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The Strength Sanctuary


Comment from The Strength Sanctuary:

... lying by the pool after a fun filled day of activities feeling energised and relaxed knowing there's no where else you need to be. 🌞👌🏻 On our TSS retreats, we offer a bespoke blend of Fitness and Wellness activity incorporating cardio conditioning, core strength, flexibility, resistance and strength training, and twice daily Yoga. The Strength Sanctuary is a safe, welcoming and supportive space for women to escape the demands of everyday life and focus on fuelling and building strength within their bodies and minds. We also find plenty of time to rest, eat and sleep😉 🙏🏻 ✨ TAG A FRIEND WHO LIKES RETREATS ✨ . . . Retreats luxury hiittraining strengthtraining workout intervaltraining cardio fitness luxuryretreats fitnessretreats fitwomen yoga kettlebells nutrition yogaretreats boxing trx running motivation metime corestrength SwimminPool Pool Rest Eat Sleep

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Silver Fox LAX


Comment from Silver Fox LAX:

5/23/2017 Day 3: I feel AMAZING!!! I busted my ass tonight💪🏼🦄. I restarted my cto10k Couch to 10K workout and followed that up with a 10 minute hiitworkout arm workout. Working out in my sweat capsule is a smidge of a challenge however when I start to feel the sweat 💦 drip/pour down my back and down the crack of my 🍑 .... can't explain it.... it's just motivates me even more. I imagine my body eliminating all it's grease... slowly detoxing. weightlossjourney fitstagram healthandfitness workoutmotivation proformtreadmill nikerunning hiittraining sweatsuit

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Annabelle 🌻


Comment from Annabelle 🌻:

💜 proteinsmoothie nutribullet spinach blueberries strawberries yoghurt honey protein healthy healthyeating cleaneating fitness exercise fitbit fitfam hiittraining weighttraining running leanin15 weightloss weightlossjourney

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Simon Lofty Moore


Comment from Simon Lofty Moore:

Quick half an hour fasted all body work out! Another gym to myself as well, which is always a bonus!

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Andres Personal Trainer


Comment from Andres Personal Trainer:

☝El correr es un movimiento humano complejo pero natural. Se requiere suficiente cantidad de movilidad en algunas articulaciones clave sólo para poder hacerlo sin compensar. También requiere fuerza, control del motor y tiempo. 🏃🏃 A menudo es una actividad para las personas que buscan ponerse en forma, mantenerse en forma, competir y competir. Desafortunadamente, muchos no tienen la ROM de pre-requisito / línea base, la fuerza y ​​el control del motor para correr sin un gran riesgo de dolor o lesiones. Correr pasa a ser uno de los ejercicios más arriesgados según las estadísticas, en términos de lesiones y dolor ... no dejes que sea.🏃No Corras ,Por Correr🏃 🏃Si vas a correr preparate muy bien así sea por afición 👉Asesorate Bien De Un Profesional Físico Para Que Te Pueda Ayudar y Guiar Correctamente. crossfittrainingcardioworkoutretofitfuntionaltrainingabscrossfittersrunnershiitcardioworkoutfitpoledancenoexcuseshardtraininghealthylifestylecalisthenicsrunningcrossfitboxfitexercisefitballpilatesloverscorehiittrainingtrxtrainingcoretrainingsuspensiontrainingfitnessmotivationhiitworkoutcardiotraininghardworkout

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Comment from fitness_journal98:

....after a three week hiatus, it's time to make those gains ------------- hiitworkout hiittraining hiit hiitworkouts fit fitness fitlife fitnesslife fitjourney fitnessjourney fitlifestyle fitnesslifestyle motivated determined workout workouts polar7 polarh7 polarbeat polarglobal gains gainz imdetermined immotivated immakinggains

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Andres Personal Trainer


Comment from Andres Personal Trainer:

