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Comment from KRo0070:

hiittraining gymproblemz steevey.t killed the am workout today until the jump rope gave Thanks for the extra motivation and training as an ambassador for health and Fitness buddy

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Paul Webb


Comment from Paul Webb:

One of the best and most beneficial things we can do for our health is laugh and smile more... the flood of health providing chemicals that flood our body when we do is staggering... you'll enjoy yourself a whole lot more as well! Train hard and smart peeps and smile more! calm mobility mobilitywod strongman strength exercise coach strengthcoach betternotperfect fitness fitat40 fitat50 personaltrainer followme journeynotdestination improvement fitfam nolimits ageisjustanumber hiit hiitworkout hiittraining hiitcardio mindset intelligenttraining intelligentprogramdesign matureathlete trainsmarter science mindsetandmuscle

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Comment from ffyhiityoga:

Um, yesss, we love fueling up after a good, sweaty ffyhiityoga class with amazinggrass smoothies topped with our fave purely_elizabeth cranberry muesli 🙌🙌 jamiekingfit we're coming over for breakfast! 🙋🏼flexandflow flexandflowyoga hiityoga hiit hiitworkout hiittraining yogastrong yogaeverydamnday feelamazingeveryday purelygoodvibes sweatpink • • portland portlandyoga pdxyoga pdxyogascene smoothie💜 flexandfloweats

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Comment from MamaClog:

Week 7 completed ✅ . . . . . . . . hiitworkout hiittraining progresspic progressnotperfection fitmum fitmom fitnessjourney postpartum postpartumfitness postpartumweightloss postbabybody weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation fitnesstransformation healthylifestyle momsofinstagram mombod workinprogress gymselfie selfie selflove

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Comment from Mindfull_mama:

I have been on a weight plateau since August even though I am eating healthy food and doing my running😤I am now going to try to put in some more hiit-workouts with spinning and kettlebell to try to force my body to let go of some of that fat👊hiit hiittraining hiitworkout fitfattofit weightlossjourney weightlossinprogress kettlebell nevergiveupirunmybody

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Evolving Yaqui


Comment from Evolving Yaqui:

Staving yourself, hours of cardio and you wonder where your gains are at? Lol God_is_Great christian_soldier faith drugfree clean_and_sober health fitness fitnessmotivation bodybuildingmotivation hiittraining. hiitcardio lifestyle commitment dedication sacrifice gymflow fitnessjourney ironyaquigym diabetic diabetes bodybuilding addict recoveringaddict year34 instafit fitfam aesthetics fitspiration

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Maria ✌😜 #JKL


Comment from Maria ✌😜 #JKL:

💦Rehellinen hiki, sunnuntaireenit taputeltu🙌🏻 noufilter jaksoinpas 💪🏻 juoksulenkki hiittraining

49 Minutes ago

Emily Mills Personal Trainer


Comment from Emily Mills Personal Trainer:

Metafit this morning followed by a lift in an empty gym, these are a few of my favorite things 😊 Some of my favorite upper body workouts done today, the medicine ball slams get harder by the third set of 30 slams!! 🔹1 arm tricep pull down 🔹12 lb medicine ball slams 🔹reverse arm pull ups pursuitfitness hiitworkout hiittraining personaltrainer columbusohio upperbodyworkout absworkout backworkout girlswholift girlswhoworkout

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Jairo Eduardo de Alcântara


Comment from Jairo Eduardo de Alcântara:

Crie sempre rotas alternativas para atingir novos desafios. turmatop treinamentofuncional funcional vidasaudável 30tododia circuitofuncional estilodevida treinoaoarlivre hiittraining hiitcardio ropetraining cordanaval trx prancha corda saude atividadefisica horáriolivre sistemadetreinamento mobilidadearticular estabilidadearticular força metabólico gosupfuncional todasasidades todomundotreina praiadabarra

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Kristen Maynard


Comment from Kristen Maynard:

