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Have A Sweet Thursday ...🍰🍇🍓🍒

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history notes! my mock exams start on monday, I still have a few notes to do but I'm mostly all set. I need these exams to be over asap so I can finally relax 😓 (also my header is really bad I hope I hid it well 😅)

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Cooool. Yeah, it's about 10°c in Tokyo. No no. This classic 4 stories building is neatly renovated and become good presentation for the furniture store. Here is Kuramae where is adjacented town to Asakusa. In Edo period, here was the most important place in Tokyo, because there were Tokugawa shogun's 67 warehouses in order to keep 67,500tons of rice. Shogun family governed this country and paid wage by rice. #history #town #building #classic but #modern #tokyo

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German Infantry in a ditch, in position.

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I thought my friends might like these... from our oldest funeral home in my town (Fisk) comes the dead jewelry. All pieces collected by the director & original owner (who is now dead), of the jewelry either left behind or given to him by the deceaseds' families. Everything here in the photo is weaved, painted, or carved out of blood, bone, hair, teeth, or skin of those passed before they were buried. No longer common, obviously, but a VERY common place practice, especially in certain regions, in the past, & popular up unto the 1960s. [The "chains" are so hard and strong, you actually think they are made of metal. You would never know that hair was weaved to make them. This is by far the best collection i have ever seen; I always loved looking thru them and trying them on as a kid... althow now i don't touch them so they stay perfect. I still look at them every time i go thow, & i thought y'all might be interested in them too when i went the other day.] #jewelry #death #dead #MorbidLove #RespectTheDead #Love #accessories #VictorianEra #Victorian #history #old #antique #vintage

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