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Mmmm. - jessie πŸŽ‰ ✨ 🌺 ✨ 🌺 ✨ 🌺 feminism equality intersectional blacklivesmatter lgbt loveislove safehaven rights nodapl

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It's my bday!!~🐍 β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ saga lgbt feminism blacklivesmatter prochoice genderqueer agender gynesexual pride blackpride feminist intersectionalfeminism intersectional queer nonbinary activism equality mentalillness lesbian gay bisexual transgender asexual pansexual poly ftm mtf crushgenderroles doublestandards blackhistorymonth

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"Bell" by Samantha Cohen $49.00 8"x10" Print, framed Available for purchase online (link in bio). Live in Portland, OR? DM or e-mail to arrange a local sale and pick-up. All proceeds benefit the Safe Harbor Art Program at SAFES.

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(Repost courtesy letsfeminism ) ABSOLUTELYFUCKINGACCURATE!!!! TERF are NOT welcome; this feminist is transinclusive al-πŸ‘πŸ½-ways! If you're feminism isn't intersectional, it's shit and we need to part ways because that's not what I'm about. ✌🏽️ transinclusive intersectional yesallwomen

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Intersectional or Nothing


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kendricklamar dtphx blm love instagood femme feminism feminist guerillafeminism guerillafeminist woman blackgirlmagic womensrights womensrightsarehumanrights lgbtq love girlpower ratchetfeminist ratchet intersectionalfeminism intersectional pussypower pussyriot hrc bodypositive blacklivesmatter

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The Dickoupage Project


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The best part about being an intersectional feminist is knowing I don't have all the answers and looking for them by speaking with other women and poc. Regram from femifreq. sexism feminism feminist intersectionalfeminist intersectionalfeminism intersectional intersectionality allinclusive allinclusivefeminism allinclusivefeminist girlpower bodypositivity intersectionalbodypositivity allinclusivebodypositivity ladypower womenareawesome womenhavepower selfesteem equality catcalling predator sexualpredator whyineedfeminism prochoice rape rapeculture

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ew, making jokes about white supremacy or incest like they aren't actual problems in the world 😷😷😷😷😷

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Media representation of black victims is awful, while white rapists, murderers and terrorists get called 'lone wolf's, 'star athletes' or 'lonely student's. . . . sexandveg intersectionalfeminism intersectional feministblog feminism feminists girlsruntheworld equalityforall equality powertothepeople punchanazi2k17 womensmarch blm lgbtq equalrights activism socialjustice feminismisforeverybody blm equality whiteterrorists lonewolfs representation

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ur intersectional mother


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β˜…β˜… emma & kam & ayesha


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β˜…β˜… This!! Is so!!!! Fucking important!!!! -KamπŸ’‘ β˜…β˜… feminismfeministlgbtintersectionalblacklivesmatterprochoiceequalitypocwocpridestopculturalappropriationsexismableismracismwomensrightspwdoppressionprivilegediscriminationbodypositivitygaylesbianpanacemasculinefemininewomentransgender ❕Follow our backup account lettucefeminism!❕

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Taboo Yaaddd gyol (her)πŸ’•


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Black men honestly need to stop. Learn to start fucking respect black woman. A black woman decided to have a photo shoot with her son as a bonding tool and to showcase and take confidence in her body and teach her son confidence as well maybe and it had to be a black man who had to be fucking disrespectful and just plain stupid. How is nudity equivalent to him being feminine or someone "turning him into a bitch", since when women own nudity? I thought we all had skin under our clothes?? And why does it always have to be black men perpetrating the social construct of a "slut" or a "whore" onto black women but they come back in songs talking bout "them Kylie Jenner lips"? BOIIII IF YOU DONT. I can't believe it's 2017 and yall still at it with misogyny. corey_holcomb

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It's because he doesn't wanna show up on the terror watch list πŸΈβ˜•οΈ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Femisism blacklivesmatter islamophobia intersectionalfeminism equality equalrights activism queer lgbtrights lgbtpride lgbtqia genderidentity equalrights equalrightsmovement intersectional pride religion religionofpeace politics polititians politicallycorrect genderqueer queerrights

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chopsueybooks might be my favorite bookshop down here in richmond. riseup resist fucktrump feminism civilrights blacklivesmatter intersectional rva activism latergram

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Girl Power Supply πŸ”Œ


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If you haven't already, do the world a favor and go see I Am Not Your Negro. It's an emotional, profound exploration of our society's systemic racism. Remember, the patriarchy is not just about men β€” it's also (arguably primarily) about whiteness. But even if you're white, you can still help to smash that shit. Start by seeing movies like this, because there's no such thing as too woke. πŸ‘

