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Sharon Curran


Comment from Sharon Curran:

This is how I roll (well pretty much most of the time!) Anyone else with me? positivevibes heartofgold chooselove bethechange lovewarrior innersmile

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Comment from K R I S T E N•B R A U L T:

Fingers crossed and praying that God will lead me where I am suppose to be...

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Comment from 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑👌🏼:

My heart is pure & my booty real 💋🔥🍑💯bootybootybooty vibes qoutes fearless confidence happy standout heartofgold kindness pureness loving fun goodtimes livingthegoodlife

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Chloe Hickman 🦄


Comment from Chloe Hickman 🦄:

He makes my heart skip a beat! heartofgold fianceé lovers❤️ cuddlesinbed nomakeup beardsofinstagram raisedeyebrow liprings noserings modelmayhem

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Comment from Fay:

Meggy Moo trueinspiration alwayssmiling heartofgold leukemiasurvivor

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💕Muma~Nana~Cake Design~ItWorks


Comment from 💕Muma~Nana~Cake Design~ItWorks:

heartofgold 😍 . . . . . . . . . . . strongwomen life journey staystrong staypositive stayfocused happy kind loyalty faithful supportive pma lawofattraction lawsofsuccess healing learning training fitness ownboss itworks d_liscious_cakes love

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Kingsley Odey #team_Chified


Comment from Kingsley Odey #team_Chified:

“teamChified heartofgold live in your mind and expect those dreams to become real, without the work. Reality requires actions that might feel scary, but that is what is required if you want to find true love. Don't expect it to come and rescue you. You have to rescue yourself.”

50 Minutes ago

Faces of ITE


Comment from Faces of ITE:

This hero’s story started with two pratas and a cup of teh tarik. Two pratas kosong, to be exact. Ahmad was enjoying his lunch at a coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio, when someone caught his eye. He saw a frail, old lady get down the bus and struggle to walk down a ramp. He flew into action immediately. To him, this was a wrong that had to be made right. Ahmad has no cape, no super weapon, but he has a heart of gold (and well-sized biceps, we observe). He offered his help to the old lady and she nodded in relief. The lady held on to Ahmad’s arm as he walked her down the ramp. This act was captured by a netizen and went viral. Photos on his kind deed received over 2k shares on Twitter and 4k views on STOMP Ahmad is no stranger to helping others and serving the elderly. He lives in the same block as his grandparents and they ask him to visit them almost everyday. Ahmad is always willing to visit them, massage their tired backs and help with household chores. He is second in a family with six children, and he takes turn with his mother to prepare dinner for the family. “My parents taught me to be kind to older people. We have to treasure our grandparents and the elderly. You don’t know how many days they have left. When they are gone, it will be too late and you will be left with regret. You cannot buy respect. You have to respect others, before they can respect you. I hope that when I grow old, my grandchildren will also be good to me. I was surprised by the reaction after I helped the old lady. I don’t think I did anything extraordinary.” Ahmad Tufail Bin Shah Pahlawan Yusof, 2nd year Higher Nitec in Shipping Operations and Services student, ITE College Central kindness heartofgold everydayheroes

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Jean Ball


Comment from Jean Ball:

Mahoosive happy birthday wishes to this legend of a lady!! 90 years old today 👏🏻🎉❤ 90yearsoldandstillgoingstrong motherlove heartofgold matriarch bestmumintheworld

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Lucy Hernandez


Comment from Lucy Hernandez:

It's ok to be confident as long as your heart is in the right place... confidence beauty heartofgold humble talented caring makeuponpoint makeupartist hairdresserlife true trust love cantstopwontstop successful

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Melissa Schumaker


Comment from Melissa Schumaker:

my adorable.son littlemodel lookathimgo modelkids modelkidsstyle 🚣boatmodel 'cutestkidever lovethiskid mysweetson kindloving amazing boy wheredoestimego 21now mammasboy👦wildandfree heartofgold formybaby❤🖒💋✌

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Comment from Bonnie&&Clyde🔪:

Just so you know mi vida I love you endlessly ❤️️ unconditionallove lovequotes lovememes instagramlove truelove ilovehimsomuch kingandqueen smartass sarcastic stubborn loyalty heartofgold iloveyoubabyboy

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Celly 💋 Cell - Xell


Comment from Celly 💋 Cell - Xell:

💯 strike me dead.. but I swear ✋ to you, I've always said that, money is here- everyone is here. Money gone- they all dissapear. Its rare now a days to find people that love you for you. I'm not the riches, but if I say I got you - I got you - in all aspects of those 3 words! Believe that. Word of advise: don't loose the " real ones " that come into your life, they don't come around twice in a life time.. HeartOfGold StayHumble shutout to those that do got it and give genuinely... Trust I have a few on my friend list and timeline that I tip my hats to. RealMVPs DontJudgeABookByItsCover WeStillExsist IgiveTheShirtOffMyBackIfIHaveToo LoyaltyIsPriceless LoyaltyOverRoyaltyAnyDay

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Nyka Coote


Comment from Nyka Coote:

One of the strongest dolls I know katejhonston always here for you near or far loveyou sisters heartofgold friendship deservesthebest kindestsoul goingtomissyou brunettesdoitbest

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Kim Scott


Comment from Kim Scott:

Happy birthday to this beauty 💜 lovesachipcheeseandcurry redford rubarbgin weloveayap kensabdi heartofgold

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Kaitlyn Gold


Comment from Kaitlyn Gold:

Why make me clench my fist when we could just be done with this? kaitlyngoldmusic burnbright heartofgold letgoletgold outofthetower goldenyears platinum supportlocalmusic ilovela illuminate indiemusic singersongwriter hollywood

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💋Vanessa Lall💋


Comment from 💋Vanessa Lall💋:

Side by side or miles apart good friends are always close to the heart 💖💖 loveher bff heartofgold loveherlikeasister

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L O R I 💗 L A R S O N


Comment from L O R I 💗 L A R S O N:

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." -Audrey Hepburn reflection mirrormirroronthewall truebeauty princess fairytale heartofgold loveher XOXO 👑

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Comment from NowThatsWhatICallMusic:

neilyoung heartofgold

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Joann Kimmel


Comment from Joann Kimmel:

notd nailpolish nailsofinstagram SinfulColors DrippingInPearls HeartOfGold KandeeJohnsonVintageAnime sinfulcolors_official kandeejohnson

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