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Comment from A R N E L L E L O Z A D A:

One of my favorite photos captured of emil.walker and I working in Rwanda while an adorable group of spectators observed in curiosity. We were interviewing Vestine, one of our former field officers who worked heavily with the women in our program and she was telling us about a lot of the health, human rights, and gender-based violence issues that they face on a daily basis. She shared some very personal anecdotes about her experiences while working with them, and I'm telling you, this is the kind of work that will bring you to your knees. Can you imagine seeing your child's head grow so oversized from a cancerous growth within it, while knowing there's nothing you can do about it because you can't afford to get it treated? This was just one of the many heart wrenching stories we heard, and sadly it wasn't unique. The others were equally painful. The fact that there are parts of the world where people still have to live in these conditions is such a sad truth, and I truly hope the images we share compel you to spread the word, or even sponsor a woman. Do something today to help your neighbor. Do something today that is in the service of someone other than yourself, then do something for someone else tomorrow. Repeat every day, and spread the love. ❤ Sending love to you all. To learn more about what we do or to get involved by sponsoring a woman, please visit HUMANITYUNIFIED.ORG. To watch the video we were filming at this time, click the link in my bio. 📍Kigali, Rwanda 📸: lifedezigned nonprofit humanitarian kinyinya africa love givelove charity humanityunified mindfultravel

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Comment from dm_Hrvatska:

Uz pomoć kupaca i partnera donirali smo 248.356,60 kuna u higijenskim i kozmetičkim proizvodima šest socijalnih samoposluga diljem Hrvatske, a u okviru siječanjske kampanje. ❤🤗 Hvala vam što ste još jednom dokazali kako "Dobra djela griju srca cijela"! 💝🌞 dm dm_hrvatska izimatoplosrceima spreadlove humanitarian croatia

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Yasmina Cherelle


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Comment from king_of_making_that_change:

This song is so much fire! I can't sit still while listening this. mj fandom thriller kingofpop music king love dance dangerous artist perfection soul humanitarian vocals moonwalk moonwalker smile instagram legend pop live lit instagram fandom album favorite smile

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Comment from odpeacock:

World War 1 era postcard featuring the martyred British nurse Edith Cavell. Visually arresting image. worldwarone british nurse martyr propaganda germany skeleton skull death oddity edith cavell edithcavell postcard graphic humanitarian patriotism treason piano music

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Joe Villanueva


Comment from Joe Villanueva:

Happy Birthday Queen Gaga❤️💀❤️ ladygaga joejolie happybirthday birthdaygirl birthdaylove gaga gayicon humanitarian activist instafashion instastyle instaartist instagay instabeauty instalove queengaga songwriter musicalgenius

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Megan Sparks


Comment from Megan Sparks:

Me in clothes and messy hair; more importantly at an event for Rio ministries. All proceeds for the skeet shoot is donated to needy children in Monterey Mexico and Guatemala. I will continue humanitarian work and be a gun activist (in the right hands) until I'm no longer breathing; that's the country girl in me. Please help others when you can there's always someone less fortunate than you! gun model atlanta Atlanta models blonde shooting trap skeetshooting humanitarian charity goodcause nature photooftheday picoftheday strongwomen countrygirl beauty cancersurvivor fuckcancer grind grinding goals give love onelove heart

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Poul Henning Nielsen


Comment from Poul Henning Nielsen:

A warm welcome in a local school in Northern Uganda where the Norwegian Association of Disabled is strongly committed to support the local disabled community. PictureOfTheDay blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography portrait photography humanitarian Uganda Kampala 2016 travelgram travelphotographer reportage photogram instamood documentaryphotography geomagazine nationalgeographic igersDenmark igPhoto peopleoftheworld instauganda vscomag natgeo humanitarianphotography ngophotographers photojournalism bnw global humanitarianphotographer PicOfTheDay

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Congrégation de Notre-Dame


Comment from Congrégation de Notre-Dame:

Someone is preparing for a new humanitarian trip! 🌺🌎 --- Quelqu'un se prépare pour un prochain voyage humanitaire! 🌸🙌🏼 . . . . , . trip church humanitarian mission voyage honduras books reading read community cnd

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Second Hand Larv


Comment from Second Hand Larv:

Second Hand Larv is raising money & collecting donations for feminine products to help women in need. "A friend that bleeds is a friend in deed." For homeless women, getting their periods is one of the hardest challenges. Most supporters don’t donate feminine hygiene products because they are costly. Feminine hygiene is not a luxury it is a necessity. Please help local women in need. ✨ womenhelpingwomen hygieneisnotaluxury pinktax florida homelesswomen women feminism feminist help helpingothers goodvibes makeadifference humanitarian humanity

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Comment from TARA SHUPE:

I thought the sunlight was beautiful, until I saw the light in your eyes. enditmovement womenempowerment strongwomen india love natgeo • • • • • • lookslikefilm tellon hope endslavery humanitarian strongwomen portraits postthepeople womanphotographer seekadventure loweprostorytellers loweprobags igkansascity exploretocreate photographer nikon photosociety indiaphotoproject indiaphotosociety ICM traveldeeper everydayindia natgeotravel

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NRC Middle East


Comment from NRC Middle East:

“People have started dying quietly in their homes,” said the Norwegian Refugee Council's Secretary General, Jan Egeland. “We are witnessing ruthless war tactics against civilians by both parties to the conflict, resulting in civilians starving. Now we are also extremely concerned that the country’s main port will cease functioning and Yemen’s last lifeline will be lost.” Yemen Together4Yemen 2YearsTooLong

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Comment from SANELA SALON:

Repost everykidmattersfoundation ・・・ The latest shipment received in Kiev. Thank you so much to the amazing sanelasalon for your contributions and continued support! kiev helpthechildren ourfuture humanitarian charity

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Sandra Harvey


Comment from Sandra Harvey:

Aww I love this girl...chef chefamysins : Chef Sins lives in the French Quarter of Louisiana, and Is the chef/owner of Langlois. She teaches cooking at Langlois, and is working on her next cookbook, Amy hosts “New Orleans by Mouth,” a weekly radio program on WRBH 88.3 FM. Oh, and she’s also developing a new show on her YouTube channel. womenchefs womeninfood chefstalk cheflife chefcoat chefschool culinary chefsofinstagram truecooks southern restaurant cookbook humanitarian neworleans louisiana lagunabeach orangecounty losangeles bestcustomers

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Digital Consultant 📢 Tom


Comment from Digital Consultant 📢 Tom:

David and ESADE Business School’s Director of Marketing Colin McElwee founded Worldreader in Barcelona, Spain in 2010. . After visiting an orphanage in Ecuador whose library was not being used due to the lack of useful reading material, David reflected on a conversation with Colin on how e-readers and digital books could be used to more efficiently give kids in remote and under-served parts of the world access to books that they would actually read. . Worldreader was born. . Creating a Literate World. Literacy is transformative: it increases earning potential, decreases inequality, improves health outcomes and breaks the cycle of poverty (UNESCO). Yet there are 740 million illiterate people in this world and 250 million children of primary school age who lack basic reading and writing skills (UNESCO). Books are necessary for the development of these skills, and still 40% of schools in Africa have few or no textbooks at all (SACMEQ II). . Worldreader is on a mission to create a world where everyone is a reader. . To this day Worldreader has 47,000 titles available, has 555,000 monthly readers and has reached over 6 million readers since its conception. . Worldreader really is changing the world through digital reading and creating the engineers, doctors, scientists and teachers of tomorrow. . Good work David. . To read more about David and Worldreader follow the link in the bio. (credit

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King Mzazi Willy M. Tuva 👑


Comment from King Mzazi Willy M. Tuva 👑:

KikwetuFoundation and the mzazifoundation oundation have established the Vote for Education Campaign Programme​ whose purpose is to give back to society by focusing on providing education to impoverished children and youth. . Kikwetu Foundation and Mzazi Foundation have partnered with The Junction mall to ensure that we achieve the objective of promoting quality education in line with the UNs 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). . . The Kenyan education sector has experienced significant challenges and approximately 60% of children in the country lack quality education. . Kikwetu Foundation and the Mzazi Foundation are therefore seeking to reverse this through this initiative which will include activities such as donating desks to schools and homes, donating books, painting and refurbishing classrooms, donating school uniforms, visiting children's homes, visiting children's wards in hospitals, and visiting primary schools in poverty-stricken areas. MakeADifference Philanthropy Humanitarian Kenya Charity Happiness2Others Education Educate EducationForAll BeKind

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Comment from Pastor EZEKIEL:

Motivate people, don't manipulate them. business photo humanitarian photography artwork workout helpthehomeless love lifequotes excercise karate martialarts instagym bodybuilders gym motivation physique health wwe fighters muscles instagood mmashouts ufc crossfit usa africa food

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Louie Santaguida


Comment from Louie Santaguida:

Stanton Renaissance and I, going the extra mile is our modus operandi. But this type of success would never be possible without balance. Read more about it on my blog.

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Deitra Matthews


Comment from Deitra Matthews:

I took a screen-shot of my "Get To Know Deitra" page from my website. Honestly, I haven't visited it in a long time. Whew! If you have a minute, click the link in my bio and browse around to get to know a little about me! Enjoy! DaughterOfChrist MilitaryWife ArmyWife Milso Mom HomeschoolMom CareerWoman AuthenticLivingBeliever InspirationalSpeaker Humanitarian CommunityActivist ConcernedCitizen MatureVoter LoverOfKindness LoverOfCompassion LoverOfSolutions MORE MOREisAwaitingYou Screenshot

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Green Goo


Comment from Green Goo:

REPOST chrisbrinleejr The Sorcerer: Heralded by many as one of the best ice climbs in the world. 210m (nearly 700') of perfect, vertical waterfall ice is nestled deep within the Ghost Canyon - an arena that is as hauntingly quiet as its name implies. Today, lanleyc and I climbed it - while led by "Chiseled Chiddle," yamnuskamtnadv's program director and all-around mountain machine. The Sorcerer would be both Christian's and my first multi-pitch ice climb; it would not disappoint: to ascend it's grade 5 frozen watery walls, we would need to conjure magic; conjure we did. travelalberta explorealberta wearecontentmachine CelebrateDiscomfort

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