, that enables us to go above and beyond what we deemed possible for ourselves. Challenge yourself...if you've felt discouraged, unmotivated or bored while working out, it's a sign that you need to SWITCH THINGS UP! Go take a new fitness class, workout with a friend, take your workout outside or just YouTube new workout ideas that you've been interested in trying out! It's so important to keep your body guessing in order to PROGRESS. but whatever you do-don't half ass it-use your full ass 😈 idazapfitness workoutmotivation bodybuilding bebetterthanyesterday strongereveryday bestself bebold trainforlife gohardorgohome fitfam igfitness wakeupkickass exerciseismedicine HIIT workout grindtime loveyourself healthybody healthymind

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JcLocz 4:20Blk Entertainment


Comment from JcLocz 4:20Blk Entertainment:

Getting Back To Training Getting In Shape Getting These Gains They Aint Going To Gain Themselves HealthyBody HealthyLife WorkOut Fit Muscles Fitness PainIsGain BackToTraining MultipleWorkOuts FlexingOnYourBitch Goku Beast Exercise Stretching

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Comment from mero_bbg_journey:

My best part of me before was my abs and glutes. Now best part of me is these two right here 😍My babies 👬they will always be the greatest part of me!! ❤️❤️️ . . No six pack or tight glutes can replace the love and joy my boys give me. I am so thankful to be chosen to be their mumma. 🙏🏼 lovemyboys myboysaremyworld thankful bestjobever unconditionallove bbgweek7 bbg12weekchallenge bbg bbgcommunity kaylaitsines fitspo strong lean eatclean healthy workouts stretchmarks selflove nutrition fitmum postpatrum exercise fitness healthybody motivation inspiration

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fitgirl videos


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Day after day the most desirable gym model physiques across the globe! ☺️Follow us if you like our content☺️ ⚠️FITNESS MOTIVATION⚠️ cardioparty fitnessfriday cardiofordays cardiomusic fitsporation cardioboxing musclefuel fitgirlsrule fitnesstime fitnesslifestyle gymbody squatsday healthybody workoutmusic proteinchips gymswag proteinbutiken cardiofix squatstime cardioday fitgirls_inspire physiquepro fitnessbody proteinmuffins physiquecomp musclebear physiquebuilding proteinshake fitlife HardWork

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Jane Robertson


Comment from Jane Robertson:

It's a working breakfast friyay nourishbowl damn tasty whatsonyourplate foodporn breakfastofchampions runningfriday eatsleeptrirepeat

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JcLocz 4:20Blk Entertainment


Comment from JcLocz 4:20Blk Entertainment:

Getting Back To Training Getting In Shape Getting These Gains They Aint Going To Gain Themselves HealthyBody HealthyLife WorkOut Fit Muscles Fitness PainIsGain BackToTraining MultipleWorkOuts FlexingOnYourBitch Goku Beast Exercise Stretching

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Comment from leahotr:

NEW PRODUCT for DRYNESS!!! I sampled this product at our convention and was amazed with it! Dryness is one of the top signs of aging and our environment (besides genetics) is to thank for that! It pulls moisture from our skin, through the sun, heater, wind, air conditioning, even rinsing with water!!!.. I am so excited to announce that our smart and phenomenal Doctors created a BRAND NEW PRODUCT that YOU & I can benefit from! Hydration that creates a reservoir for your skin! We have been keeping this NEW product launch a secret but the beauty magazines couldn't because they LOVE IT! Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Town & Country have all RAVED about this new product...FREE PRESS? YES PLEASE! 😄 I can't wait to offer this to my customers and soon to be customers! If you are watching and seeing R+F really IS getting better & better maybe it's time you take a look into this business too! With millions of Americans suffering from dry skin don't you want to offer this to your friends and family?? dryskin hydration moisturizer beautyproducts newrelease skincare lashes beautycare skincareroutine hydrate sensitiveskin luxurybrand rfactivehydrationserum skincareobsessed healthyhabits healthybody residualincome makeup makeuplover complexion australianskincare cosmopolitan elle bazaar

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Fitness Althlete


Comment from Fitness Althlete:

