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Long Life Health


Comment from Long Life Health:

Remember doing this as a child? 👼🏼 Never lose that inner child because what others might think. Also, this is obviously a great balancing exercise 👌🏼 Balance InnerChild Barefoot BarefootShoes Beam Outdoors Play balancegym Health Exercise HipMobility floorislava

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Alex Freese


Comment from Alex Freese:

HOW TO PASSIVELY OPEN YOUR HIPS ✅. 1️⃣First take traction of the hip creating space and releasing the joint capsule. 2️⃣take leg across body to edge of adduction 3️⃣slow transition to open the hip to abduction letting the toes and ankle open outward to allow free hip movement. 4️⃣find end of mobility of hip opening and use leg as anchor point to support stretch of low leg and put ankle in slight dorsiflexion. 5️⃣Chill out and sink in. 😎✌🏼Hip mobility can dramatically increase your movement and allow to be and do more! So, enjoy the journey and stay on it🤙🏼. 😎thanks chowgirlheidi for being u.

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The Unit (Chennai)


Comment from The Unit (Chennai):

We live in a time where excessive sitting is very common. This causes our glutes to weaken and hip flexors to tighten and hence reducing the mobility at our hips. This lack of mobility is one of the causes for overcompensation by the knees and lower back which leads to pain. Restoring your hip mobility will help with lower back or knee pain that stems from overcompensation, it will improve your power output by engaging your posterior chain of muscles, it will improve the power of your rotational strength as well as strength of your hip extension. Having joint mobility is good as it keeps the body well oiled and keeps our movements fluid as they should be. . . . . . . . . theunitchennai itworksifyoudo UnitedWeLift hipmobility mobility posteriorchainactivation hipflexors glutes strengthtraining increaseofstrengthandpower fluidmovement jointmobility painfree welloiledjoints

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Steve Frazier


Comment from Steve Frazier:

Everything you've been praying for can and will come to past. in the meantime prepare your self. ✍🏾⏱ d1sports familymatters keepgoing 🐰 wednesdays faithtalk braingains cp3academy itstime nodaysoff lawofattraction dowhatyoulove lovewhatyoudo injuryprevention hipmobility patience hardworkpaysoff 1on1training passion persistence ironsharpensiron dedication hardworkpaysoff speedtraining kbands prepare trusttheprocess spalding cp3

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Pro-Fit Golf Conditioning


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Good hip mobility is key to preventing lower back pain and sufficient rotation in your swing. A common fault for most amateurs and even pro's as said by the latest major winner Justin Thomas! wednesdayworkout golffit golfitness golfworkout mobility hipmobility rotation lowerbackpain injuryprevention distance golfgains

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Some Hip Mobility Exercises. hipmobility hipmobilitywork hipmobilitydrills movement movepainfree movementtherapy movementbyrahulpatil

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Train Smart | Kinetic Bands


Comment from Train Smart | Kinetic Bands:

Train Smart Kinetic Bands help to activate your glutes, hammys, hip flexors and quads. Use them before a workout to warm up, incorporate them into an existing workout or exercise, or use them after a workout as a finisher to feel that extra burn! If you're serious about your training then you need to get a pair for yourself! Link to the online shop in bio ⬆️

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Justine Nel


Comment from Justine Nel:

Working on hipmobility and anklemobility with itag_tennis_academy. Will post a hipflow series in the next few days that seemed to do the trick and create space for better movement in the squat 💪👣 movewithintention bodyawareness mobility createspacetomovebetter bodyconsious awareness wilson tennis playbetter movefreely

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Integrated Rehab And Perform


Comment from Integrated Rehab And Perform:

A couple of great movements for improving or maintaining mobility... the halo and windmill. Shoulder, thoracic, hip and abdominal canister all covered. Both have kneeling versions for additional challenge or just variations for a slightly different feel. Make these part of your daily routine! (2 more coming soon!) rehabandperform education rehab athlete athletedevelopment assessment baseline tournamentprep shouldermobility thoracicmobility hipmobility halos windmills kylekerr11

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Brett Chrisman


Comment from Brett Chrisman:

I'm officially 22 days out from my hip surgery. September 13th is the date. In the meantime, I'm doing everything I can to make the surgery easier on the surgeon, and my body. The first thing they do when they put me out is "traction on the leg for about 45 minutes to slightly dislocate the ball from the socket". Sounds fantastic lol. I'm doing tons of traction and tissue work to keep my body as pliable as possible. veinnutrition revolutiontraining veinnutrition areasontobevain powerlifting

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Reyne Warren (BExSSci)


Comment from Reyne Warren (BExSSci):

LATERAL SQUAT ↔️ The Lateral Squat is one of my go-to lower body accessory exercises as it improves both hip mobility and stability 👌 Superset the Lateral Squat with Leg Press or Back Squats to feel your hips work properly!! Great modelling Jeidyn_exercisephysiology 🤙

