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Comment from francoise:

You're my refuge and my strength.. echoesfrommybelly ineedatimeout

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David Seitz Photography


Comment from David Seitz Photography:

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Rossana Sida M.S., MFTI


Comment from Rossana Sida M.S., MFTI:

Focus on the feelings associated with the issue NOT the content of the issue. Their feelings can never be wrong because they are theirs. Quote: louisckofficial

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Comment from mrsadawson:

Mornings alone with God and my husband is such a beautiful and special time! ❤️🙏🏼☕️📖 Dear God, Thank You for the hope we have for the future. Thank You for giving my husband and I dreams and desires. Thank You for the time my husband and I share when we goal set. I submit our goals to You and I ask that we are flexible with them so that we fulfill Your will for our lives and not just our own desires. Guide us Lord. I pray for Your will to be done as we set goals and achieve them in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Antwan L. Herron


Comment from Antwan L. Herron:

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Comment from saraaa:

"Ma a volte basta essere vivi per 48 h"

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Jose Santiago Perez


Comment from Jose Santiago Perez:

Touching Brown. Holding Brown. Touched by brown. Held by brown. Morning brown.

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Sandra Llusà


Comment from Sandra Llusà:

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The Guilty Secret


Comment from The Guilty Secret:

✌💁No you cannot eat my box🐈🙅 Not on a cot, or on a yacht🙅No I don't want to chill, Trust I won't call🗣🙅There isn't a line you can say that still won't hide the fact that 👏YOUR 👏 D🍆CK👏 IS 👏 STILL 👏 SMALL👏✌- Pettica De'la Savage Returns💅 | Who can relate? | Shop Now 👉Link in Bio & Save 30% off w/code: send30nudes🙌🙌

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Comment from WORD∆STAINS:

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Comment from Megs:

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Melissa A. Troutman


Comment from Melissa A. Troutman:

Truth: I've never been confident in my own skin, for reasons that are buried so far beneath the surface I can hardly find them. I'm blessed with so much, so why should I have these fears or care so much about others' acceptance? Part nature, part nurture I suppose. We are pack animals...we live in a shallow culture... . . My biggest obstacle to shedding this old skin - a lie shaped like love. "Love" that wears masks, shuns truth, would rather you keep your feelings, thoughts, desires and dreams in the dark. False love, false advertising, false words - a farce of a life. Anything that keeps me from myself, keeps me covered up and hiding, must go. . . . lettinggo selflove thoughts diggingdeep baresoul bareskin naturalbeauty shineyourlight truth spirituality connecting intimacy findingtruth comingout bodypositive nofear

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Rissy: Island 🏝Love ❤️Queen👸🏽


Comment from Rissy: Island 🏝Love ❤️Queen👸🏽:

We're going back to where our love story all began!! charlie_ervin 13 years of love, passion and intimacy!! Anniversary in full effect!!! 😜💋🚘 anniversary summerlove roadtrip romance intimacy romantic love fun sunshine family familygoals

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Joelle Page


Comment from Joelle Page:

In case you forgot. I still love beards-N-tatts. That is all. HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL!!! 🤗🌆✌🏻😎 beards tattoos men sexy art relationshipgoals king queen love life intimacy fridayfeels BOOM

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Comment from SenseMax:

What's on your agenda for the weekend? 😏🔥SenseVibe friyay

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Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode


Comment from Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode:

Why Evolve Event - The online Intimacy Training Workshop for Married Women? I have been there. Where the intimacy part is the last thing I want to think about or get into. In my relationship. I love all the other aspects of companionship. The intimacy part was a No! No!! I froze at the lightest touch. I gave but was not there. I felt sorry for my hubby. I love my husband & want mutual satisfaction, is this possible? Whereas, Joke's own concern is her hubby not really caring for her needs... Its all about his. She has tried various methods to get him to see reason to no avail. She remains in silent suffering of living an unsatisfied life. How does she do this and have her dream relationship? Ngozi has it tough, she hasn't been intimate in months. Abandoned... She wants her hubby back in her arms. How can she get her hubby back? Jumaima doesn't want to hubby to feel is a loose woman. She wants more adventure. So is Kate, who believes her thoughts are devilish because they are sexual. Things she will want her hubby and herself to do together. How can they both communicate this need or desire without felling like a loose woman? Itunu has done all. Learnt to be adventurous, offer herself like a lamb on the slaughter tab... Do things she knows will make her mum shudder to keep her husband. Yet the man is a philanderer. What can she do? Yes to all the above. It is possible I am a living witness I am a living testifier And I am opportune to see other marriages awake to another dimension of joy, happiness, peace and love This is about You What do you want? To participate, go register (link also in Bio) You can't afford to miss this package. Original prize is $50 (N18,000). However I am welcoming you to the other half of 2017. I believe colourful times are ahead! Class is going for 80% discount at a token of $10 or N3600 Date & Time: July 28. 7pm Sincerely, Dr. Princess Sexuality Minister I talk sex to save lives & families (Me in picture , rocking my new haircut... Hope you like it) intimacy marriage women sexuality sexualityminister talkingsexconcerns training workshop online happiness peace romance

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Oren Harris


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Comment from catheartsis:

Sometimes I think of you and wonder if you think of me It seems we skated around and chickened out of an opportunity To bypass our fears and grow Into something more.. than an idea A connection obstructed by the walls constructed To protect fragile hearts.. The ones that became Jaded and caged in That feel broken.. yet beat hard Yearning to move on from scars of the past As much as I attempt to reject it This curiosity Resides in me and I wonder what 'we' Could have been Or.. 'could be' And as much as I try to forget it My subconscious seems to be Interjected with dreams That 'you' and 'me' Being undeniably.. Connected 💭💔👣 love lovers soulmate feminine masculine fear hope dreams humancondition connection disconnection denial insecurity broken fragile hopeful curious intimacy relationship poetry instapoem poetsofinstagram alternativereality paralleluniverse subconscious conscious whatif wondering lostsouls lonelyhearts

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KodaSnow Pike


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Eden Adele


Comment from Eden Adele:

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