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Eric Ordóñez


Comment from Eric Ordóñez:

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Comment from Paulina:

Chlebek bananowy z odżywką białkową 😋😋😋 chlebbananowy bananabread wheyprotein odżywkabiałkowa bananas banany peanutbutter masłoorzechowe peanutbutterlover sunpat fit healthy fitfreak fitinspiration healthyinspiration healthylifestyle zdroweinspiracje fitjedzenie zdrowejedzenie zdrowytrybżycia instafit instahealthy lfl followme

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Comment from adawie:

Can't wait to share with you guys! healthylifestyle jomkurus

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Comment from Martyna:

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Across Seven Continents


Comment from Across Seven Continents:

Paradise doesn't have to be tropical..
Who knows where this was taken?
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Kenny Choe


Comment from Kenny Choe:

Thunder Tea Rice for lunch. 😋 . . . . . . Yummy lunchtime thundertearice healthylifestyle brownrice

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Vita Sciences


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Feel assured that a good nights sleep is available to you when you need it most. 'Somnova' by vitasciences contains a blend of powerful ingredients indicated in studies to support restful refreshing sleep. . DM to get your 20% discount code now!

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BASIC women's apparel boutique


Comment from BASIC women's apparel boutique:

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Living Bold By Joana


Comment from Living Bold By Joana:

Finally getting back into the swing of things. Lost my focus there for a while and got out of the habit of working out consistently, but I'm not giving up. It's so much more difficult staying on track with ADHD but working out is a necessity not just for my body but also for my brain to function at its best. adhd workoutmotivation routine healthylifestyle onedayatatime thestruggleisreal youareworthit youarenotalone nevergiveup onetaskatatime livingboldbyjoana

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Stephanie Ewing


Comment from Stephanie Ewing:

Get up and get it done!! Back and bis today. Feeling strong 💪🏻👊🏻🎉❤️ then, you know you have to fuel that body, breakfast shakes with my little man! weightlifting weights strong strongereveryday pushingmyself fitmom healthy healthylifestyle mymorning mylove mylittleman

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Comment from OrganicJennie:

Organic Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins!!!🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️ Recipe will be posted in comments soon! Fluffy and Yummy!!! organicjennie organic healthy healthyfood healthyeating eathealthy healthymom healthyfoods healthylife healthylifestyle recipes organicrecipes cleaneating fitness healthychoices healthybody healthyrecipes muffins breakfast organicmuffins organicbreakfast

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Comment from Jessplantbasedkitchen:

Comfort food for grey day vegan vegansofinstagram vegansofig vegansofldn whatveganseat plant plantbased plantbaseddiet plantpower plantpowered health healthylifestyle healthyeating healthylife instafood instavegan crueltyfree lunch london

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Comment from MindBodySoldOut:

It's not just for weight loss. If you are always tired and you need a boost without the crash a few hours later. Click the link in the bio⬆️ Get your NRG . . weightloss energy energyboost nocrash allnatural getupandgo winning 30303 tlc tryityourself healthylifestyle healthiswealth

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Fitness Secret Group


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Organic Life Matters


Comment from Organic Life Matters:

They are just so cute, these little bright green baby iguanas! This one will turn back when he gets older and all the green will disappear, unlike on neighboring islands where they remain green. naturesway iguanas animallovers cutebabyanimals

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Ananya Mukund


Comment from Ananya Mukund:

Here is the video update to my earlier post! This is as much of a reassurance to me that I actually did it as it is a sharing of my journey on Instagram! (Excuse the fact the the top n bottom is cut out!) sirasana headstand yogaeverywhere yoga yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogisofig yoginis igyogafam igyoga strongwomen strongnotskinny india indianyogi chennaiyoga yogateacher yogajourney yogapractice yogaprogress practiceandalliscoming yogadaily yogagirl yogalove yogainspiration fitfam healthylifestyle fitnessaddict asanas keepthefaith

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Comment from Voodly:

Add fruits in your breakfast and keep yourself healthyfood. orange is best for vitaminc healthiswealth orange fruits fruity health fruitsbasket food healthybreakfast healthyeating healthylifestyle healthylife healthyliving livehealthy foodforlife livinghealthy oranges orangeisthenewblack

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Comment from Nikolett:

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Comment from Charlotte:

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Sometimes when I'm out doing my c25k I find myself reflecting on the person I was just 8 months ago. Feeling exhausted, depressed, lonely, uncomfortable in my own skin, and overwhelmed with with finding the "right way" to lose weight - Its like you see two paths in front of you, one in which you continue your unhealthy habits, becoming more and more the person you don't want to be. And the other path, losing the weight and developing healthy eating habits. This path would bring back some lost confidence, make me feel comfortable in my own skin, and give me the energy to keep up with my children - It's easy to know which path you want to take. You see both roads in front of you and option B is definitely the best outcome! But how to get there is definitely the hard part - You're not alone in your struggle to choose the right path - we're all fighting along side you. 8 months ago I'm not even sure that I believed in myself but trust me when I say, you are capable and worthy of making a change in your life! 👊🏻👏🏻💪🏻

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