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Mario Julian Loayza Grisi


Comment from Mario Julian Loayza Grisi:

La mano del hombre... "Nature loves our footsteps and fears our hands" . . . . . . . bolivia santacruz basura clima contaminacion humanidad humanity climachange change pollution photography people nature mankind

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Corporatum LTD


Comment from Corporatum LTD:

A big shoutout to usamah_sheikh shakey.100 joey.cooks3y byzantine_empire_ball ty.w.shaffer for having a rather unnecessary conversation on our meme that we sent out in support of the victims of Manchester. The above image was our reply, for those that did not read the conversation feel free to go ahead and read our last post. Moving our message to the rest of the world is simple... in this world there are two kinds of people. The good and the bad. The good come in all forms shapes and sizes and come from all religions, as do the bad. Be of the good ones as an example for the bad. For goodness does not stem from religion but stems from within, from understanding, from respect, from morals, from being human. peace love humanifirst humani lovemanchester❤️ prayformanchester unitedwestand

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Comment from Umair:

New work- SIUT Zakat TVC dradeebrizvi siut zakat charity humanity donate

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Cj Cooper


Comment from Cj Cooper:

Communication is key and a simple word or gesture can change everything for a complete stranger. Try to reconnect and improve someones day everyday. The most you can ever do is try. love peace tranquility nature friendship humanity

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Cuba Travel Adventures Group


Comment from Cuba Travel Adventures Group:

A rainy day in Holguín ctagcuba 📸credit to Sarah Wolf Photography

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Comment from apvtogo:

Merci aux antennes GSM qui nous permettent de communiquer facilement ! Venez nombreux visiter notre site internet : togo family humanity missionhumanitaire association associations enfants eau apvtogo forage aide associationhumanitaire accesaleau entraide voyage travel humanitaire solidarite afrique myafricantrip secourspop

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Serenity Balance


Comment from Serenity Balance:

Live righteously and love everyone, and you will build up around you an aura of light and love. YogiTea Love Light BeKind Humanity Earth Connect Chill TeaTime Serenity thelittlethings innerpeace awareness consciousness authenticity quotes peace balance breathe perfectenergy meditate relax home gratitude serenitybalance yogitea

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But First ♥️™


Comment from But First ♥️™:

we all have a person out there waiting for us...we hope you find yours someday. . . ❤️ . . love allthereis butfirst butfirstlove simple truth honest beauty grateful believe trust inlove intimacy intomeisee humanity healing giveandreceive regram quotes qotd qoutesoftheday igers potd photooftheday lovelovelove

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Human Care Syria


Comment from Human Care Syria:

"Our name is Ahmed & Nour, we are best friends. We sit in class together and we play football together, we have each other's backs" Syria syrianchildren ChildLikeMe humancaresyria humanity - FOLLOWS child.likeme

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Comment from jdterhart:

3:30 AM, "Gosling in Drive"-esque.

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Comment from |speechless|:

"I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." -John Steinbeck photooftheday rhodesianridgeback dog eyes magnificent blackandwhite dogeyes focus quotes humanity lovemydog

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Sian Moss


Comment from Sian Moss:

LOVE ALWAYS WINS ❤️🌎 . Love Wins StandTogether Manchester Positive Future Humanity World Goodnight Thoughts

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Comment from (chance)☯:

Matt Blystone (cyburai) is a radical dude who runs the sensory deprivation floatation spa (Theta Float Spa) in my hometown. We recently hung out to go to see a dream interpretation psychoanalyst give a lecture on Carl Jung and his work with dreams. It sparked us to contemplate the nature of dreams, our unconcious minds, and what the difference between lucidity and unconsciousness really is. It's a deep talk with a wise brother, and I am positive you'll enjoy it. Subscribe on SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes! 🌈link in bio⚡️ Topics and Links: 🌀thetafloatspa (Matt's float joint) and sensory deprivation tanks - 🌀Andrew Sherwood PH. D. - Jungian Dream Analysis - 🌀The variety of inner experiences people have while floating 🌀Integrating negative stories of one's past into positive realizations 🌀Lucid dream speculations and apocolyptic dreams 🌀Martial arts, MMA & spirituality 🌀Matt's boot camp experience 🌀Book recommendation: Tribe - On Homecoming & Belonging by Sebastian Younger - 🌀Rites of passage & secret societies (Freemasonry; Skull & Bones)- 🌀We briefly touch on 9/11 truth and government lies - 🌀Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - 🌀Syncromysticism and messages from the collective unconscious 🌀Matt describes a dystopian future sci-fi novel he's writing 🌀The singularity & AI 🌀Stolen Burning Man Tickets & Buffalo Hugs (Matt's synchronicity story) 🌀The Law of Attraction - You get what you give 🌀The Seven Sermons to the Dead (by Carl Jung)-

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Comment from Daniela:

standtogether manchesterbee humanity manchestertattooappeal

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Ez Eldin Deng


Comment from Ez Eldin Deng:

When the word don't listen, write your pain down even a sentence ...izzywordsofwisdom inspiration peace world care diving part love lose farewell fairytail webecome come closet humanity

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Islam Against Terrorism


Comment from Islam Against Terrorism:

You want to be a real winner? Islam for Peace ✌🏻 terrorism islam iat islamagainsterrorism islamagainstvoilence peace love humanity man woman jihad god

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Comment from ALBATROS:

Not: iyi niyetli olmayın zira suistimal edeniniz bol olacaktır (buraya yazacağım birkaç cümleyide neyse anlaşıldığımı umuyorum)humanity badhumans cats kitten katze แมว 猫 ねこ ネコ 貓 고양이 кот котэ котик chat neko gato meow likesforlikes liketeam likeback likealwaysinstaphotographylike4like likeforlike

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Bruna Stefani💋


Comment from Bruna Stefani💋:

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Children's Futures


Comment from Children's Futures:

Our Fulfilling A Promise mini doc is finally here! We are excited to share this trailer with you please see the full version on our FB or YouTube, link in the bio 😊

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Comment from rf.shz:

We believe in spoiling is forbidden! Except Peak and Peacock, it is forbidden! Sentenced to win a beautiful Shdnym 20w50windhumanitymitsubishi

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