8 week challenge!! Starting soon!!! Watch this space 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼 I'm so excited to share this amazing program of over 200 great clean recipes & meal prep plans done all for you!! Family, vegetarian, detox, so much more... If you want to change your life into a long term healthy lifestyle with no more diets! This is for you!!!! Hurry book with me 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼 Pm me when your ready😊 loveyourself energy keepingitreal fitmum healthybody recipe challenge

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Comment from Анастасия:

Почему после праздника не сделать себе разгрузочный день на воде 😊 Что для этого понадобится ? 3 литра чистой теплой питьевой воды и желание чистоты )) разгрузочныедни наводе вода водныйдень безеды читыйдень vladivostok vdk Владивосток vladivostok_g знание здоровье диета диетолог диетологвл healthybody healthy healthyfood стаканводы разгрузка меню медитация motivation пятница happyday justdoit yogavl

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Meghan Grunkemeyer


Comment from Meghan Grunkemeyer:

Figures I would miss the memo on nationalmargaritaday! 🙄 Celebrating TODAY with a refreshing, electrolyte packed, aloe vera based, "CLEANSERITA" 🎉 Cheers!! What's Margarita Day doing in February anyway?! luckyitswarm frozen nohangoverhere cleanse energyup toxinsout cellularcleanse intermittentfasting healthybody fit fitness

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Comment from Andry:

Truly amazed of what my body can do, with a healthy diet😁😁!! I'm so proud of my achievements !!! I lost 30 pounds to the point where I was very skinny and I was afraid to Gain weight. Luckily I started eating more and I couldn't feel any better at 120 pounds.. Im looking to gain another 10 pounds so whether you are looking to gain or lose weight! I'm willing to help! SEND A DM! Serious inquiries only 😊 herbalife herbalife herbalife24 herbalifestyle herbaliferesults healthychoices healthylifestyle healthyeating healthylife healthybody cleaneating eatclean fitmom fitchick fitness fitnessjourney weightlossjourney weightloss weightlosscoach wellness workinprogress coralsprings margate florida fabletics

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Sherri Dawkins


Comment from Sherri Dawkins:

Spag bol of my faves!! Home made sauce, mince, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes 😋 eatgood feel good glutenfree dairyfree sugarfree happy favourite dinner healthyfood healthy healthybody healthylifestyle sdnutrition yourhealthisyourwealth 💕

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Jess 🍭 Asaro


Comment from Jess 🍭 Asaro:

Habits, habits, habits! I always say, “If it’s not a habit, you don’t have it!” - Cheesy, I know. But it’s so true & so powerful! Change is uncomfortable; we resist change! Why? Uncertainty? Loss of control? Competence? Resentment? Bottom line, it takes more work to change, that’s why so few actually put in the effort to do it. You should not have to rely on willpower (it’s exhausting, trust me) you should practice good habits so it becomes easier over time. Practice one good habit a day: meditating, cultivating gratitude, writing, reading, playing an instrument, educating yourself on a topic you’re not well informed on, working out, eating clean, showing random acts of kindness, smiling at strangers, patience, etc. Remember, every single good habit you start young will make your adult life easier!

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Comment from H E A L T H ON P A R R:

Friday morning motivation 😍the_upside 🙌

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Pilates. Motherhood. Physio.


Comment from Pilates. Motherhood. Physio.:

For all the mothers and mothers-to-be ❤️️ watchthisspace thefitmother pregnancy pilates nutrition fun connection love motherhood healthybody

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Food Diary🍓


Comment from Food Diary🍓:

Spaghetti alla bolognese per cena 😍 spaghetti spaghettis spaghettibolognese bolognese yummy healthyrecipes healthybody cucinaitaliana piattoitaliano italianfood italianfoodblogger italian italianmeal madeinitaly spaghettialpomodoro pasta healthypasta ragu healthyliving foodporn yum italiandinner dinner healthyfood

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Comment from danielle:

Oops my abdominal series deleted! 🙊🙊🙊 1- remember to keep your TA activated. 2- in tabletop position make sure to keep an imprinted spine. Any arching through the back will put pressure on your lumbar spine. 3- BREATHE! Exhale on the effort.

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Petra Sto


Comment from Petra Sto:

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Comment from YogaPal:

Move! ❤️️

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