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Comment from Aj:

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AMA Chebotareva


Comment from AMA Chebotareva:

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Comment from Wren_poetess:

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Comment from CESAR ORDOÑEZ:

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Bruno Bozon


Comment from Bruno Bozon:

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Wives In Waiting, Official


Comment from Wives In Waiting, Official:

Isaiah 59:21 “And as for me, this is my covenant with them,” says the LORD: “My Spirit that is upon you, and my words that I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouth of your offspring, or out of the mouth of your children’s offspring,” says the LORD, “from this time forth and forevermore.”

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IAMTessa aka @selfcareissacred


Comment from IAMTessa aka @selfcareissacred:

<♓️🌙🌊April 23 - With the Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Venus in Pisces - some of you may be on a high with the intensity, depth and magical beauty of romantic and business collaborations - and the Mystery of Embodying the Feminine. If these experiences are grounded in reality, great - if not - you might want to sit under a tree and grab a piece of paper and pen and scrutinize your choices. This is especially true for the next 24 hours. Some of you will have intense spiritual experiences, the tendency (or test whether) to romanticize/ pedestalize/ merge/ escape as you meet old ghosts from your relationships and your relationship with the Feminine aspect of the Self. Old, aching wounds surrounding vulnerability, abandonment, feeling victimized, feeling unworthy and alone may also come up. Know this this feeling is temporary and it is an illusion (no matter how it real may seem). You always loved. You are always connected with the Source. You are always the most beautiful embodiment of that energy that you can be at this time. You have nothing to be ashamed of or to compare yourself to as your beauty is innate and absolutely 100% unique. Read that out loud in a mirror (substitute pronouns as appropriate) if you feel the need to. Hugging a piece of rose quartz and/or rhodocrosite and/or rhodonite and/or unakite will be of use in this regard. Karmic connections may seem more appealing at this time but remember that just because you may have a sense of history or familiarity with someone - you do not need to revisit a karmic cycle with them. Not everything that you feel is as it appears to be owing to the Piscean influence and the fact that Mercury is Retrograde as well. So navigate wisely - especially over the next 24 hours. It´ll be rough seas for some of you - others will use this energy to move through the veil of illusion in search of a more transcendent truth. And others will simply seek to escape it all. If feeling vulnerable, get a blanket fort and/or seeking out people who are both able and willing to hold space for you. 👇👇👇🌎🌎🌎

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Chante Truscott


Comment from Chante Truscott:

It. Is. Well.

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Comment from hozumi®👼🏽📱🖤👉🏽:

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Comment from hozumi®👼🏽📱🖤👉🏽:

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Vilora Marshman


Comment from Vilora Marshman:

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stefano Vergari


Comment from stefano Vergari:

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Jaivanth Selvakumar


Comment from Jaivanth Selvakumar:

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Comment from sexy_bitch.69:

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Comment from B E I N G L O V E:

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Comment from Aj:

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Eden Adele


Comment from Eden Adele:

God morning, Passionators! Congratulations! You made it! One more chance to rise to love. That means there's love left for you to give and there's somebody else who needs YOUR love. Now YOUR job is to find them. No worries. They're looking for you, too. LoveFreely satisfillment passionator couplesgoalsmotivation intimacy intimate relationshipgoals relationshipquotes relationships relationshipproblems relationship relationshiprules relation relations relationshipmemes relationshiptips relationshipcoach relationshipstatus relationships101 relationshipquote relationshipfacts relationshipgoal relationshipposts relationshipadvice relationshipissues relationshipsayings relationshipfacts relationshipstruggles intimately ilivefresh

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Photographer | Mallorca, Spain


Comment from Photographer | Mallorca, Spain:

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Pillow Play App


Comment from Pillow Play App:

When lifeisbusy we forget to remember the good times, To look back and reminisce about specialmoments from our relationships together. Don't miss out on that, See how good it feels for yourself with PillowPlay reachout reconnect intimacy memories couples lovetech relationships couplegoals itsgoodtotalk coupletime togethertime youandme intimacyis iloveyou together pillowplayapp

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Dressed by G


Comment from Dressed by G:

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