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Comment from Chicken:

Friend zoned 🛏🛌🛌🛌🛌🛌🛏🛏🛌🛏🛌 . . . . friendzoned yeesh bad hurt memes hashtag dank .. Make sure to follow y_hairball for more funny memes ❤️😘

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Angel Davitkov


Comment from Angel Davitkov:

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Comment from Wonderland:

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Adam Bieber


Comment from Adam Bieber:

What you want is waiting for you to come to it

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Gurl || 14y/o👑


Comment from Gurl || 14y/o👑:

•Stärke bedeutet auch zu wissen, dass man nicht immer stark sein kann. •Halluuuu❤️ q : Wie geht's euch?✨ a : Mir geht's gnz oke🌚 •Ich mche jetzt erstml ein feed mit couple gol bilder✨❤️ •Wenn ws ist, schreibt gerne n.❤️ • • • • • • • zitate zatearmy mood love couplegoal nightsquad quotes depri l4l love selbsthass friendship miss hurt problems mistakes ❤️

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Comment from excerpt_from_old_diary:

If this wasn't The End.. I might have burned stars to witness my love I might be on knees holding your hand admiring my world looking into your eyes I might have pulled down skies to shade you from all fears I might have bought spring in mid summers for u I might be clown to make you smile I might have expressed my love in thousands of love letters I might have hugged you moment you felt emotional after all these weird things I might have kissed you the moment you look at those stars I might have fooled those stars I might have defeated all those conspiracy of stars Only if this wasn't The End ~charlie (excerpt_from_old_diary) Just an imaginary musing where writer soothens his soul💕 . words hurt love cute smile eyes stars writings spilledink wordporn wordgasm quotes thoughts musing heartbreak drunken penned instawords instagood instagram

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Lis (dont Call Me Mel😡)


Comment from Lis (dont Call Me Mel😡):

Me anxiety depressed textpost sad cry hurt anxiety alone

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Comment from teenagefeels:

So can you . . . . love hurt quotes teen teengirls young motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes sad mad feelings viral crueltyfree indie hipster friends bae boyfriend girl girlfriend quotes

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Priscilla Godwin


Comment from Priscilla Godwin:

When you are at that stage in life where you don't feel happy abt anything, weather the work place or the person you in love with or whatevr reason it may be. Actually you are happy but the person isn't feeling the same. You want to quit and you don't because you never thought of anythng else to replace the reason. You hold on to it thinking everything will be alright. Things do take time to change. It's a inch close to loose hope but you still keep hoping. It hurts you and you still keep trying. feeling l4l f4f love hurt stilltrying peace

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Comment from 知寒:

- 就算再痛, 我也想在你給的流刺網裡, 苟且偷生。 - 寫溫柔的話 給那個誰 你知道嗎 文字 知寒 i love hurt simple instagood share taiwan taipei inferno words

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Comment from twinge_words:

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says it all in the name...


Comment from says it all in the name...:

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Comment from Mikey//😺🚫👽:

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? –  I'm sorry for everything you've been through It must've been very hard on you I'm sorry for all that's been said and done I was the moon, you were the sun I'm sorry for not making everything right But the situation I was in, was very tight I'm sorry for not lending you a hand If only I could be a better friend I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't care Lucky for you, your special- someone was there I'm sorry for breaking your heart For forgiveness, where do I start? -_-_-_- •Sorry for not being active I'm just going through a lot so my friend is taking over my account bc I may or may not leave randomly because my relatives think I'm doing things I'm not suppose to :( -_-_-_-_- •And baka if your reading this your an amazing friend and I'm thankful to have you around bc you make me feel like you actually care and listen to me and thanks a lot -_-_-_-_- •Bye everyone see you later hopefully -Mikey

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Solitary Writing


Comment from Solitary Writing:

A beautiful time to write new lines

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Kristóf Berczi


Comment from Kristóf Berczi:

Egy kis legénybúcsús paintball🤘 paintball hurt bachelorparty

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Endless Writer


Comment from Endless Writer:

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Comment from Rebecca:

Knowing it is right doesn't make it hurt any less. 😔 pain alone hurt hurting notreallycoping lifeisshit betrayal selfrespect mentalhealth ptsd ptsdrecovery gettingthere ihope slowly igotmyownback ipickmyselfup iwipemyowntearsaway igotme

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Ruins of Love


Comment from Ruins of Love:

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Adam Bieber


Comment from Adam Bieber:

Wake up and minimize the beginning stages of sorrow. It will pass and you can instead have a clear mind and feel good.

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Emillie Rose 🌹


Comment from Emillie Rose 🌹:

Everyone it hurts I train. Every time I'm down I train. I train until the pain inside me is gone and I feel physically numb instead of emotionally training boxing workinghard workout motivation heartbreak hurt emotionalrollarcoaster thoughtyouweremyrideordie

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