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Jessica Versaggi


Comment from Jessica Versaggi:

Candy paint got that whip gleamin' 🌶🐉👌🏻 reddragon nofilter thejoysofbodyclipping thirdtimesacharm hanoverian hunterjumper horsesofinstagram gingerninja

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Comment from liam.pony:

Just some pony tag early in the morning

7 Minutes ago

Jess And The Nuggets


Comment from Jess And The Nuggets:

It snowed last night so I'm very glad to have gotten in such a phenomenal ride yesterday! Her little bit of sass at the end kills me. She just has to add her own little flair into things of course, as per Lacey. • Online trainers and bullies are really frustrating because they seem to assume that they know everything about your horse from a 10 second clip. If you've never ridden Lacey please don't try to tell me to sit her canter or that she's out of control because you have NO idea how she rides or how hard it is to sit her canter. She is not an easy horse by any means. Her canter is unsittsble when she's excited it's like a goddamn pogo stick. Posting videos should make me proud not scared. • I'm scared I'm going to be forever alone as I like to place my affections in those who don't feel the same. 🙃 • • • • • horsesofig horsesofig equestrian equinesofinstagram horsesofinsta equine equestrianism pferd warmblood bay mare hunterjumper gridwork saucy holsteiner thoroughbred zangersheide equus ladivaz sigh

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Kathryn Lily Equestrian


Comment from Kathryn Lily Equestrian:

In LOVE with the Kathryn Lily Teal It's Gone schooling shirt!!! Because riding is serious fun...But riding with a cause is even better!!! rideforacause rootd equestrianlife equestrianstyle hunterjumper ponyjumpers zone4

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American Valor Equestrian 🇺🇸


Comment from American Valor Equestrian 🇺🇸:

Happy Sunday! Off to a saddle fitting for my boy 🇺🇸

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Comment from JB:

Saddles and Starbucks -- Happy Sunday 🇺🇸

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Kelly McCartney


Comment from Kelly McCartney:

kellysshowbows in action! Even with long hair you can still see your number. Link in my bio to see all the others on my Etsy site! hunterjumper equestrian showbows shortstirrup crossrails walktrot walktrotcanter horseshow

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Comment from Amy:

Luxxx ❤ holsteiner hunterjumper

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Joe Bilman


Comment from Joe Bilman:

Shopping hunterjumper wef equestriansofinstagram equestrian equestrianlife

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⚠️Back Away From The Horse⚠️


Comment from ⚠️Back Away From The Horse⚠️:

A Pelham is a double Reined bit. The top ring is the snaffle rein and the bottom (where this rein is attached) is the leverage rein. This gives rider the option to use as little or more leverage rein as necessary for their ride, with the snaffle being the primary rein. You can also use a converter, which allows you to use both rings equally but with one single rein rather than two. These bits are NOT designed to be ridden solely on the leverage ring as shown. If you think you need a Pelham, please take the time to research how they are intended to be used. It can possibly save you money and also save your horse from any unnecessary discomfort.

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US Animo


Comment from US Animo:

Animo: it's in the details. Shop this look and more at our WEF store! . . . usanimo animoitalia animois madeinitaly equestrian equestrianstyle passion showjumping dressage hunterjumper horseshow rootd italy wef2017 agdf extraordinarylifestyle wearanimo animofan

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Comment from 👸🏼Queen👸🏼:

|I have nothing to post, so enjoy this short little raw of my pony being perfect| - - - - - - - uno quarterhorse bay horses horse horsejumping horsegirl pony hunterjumper equitation eventer eventing showjumping jumper jumping dressage sport ogilvy ogilvyequestrian hashtags equinesofinstagram equine equines equinelove equinelife equinejumping equestrian horsemanship horsepower horseshow

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Unique Saddle Pads


Comment from Unique Saddle Pads:

Mmmmmm doughnuts 🍩... uniquesaddlepads saddlepad sidesaddle saddlepadaddict eventing equestrian equestrianswag enduranceriding ridersofinstagram trailriding threedayeventing pony horses horseshow hunterjumper horsebackriding horsesofinstagram dressage drafthorse

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Ece Equestrian Apparel


Comment from Ece Equestrian Apparel:

Love seeing Harold Chopping wearing Éce! Best of luck in today's $50k KindredBio GP! hitsocala eceequestrian equestrianstyle equestrianfashion equestriansofinstagram showjumping hunterjumper rootd ocala

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Comment from pony_posts__:

dressage saddleseat horseshowlife ponies saddle saddle tack trickrider pony painthorse quarterhorse poa rodeo jumper hunterjumper showhorse horseshow

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Ella and Emilie


Comment from Ella and Emilie:

Ariat and Toulouse. How much comfier could it get? {Ella} • • photooftheday photography equestrianlifestyle equestrian equine thoroughbred ottb dressage showjumping warmblood quarterhorse horses equitation eventing hunters jumpers hunterjumper crosscountry horseshow horsephoto horsephotography equinephoto equinephotography wef hits fei ashow usef ushja horsebackriding

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Comment from Alyssa:

We just had our hack and Roy was super good for me, we got 4th out of like 16 and our jumping is soon. • • • samshield rjclassics swedishwarmblood warmblood psj trot canter jump pinto pintowarmblood warmblood hack horsesofinstagram horse hunterjumper hunterjumpers hunterjumpersofinstagram equine equestian equitation equinephotography

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Hunt Seat Paper Co.


Comment from Hunt Seat Paper Co.:

Happy birthday to THE MAN, George Morris. Thank you for your incredible contribution to our sport...I look up to you with immense respect and awe. It is also my bffs birthday...she has been an amazing supporter of Hunt Seat Paper Co....and my bff for over 20 years...which is totally weird. Love you loo, HBD.

44 Minutes ago

Snaks 5th Avenchew® Pet Treats


Comment from Snaks 5th Avenchew® Pet Treats:

jenstaniloff is on our Snap right now with this grasshopper pictured above. Let her know more of what you want to see!!! She's answering your questions all day! snaks5thavenchew

1 Hours ago

Snaks 5th Avenchew® Pet Treats


Comment from Snaks 5th Avenchew® Pet Treats:

jenstaniloff is taking over our Snap tomorrow from Gulf Coast Classic in Mississippi!🤗🐴Tune in & follow snaks5thave on snap & get your questions ready for tomorrow because she's ready to chat with you!🦄📱What are some things you guys are going to ask?!😀

13 Hours ago