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Showcasing Daniel Chan, Fitness Best Elites - Pilates Instructor of the Year To watch a Live pilates class of him teaching a student, as well as interview with lailawhite_pib, please visit:

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Anybody else is dreaming of this right now? propeak snow snowfall powder guiding instructor instructorlife japan hokkaido niseko trees treeruns powdermagazine guiding lesson travel tourist tourism

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Winter Sports


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👏congrats to the new Level 2 ski instructors in queenstown! ski skiing skiinstructor skiinstructorcourse instructorlife success level2 newzealand nzsia winter thisisthelife congratulations

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maldives biyadhoo scuba instructorlife

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Diana Rosario


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My partner and I!!! amg amgdrivingacademy china beijing a45 instructorlife ilovemyjob

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We often ask groups to set their own goal or target when doing an activity.🎯 What targets/challenges do you set yourself as an instructor or is this something that is overlooked? 🤔🤔🤔 instructor instructorlife instructor101 explore adventure kaizen coach learn development training myjob work author authorsofinstagram levelup gold fish water target goals

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♛king kaely


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benchpress 5-3-1 1x5 75% 1x3 85% 1x2 PR 95% 30kg . shoulderpress 5-3-1 1x5 75% 1x3 85% 1x2 PR 95% 25kg . Followed by pushups 5x10 alt. with trxhighrow 5x10 . . Sadly there's not enough time for me to do any conditioning today☹️ . . . kkaelyzii kaelyXwork strength mass instructorlife cyclinginstructor barreinstructor functionaltrainer weightlifting calisthenics yogi girlswholift pressday fitness bkk healthyliving happyfriday friyay

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level3workshop snowboarding instructorlife snowboard yeti ツロア ohakune

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Lucy Mills


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Sweet Berry Probiotic Parfait Jar from farmacyuk . House made probiotic cashew yoghurt, fresh berries and chia berry jam with sprouted buckwheat granola.

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Johan Niska


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Swedish summer ❄️ climbing mountains moutainlife montaineering instructorlife guidelife moutainlife outdoors adventure tarfala tindeberg_se

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Lizzy.B 📷 are all my own


Comment from Lizzy.B 📷 are all my own:

SpineMobility with this great feeling little flow and inspiration from the lovely ladies studio_one_tw and their beautiful movement▫️This is such a nice sequence that is perfect for warm up and getting the body and mind ready▫️Thank you for the inspiration 🎥sped up x2 to fit ◾ I decided to see what it would feel like if I do the movement with the light FlexBand added🔹️It works so perfect with the Flex band and can take it from a warm up sequence to a more power sequence🔹️The added resistance of the band makes it a bit harder to stabilise and so makes it more challenging🔹️This is a definite add on to a new favourite of mine🔹️My first time giving it a go with the added resistance so excuse my form, it could better🔹️At the moment I can't round my spine too much because of my injury, especially my lumbar spine (only mild rounding)🔹️Can you spot my weak side? . . . pilates motivate inspire pilatesteacher instructorlife pilateslife bodybypilates stottpilatesinstructor MERRITHEW spinehealth movement matwork bekindtoyourself pilatessouthafrica instapilates instafeelgood positivemind flexbandtotherescue connectbodyandmind functionalmovement practice lookafteryourspine happyspine happybody healthymindandbody studiotime keepbreathing

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✨Nicole Rouwenhorst✨


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Another amazing coredeforcelive class tonight with awesome ladies! 👊🏽💥 . If you haven't made it out to and_dancenorwalk on a Thursday are missing out!! 😉 . Come and check us out every Thursday night at 8pm for some serious stress relief! 💪🏽 . . . coredeforceliveinstructor mmastyleworkout findyourfight fightforit groupfitness adultfitness workitout totalbodyworkout feelinglikeabadass empoweryourself cantfeelmylegs instructorlife ilovemyjob coredeforce teambeachbody coachlife beachbodylive liveyourpassion norwalk lamirada whittier santafesprings

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Reign Uy


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fitness fitnessgym instructors instructorlife

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Hil K


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When Mini Mouse teaches kickboxing...🐭👊🏼

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jenna davis


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Great book by Brett bartholomew. As I near my last years of higher level competition, and I look to a future based in coaching, I look more and more at the needs of the athletes and kids I teach. consciouscoaching taekwondoinstructor instructorlife coachlife alwayslearning fightjourney

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Dianna Falzarano


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It was funny how today timehop reminded me where I was a year ago in my fitness career & today I was able to go to a NYC Fitness meet up, hosted by getondibs, to meet more amazing men & women in the fitness space & be inspired by one another. •• • Thank you so much for hosting such an awesome event with alohamoment ursamajorvt solfireclothing dirtylemon & for having me 😊🔥💃🏻💪🏻•• •

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Spray day 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 instructorlife OC ocspray cstat

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After work picnic at the beach 🌅 sunset picnic beach oceanview curacao livelovelife caribbean romantic passionpassport girlswhotravel instructorlife beachlife happinessiswithyou mygirl datenight

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Erika Cruz


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Third Squad killing it as always! 💪🏼👊🏼 . . These Corporals are doing amazing and improving day by day and are making me realize more and more everyday why I do what I do! . . squadgoals forreal AF thirdsquad combatresupply corporalscourse instructorlife marines NCOs wheresfirstsquad wheressecondsquad wheresfourthsquad weup

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Michelle Leroux


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Anyone else super obsessed with their applewatch ?! I was busy today!! (And that's not even including the hour I didn't wear it while paddle boarding) instructorlife keepmoving motivation

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