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Neeli 🖤


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"He'd sooner die trying to hold the world on his shoulders than run away." StrangetheDreamer LainiTaylor books book bookaddict bookstagram bookrecommendation bibliophile flowers moths whimsical god gods godspawn librarian dreams dreamer library alchemy tearjerker pure weep fantasy lostcity THISBOOKISSOFUCKINGCUTE innerstrength hesonlyalibrarian laylaughteroverthedarkparts

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I love Ms. tinalifford AKA Aunt Vi. always encouraging and empowering people. 🌻⭐️💝 innerfitness personaldevelopment innerstrength

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stay motivated


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👍 tag your friends to keep them motivated 👊🤛 . . . . . youareloved jaredpadelecki feelinginspired highstandards failureisnotanoption choosejoy qouteoftheday qoutesoftheday sadtimes lovehard clairvoyant makingadifference bestquotes justbeyourself readysetgo anxietydisorder keeptrying innerstrength successtips inspireothers intensity quotes quotesgram quotestagram wisdom inspiration succes aotd motivation lifequotes

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Jonathan Angelilli


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🌟 Dynamic Balance 🌟 Preparing for Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior! __/|\__ MovementWisdom ninjafitness ninja NinjaWisdom traindeep exercisealchemy wellnesswisdom wellnesswarrior tao anw exercise health wellness innerstrength truth kungfu movement qi qigong movementculture NinjaWarrior KnowObstacles NinjaDad taichi spititualwisdom yoga shamanism dragongate energyhealing movementmedicine

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Tina Lifford


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The word I slur in this video is "strength". innerfitness innerstrength personaldevelopment tinalifford

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Spirit of Self Care


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It must be the human condition to feel we aren't prepared for things, that we aren't ready. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are far beyond prepared. We were born ready! It's the illusion of perfection and the tendency to doubt that (gently) needs to be set aside leaving us more room for trust. trust faith beautywithin roses courage imagination sourceconnection innerstrength selflove lovingwhoyouare youcandoit

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Yuliya Rae


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"Beauty is in the light in the heart." esque lingerie fierce fearless sexy boudoirshoot seattleboudoirphotographer unzipperture innerbeauty bodypositive bodypositivity bodylove boudoirphotographer seattleboudoir boudoirwholehearted boudoireyes innerbeauty innerstrength boudoirshoot seattlebride lifestyleboudoir chic cozy 🍑 bootyfordays vs bootyful

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Comment from Cole:

Dragged it out this morning! Can't wait to get back in shape! Thanks to my dearest zelelifts for her support ... jennjc55 is such an inspiration.. and to all of my close friends who inspires me (you all know who you are) makes me keep on going❤️❤️❤️Hope to compete again this year..💪. fitmom fitat45 bikinicompetitor innerstrength workout motivation nxtlvlsportandfitness crossfit selfmade selfworth motheranddaughter bffgoals faith makeithappen movingforward fitlife eatclean lift gains eggteam eggwhitesint

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Teresa Choca


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Just thought I'd share this post with my IG fam❤️ it's been a hard lesson to learn and probably the most valuable thus far. Come on over to the EvolutionThroughFitness online community to join in the rants/tips/struggles/jokes 😘

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The Grappling Gorilla


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Pete 49 Years Old 🇬🇧


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Chicken wrapped in Palma ham stuffed with pesto and herbs 🌿 ... baked vine tomatoes and sweet potato with assorted salad 🥗 . weightloss weightlossjourney weightlifting weight training weightlossmotivation weightlosstransformation innerstrength innerpeace anytime anytimefitness doit digdeep domination fitness fitfam fitover40 fitoverforty fitover45 justdoit challengeyourself beastmode beast nomoreexcuses motivation motivated mindset depression dontgiveup feelings

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In total agreement with my bro thepositivediaries remember why you started to push you through the rough patches. Follow thepositivediaries daily.

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Cloud Cerberus


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💖Karengallagher 💖


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Happiness does not have to be chased. It has to be chosen. 💖 - - fitness fitfam healthywomen inspiration fitnesswomen motivation fitnessinspiration fitgirls fitnessjourney strength fitmom strong fatloss lifestyle Fit_over_40 paleodiet health innerstrength empowerment nutrition fitnessmotivation beauty yoga happiness love healthcoach spirituality joy meditation instagood

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Comment from Allison:

After skipping my Thursday run in favor of walking the hound, 86ing push-ups for a few days, and being generally slothful on my first day of vacation yesterday, my body is less tired. That said, I've also decided to take a few more days (or perhaps a week) off push-ups as my arms are still telling me to cool it. That also means a little more gentle yoga. As much as I love my vinyasa series, I'm not feeling it. My next birthday will usher me into my 4th decade, and I want to embrace that with strength; that used to mean pushing through, but now I know it also means mindful gentleness, too. yoga yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday namaste thelightinmehonorsthelightinyou mindfulness begentlewithyourself innerstrength strongwomen strongwoman fitmom forme postsurgerylife innerpeace breathe yogamom yogaoutside yogamama

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Life Goals

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Comment from Wes:

A great book to get you started in any endeavor. The book focuses on resistance and how we let it control us instead of us controlling it. Mental battle type stuff. motivational selfhelp selfhelpbooks innerstrength

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Jessica Borja


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Looks like I'm going to be here for a whiiiillleeeeeeeee 😩😑 On a brighter note, our citrus press is the bomb!!! pigroastprep lifeanditslimes pigroast2017 pigroastshenanigans innerstrength iholdthepower .... ihope lol 😅

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Slowly getting there ♿️💪🏽🤙🏽 wheelchairT4completespinalcordinurynippledownhencenoabbscoremusscleplentyofmentalstrenghthinnerstrengthfitnessmotivationdedicationcommitmenthardworkgymlifeswimlifefeelinggoodchangedmylifenevergiveuplovemygirllifehappinessproud

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