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Comment from KineticPrehab_Rx:

Tight hips? Give this banded posterolateral hip mobilization a try! Be sure to place the resistance band as close to the joint line as possible. Slowly oscillate your knee inward for a better distraction of the hip joint 👌🏼bandedhipmobility hipmobility crossfit squatdeeper 🏋🏽‍♀️crossfitabilene kineticprehab_rx

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Gail Barranda Rivas


Comment from Gail Barranda Rivas:

Worked on some hip mobility with KB shinbox before I taught my Pilates class. This was just what I needed after spending hours sitting behind a desk. Sitting for too long weakens the glutes and tightens the hip flexors and I spend a lot of time in both my Pilates and Total Body Conditioning working to combat this with my students (the majority of who sit all day either at work or during their commute). I'm a work in progress, too, so when I can I make sure that I work to lengthen and strengthen those same areas as well. . mobility stability kettlebell nycfitness strength

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Dr. Amer Kudi


Comment from Dr. Amer Kudi:

"The Founder" from Foundation Training is one of my favourite moves that I perform on a daily basis. I find it helps reset posture and decompress the spine as well as engaging the posterior chain muscles. I typically hold this position for 60-90sec. activereleasemelbourne posture hipmobility foundationtraining thefounder

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Cassie Bryce


Comment from Cassie Bryce:

Survived the triples💪💪 and finally seeing improvements training olylifting olympiclifting kilosnotpounds irontherapy 646weightlifting girlwithmuscles girlswholift girlswhoweightlift shesquatsbro strengthisbooty buildabum squatdepth hipmobility physio glutestrength glutemedius fixwhatisbroken gymlife liftingproblems keeppushing gettingbetter progress

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Surf Strength & Conditioning


Comment from Surf Strength & Conditioning:

Do you have the stability, mobility and strength prerequisites to complete a single leg ass-to-grass squat, aka pistol squat? Click on link in bio to help get you there ✌ surfstrengthconditioning pistolsquat surftraining surffitness strengthandconditioning manlybeach sydney sydneynorthernbeaches ocean surfer surf legstrength hipmobility thoracicmobility anklemobility mobility frc movement fitness strength

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Caitlin Faith King


Comment from Caitlin Faith King:

Got everyone out here doin' the "coochie stretch" as I like to call it. GREAT stretch for the hip flexors and if you like to make people feel super awk. So far g_sosa and I have managed to get redraidermommy80 parade_withan_m and tayybeezyy on the coochie stretch train 🚞 choochoo 🦄 Keep your hips underneath the bar 🦄 The leg that the band wraps around is the leg that gets bent about 90 degrees 🦄 the other leg should be straight and in line with your hip. 🦄 Put a weight on the bent leg 🦄 squeeze the butt cheek that is bent 10 seconds on 10 seconds off This is my favorite hip stretch and very beneficial. . . . . coochiestretch stretching mobility hipmobility powerlifting powerbuilder thefitunicorn npctexas FU hips bootywork peachgang powerlifter powerlifters fitness figure fitnessmotivation

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CRAFT Manufacturing Co.

Comment from CRAFT Manufacturing Co.:

Another walnut 503 going into assembly for a local client. Standing at work is a lifestyle change that has the biggest potential positive impact on your health 🙌🏽 Every standing desk tailored to each individual and handmade in the Canadian capital 🇨🇦 ottawa standingdesk health fitness posture hipmobility backpain physicaltherapy physio painfree modernoffice furniture quality handmade madeincanada manotick glebe custom everydetail

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Dr. Steven Esquer DPT, PT


Comment from Dr. Steven Esquer DPT, PT:

