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😁😏🙄 sweetheart heartofgold assholebynature donttryme petty

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Comment from ♥🌹Trisha🌹♥:

I couldn't possibly agree anymore!! ♥💙💛💜💚♥ mischiefangel tattoos girlswithtattoos piercings girlswithpiercings beautifuldisaster lupuswarrior lupus spoonie bipolar bpd ptsd freespirit livewire heartofgold raresoul love loyalty respect truth strength wisewords lifelessons nevergiveup keepsmiling riseabove bepositive lifeisbeautiful enlightenment

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Dean Fairley 🇦🇺


Comment from Dean Fairley 🇦🇺:

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” mum thankyou beautiful strongwoman heartofgold loveyou inspiration appreciationpost

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Comment from Corie:

Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is gold 😈💫💁🏻❤️ dontdisturbhersoul ifyoumeanhernogood thecomebackisalways strongerthanthesetback savageattitude heartofgold snapchatfilter snapchatlife

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Erin Marshall


Comment from Erin Marshall:

I'll never take wonderful moments like these for granite 😁

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Karissa Hill


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Gold vibes only👑✨💛 alexandani calavera peacockfeather heartofgold firerefinesgold dayofthedead skull bangles

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Comment from PINO:

Making a guest list for his birthday party...🤣🤣 This is definitely Bryna's child 😂💯 gavinandre blondepino firstbornpino brynajr guestlist organizer mybaby👊 modelkid tenderheart heartofgold goodkid heartbreaker walker_party_of_5

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I Am Who I Am


Comment from I Am Who I Am:

I don't think _daniellecormack_ really realises how she has affected people, I have seen so many people say how she inspires them to be better including myself, we all find strength from you, don't ever think anything different, beautiful inside and out, heart of gold. daniellecormack oneofakind amazing bikerchick heartofgold standstrong heartbodysoul

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Tara Royer Steele


Comment from Tara Royer Steele:

it's been a hard day around here. brayden found, "barb the chicken" in the yard this morning. he came in the kitchen bawling with her in his hands. i thought he was hurt and we were headed to the emergency room, but no, one of the dogs got her. he has a heart of gold and is so compassionate. we did all we could to try and save her, but when we got home tonight she hadn't made it through the day. we went and got ice cream and then came back to bury her. he wanted to dig the hole and cover her up and make sure she was safe. he's much better now and i know when it's not a chicken that dies we might have to do more than ice cream. heartofgold socompassionate wearshisheartonhissleeve

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Michael Ball


Comment from Michael Ball:

funinthesun withmyotherhalf prettyinpink daddygothandsforyouboys dadydaughter walkinginthepark heartofgold She really got it made!

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Comment from Mr.Mustache🔵:

Your destiny is your own way to be grateful to what you have in every time you open your eyes😊 So,face it like a servant who has heart of gold:) . . . thanksthankfulgratefulallpraisestoallahalhamdulillahfaceitlikeamandestinyvictimsgoldheartofgoldgagaquotesinstaquotespuisipoempoetrymineabovetheskycalmkeepcalmmonocromefilter

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Sinead mckinsleyy


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Life'ssk curls god bless U lee gran is looking down on us❤️ mybrother goodguy misshim heartofgold misshim beotherandsister missinghim myhero ilneverforgetyou loveyoubro iddoanythjngforyou mumsgoldenboy alwaysinmyheart stick in buddy lots of love your little sis in think of u everyday❤️ leemck1

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TwentyFour7Photography ®


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Home. T, thank you for what was a truly magnificent day spent in your delightful company. Your generousity of spirit is boundless and your humour contagious. Sorry for asking you tobe quiet when I was blasting Prince both going and coming. I know you get it. With the onset of summer approaching, I know we have other adventures to discover. Stay beautiful and blessed and know that I love you my friend. Thank you for my beautiful scarf from HolyCowHome ° ° ° ° ° ° Entrepreneur Founder Florist Flowers ForeverFlowers Roses SmallBusinessOwner Greenwich SupportSmallBusineses DoYou SupportingSmallBusinesses WorkHardForWhatYouWant GrindingAlways HustleHard LondonLife🇬🇧 LoveLife💗 Photographer OneLifeToLive MindBodySpirit WellBeingFestival Prince DiamondsAndPearls Adore GetOff OnTheRoad KeepItReal💯 Friendship HeartOfGold Photo 📷 smudarikiri

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Couple goal😍💕 tag your love. dailyinkedtattoo best day couplegoals coupletattoos girlfriend wife wifey love life lifestyle hearttattoo heart heartofgold

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Nicole Thompson


Comment from Nicole Thompson:

thankyou to all the people who support marchofdimes / marchforbabies , you all are superstars ! today , im bummed i couldnt participate , like i originally wanted to , but , i hope to nextyear , and ive been looking at the videos of the superhero sprint of all the super hero preemies (i cant wait until haven can participate in that too ) and ive seen tons of pictures going up in support , like this one of annegeddes (who i can personally tell you she is such an amazingwoman to work for , oneofmyfavorites jobs ive ever had was working at her store , and if it was still open i would go back to working there , she is such a nice lady , with amazing talent with photography and a heartofgold ) , and football player elimanning attending the march for babies in new york , major props to you two and everyone else who help support this cause and most of all to all the nicunurses who help with our precious preemies , weloveyou and truly appreciate everything you do ! thankyou

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Comment from LB, RD, JRD💋:

"My grandma has ears that truly listen, arms that always hold, love that's never ending and a heart that's made of gold" A Grandmas love feels like nobody else's❤️ greatgrandma heartofgold blessed grandmasareeverything

2 Hours ago

Murcié Lago


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yourstruly sunshine loveyourself love oneofakind queen beyondblessed blessed heartofgold purevibes alwayscomesfromthe heart dontplayyourself sorry icantbe fake sorrynotsorry tiedye green greeneyes naturalhair natural loyalty 💯dimples

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Rino Passione


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I believe in this!! 😍😀 kimberlyelayyne abagofspoons noexcuses believeinyourself keepmovingforward loveyourself youmatter love lovelife livelaughlove life lifequotes motivation beyourself heartofgold bigheart

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Get Weird 💛 Stay Weird


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🖤 . . IfYouAreMoreFortunateThanOthers BuildALongerTableNotATallerFence CanadianMemorialCentreForPeace Peace BeKind Love LoveOneAnother BuildEachOtherUp NotDown HaveAHeart HEartOfGold Compassion quote QuoteOfTheDay Pin Pinterest Pinster PinOfTheDay Pinner Inspiration Inspo Motivation Positivity GoodVibes

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Comment from ♡Audrey♡Rae♡:

Mama just pulled out the very last suture from her recent procedure. OK well, Audrey pulled out half of it, and I just finished it off. Either way, it's official: SHE'S SUTURE FREE AND HEALING UP FINE!! 👸💜💪 adaywithaudreyrae prayforaudreyrae chdwarrior queenofhearts heartofgold jahlove lovelife DrAudreyRae

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