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Ann Taylor Lashbrook


Comment from Ann Taylor Lashbrook:

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A CLIENT IS A CRONIC "POPPER"??? So, many women come to be because their hips & knees "pop." I also see many students who are always "popping" their cervical and lumbar. And lastly, I have spoken with a number of women over the years that regularly see a chiro to get their SI joints adjusted as well as other areas. I WANT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS? What advice do you give them? I regularly coach my students who have these concerns to dial back their range of motion, focus on muscular engagement, and slow down. Of course I always ask what their PT, Physio or other practitioner has said that supports them. For most clients focusing on activation and making their range of motion smaller for the time being elevated the "popping." But then of course we need to gain strength and work towards an optimal range. WHAT DO YOU DO? Love you all, AT BTW. Thanks for hanging in while I took a much needed social media break. cartergraylashbrook is 5 months old and as I work to keep him "screen free" I needed to do the same.😉 hippopping kneepain kneehab hipmobility hipstability hippain sijoint lowbackpain physiotherapist physicaltherapy movementcoach pilatesinstructor yogainspiration yogainstructor yogateachertraining personaltrainer physicaltherapist

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Frank van Meurs


Comment from Frank van Meurs:

Dont say it with words say it with "poppetjes" allinthehips hipmobility hipflexorstretch psoas awesome bettereveryday krachttraining conditietraining schaijk reek zeeland personaltraining rehab revalidatie

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Amelia Butterwick


Comment from Amelia Butterwick:

Have you done your stretches? postworkout mobility flexibility warmdown stretch hipflexors runnerslunge fitfam fitgirl squats lowerbody legday deadlift hipmobility

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Comment from Crossfit760:

Some simple stretches to target hips and external rotators. Great for a squat day! 🍑💪🏼 happywednesday hipmobility stretchitout optimalperformance injuryprevention crossfit760 sticktotheprogram

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Charlie Underwood


Comment from Charlie Underwood:

Beautiful symmetry. pilateslinebristol pilates glutestrength hipmobility upperextremityweightbearing sidewaist pilatesbody corecontrol alignment SweatyBettyBristol getbikiniready lookgoodfeelgreat onethingaday

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Domenic Santoianni


Comment from Domenic Santoianni:

Sumo deadlift Great posterior chain exercise. Keep back straight and chest out. 💪muscle deadlifts sumodeadlift videooftheday backworkout strengthtraining gohard classics neverstop personaltrainer grip posture power powerful discipline gymmotivation gym tryitoutbeastmode.hipmobilitydedicationrevitup

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Comment from Megan:

Inspired by everyone on the Instagram who can do crazy splits today 🙌🏻 progress oneday

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Lars Samnøy


Comment from Lars Samnøy:

Giving my hips some much needed attention. This one felt challenging yet at the same time fully controllable. There is more motion in the lumbar region than what I would have liked to see, and the knee tracks to much inwards. I guess I should try to use this more often to see if my capacity improves. Might lead to better performance in the weightroom. If you don't find these challenging or feel stiff leave them be and if you can pick up a weight painfree feel free to spend all your time in the gym. I should probably do 20/80, lifting/rehab but its usually the other way around prehab hipmobility fitnessball fitness health hips lowbackpain psoas psoassyndrome sciatica diskherniation

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Grace McCabe


Comment from Grace McCabe:

Analysing Hip Kinematics During Running 🏃biomechanics running runner hipmovement hipmobility movement kinematics sportscience lab health&fitness health holistic learning fitness knowledge athletics train training physio sportsrehab physiotherapy muscles maths mathsmatics

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Karleeanne Chau


Comment from Karleeanne Chau:

G A R A G E S E S S I O N • recovery work using AnimalFlow homework drill from rich_scrivener for the hips after an intense ViPR session hipmobility glutesonfire loadedmovementtraining melbournept

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Katharina Brinkmann


Comment from Katharina Brinkmann:

Meine Lieblings-Lizard-Variante 🦎🦎😊Den vorderen Fuß auf die Außenkante stellen; den Oberschenkel nach außen rotieren lassen und mit der Hüfte noch tiefer nach unten sinken. Der Piriformis wird es lieben 👌 yoga happyhips mobility flexibility piriformis hipmobility lizard utthanpristhasana yogaforrunners yogainspiration yogaforeveryone yogapants asana painfree release

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Jennifer McGoldrick


Comment from Jennifer McGoldrick:

My favorite leg warm-up, specifically for squats or deadlifts: 👉Swipe Right!👉 . 1) Standing Hip Circles 3 X 10 per leg 2) Kicks over Foam Roller 3 X 10 per leg 3) Knee Tension Warm-up 3 X 10 per movement athlean.x .... a) partial squats .... b) side to side lunge squats .... c) quarter turn backwards squats .... d) jumping jack squats . Perform movements quickly! The whole warm-up up shouldn't take more than 5 minutes! ⏳ . Of course I always start with some light cardio to get some blood pumping! 👊 . . fitness fitfam girlswhosquat girlswithmuscle girlswholift warmup legwarmup bodybuilding hipmobility dynamicstretching dynamicwarmup bodybuildingdotcom bodybuildingcom optimumnutrition 250kchallenge 250kchallenge2017 transformforlife charliemikefit charliemike deadliftwarmup deadlift ashley.horner lululemon buffbunny_collection buffbunnycollection lunaleggings

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Adam White


Comment from Adam White:

So here's some hip mobility before doing back squats.. mobility hipmobility squats

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Dr Jed Pullen


Comment from Dr Jed Pullen:

Another hip mobility drill!It is all about quality of motion rather than quantity. Gentle, smooth & flowing. Don't try to force it or push it! Get down on the ground with your knees split apart, ideally with a yoga mat or on a soft surface, with your legs tucked behind you. Stage 1: Slowly lower your bum towards your feet. Stage 2: Get down on your forearms and repeat. Stage 3: It is all about getting hip rotation. Bring your shoulder towards your opposite hand, whilst at the same time moving the ankle/leg out. mobility drills exercise hips hipmobility running runners rangeofmotion osteopath brisbane

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Coach Roots


Comment from Coach Roots:

Thoracic and hip mobility drills. roots008 team.roots Live Strong, Live Healthy, Live Happy! mobility hipmobility flexibilty thoracicmobility strecthing yoga yogapose gymnastic livestrong livehealthy livehappy justdoit run running runners wellnesslifestyle wellness fitness fitnessmotivation restday recoveryday activerecovery activerest dubai mydubai mycity mydubailife coachroots roots thecaribbeanprince

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Rafael Roots


Comment from Rafael Roots:

Day 3 Rest Day! Thoracic and hip mobility drills. coach.roots Do What You Love Love What You Do ... just Do It! R.Roots ~ The Caribbean Prince! mobility hipmobility flexibilty thoracicmobility strecthing yoga yogapose gymnastic livestrong livehealthy livehappy justdoit wellnesslifestyle wellness fitness fitnessmotivation workoutmotivation workout restday recoveryday activerescovery activerest dubai mydubai mycity mydubailife roots teamroots thecaribbeanprince

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Comment from RisingLotusHolistic:

You know that feeling when you finally graduate from the strap and can reach your foot. That was this moment! Way to go!! Half happy baby pose yogalove senioryoga hipmobility halfhappybaby edisonnj woodbridgenj metuchennj risinglotusholistic

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Rae Snyder


Comment from Rae Snyder:

Russian squats, aka Pistol Squats, have been a challenge for me for years! Here are a few variations I've been using to improve the depth of my squats and the strength of my glutes and quads! Obviously I'm still working on getting low enough in the last variation! 😩💪🏻 Sometimes it's nice to see that we're not all perfect, but we can still give 💯 Everyone has something to work on or a goal they're working to achieve! Hopefully this brings a little reality to the perfect world of instagram! 💋 What exercises do you have to fight for?!? Let me know in the comments below and we can work out progressions to make them happen!! fightforit thestruggleisreal pilatesbody infinitypilatesandyoga balancedbody balancedbodypilates pilatesmethodalliance squats pistolsquat russiansquats pilatesforlife weightlifting liftlikeagirl hipmobility deepsquats primalmovement

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Micki Price Havard


Comment from Micki Price Havard:

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional and mental states. ~ Carol Welch -------------------------------------------- Shop MickiPhit T by clicking link in bio 💕--------------------------------------------- MickiPhit movement pilates MickiPhitGear

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Moni GinasticaNatural


Comment from Moni GinasticaNatural:

Today, I went through some personal ginasticanatural archives and got inspired to try this move today. I did both variations. One assisted and one with no hands on transition. My hips & lower back feel amazing and I have so much more mobility! . . . fitlife motivationfitness jiujitsu ginastica fitgirl womenshealth breatheeasy flow hipmobility flexiblespine highervibration sweatlife orangecounty bodyweighttraining bodypositive bodymovement instahealth

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