Hello All‼️ . . 📌Today is part 5 of the lunge to core relationship and things start to get real and difficult! . . 🌀this is frontal plane ADDuction lunge with arm drivers! I know it is long, but it makes sense with what we are doing. . . ⭐️The focus is to stick in the frontal plan and strive to create mobility in the hips, shoulders, back/spine (all), and ankles. YES, we are doing all this, but it doesn't just stop there! 😊we are also getting stability for these body parts at the same time. Oh ya! This works because there is stability being created from the other planes. Cool right! ✨ . . 🔷tips: 1️⃣this is definitely the hardest of the lunge with arm drivers to complete. Please go light weight or just with the arms. It really helps. 2️⃣Dont worry about depth or stride at first. It takes some getting use to when the arms come into play. Some client/patients of mine have upper body restrictions, while others have hip or lower body. Some may even have both. It's ok. We all have to start somewhere. 3️⃣ make sure the arms strive to stay at the ears the whole time. Also make sure to have both feet facing forward the whole time. It really challenges the system. . . ❇️let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns. Likes, and share with your friends. Again the more on the journey to move with purpose, the better for everyone! lunges core hipmobility anklemobility shoulders fitness justmove drstevenesquerpt frontal frontalplane functionaltraining functional

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Jason Newlan


Comment from Jason Newlan:

It's all just one big circle,🌀 Someone had to teach and show me, and the least I can do is pass something on that has worked wonders for me💪 Nobody knows it all, You'll always see the ones continually learning rise to the 🔝💥 Repost erik_jbrown (get_repost) ・・・ 💪🏻 Heavy band resisted speed deadlifts (sumo & conv.), lunges, hyperflexion/extension movements with lumbar traction, and hamstring curls at pitperformanceclub today. I also discovered that one of the main reasons that I am not making the gains that I want in the squat and deadlift is because of very poor hip mobility, and a tight (and sub sequent weak) posterior chain. So based on the advice from world squat record holder jason_newlan, I did this band resisted PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretch to work on opening my hips and to stretch my legs, while my muscles were still contracted from the intense leg day. Every session at the Pit, I learn something new, and train hard. If you are a serious lifter, I would highly recommend hitting up jason_newlan and checking out the Pit - Location: 1916 Millborne Road, Orrville, OH Supps: maxeffortmuscle Pre Workout with an added dose of creatine HCL • • • • • • bloodyshins natty raw traindirty trainhard sbd sbdwristwraps powershred powerlifting powerbuilding posteriorchain hipflexors hamstrings hipmobility deadlift pnf

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Noah McCreight


Comment from Noah McCreight:

My angles are slowly getting better with practice! Trying to really focus on keeping my hips open and close to the bar. The quest to turn my baby piggies into full grown hammies continues powerlifting sumo deadlift hipmobility posteriorchain mobility movementculture strongman weightlifting bodybuilding crossfit cfgymnastics gymnastics legday skwaats calisthenics streetworkout streetlifting yoga notyoga

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FitChirp - Health & Fitness


Comment from FitChirp - Health & Fitness:

Once you have achieve some mobility in the hips & ankles it make everything stronger and more stable. Coach Phil demonstrates a great hip mobility/opener drill that should be a stable in your lower body mobility routine. Demo by: phil.mcdougall ・・・ Hip mobility routine • Spend at least 20 seconds in each posture • Constantly breathe • Repeat on the other side •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Looking for health & fitness professionals, information, tips, advice? Follow us here on IG. Discover reliable, driven health professionals, and quality, useful information. Try out the new FitChirp app free, link in bio. ••••••••••iOS & Android•••••••••• repost health fitness fit wellness mobility flexibility strength motivation healthtips healtheducation fitnessprofessional healthprofessional healthylifestyle hipmobility hipstretch outdoorworkout training workout exercise pilates yoga massagetherapy massage physicaltherapy physiotherapy gym socialmedia heathsharing

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Melvyn Wiredu


Comment from Melvyn Wiredu:

