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MyCORE Sports Nutrition®


Comment from MyCORE Sports Nutrition®:

Thanks and credit to vinnierehab with this post and info. If your back is out, you cannot really make all kinds of gains... well, in almost everything and everywhere 😔😱 ・・・ HOW NOT TO **** YOUR LOWER BACK!!! [back pain advice] . It's no surprise to me that so many people have back pain nowadays and their therapists have no idea how to help them permanently! 😑 . And because I'm tired of all the bullshit out there, let me go on a rant for a minute and tell YOU, the patient why your back might be hurting and what YOU can do about it! . I've said it multiple times before, the lumbar spine is meant to flex, NOT rotate, so when it is forced to rotate, your back muscles will most likely be smart and go into a protective spasm to ⛔️STOP you from damaging your spine! . Problems occur when you do a lift, such as the One-Arm Snatch in the 🎥, and you don't have enough hip movement in the transverse plane . If your hips are tight and unable to shift and rotate properly, but you still want to do the movement, your lower back will pick up the slack and 🔁rotate in a flexed position 😖😣😫 . If done improperly with a heavy enough load...YOU WILL BLOW OUT YOUR BACK! 💣💥⚰️ . It is much more beneficial for you to have GOOD HIP MOBILITY in all planes than just attempt to keep "neutral spine" throughout the movement . 💎you want a healthy back? Stop going to get your back rubbed 👉Get your hips in order, and I guarantee you that your back will thank you later! 🤗

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🙃still working at mymojomission hipsandheartopeners shaking off the dust. hanumansana hipmobility splits sisterlocs naturalhair

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Friday mobility day adductors readytosquat squats hipmobility rehabwithapro physicaltherapy

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Moving The Sedentary World


Comment from Moving The Sedentary World:

This Archetypal rest position is called "The Drinking Position." You can get into this from our last post about the "Side Sit Rest Posture." This posture will definitely challenge your foot and knee mobility, go easy and breathe and see if you can relax. We don't care what you call it, just try to sit in this position as much as possible today! 👉🏽Don't do it if it is painful! Modify according to your needs, please. 🙏🏼 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Challenge: Spend as much time in this position as possible and tag us in a picture of how long you can stay before you have to change or adjust. 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 microbreak deathofthedesk break archetype rest sidesit wellness challenge hipmobility mobility canyoudoit backpain entrepreneur getonthefloor stopchasingpain phillipbeach

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Christopher Sainsbury


Comment from Christopher Sainsbury:

SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS Thank you pacificwavecrossfit . 22 push-ups a day for 22 days to raise awareness for VETERANS. There are approximately 22 vets a day that commit suicide. They have put so much on the line for us and this is a small way to raise awareness for this issue. "Thank you" mishie2 & cujo4life for the nomination. More importantly, thank you to all of our service men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting the many freedoms we have. I will do these push ups for 22 days but don't know that I will post each day- let me know if you want to be nominated! The rules are simple: * Once you are nominated your 22 days start the following day. * Every day you record yourself doing 22 pushups. Try your best to reach 22. If that means doing assisted (from your knees) push-ups or that you have to stop and take a break that's fine but try to get them all done in one video. * Every day you must nominate a different person. Try to choose people you think will want to do this and/or have the ability to do it. * You can choose to opt out by making a donation to one of the charities below. * And finally, have fun with this. This is a simple and fun way to get the word out about a matter that needs our attention. Let's help the men and women who have bravely given so much for each of us. The American Institute of Philanthropy recently took a look at the best and worst military charities you can donate to on behalf of veterans. The AIP "grades" each charity on an A-F scale: Top choices Army Emergency Relief Fund (A+) - Air Force Aid Society (A+) - Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (A+) - Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (A+) - Fisher House Foundation (A+) - Armed Services YMCA of the USA (A-) - National Military Family Association (A) - wwp catchalift_fund suicide fitness fitfam stretch muscle wellness strength getfit workout gym wod pushups crossfit crossfitlife military training lifting fit fitspo squat hipmobility gainz athlete strengthandconditioning

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Jay G.