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Diverse Gymnastics Training


Comment from Diverse Gymnastics Training:

||Stretching is 🔑 || You'll always get a good stretch in our classes - we like to mix it up😉

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Comment from Actify:

🌟Amazing! “This therapy relaxes them, loosens them, but strengthens them as well. The pulleys allow kids who can’t sit to sit, kids who can’t stand to stand, and kids who can’t walk to walk, because it takes some of the load off their bodies.” Redcord has the ability to train the neuromuscular system to train the muscle to start working again and develop strength. Book your appointment today! Read more on the link below: - via newcastleherald scienceandperformance redcordsystem sportsmedicine runninginjury injuryrecovery

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Ron Abecassis


Comment from Ron Abecassis:

After all those rear foot elevated split squats earlier today I was in need of some PNF assisted hip flexor stretches. Luckily one of my chiropractors dr.einbackbay was there! Hips are much more mobile now and the doms should be lessened. khalsachiropracticbackbay bostonchiropractor mchammerpants pnfstretching activerecovery hipmobility ••• wellnessstudio wellness health yoga pilates strength movement training massage posture posturaltherapy nutrition chiropractic integratedhealth healthylifestyle mindfulness meditation balanslifestyle boston bostonfitness backbay boylstonstreet balanswellnessstudio

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One on One Physical Therapy


Comment from One on One Physical Therapy:

Hip mobility is very important so we are working with yelenaleu on leg circles to create a wider range of motion and more control through the hips! ✨🏀 hipmobility pilates wnba physicaltherapy

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Cory Bailey

Comment from Cory Bailey:

Been working hard on my hip mobility/stability since finishing my basketball career. Still have a ton of work to do but I have progressed more than I imagined I would in the last year and a half. . Inspired by kinstretch and other fitness accounts to add to my progressions but also making sense of it myself. Finding control of the end ranges of motion of a joint is a great way to keep them healthy. Starting to go from isometric contractions to lift offs to gain even more control of my body. . This hip flow goes into a hurdle stretch and pigeon stretch from a 90/90 position with active bear sit switches. Love this one and it's great to incorporate it before, during, and after workouts or whenever throughout your day. . For the full video click the link in my bio!! . personaltrainer progress gannon hipmobility hips flow stability prehab rehab athlete build

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Comment from Rick BS Pre-PT CSCS FRCms:

Working on improving high-kicks with trummaswanson & rob_little ------------------------- "The more control you have over your joints, the more control you have over your body. The more control you have over your body, the more control you have over your movements. The more control you have over your movements, the less likely your movements will falter. If your movements falter less, then the less likely your chances of injury." -Dr. Dreo Spina ----------------------------------------- flexiblebodyarmor frc CARs hipmobility everydamnday trumma mmastrengthandconditioning bjj buildthepractice intelligentfitness

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Cerner HFC


Comment from Cerner HFC:

Looking for an easy exercises to address those dreaded tight hips? Try the hip 90/90 position! . Begin in a seated position on the ground. Position your right thigh straight out in front of your body and left thigh straight out to the side of your body. Bend both knees so they form 90 degree angles. Hold this position for 60 seconds and switch sides. . Attend a mobility class offered at all Healthe Fitness Centers for more exercises like this! . healthefitnesscenter healtheatcerner mobility movement jointhealth hipmobility

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Mark Hartshorn


Comment from Mark Hartshorn:

fromthebearddown ... Family Outing 🏃🏻🏋🏻🤸🏻‍♂️🕺🏻 • Saturday morning movement with hmsontheroad & mic.o.y in our back garden. • 1) 📹 Walking Lunge 3x16, Pull Up/Row 3x8. 2rounds; Squat x10, Plank Taps x20, Run. 2rounds; Single Stiff Leg Dead Lift x8l+r, McGill Sit Up x8l+r, Run. 2) 📹 Got my yogi gal to teach me to forward fold better. • movement strength fitness beardstrong beardsandbrawn

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Yves Lorraine Fernandez


Comment from Yves Lorraine Fernandez:

📌PHYSICAL Strength is measured by what we can carry. INNER Strength is measured by what we can bear. -✖ 🙏💕 ▪▪▪ ✅ Unlocked hybridpose GRASSHOPPER VARIATION 1🌾🌾🌾 Asana: Half Grasshopper/Dragonfly (Maksikanagasana) & Half Firefly (Titibhasana) Pose with Straight Arms!!! 💪💪💪 Flow by yogacha 😘 📸 By rodfhel7 🙏💕 ▪▪▪ hybridyoga fireflypose maksikanagasana armbalances grasshopperpose titibhasana armbalanceaddict hipopeners corestability dragonflypose armbalancenation yogapants yogamommy armbalance armstrength yogaphotography corework myyogajourney armbalancejunkie hipopener poweryoga yogaforeveryone strongisthenewsexy empoweredyogis strengthandflexibility hipmobility corestrength yogainspiration strongmom

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