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Comment from Dessi:

◇ "She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist." ◇ ☆☆“She dances to the songs in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart, & loves from the depths of her soul.” – Dean Jackson☆☆ innerpeace innerstrength loveurself mind soul peace ✌

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Mark A Harvey


Comment from Mark A Harvey:

This occurred to me today in my drive into work. NPR was talking about some ignorant bigoted Trump advisor, who they have had on the air repeatedly btw, and they played a clip of him saying something about nuance being bad or some such shit. I had to calm myself because if those are the people working in the White House, then we're fucked. It made me think of this concept. When you express yourself, try to do so simply. Don't confuse people with convoluted explanations if a simpler wording will work just as well. Sometimes a simple I love you will be just what someone needs to hear rather than a long-winded, multi-stanza'd poem. That being said, people and society and relationships can be very complex, so don't make the mistake of oversimplifying things and missing the nuances of life. Seek within your mind all the different ways that ideas and things can twist and turn before boiling them down ti their essence. This is why I write so much on my posts 😂 the pictures and quotes are the simplistic expression of much deeper thoughts, so I try to give you both. On the one hand the pictures can express a lot with very little, but I also want to make sure that you get the deeper explorations behind it that made me think it up in the first place.

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Braide Priye T. O.


Comment from Braide Priye T. O.:

Everyday can't be the same. Some days are cold. Some days are hot. Some days, the wind just blows dust into your eyes! In it all, one man's pain is another man's pleasure. Meanwhile, what you take for granted some other persons in some other place, are earnestly praying for a 10th of them! Whatever life throws at you, be bold, be strong, face your your fears and move on even if you have to crawl on all fours. By all means, DON'T GIVE UP! bebold befearless faceyourfears succeed risk risktaker waymaker courage innerstrength

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Jessica Fabus Cheng


Comment from Jessica Fabus Cheng:

MotivationMonday 💛 Keep facing your fears and go into the storm confidently. motivation instamood innerstrength strong confidence focus love beyourself bebold RN nursesofinstagram calm motivate inspire keepitreal makeadifference 💜

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Comment from Silatha:

Choose the gemstone that reflects the inner strength you desire to grow through the "Find Your Match quiz," it doesn’t take long, link is in the bio for you now selfgrowth personalgrowth affirmation helpothers changetheworld empowering makingadifference helpothers takeachance followyourheart lifejourney innerstrength affirmations

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Alice Woo

Comment from Alice Woo:

All the magic you need is in your hands when you BELIEVE you can have and deserve it all 🌟✨🙏💰💵🌎💕💕🌈😄

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Comment from Mayuu:

Sorrow . . . glitch glitched glitchart sadness sorrow glitchartistscollective statue cute crying instadaily innerstrength love beautiful edited art artistic

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Comment from FREEBERRY:

Pingrann from Rusabin on Pinterest: being mindful | lettering by KARMOMO - Source: - k - karmomostudio - pingrann mindgulnessinspiration mindfulness yoga inspiration inspirationalquotes bepresent bemindful innerbeauty peaceofmind nevergiveup citation quotestoliveby quote buddhism positivevibes positivequotes innerpeace innerstrength meditate meditatio spirituality spiritual heal soulfood

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Comment from Katie:

The ever so dreaded test of flexibility. Flexibility is not come easy to me. When I first thought about trying yoga, this was a barrier; it was an excuse to not try🙅🏼. Ultimately I realized it will come with time and practice. But I have to say that my physical flexibility isn't the only thing that needs work; my mental flexibilty needed even more work. That mental aspect is what has blocked my in my asanas more than anything. As I've learned to let go, learned to breathe, and work at getting better with going with the ebb and flow of life, my practice has become so much more. I've found so much room in every area of my practice. Day 14 of effectivehandstands with standing splits! Hosts: beachyogagirl & kinoyoga Sponsor: omstarsofficial

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Innerstrength Boxing & Fitness


Comment from Innerstrength Boxing & Fitness:

Happy Monday y'all! Life is about hunting. Hunting for a better self. Hunting for a better life and hunting for your innerstrength! ----------------------------- innerstrengthbnf | hunt | findyourinnerstrength | monday

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Jason Elgar


Comment from Jason Elgar:

motivational motivationalquotes motivation buddha innerstrength selfimprovement personaldevelopment

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The Belle and the Boss


Comment from The Belle and the Boss:

Pow👊🏼 ---Follow me thebelleandthboss for daily inspiration and motivation!--- --- thebestisyettocome thebeginning theend boybye girlbye selflove loveyourself innerpower innerpeace innerstrength survivor survived mentality mindsetiseverything glasshalffull startedfromthebottomnowwehere shinebrightlikeadiamond shine aintnobodygottimeforthat carryon ambitious ambitiouswomen staystrong believeinyourself ladyboss bosschick spoilyourself changeyourlife glowup handsandhustle

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Comment from Yvonne:

💖 SELF LOVE 💖 I am on a mission to be a better version of myself every day. No matter what your journey of self improvement, there will always be an excuse, a reason to quit, a reason why it is too hard, you'll feel impatient, you'll get questioned for your lifestyle, people will tell you you're shining too brightly and try and cut you down but stay true to YOU. ✨ Remember your reason WHY. 🔥 Find the fire inside your heart. ♥️ Fall in love with the journey and never ending self improvement. strongerthanyouthink positivethoughts praisegod icaniwill innerstrength purpose respect iamstrong transformation fitness progressnotperfection barlife iamstrong livewithapurpose happy workhardplayharder pray beastmode godisgood godspeaks optimistic mindset icaniwill endthetrend beastmode

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Positive Mental Health


Comment from Positive Mental Health:

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Send your love to a friend in need by tagging them here 👫  It's not easy to walk this planet alone. HowMental ~ The Mental Movement ~ is here to help you maintain positive mental wellbeing and help you support your loved ones' too! Follow us now to join the Movement! Embrace Your Mind 😇  with HowMental

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Nathan Thorpe


Comment from Nathan Thorpe:

Thank you to my friends. You are amazing! 💓 . . . chchchchchanges supported innerstrength auroratherapy recoveryofhope mensresourcecentre coffeetherapy souptherapy instatherapy vaguegramming allthetherapy

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Comment from _arianateresa:

Working hard and harder everyday. rit rochesterny stressed lol fit fitness strength innerstrength love loveyourself beyou pretty beautiful yep newyork life almostdone twoweeksleft wip workhard loveit live nobreaks rochester

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Classic Woz


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Inner strength Clothing


Comment from Inner strength Clothing:

With the right attitude we can overcome any hurdle we just need that Inner Strength and belief that we can!!

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StrengthYogi Gym


Comment from StrengthYogi Gym:

That's right. Read it again. And again. AND AGAIN. Till YOU believe it. There are circumstances in life that you thought for sure would be the end of you. But here you are: alive and well. Don't let the residue of extreme difficulty cloud the truth of your tenacity. Your untapped strength, is the King Kong to your giant. Like Cowardly Lion, it's more afraid of you, once you stand up to it. Now wipe your tears, dust yourself off, take a deep breath...and go BEAT. THAT. THING. DOWN! strengthyogigymstrengthyogiismsstrengthyogishenanigans themakingofabusiness perserverancedeterminationpowerinnerstrengthinnerpeaceyourstrongerthanyouknowmorepowerfulthanyouthinkpurposebalancemindbodyspiritholistichealthholisticfitnessmotivationyougotthisyourockyougotnextitbetterrun

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Vi Nguyen


Comment from Vi Nguyen:

"Sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths" . . . lerevephotographyanddesign houstontx yogaposes strongissexy mondaymotivation yoga innerstrength

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