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Sarah Legendre


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Look what my sister picked up hero heroism lifesaver puppyoftheday cutie sweetgirl her family moved and left her alone cause they didn't want her sad poordoggy , she might be an addition to the family notsureyet whatstobedone decisionsdescisions , she just had a bath, she gave me kisses savedalife her name is Sadie , she's such a sweetiepie awesome possiblenewbaby beautiful fingerscrossedforsnow goodday☀️

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Collection Of Marvel And Dc


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Which one do you choose 😏🤔

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Katherine Washington


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audiemurphy was the most decorated combatsoilders of wwii, receiving every militarycombataward for valor available from the usarmy , as well as french and belgianawards for heroism. Seen here. In (May 28,1971) he was killed when the private plane which he a passenger in crashed into brushmountian near catawbavirginia ushistory whywefight

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WEEK 95: change the world (for 1 person) ⭐️ Today I made my annual donation of 7% of my income from my main profession. This was truly not a lot of money, but it cured approximately 10 people from blindness 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓. The effectivealtruism movement is powerful. Do you know how many thousands of people die DAILY from easily preventable or curable issues? ⭐️ thelifeyoucansave for more info!! Save a life today - right now! For as little as $10 or $20. Something to feel good about! Which charity from thelifeyoucansave will you choose? I donated to 💚 sevafoundation ⭐️ This photo was taken the first day I was able to drive after 10 weeks of poor health. I am SO happy to finally be back in action and healthy 😼. See you next week! ⭐️ gogreatergood

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Çağla Gezer


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Şöyle başlıyor nutuk; 19 Mayıs 1919 günü Samsun'a çıktım. independenceroad great heroism samsun turkey

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Beats Photography


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dogsofinstagram On this Memorial Day, throughout the day, I'll be honoring some of our most famous war dogs. Their acts of heroism should not be forgotten! 2nd on the list with probably the most famous and highly decorated WWI American dog, SgtStubby. Stubby’s list of bravery is incredible. First, he caught a German spy mapping Allied positions. Then, in Feb. 1918, Stubby’s battalion was hit by a poison gas attack. Stubby survived, and his nose became acutely sensitive to gas attacks. During the next poison gas attack, Stubby sniffed it out early, woke the soldiers and saved their lives.Stubby also became an expert in finding wounded and deceased soldiers. He was even injured by shrapnel from a German grenade. When Stubby returned home, he was a hero of monumental proportions. Get this: Stubby met three presidents (WoodrowWilson, WarrenHarding, and CalvinCoolidge), led hundreds of parades, and became the official mascot of GeorgetownUniversity!Navy AirForce Marines Army CoastGuard Honor Code Life Loyalty MemorialDay MemorialDayWeekend HonoringOurFallen SupportOurTroops USA

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Hoang Nguyen


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May we never forget freedom isn't free memorialday freedomisnotfree patriotism patriotic vietnammemorialwall blackandwhitephotography hero heroism

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Collection Of Marvel And Dc


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I love Fates powers😍He looks and is so powerful👌

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Black Book of Arabia


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Everybody has two sides to them, and every story has two sides. The Black Book of Arabia TheBlackBookofArabia BBOA tales heroism whosaidarabwomenareweak SheikhaHendAlQassemi hendfq

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Collection Of Marvel And Dc


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Which one will you choose 🤔

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A true resemblance of Heroism Pride and Patriotism maharanapratap pridepatriotismheroismrajput

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Bong Cabrera


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Listening to the stories of all the HEROFoundation scholars made me appreciate life more. They are orphans who continue to live life despite of their experiences. That's why I salute all our fallen soldiers and offer our film AngArawSaLikodMo as a tribute to their heroism. If you want to help HeroFoundation, watch this film because part of the proceeds will help these scholars. We are STILL showing in cinemas.

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Shailja's Diamond Jewellery


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Shailja's wishes you a Maharana Pratap Jayanti! He is truly an epitome of heroism, pride and patriotism! Shailjas MaharanaPratap Patriotism pride heroism

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Balaji ÑõùghTy Paìyãñ


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heroism Kaththi sward cut bgm

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Dogs Of History


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This dog, Shana saved an elderly woman during a snowstorm! She needed to get back inside her house and the door was blocked and she couldn't get in! The dog dug a tunnel and moved the snow to save the elderly woman. heroism hero heroes loyalty legendary legend loyal safe smart dog dogs dogsofinstgram dogsofinstagram legendary

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Collection Of Marvel And Dc


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What are your thoughts about Yondu in Gardians of the Galaxy 2?🤔

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InkedLife ChestInk anchor imnotperfectbutirefusetosink ShoulderInk doctowhoquote RiverSong ChessPiece Queen RibInk Flower Pokeball Heroism DownTownInk MickMotherFuckingTaylor JadaTaylor

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Collection Of Marvel And Dc


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Wolverine and ironman cosplay 😍👌🏻

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Collection Of Marvel And Dc


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Who is your favourite speedster?🤔

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