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Stumbling Along With The Flow


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Joseph Romanoff (JoJo) 🐼 🦄🍹🇵🇭


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L.R. Knost


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thehumanrace multicolored beautiful ---------------------------------------------------- Please respect the work of authors, photographers, and artists. You are welcome to share provided you include appropriate credit and do not crop out authors' names from quote memes. Thank you. :) peacefulparenting positiveparenting gentleparenting attachmentparenting parenting motherhood fatherhood children toddlers babies breastfeeding babywearing cosleeping life kindness christian humanity peace books coffee neuroendocrine cancer NETcancer cancerwarrior quote LRKnost . Fighting a rare, incurable cancer, but I'm still here!💞 L.R.

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FIDEL 🇨🇺🌎🌏🌍Ideas✊🏿✊🏻✊✊🏾


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Good morning to all comrades. Havana Cuba. First free territory of America. 08:23 AM, Buenas Fidel. Yesterday was Barcelona, ​​before London, Paris, Orlando, Berlin, Nice. Everyone is outraged, rightly so, but no one is unworthy, with unjust reason, when that happens in Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Baghdad. Do you know what has been the operation of continental solidarity - European, largest that there have been in natural misfortunes ?, was the famous Tsunami of December 24, 2004. 184,167 dead and 45,752 missing. Why was there such a big operation on the part of Europe? Did you ever wonder why? It is very simple, because at that time, Christmas, everywhere that happened, was full of European TOURISTS. We had - before and still is - a medical mission in Sri Lanka, we were the first foreigners, not arriving, because we were already, to attend the emergency. 10 months after those events, there was the largest earthquake in northern Pakistan, Kashmir. 86,000 dead and 106,000 wounded. There was not a single European, but there was one of the largest Cuban medical brigades ever sent. Why there was no European presence? There were no victims of that continent, they were not on vacation ... anyway, not everyone chose to ignore those harrowing images: the Cuban government acted quickly and ordered the transfer to Islamabad of the "Henry Reeve", a brigade of 2,500 specialists in Integral Medicine, nurses, health technologists and young graduates of the School of Medical Sciences, created in September 2005 to Helping victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Despite the refusal of the Bush administration to accept Cuba's unconditional medical aid, the contingent was available to offer its solidarity contribution in another corner of the planet. The catastrophe in Pakistan launched the internationalist project of Cuban doctors. And that, like it or not, we owe it to Fidel. P.S; No Cuban died or was on vacation when the Tsunami, nor was there a Cuban in the area of ​​Kashmir when the earthquake, our government, state and Party, act for and for man. REPOST FROM fidelistaporsiempre ON FACEBOOK ! More on his page .

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To Grant ,John, Mike, Harold, and many more, thanks you for blessing us with your presence and energy. Till we meet again!!!! qualityandappearance IndieffortMusicGroup entrapenuer nonprofit Branded organizations localartist localsupport Peace Humanity localmusic 281 713 832 Houston CEO CCO Vevo Danniqmanagement

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chooi si chok


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Memorial spaces to the Jewish people who suffered in WW2 wewillalwaysremember memorialpark worldwar2 learningfromhistory reconciliation saynotoracism saynotodiscrimination humanity

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Outi Kaltiokumpu


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Kävin lenkillä rantaraitilla. Joku oli päättäny taiteilla valkosella maalilla maassa makaavan, päättömän ihmisen ääriviivat ja sanat "Monikulttuurisuus on rikkaus". Pysähyin ja mietin että auttoko tuo nyt sit tekijäänsä? Tai auttaako se ylipäätään ketään? Ja että millä mie saan sen pois siitä asfaltista? Sielä hämärässä juostessani mietin, mitä minä, Outi, voin tehä? Sitte Prince sano mulle että "Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to get through this thing called life." Totesin että jos en pysty - tai osaa - muuta, niin ainakin minä osaan katsoa ihmistä silmiin ja minä osaan hymyillä. Hymyilin jokaselle vastaantulijalle. Muutama ei kattonu, yks hämmenty mutta vilkas uudestaan, ja suurin osa hymyili takas. Yhdelle miehelle, joka oli vaunulenkillä ja tuli vastaan jo toista kertaa, näytin peukkuja toiselta puolen tietä. Se alko nauraa ja mieki nauroin. Vaikkei se korjaa maailman vääryyksiä, se oli niin helppoa ja tuntu niin hyvältä, että aion tehdä noin jatkossa muuallaki ku lenkillä. Ja tässä on vielä yks siisti juttu: Mua ei voi estää kukaan. humanity makelovenotwar makelovenotwalls stopthehate unitedontdevide makethisabetterplace youcantstopme fightwithasmile

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FIDEL 🇨🇺🌎🌏🌍Ideas✊🏿✊🏻✊✊🏾


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Si Mauricio Macri pretende borrarlo, cógelo suave gato ladrón..., aparecerá una y mil veces.!!! : If Mauricio Macri tries to erase it, take it soft cat thief ..., it will appear once and a thousand times.!!!!! REPOST from fidelistaporsiempre on Facebook