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You don't have to change who you are for someone else be who you want to be 🌰_______________________________________________feminist intersectional prochoice lgbtqia lgbt antihate antitrump lovewins activism equality probodypositivity antidiscrimination loveislove lgbtpride feminism lovetrumpshate love impeachthemall 4moreyears feministcancer pansexual lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer asexual aromantic intersex feminisimiscancer

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Taboo Yaaddd gyol (her)πŸ’•


Comment from Taboo Yaaddd gyol (her)πŸ’•:

Ok,so I don't mean to derail this post because seperationofchurchandstate is important but I just want highlight that this doesn't happen in Jamaica at all. In social studies class they would tell us that we are a "democracy" based upon the fact that we can vote (may I remind you that Arab Islamic states do have some voting rights)but they don't tell us about our electoral office in school and that they actually decide. However, I have never seen my country as a democracy, it has always been a theocracy to me especially given that some of our laws like the buggery law which forbids people from having anal sex and the anti abortion laws which prohibits females from having abortions no matter what the case be. CHURCHS HAVE DECIDED THOSE LAWS FOR US AND MOST OF OUR LAWS FROM THE BIBLE. Not only is the laws Christian based but also every organisation in the country tbh especially schools. PUBLIC SCHOOLS. There are atheist like me in the public schooling system who frankly don't want to hear it because I should have freedom from religion, there are muslims at our school and jewish students who I don't believe should be forced to hear or participate in worship that is not of their religion. It's become so normal it's annoying and nobody sees how disrespectful and unconstitutional it is to have your religion pushed in the faces of students in the public school. I'm not saying YOUR CHILD can't wear THEIR cross necklace and bible , I'm just saying that we should not have churches deciding our laws because it's not going to cover everyone in the country as we can see with the buggery law and the anti abortion laws and I'm just saying that we should have a religion free public schooling system because people are not religious and not of your religion. IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR THEN THANK YOUπŸ’• WHEN AND IF THIS ACCOUNT GETS BIG I'LL TRY TO PLAN PROTEST AGAINST THIS.

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Alex Kolyszko


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After careful consideration, Tolkien's universe is a true epitomization of Europe. The Hobbit - his tales and journies through World War I, is heavily contrasted with the Lord of the Rings which was his take on world War II (he finished the trilogy in 48), and at that point he must have also realized his ability to monetize his careful illustration of history. This photo above also endorses the fact that he wish he was raised and born in Great Britain because of his disillusion of England being the best nation on the planet (what an asshole ha) thoughts thinking critical intersectional lordoftherings thehobbit tolkien fragilemasculinity bemindful iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer books reading wow thoughtprovoking

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Feminist Acc πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ


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Ugh I want to see Hamilton but moneyyy (also Emma pls don't hate me for posting this) ~ Alice 🌻 feminist feminism everydaysexism sexism fucktrump intersectionalfeminism intersectional intersectionalfeminist bodypositivity prochoice prolgbt humanrights blacklivesmatter neurology blackwomenmatter womensrights womensrightsarehumanrights mybodymychoice feminismforall nastywoman blackhistorymonth

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Trump has now removed national guidelines for schools that protect trans students. This law means trans bodies are once again marginalised and criminalised for merely existing. The issue is not about bathrooms, it's about institutionalised transphobia. This man does not understand human rights and most people just don't care enough when an issue doesn't directly affect them, which by the way, is the definition of privilege. You don't have to be an activist but when you silence or dismiss the marginalised just because it doesn't concern you, there's a huge problem. Supporting trans lives means more than written / verbal support and aesthetic decoration. ProtectTransKids means giving trans migrants, the homeless, the disabled, the poor, black, brown and the 41% of trans youth who have attempted suicide the right to exist in public spaces. It means giving these marginalised groups platforms, resources, health care and an equal chance at life. Honestly so fucking sick of watching this buffoon realdonaldtrump and his administration signing away peoples' human rights and safety. If you want to donate, there are thousands of gofundme's you can donate to. Donate to your local centre, donate to the Trans Lifeline and Trans Law Centre. If you know of any more ways to help please post below. support protect love fuckthisshit fucktrump trans transgender transawareness stopthehate revolt resist protecttranslives supporttrans protecttransyouth transrights genderidentity transequality minorities intersectional feminism intersectionalfeminism equality inequality humanrights bullying lgbt lgbtq lgbtqia protecteachother

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zi πŸπŸ‘„πŸ’…πŸΎπŸ’„πŸ‘‘πŸŽ¨


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because there's no wrong way to be a woman. because my feminism is intersectional.

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