Comment from Jay G.:

fbf to the first time I attempted a Chinese split and my boy Chris tells me to "walk it off." 😂😂😂 autoramafitness

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Victoria Diaz


Comment from Victoria Diaz:

Two of my favorite stretches. The first pose (malasana) is great for opening up the hips, stretching and strengthening the posterior chain, while also increasing ankle mobility. The second (child pose) also helps to get a deep stretch to open up the hips and stretch your back. I also find it to be incredibly relaxing 😌

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Comment from flexyfitdee:

Live 💛 Love 💛 Play ! Lunch break play time with paralletes 😊. Hips are starting to feel more mobile 🙆🏻. hipmobility squats balance

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Comment from Nico:

Gonchi descargando y activando para el torneo del Domingo jiujitsu bjj coreactivation shoulderstability hipmobility 👊💪

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Maureen Harris


Comment from Maureen Harris:

Practicing some windmills and mobilizing the hips and thoracic spine pre-flight! Airports make me irrationally anxious and tense and irritable (not helped by TSA making me throw out my toothpaste, waaah), but moving helps! 🙌

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Mr. Dana


Comment from Mr. Dana:

Hip mobility is so important. I use the Viper for these because it's taller than a foam roller, but a foam roller works too. I like to do these 10 out & 10 in each side and a few sets. It's a great ab and flute shredder! You can also do variations like a step-back with the kicking foot, into a fighting stance for extra stretch and strength. ➖ Watching from the side view, I wonder if I can learn to get better control of the rounding of my spine. Any tips or pointers are welcome! ➖ 🎶La Caderona by Cabas🎶

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Balcones CrossFit


Comment from Balcones CrossFit:

Simple and very effective. This can and should be done at work especially if you are stagnant most of the time. Repost maxshank with repostapp ・・・ Free mobility routine using only a chair or countertop. No fancy equipment needed to get insanely strong, flexible, and athletic. Download my free strength and flexibility routines at mobility strength flexibility 5minuteflow hipmobility correctiveexercise athleticism toplessyoga

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Coach Tom


Comment from Coach Tom:

Exploring range! JustMove PT CorkFitFam IrishFitFam GolfMobility HipMobility Health Fitness

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Fee-O-Nah ⚓️


Comment from Fee-O-Nah ⚓️:

If you happy and you know it STRRETCHHH!! Happy Bank Holiday weekend from Galwaypilates 😚 galwaypilates galwaypilatesreformerstudio pilatesonthemat stretcheveryday footworkfriday pilatesbody redtoenails loveyourfeet lovetostretch hipmobility fridayfeeling splitschallenge suppleness pilatesteacher galway galwaygirl galwayfitfam salthill personaltraining groupclasses onetoonepilates pilatesdaily instapilates instafitness instastretch barefootpilates kissyourtoes sillypic goofypic pilatesisfun

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Comment from azilitytraining:

This is what we preach at AZility. It's all about the hips. Link in bio. hipmobility power explosivepower injuryprevention allsports azilitytraining

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Gökhan Basaran


Comment from Gökhan Basaran:

DedeGYM Team Kosuyolu Outdoor Training - Cumartesi ⌚ 09:00'da Kosuyolu parkında. Katılmak için lütfen rezervasyon 📝 yaptırın. 👍🏼 corestability thoraxmobility functionalfitness personaltraining personalcoach mobility movement movebetter feelbetter functionalstrengthcoach fitness outdoortraining outdoor outdoorfitness kettlebell kettlebelltraining turkishgetup corestrength hipmobility dedegym team kosuyolu kadıköy istanbul turkiye

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Nikki Boudreaux


Comment from Nikki Boudreaux:

Why train barefoot? What if I told you that your fancy shoes with the giant cushions of air were one of the major contributors to knee and back pain? The deadlift and squat are precision movements and your spine needs all the stability it can get. Why would you want to load all that weight on the bar and then try to lift it with your feet standing on an unstable mound of pillows and air? Food for thought. GreauxFit ------------------------- deadlift hipmobility anklemobility stability barefoothippyshit barbelltraining fitness fitnessmotivation 📷: georgespictures

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Comment from Massagetherapy-painfree:

The hips are an area that need a lot of consistent exercise to keep mobile and healthy. They support us in walking and going up stairs, as well as supporting us in kneeling and squatting. And in pretty much all sporting activities, good hip strength and flexibility is one of the keys to good performance.🏃🏋 mobility hipmobility weights weightlifting strength stretching olympicweightlifting run race recovery olympiclifting snatch cleanandjerk sport massage phisio spa massagetherapy painfree namaste

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Alex Galeth CPT | EC - CA 🍁


Comment from Alex Galeth CPT | EC - CA 🍁:

On the path to reach a goal, we have to lear to deal with pain as part of the process. Either the pain of the road to success or the excruciating pain of regret. inspiration motivation dealwithpain yogafit AlexGalethPT inspiration

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Keith Smith Jr


Comment from Keith Smith Jr:

studioalo -Sometimes I have to see if I still got it, slow motion cause it looks cool instafit fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration slowmotion hamstrings hipmobility posteriorchain plyometrics squats core legday fasttwitch

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