Forgot to post this yesterday! But here's a no weight, full body circuit guaranteed to get your heart rate up! 🔸12 burpees 🔸15 plank up down to jack 🔸20 prisoner get ups (switch which legs leads for 10 reps) 🔸30 Groiners (bring feet to outside of hands) Rest 20 seconds in between exercises and repeat for 3-4 rounds. For added challenge, I just looped all rounds into one giant circuit with 20 sec rest between moves🔥🔥 Because "I couldn't get to the gym" excuse doesn't work! Here's one you can do in the living room! Happy Sunday everyone 💪🏼🔥 hiit hiittraining hiitworkout riseandgrind challengeyourself athomeworkout noweights noexcuses

1 Hours ago

Archontia Kaminari


Comment from Archontia Kaminari:

Setting up the playlist, setting up the mood lesmills lesmillsgreece gritstrength hiittraining awesomeworkout blackandwhite

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Comment from Sarah:

Vegan Shepherd's pie with green beans for dinner 😍

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Comment from Confidence|Health|Fitness:

Back from vacation and back on the meal prep boat. Fitness Mermaid Meal Prep Party time! Follow me on Snapchat (fitnessmrmaid) for behind the scenes of what I'll be having this week🥒🥕🥗🐟🐓🍏🥑 • • •

1 Hours ago

Training force


Comment from Training force:

Excelente 👊💪Repost tefypaola with repostapp ・・・ Un domingo tempranito activando nuestra mañana con este circuito con 14 estaciones ejecutándolas en 45'' de trabajo y 15'' de descanso (45:15), en las instalaciones del sportplaycenter vamoscontodo masvidamassalud HIIT HIITtraining Maracaibo Circuitofuncional

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Comment from Markýtka:

Aby to jako nevypadalo, že jenom jím 🙄😄 Že už zase běhám je asi jasný, ale zpátky se dostávám i díky švihadlu 😅Tenhle můj naordinovaný hiit mě celkem dostal 🔫jumping jumpingfitness jumpingrope jumpingropeworkout jumpingropecardio jumpingropeisfun czechgirl intervals trainharderthanme hiit hiitworkout hiitcardio hiittraining hiitharder hiitcardioworkout runnershigh traintoday instagramfitness ifyouwantitgogetit Czechtowerrunning iczech likeabeast runnergirl worlderunners noexcuseshere homeexercise homeexercising

2 Hours ago

Frank Daniels


Comment from Frank Daniels:

Track warm-up / footwork drill called the pop/float/skip. Helps your footwork , balance left and right asymmetries and helps you strike the ground tall. A lot harder than it looks and honestly I'm mediocre at best right now. But it does kind of make you feel like your floating off the ground! Did this before 6-100 meter dash for my workout today. Luv me sprint work! sprints sprint sprintworkout hiit hiitworkout hiitworkouts hiitcardio hiittraining cardio musclecardio maximpacttraining evolvedathletetv mrimpact

2 Hours ago

Melissa Williams


Comment from Melissa Williams:

Happy SUNDAY y'all!!!💖 After a GREAT week, we have today to REST AND REBOOT for next week!!! 😊😊

2 Hours ago

Neil Calcutt


Comment from Neil Calcutt:

Without question a quality Personal Trainer gg_spt 👊🏻 Thanks for your support broski. BeastMode PersonalTrainer Gym GymLife Focus WorkHard TrainHard EnjoyWhatYouDo Dedication HIIT HIITWorkout HIITTraining Cardio Circuits 💪🏻 🔥

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Alex E. Morane


Comment from Alex E. Morane:

Finishing week25 ✅ freele6ix freeletics freeleticscoach freeleticscanada toronto hiitworkout hiittraining bodyweighttraining bodyweightworkout freeleticsbodyweight strongtothefinish strongtothefinish2017 bodybuildingdotcom stillinit muscletech dymatize stillinit17

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