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It's Friday we ain't got no jobs we ain't got shit to do friday thuggin hoodrats lifestyle stickyatongueout laidback piercings tattoos latina whiteboy sunglasses curlyhairedfreak snapbacks chokers tonguepiercing wehood stillcutedoe calikids jobless losers gauges brokebird babygirl youngbucks sadgirl

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Snapchat: mmmmaury


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Cuz w kew lyke date dorks weirdos kewlkids calikids homeboy whiteboy snapbacks sunglasses soulpatch chokers piercings tattoos leanback babygirl shawtty sadgirl thuglife hoodrats fryday stillcutedoe brokebird meanmuggin

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Terrence Murray


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Chinatown philly gunshots hoodrats

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Stephen Burnsed


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fixedgear fixedhouston midnightriders aerobicycles thickslick carbonfiber slamsquad plantation harrisburgtraintracks houston eastend hoodrats BayouCityCyclists

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r a e


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Exactly one week ago I took a bus for the first time, flew for the first time by myself in YEARS & met up with my "internet" friends. For someone who struggles with anxiety, this sounds like a nearly impossible task, but I did it. And not only did I do it- it was easy. I was carefree and felt LITERALLY no anxiety my entire trip, which is UNHEARD of these days, even in my normal day to day life. Leaving was the hardest part, always is right? I made new friends and strengthened relationships I already had. My heart is scattered in little pieces all across this country with all of these women I spent time with this past weekend. I will forever cherish these memories. takemebacktoaustin tamalestakeaustin

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Angie Dent


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hoodrats lovethem

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Charlie Schill


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Can we please get back to the cold,ice and snow ❄️⛄️crackheadsbelike crackheads theywalkamongus warmweatherproblems theyareeverywhere refreezethehood hoodrats dahood

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Mara Strayer


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Yes. 👊🏻

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Mark your Calenders! show on July 2nd at the St-Eustachr Autodrome in Quebec. They always host the best shows in Canada IMO! mtl tm savages hoodrats

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Urban Supreme


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Kinda true or na? 😩 - - - - - hoodify hood hoodlife hoodrat hoodrats hoodshit hoodmemes hoodhumor hoodjokes hoodcomedy ghetto ghettolife ghettofabulous ghettomemes urban urbanlife niggasbelike blackpeople blackpeoplebelike meme children abortion

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Jacque Rose


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This picture is too legit not to share✌️🤘🔥🤣(^^^) hoodrats sharksquad

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Comment from Devonna:

Just a couple of hood rats doing hood rat things. Happy birthday bubby, love you to the moon and back❤. hoodrats

6 Hours ago

Lyndsey Mae


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Prepare yourselves ladies, maxidress weather is approaching and hoodrats still exist. smh catcallingisannoying growup guysinfortlauderdalebelike stepasidelittleboy summer warning

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stajexo and the crew have some incredible stuff planned for the 603diesels 2017 season so make sure you head over to our Insta page and give us a 👍 make sure you follow the hoodrat crew to👇 blaineb9 e_silva91 honeybadgertim stajexo mklonie11 djentlemanjoe speedracer7c 🔸looking forward to doing work with officialsmokeandspeed and the NorthEast Diesel Truck Challenge top10listintheeast🔸 603diesels 2017season seasonopener newsheriffintown bigplans getyourtshirts diesellife bestseasonyet staytuned hoodrats newenglanddragway

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Flippant Frippery


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My first day EVER sending off 20 packages!!!! We are all so proud! poshmark girlboss creatures helloweekend hustle beastmode immyownboss lovemycustomers usps shippingday prettypackaging lovemyjob unicorn hoodrats officedecor homedecor

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Amanda Rivera


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FlashBackFriday fbf can't believe this was 12 years ago 😭👵 .. we were so cute 😈😍 _thehumanoftheyear midominicana highschool youngin hoodrats swoopties sidepart hellaGel stayedOnTheBus andTrain ShoutOutToNJtransit BroadStreet

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r a e


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ISO a time travel machine so I can relive last weekend all over again. tamalestakeaustin

16 Hours ago

Born Free Cycles


Comment from Born Free Cycles:

WOOOOHOOOO, Want to thank the hood rats that DIDN'T steal my tickets since they come in an envelope with a WINDOW so you can see the words TICKETMASTER!! METTALICA TICKETMASTER HOODRATS

18 Hours ago

Hi I'm Kayla ﹏﹏﹏ .✒


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Hood dudes belong with hood chicks. Let them live in the trap house 😅👌 ______________________ ladies fashion memes girlspettyafgirlfrienddatingsingleratchetselflovemensavageaffunnyrepostlovegirlpowerbadandboujee makeupsavagememesdailywomenloveyourselfworldstartreatherrightknowyourworthprettygirls hoodrats comedy

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Kong Suarez


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Too soon ??? hoodrats hoodratville ooouuuuuuuuu THOTitwasfunny

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