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Comment from Paloma Alves:

Day 11. Dear heroes. Today is about being aware of our extended time-horizon, and what the consequences of our actions in this particular moment may mean, in the future. Be engaged in the current situation that requires your help and action, but also use your analytical focus, to imagine alternative future scenarios, that might play out, depending on different actions and failures. When we act in the present, we should also keep part of our mind in the past, this may help us recall values and teachings from other thinkers or events that, could inform and help us in our current situation. So be aware of the extended time-horizon, don’t only act on impulse and fear, include learned lessons from the past, imagine different fallouts and consequences, all after how we choose to act. Make your Monday no less than wonderful. #heroicimaginationproject #hip #heroism #heroes #monday #awareness #timehorizon #inspirational #inspirationalquotes #nature

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Comment from Paloma Alves:

Day 10. Good morning dear heroes. Today I want you to keep one thing in mind – Don’t Be A Bystander. Paradoxically, when we are in a emergency situation, the more people there are present the less likely anyone is to help. This is called the bystander effect. If everybody thinks that someone else will take responsibility, then nothing will happen. The minute someone starts to help, in seconds that help is expanded. It’s a social norm not act, but when someone breaks this social norm of doing nothing, they create a new norm of doing something. Remember this. And how awesome wouldn’t it be, if you were the first to do exactly that? Be that person, be the one that gives a helping hand. Few people do evil and even fewer people act heroically, and between these two extremes there are the masses, the general population who do nothing, they are the ‘reluctant heroes’. When you refuse to act, you implicitly support the perpetrators of evil, even though you silently think that what they are doing is wrong. If you do not say something, if you do not act, you are part of the majority who makes evil more acceptable: Who makes discrimination more acceptable, bullying, violence, racism, war, the list is long. You/the masses have enormous resources at hand to do good, if we just had the courage to use it. Take care of each other out there, even if you don’t know them. Have a good weekend and act heroically 😊 #heroicimaginationproject #heroism #hip #bystander #hero

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Comment from Paloma Alves:

Day 9. “Altruism is born of suffering” – Dalai Lama writes about it, and psychologists has made research on this as well. People who have suffered, feels more connected to others and are therefore more likely to help. I don’t think anyone goes through life without getting burned, everybody goes through suffering in one way or another. Because there are so many people out there with similar pain, I believe that if we turn the obstacles we have been through, and the pain from the past into a heroic quest to help others, then you could in a unique way be able to connect with others and provide exactly the help they need to get through their obstacles. For instance, If I had not been through my own suffering, I don’t think I would have felt so strongly about volunteering at this point in my life, also I feel uniquely equipped to understand their pain and provide my help, because I found my way out and know how to get through it. Even though my way might not apply to many people, it means the world to me if I manage to help just 1 person – I can’t describe the happiness I feel when that happens. I have an example from a talk that I felt very inspired by: “You walk into a street and fall into a hole, and two people offers to help. One of them was a renowned scientist, who had written a paper on the dynamics of holes, and the other was just an average person, who had fallen into the same hole himself, and was offering to climb back down, grab your hand and lead you out the same way that he found. Whose help would you want?” What are you good at, and how can you use it to help others? There is many ways to be a hero, what is yours? Make this Thursday awesome 🙂 #psychology #heroes #heroism #hip #heroicimaginationproject #dalailama #empathy #altruism #suffering #green #leaves #nature

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Comment from Paloma Alves:

Day 8. Everything is made of thoughts. Think about it for a moment. The clothes you wear, buildings, movies, furniture etc. Everything that was made by humans started with an idea/a thought. Someone thought, that the shoes you are wearing would be a design that many people would like to buy, so it was drawn, manufactured and sold to the stores. Maybe you took an specific education because you had thought about it a lot, or you considered going in another direction because you had envisioned something else, or you furnished your home in a certain way because you thought it would look nice. For instance, when I walked on this beach I thought this would be a beautiful picture. What I want to say is that - your thoughts decide how you feel, and your feelings impact how you act. Therefore it’s important to be aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts are an amazing and strong tool, never underestimate the power of it. If you visualize yourself helping others in need, doing good things for others, doing heroic deeds, or begin to think of yourself as an everyday hero, this will make you act like one. #challenge #heroicimaginationproject #hip #heroism #heroes #beach #thoughts #cognitive #psychology

