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Beauty has it's own perspective of truth. It's where the light leads your eyes. It's where your heart loves stronger. It's when you want to pull closer. It's when your voice sings even stronger. It's the strings that play when your music is filled with your authentic expression. It's the tiny pieces of forever wrapped up in an ordinary day. It's sunlight on snowy crystals and the grass hidden underneath it. Connected, created and courageous 💛 #Arendal #sunflare #lensflare #photography #storyteller #beautiful #natureisart #betterfeelingthoughts #connectedness #connecttonature #snøkrystaller #heart #healing #healtheworldwithlove #couragemydear #creativeoutlet #agderposten #gamlehus #fotografi #innerbeing #innerstrength #innerguidance #authentic #theartandtheartist #iloveyou

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Blessings are within you and all around you! Are you focused on the nrgative? What you want? What you don't have? Whats frustrating you?? Stop. Turn your thoughts around and see all that you are blessed with!!! As you begin to focus on those your blessings will grow! Sprinkle a love and happiness wherever you go today and watch the transformation....there will be an immediate change in energy in your home or office. #cardreadings #dailyreading #dailycardreadings #oracle #tarot #trust #transition #goddess #angel #believe #newbeginnings #letgo #beyourself #patience #faith #spirit #innerstrength #divinetiming #selflove #intuition #nature #fairies #blessings #gratitude #abundance #prosperity #miracle

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Everyone needs a bit of Balance Negative Emotions: ungrounded, unwilling to take responsibility for self or life, disconnected,unstable, scattered Positive Emotions:body connection, stability,perseverance, self-contained,grounded, inner-strength

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It's Tuesday morning and I'm off to the gym. After having had a somewhat tough day at work and going to bed slightly grumpy and very tired, I woke up feeling pretty well refreshed and ready to start my day and hopefully make it a good one. I've said this a few times since Friday's "We're living in a 'brave new world' which is a rather feeble nod to a book by the same name I read in high school (shout out to J.P. Stevens skin under the tutelage of Mrs. Gunthrie...or maybe it was Mrs. Moroney). In any event, the book is a very depressing take on a dystopian society overwhelmed by (among other things) great steps "forward" in technology and government). As I head into the gym this morning, I am reminding myself that all is not doom and gloom. Hope still remains. Hearts and minds can be changed. Hope still remains. There is still good in this world, in this country, as evidenced by the very existence of YOU, my friends and family. YOU give me light. YOU make me smile. YOU motivate me. YOU protect me. YOU endure me. Not everyone you went to elementary school with is going to be a Democrat/Republican. Not everyone you share a work space with is going to an LGBT ally. Not everyone you share a Thanksgiving meal is going to be an anti-racist. And that's ok. Because as long as YOU (and by default, your goodness) remains, so does hope. So does light. So does love. Hope still remains. Whew...i don't know how I got off into that rant but obviously these posts are often venting letters from me to me. #FrigidFitness tip #500 - I believe angels exist among us. Despite your religious beliefs (or lack thereof), be an angel to someone today. And remember that, hope still remains.

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Hidden Figures Budget: $25 million Box office: 83, 710, 357 million Whoever said movies featuring strong, smart, independent women struggling to gain respect in the workplace wouldn't make money didn't tell the people who saw Hidden Figures. It is possible to do a movie featuring smart women struggling to get ahead in the workplace while telling a good story. These women had a bigger obstacle because they were black women during the days of segregation. So their options were even more limited in terms of job advancement and educational opportunities. You also saw the human side of them struggling with relationships. It is possible to be strong and independent all the while maintaining a relationship. It's not easy but it takes work and understanding on both sides. All in all it was good to see these women get their due and that this movie was successful. #hiddenfigures #tarajiphenson #octaviaspencer #janaemonae #nasa #blackwomen #courage #determination #innerstrength #encouragement #blackwomen

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