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Febry Pradana


Comment from Febry Pradana:

Balai kota (n) dulunya salah satu fungsinya sebagai pusat kegiatan pemerintahan di jaman belanda, balai kota juga dibangun oleh belanda sebagai pengingat jika ada pesawat musuh. balaikotasurabaya history surabaya

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Steamy Wolf Travel


Comment from Steamy Wolf Travel:

The famed terracotta warriors are an archeological wonder unlike any other. New warriors are still being uncovered and pieced together today! Xian China history

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Felicidade Vizinha


Comment from Felicidade Vizinha:

Todos os nossos sonhos podem tornar-se realidade se tivermos a coragem de perseguí-los. felicidadevizinhasonhosrealidadecoragemamorvidadeusemtudohistorylugaresperseverançapensamentoscoraçãoreflexãosaberviversabedoriadeusnocomandodeusevidaboanoitemeninojesuspazpeace

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Pre Historic Age


Comment from Pre Historic Age:

wholly mammoth prehistoria prehistoric history iceage eraglacial eradogelo cenozoic cenozoico eracenozoica mammal beast bestasprehistoricas prehistoricbeast mamífero megafauna paleontogy paleontologia paleoart wildlife

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Grand Opera House


Comment from Grand Opera House:

Repost from elisionory. Great shot of the Grand ceiling. Thanks for joining us tonight for wonderlandstage! history theatre datceiling raisetheroof

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Bren Danti


Comment from Bren Danti:

Exploring Toledo 🇪🇸 toledo travel travelphotography explore history spain culture photo medieval

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Brett W.


Comment from Brett W.:

Samurai at the phxart museum. Check it out phx art history 50mm japan nikon killer photography

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Preston Lee


Comment from Preston Lee:

Concrete in the streets that cement my name!!!!!!! Just a little something...👀👀👀 so many people lose there self trying to capture the world. So stay humble because no matter how good or great you may think you are I can promise you there is someone that will out work and out smart you!!! Stay focused on the big picture and stay positive!!!! focused concrete carolinaconcrete dreamchasing heart music hiphop life plee preston dhawk hawk striveforgreatness strive industry history nevergiveup strong iphone winning drive rapping

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Comment from J.W.Parkinson:

Within the ruins of Roma

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Comment from Valérie:

Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra castle chateau amazing portugal sintra bluesky magnolia garden vacances holidays love instatravel travel discover history beautiful magical inspiring

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BZ ♏


Comment from BZ ♏:

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Comment from Shen:

lifestyleblogger lifestylephotography travelblogger traveling spain cuenca history you are always beautiful!❤️西班牙 旅行 昆卡

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Comment from travelgp1:

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Comment from Darren:

history coronation 瘋狂購物連線😱

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Jule ;)


Comment from Jule ;):

brandenburgertor berlin headquarter sepia fotographie history

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Comment from Northcollector:

coldnorthcollector collector collect collecting antique antikk old oldskool history historyart museumart videogame oldgame game video entertainment the70s soundic 1976

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Ducksnort Baseball Podcast


Comment from Ducksnort Baseball Podcast:

Today is Cy Young's 150th birthday. Thanks for giving us an award to argue about on podcasts, big guy!

5 Minutes ago

Simona Benenati


Comment from Simona Benenati:

NEW BLOG POST! Venture inside my FAVORITE library EVER in RochesterNY - link to my blog in my bio!

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Carré Rouge Antiques Store


Comment from Carré Rouge Antiques Store:

Miroir en bois doré a la feuille d'or époque restauration vers 1830. antik antika antiques antiquestore interiordesign interior qatar dubai discoverluxury 19thcentury 19thcenturyart french history art luxury iran deco decoration porcelain furniture sevres uae rare gallery sculpture

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Unique Tours


Comment from Unique Tours:

History lesson outside masjid al jinn on route to the graveyard of muallah where hadrat kadijah is burn. kabah prophet umrah umrahpackage hajj tour allah guide makkah madinah masjidaljinn history jinn

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