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Wayne Grange


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A winters day. - - - - - - coastal winter sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld poems nature freedom solitude life serenity cycling photos flowers gardens Australia peace sanctuaryhumanity surf culture landscape wilderness wisdom clouds sunshine yoga adventure world passion youth tranquility

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Destroy the Hate


Comment from Destroy the Hate:

Dr. Cornell West and Charlottesville clergy marching in peace. Wear credits the antifa with saving their lives. Many who were there share the same sentiments. Media perpetuates the dichotomy of alt-right and alt-left, but they are NOT the majority. Standing with and for people that are marginalized does not make you "alt-left." It makes you human. lovewins lovetrumpshate humanity solidarity

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sometimes people are beautiful words love humanity art lovely hashtag

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Share Kindness with everyone 🤗. عن عدي بن حاتم رضي الله عنه قال : قال رسول الله _ صلى الله عليه وسلم _ اتقوا النار ولو بشق تمرة فمن لم يجد فبكلمة طيبة. On the authority of Abu Dharr (May Allah be pleased with him),who said: The prophet (peace and blussings of Allah be upon him) told mw Do not consider even the smallest good deed as insignificant; even meeting your brother with cheerful face is a good dee". bekind benice humanity peace love allah prophetmuhammad quran lifestyle lifeblogger art design heart goodmorning monday happyday music artandcrafts healthylife sharegoodness

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FIDEL 🇨🇺🌎🌏🌍Ideas✊🏿✊🏻✊✊🏾


Comment from FIDEL 🇨🇺🌎🌏🌍Ideas✊🏿✊🏻✊✊🏾:

Good morning to all comrades. Havana Cuba. First free territory of America. 08:26 AM, Buenas Fidel. Let's get some accounts; Began with this: - We break relationships, and that breaks down - We invaded them, and that comes down - We'll make a total blockade, and that comes down - We'll try to kill his Boss (638 tries), and that's coming down - We will expel them from the OEA , and that will collapse - We will do biological warfare, Operation Mongoose, Roya de la Reina, African Swine Fever and Blue Mold of tobacco, Hemorrhagic Dengue, Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis, Black Sigatoka, Varroasis and Thrips Palmi, and that is coming down - We reestablish relationships, and that breaks down - Once the Chief dies, and that comes down - Well, once the current Boss dies, and that comes down - Okay, once the future Boss dies, and that comes down It is not that they have not understood, they fully understand that they will not be able to with us, nor before, nor now nor after. Everything else is sadism, what is their problem with Cuba? It is very simple, none of them, Democrat or Republican, any kind of Yankee stablisment, does not accept that a people is independent, they do not accept it, much less , That we construct a society that goes against the pseudo values ​​that they proclaim, and that already have been proven, the invalid that they are. We are their dialectical negation, that is why they hate us and will continue to try to destroy us. But they can not, here we are an army of patriots, millions and millions. REPOST from fidelistaporsiempre on Facebook .

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Nishita Tamuly

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Laura de Dilectis


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Comment from Awkwardnerdygirl:

Not sure if you can all see the picture very well if not it's fine this is just a few ideas I wrote down for stories. 1. Sea deities views of humanity with the issues of overfishing, by catching and pollution and plastic in the ocean. 2. Air pollution. 3. Treatment of animals 4. Global warming. 5. Climate change. 6. Change in society. 7. Romance back in the old days and how it's changed. 8. Gods (not just god but different gods views on the world) 9. Loving a broken person. 10. Suicide, depression, anxiety. 11. Light and darkness. 12. Broken society. 13. Wars. 14. Thunderstorms. 15. Oceans. 16. Whales. 17. Gods/deities. 18. Scottish gods/folklore. 19. The supernatural. writingideas inspiringwriter godsanddieties rasisingawareness writer ideas myideas mentalhealthawareness humanity issuesonthedestructionontheplanet manmadedestruction veganawareness messyhandwriting tinyhandwriting

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Nishita Tamuly

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Your . . . . . (Link in bio) shapes drop rain nature windows perspective imagine lights life thoughts purpose writersofinstagram words lifelessons water charitywater humanity blog photography photooftheday love passion instagramers instagram pictures rainbow

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Adventure Time


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Barcelona has been on the news these last days for sad reasons. In my heart keep the emotions and in my soul shelter the energy of such a vibrant place, full of history, art, diversity, culture and passion for life. May humanity find the path to love, forgiveness and tolerance. 🙏🏾

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Clement Louis Fernandes


Comment from Clement Louis Fernandes:

Never drink for anyone! Drinking is not a game. Your drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) is meant to be enjoyed. If you're drinking for it to be more fun to be around someone, then you need to find someone who you can enjoy a drink with. If you ever have to drink for someone, drink for yourself, because you are special and an amazing human being no matter who says what! (repost ashleemma) • • • • • maturedrinking respectyourself respect respectwomen drinking alcohol maturethinking rational human humanity

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