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#tbt post, January 2014, this is me about to cross the finish line of my first full marathon. To be honest, after that day my feet hurt son bad and I didn't run for about 3 weeks after. I had no urge to really ever do it again. I ran the Aramco half in 2015 and 2016. While running last year I got that "I want to run the full next time!" Feeling. So here I am, 3 days from the big event. I thing overall I trained better than the first time around. We shall see how it goes! Will you be out running or watching the marathon this Sunday? . . . . . #run #chevronhoustonmarathon #runhouston #runhou #houston #houstonbloggers #marathon #marathoner #motherrunner #houston #htx #irunhouston #werunsocial

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**This Sunday** We are more than ready for the #HoustonHalf !! I'm so proud of my mom, watching her take on the challenge of training for a half marathon has been so inspiring! There is just no quitting in her, now I know where I get it from❤️😉 I am pumped, excited and thankful to get to do this with my Mom! God is so good! #houmarathon #irunhouston #houston

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