Nach dem Beherrschen der statischen motorischen Kontrolle, folgt für sidmarlon das Training der dynamischen motorischen Kontrolle After mastering the static motor control, sidmarlon is on his way to gain dynamic motor control. miszek_damer 💪💪💪 offseasongains motorcontrol becomeabetteryou bungeefitness 4Dprocorespeed easycreditbbl noweakness coach_mello mindsetmatters hipcontrol hipmobility

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ⓙⓞⓗⓝ 🥋


Comment from ⓙⓞⓗⓝ 🥋:

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 🙏🏼 . Cross-training --> morning walk and yoga on the beach BJJ game 🥋 flexibility . ustrasana - CamelPose . Nascer do sol yoga na praia ☀️ . yogaforbjj bodybuildingyogi yoga fitness yogaeveryday motivation tattooedyogi exercise youphoriayoga orlandoyogis igfit bjjyoga weightsandyoga yogalife yogalove yogaflorida yogainspiration getfit healthylifestyle workout hipmobility ATTNation portuguese beachlife beach

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Elena Ish


Comment from Elena Ish:

Happy hump day! 🐫🐪 as a fitness coach I always start my new athletes with an assessment, among other factors I look for 3 components: mobility stability and strength of their musculature and joints ☝🏼which determines safety and success of our fitness program. Here's some of my mobility drills most of my clients fear 😜 • • • fitfam fitlife fitnessmotivation fitspo fitgirl workout workoutmotivation workoutflow gymflow gymmotivation personaltrainer DIAKADI trainingday hipmobility mobilityWOD

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Lauren Blake


Comment from Lauren Blake:

So Inspired by & Blessed to work with NY Giants Football Player k_snead_1 . Humble, Hard Working, Fast & Strong, he was named the fastest man in College Football & in the 2017 NFL Draft. yogaforathletes nygiants widereceiver football nfl giants yogaforfootball strength sports yogaforsports athlete yoga yogateacher yogainstructor hamstrings hips mobility rangeofmotion strengthandconditioning yogaformen prasaritapadottanasana hipmobility realmendoyoga footballplayer yogaeverydamnday sportsperformance nyg flexibility fitness luxeyogalife nygiants

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Niklas Andersson


Comment from Niklas Andersson:

Sista passet innan ledigheten för hilmer_11 från Mora IK 3funktion 3dtränare 3dhockey shl moraik pt endurancepersonaltrainer trainlikeachain training hipmobility

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Comment from Ela:

Love love❤️ theraband and train with my little chick🐥 Coco!!! Both exercices inspired by pilatesbynatasha teaser singlelegstretch with theraband -------------------------------------------- Más en/More inelapilates ▪️ -------------------------------------------- takeabreak pilatestrong pilatesvideos videospilates pilateschallenge pilatesmat pilatesinstructor pilatesforever coreworkout pilates absworkout pilatestodoslosdias pilatescombopilatesmurcia trainingcore pilatescommunity healthylifestyle matpilates healingwithpilates neckstrength armstrength pilatesforinjuries hamstringstretch corecontrol hipmobility

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Comment from Melanie:

My fave sidelying leg series (for now). But what I like the most is the skeleton in timeout. For my activeagers at home: do this same series on a mat without equipment or maybe ankle weight. pilates hipmobility hipstability hipwork pilatesreformer reformer sidekickseries legworkout pilatesunlimited pilatesforallbodies pilatesathome

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Lars Sahlin


Comment from Lars Sahlin:

I saw olliefrostpt working on this super nice hip drill so had to give it a try. Starting in a 90/90 poistion. Two yoga blocks was all that I managed today. One should not underestimate this type of mobility work, this is damn hard and really puts your hips to the test. Give it a go and let them hips work.

8 Hours ago

Belovai Kristóf - Hungary


Comment from Belovai Kristóf - Hungary:

Hip mobility for side, front and back kicks with TRX Csípőmobilitás növelése oldalsó, előre és hátra rúgásokhoz TRX-el shaolinportaltrxhipmobilitykicks

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