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Join us for Sunday service at House Of Bread Church this morning from 9am Viva Towers on the 9th floor. Come EXPECTANT! Below is a glimpse of yesterday's devotion by Pastor Isaac Mallonga (click on link in Bio for Full devotion) Day 12 Scripture: Exodus 25:17-22. Is your spirit densely saturated with sweet incense of worship in anticipation of meeting with Him and speaking with him? In our times, this is no longer an act of once per year, nor should congratulate yourself that at least you do it once per week on Sundays. Remember that's cooperate. What is the ambience of your spirit.. Selah Prayer (Song) Lord prepare me, To be a Sanctuary, Pure and Holy, Tried and true, with Thanksgiving, I'll be a living, Sanctuary for you. #HouseOfBread #HouseOfBreadChurch #EnglishService #SundayService #HOBprays #HOB #40DaysOfPrayer #DailyDevotion #FocusOnGod #Intimacy #KingdomMindset #LoversOfHisPresence #LoversOfTheWord #RIOTorg #TheBlessingFactor #GreaterLife

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Today was totally dedicated to the Woman! 💁🏾The absolute highlight of the day was attending @buildandbrunch's #BrownBodies brunch, having an open and intimate conversation about the female body image within the Black community. There was so much freedom to discuss how the world sees us and most importantly how we see ourselves. Through the laughs and tears, we learned how to let our light shine and make room for love and healing in the future. (Check out my #InstaStory for a few clips!) I would say today was a SatHERday well spent! 💁🏾💁🏿💁🏽 #BlackGirlMagic #WomensEmpowerment

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The picture on the left from the pg of @aamoratwinstarseed art work by @samarel_art) picture on the right ( @wildlunaviolet ) beautiful pics from different Instagram pages and artist.  Side by side  they remind me of #thebiggerpicture the #beforeandafter the #aftermath.  Receiving comes from  the feminine energy source and is very powerful.  In most sexual acts between male and female the women receives the man.  When you are single your body belongs to you.  Once you enter a union your #body belongs to you and your partner.  Not everyone can have #sex without an emotional attachment.  And honestly that is sign that you long for something #deeper.  Sex isn't interchangeable with #intimacy.  For many a #night of passion can lead to #years of pain. #feminineenergy #masculineenergy #ebbandflow #ebbandflowmethod #youareworthit #relationships #relationshipgoals #selflove #women #men #meditateonthis #yingyang #single #love #relationshipquotes

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