☝MUJER Cada vez que creas que no eres lo suficientemente bonita, delgada, alta, baja, esbelta o musculosa, piensa en todo lo que eres y representas. ¡Valora tu cuerpo y agradece todo lo que hace por ti. ¡Eres hermosa! 👧👩👵👸 crossfittrainingcardioworkoutretofitfuntionaltrainingabscrossfittersrunnershiitcardioworkoutfitpoledancenoexcuseshardtraininghealthylifestylecalisthenicsrunningcrossfitboxfitexercisefitballpilatesloverscorehiittrainingtrxtrainingcoretrainingsuspensiontrainingfitnessmotivationhiitworkoutcardiotraininghardworkout

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Evolving Yaqui


Comment from Evolving Yaqui:

Cyber bullies... Haters gonna hate. Stay up bro! God_is_Great christian_soldier faith drugfree clean_and_sober health fitness fitnessmotivation bodybuildingmotivation hiittraining. hiitcardio lifestyle commitment dedication sacrifice gymflow fitnessjourney ironyaquigym diabetic diabetes bodybuilding addict recoveringaddict year34 instafit fitfam aesthetics fitspiration loveislove🌈

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Lilith Bello


Comment from Lilith Bello:

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Comment from brenicebranc:

I remember when coach veganfitnessassassin introduced me to this squat jump series and I'll never forget the firing BURN I felt through my quads and glutes- seriously the worst 😂 But I've learnt to appreciate the pain and understand how effective it is !💥I highly recommend you use this for either warming up or finishing off your next leg session 🔥 HOW IT WORKS? 1 jump forward/ 1 jump backwards-2 jumps forward/2 jumps backward...and so on till you reach 5 forward/5 backward X 3-4 sets!! Make sure your'e landing in your heels, keeping your chest proud and no sneaky standing mid set!! 🙊 Disclaimer: it's going to feel like hell- find your happy place! 🙌😂 burnout jumpsquats everythangisnumb fiyah

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morgan 🌙🌸🍀


Comment from morgan 🌙🌸🍀:

the last couple weeks have not been the greatest to say the least , but i'm getting back on top 👏🏼 i have not been on social media much and i can't remember the last time i trained 😕 but you know what ? SHIT HAPPENS !! i don't force myself to train when i'm not feeling it 🙅🏼 but i'm finally getting back into it with eating healthier and i'm going to start training again . not only for my body but for my mental clarity 🔮 you come out of these holes much stronger and wiser and i am so excited for what is happening in the future ! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 time to put my stress and worries away and start focusing on getting back to the healthy being i know i am ☀️🌈🌸

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Alejandra Labastida-Shapiro


Comment from Alejandra Labastida-Shapiro:

Last Wednesday was an amazing sunny day so I took my clients suefahy and vparthenis (also my own kickboxing training with the amazing professional MMA fighter lukasz_grabowski ) outside the gym to get some fresh air and natural vitamin D. Using my Stroops, equalizer and body weight exercises using some HIIT training we got a fun and excellent workout. Here my two fit moms and clients giving a demo of our workout. Also part of my own video with my training with Lukasz (did I said I had a great workout and a lot of fun also?) As the weather warms, getting outdoors could deliver perks that you just can’t get from pounding a treadmill. A research team from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry analyzed 11 trials including more than 800 adults and found that outdoor exercise was associated with increased energy and revitalization, as well as decreased confusion, anger, depression and tension, when compared with exercising indoors. Outdoor participants also reported enjoying their workouts more and said they were more likely to repeat them than participants who were closed up behind a door. While unprotected overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can increase your risk of skin cancer, we shouldn’t overlook the many benefits of sunlight. When the sun hits our skin, it creates vitamin D3, important to bone health and metabolic function. In addition, exposure to sunlight during the day can help you sleep better at night, improve immune function and increase endorphin production— those feel-good hormones circulating throughout your body. The local park probably doesn’t have the free weights your gym does or offer the comforts of working out in your living room. But if you can find a trail for some cardio and a clearing for some body weight exercises, you can get a worthwhile full-body workout Using your own weight to build strength couldn’t be easier: It’s totally customizable, can be done anywhere and at any time, requires no equipment or gym membership, and takes less than 30 minutes. Cardio (aerobic) exercises definitely have their benefits, but building muscle is equally important and often overlooked. mma mmafighter kickass kickboxing