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Comment from Paloma Alves:

Day 7. There is a variety of ways you can act heroically, and this is just one out of many. Nevertheless it’s an important one. - Make other people feel special, ask questions, listen to them, remember what they say or something they have said for a long time ago, remember their names, give them compliments both externally and internally. Believe in their abilities, their dreams, even if they might seem unsure of being able to achieve these goals. Encourage them, instead of doubting them: Say – I believe in you. There might be things that you are not good at, but you could be. You can do almost anything with practice, determination and dedication. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. Choose at least one person that you would try this on today (Don’t tell them about it). When people are seen by others they blossom. #heroicimaginationproject #challenge #hip #heroism #heroes #special #flower #wildflowers #believe

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Comment from Paloma Alves:

Day 5. Todays’ exercise is about doing what is right, when others are doing the wrong thing, or doing nothing. It’s about building up, our internal strength and self-assurance to be able to stand firm for the moral and ethical values we love and cherish. It is necessary to develop personal hardiness so you can be guided by your own moral compass, in uncertain situations that is new and unknown to you. Challenge other people to support their own moral values as well, and don’t be afraid of interpersonal conflicts, be willing to accept these conflicts, because heroic decisions are often controversial. In other words go against the flow. Make this Friday amazing - train your heroic imagination and your awareness, be critical and trust in your own moral compass. Have a good weekend everybody. #strenght #morality #compass #friday #awareness #blue #sky #exercise #heroes #heroism #hip #heroicimaginationproject #challenge

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Comment from Paloma Alves:

Day 1. Before we begin our journey you'll need to make a public declaration, that says you are willing to be a hero in waiting. A pledge to act, when you experience a situation where you feel something is wrong, and to develop your heroic abilities and refine them. Most important of all, you have to believe in the heroic capabilities within you and others. #heroism #pledge #believe #action #hero #HIP #HeroicImaginationProject

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Comment from Paloma Alves:

What it is about: “Heroes are ordinary people whose social action is Extra Ordinary. Who acts when others are passive.” - Quote by Phillip Zimbardo Inside each and everyone of us there is a hero or heroine, waiting to take action when the right time comes along. This page is about training the hero within you, to inspire you to take action, to build up your courage, to fight for peace, to speak up when others are quite and passive, to take action on behalf of others, to defend moral values, to fight evil. Since the antidote to evil is heroism, we need all the heroes we can get. Heroes are rare, but you have all the capacity to be one. Lets quit standing on the sideline feeling powerless and let’s do something about it, big and small, step by step. Alone we might feel powerless but together we can make a difference. Our mission: is to give you skills and awareness needed to make effective decisions in challenging situations. We will do this by providing exercises, some of them will be based on scientific research, and other exercises will not, but they will be useful for this purpose. #HIP #heroicimaginationproject #hero #ordinary #peace #justice #humanity #phillipzimbardo #inspire #heroism

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Comment from Jan Hovad:

One of the most important values we all should exercise every day is HEROISM. Prof Zimbardo spreads this value all over the world. He has committed most of his life to study what makes a HERO. Loving his unique personality and the way he is changing the world to the better. Def worth to read book. 😈😈😈 #hero #heroism #heroicimaginationproject #zimbardo #bebetter #greatbook #lucifereffect #metalearners #metalearning #mindfulliving #igerscz #igers #igerssf #igers🇮🇱 #igersnyc #betterworld #betterworldbooks

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Comment from shawna:

This weekend I had several kid-free hours to chat with my brother & SIL and they introduced me to the @heroicimaginationproject, which my SIL is involved in. I checked it out today & I'm curious. Founded by Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford professor, it aims to teach people to take effective action in challenging situations--by transforming negative situations and creating positive change. Our conversation got me thinking about how we raise kids--do we nurture helper behavior? Is it innate? Or is it learned? & the military community I know and love came to mind immediately. I've never experienced community like I did when we were in Texas. As a whole, my community was full of helpers, who were positive change makers that are examples of the everyday heroism he speaks of. Have you heard of the #HeroicImaginationProject? I mean, their mission is "to create a new generation of everyday heroes who engage in daily deeds of kindness." That is something I wholeheartedly believe in. & I want to learn more!

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