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Comment from Jerry:

This sweet banner is coming soon!! It will travel to my classes & events. If interested in setting up a Class DM me! Thank you to my sponsors & supporters brothers_helping_brothers firesciencenutrition get_hosed_apparel . Check these folks out & give them a follow! firefighterfitness fitnessclasses firefighter fsn gethosed bhbnation banner sponsors bigthingstocome charity 501c3 donate preworkout supplements purchase isentyou wetravel gym firedepartment fitness workoutprogram hiittraining functionalfitness dmmeforinfo

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Juan Villanueva


Comment from Juan Villanueva:

Surround yourself with those who will push you to be better in life 🙌🏽🙏🏽

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Salt Lake Elevated


Comment from Salt Lake Elevated:

Get strong and sweaty in class or outside tomorrow 👉 more information on Facebook!

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Ana López Fitness Trainer


Comment from Ana López Fitness Trainer:

analopezfit clasecombinada zumba hiittraining resistencia chantaje

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Comment from Jacqueline:

I'm comin' for ya! NEW GoRox (row + box + weights) gocyclestudio cashmeouside Teaching this week: Wednesday 6:15pm GO Friday 9am GO Sunday 10am GoRow Monday 9:30am GoRox • • row box spin cycling hiittraining hiitworkout cardio fitfam chicago thesweatlife workoutmotivation jab cross hook

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Daily Workouts


Comment from Daily Workouts:

27.1! Great full body mix today. 💪 This workout is 12-minutes long and you will incorporate 3 different types of intervals. Odd minutes (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) you will be doing Squat Jacks and on even minutes (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) you will be doing Reach Through Pushups. ➡️Minutes 1-4 will be 30-seconds on, 30-seconds off. Minutes 1 and 3 will be Squat Jacks and minutes 2 and 4 will be Reach Through Pushups. ➡️Minutes 5-8 you will be doing 40-seconds on, 20-seconds off. Minutes 5 and 7 will be Squat Jacks and minutes 6 and 8 will be Reach Through Pushups. ➡️Minutes 9-12 you will be doing 50-seconds on, 10-seconds off. Minutes 9 and 11 will be Squat Jacks and minutes 10 and 12 will be Reach Through Pushups. 👉SCROLL for exercise descriptions! 👉Tag a friend to join you in this workout!

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Marty Bell


Comment from Marty Bell:

So I went to work on nightshift 2200 hours on Monday 22nd May and finished tour of duty at 0700 on 23rd May, got home walked the dog for an hour then had just shy of 2 hours sleep then this happened. As well as this X2, grahamlowpt thought it would be fun to throw in an core session at he end, he's such a hero! nightshift workout hiit hiitworkout hiittraining training motivation health fitness fitfam exercise core

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F45 Training Mooloolaba


Comment from F45 Training Mooloolaba:

Super Wednesday Giveaway 🎁🎉 We've partnered with some rad local companies in Mooloolaba to give one lucky follower the chance to win these amazing prizes: 🎁1 month of unlimited yoga yogavida__ 🎁$100 gift bag of nutrition products asnmooloolaba 🎁1 month free f45training_mooloolaba 🎁$50 gift certificate acaibrothers_mooloolaba 🎁$50 (brekky for 2) ckcoffeebarandwholefoods Follow these simple rules to win: 1⃣ Follow US and ALL sponsors yogavida__ asnmooloolaba acaibrothers_mooloolaba f45training_mooloolaba ckcoffeebarandwholefoods laninalu11 2⃣ Like this photo 3⃣ Tag 3 friends in the comments below! You can comment as many times as you want! You must follow every account for your entry to count. Winner will be announced May 27th in the caption of all accounts. ***keep your 👀 peeled for epic monthly giveaways 🎁🎉 - - - free mooloolaba instachallenge giveaway health community F45Mooloolaba Active hiittraining SunshineCoast

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