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Rosey Hope a/k/a Eyes


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If you trust your partner intimately with complete certainty, submission wouldn't sound like such a dirty word.... ● ● ● Her story... listentomyheart mywordsonpaper talktome mypen singtome midnightpoetry shortstory spilledink mylove mypoems mypoetry writer poems mysoul poetry igpoetry mythoughts mylifesong myheart poet mywords writingtosavemylife intimacy trust submission

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Alexia de Luca


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"In a world Full of Temporary things You Are a Perpetual feeling."

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Easter Adhi A.


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PHOTO CONTEST SWN 📷 . Shallom, blessed people!! 👩🏻 Puji Tuhan udah H-31 SWN 5 😆 Buat kamu yang rindu jadi saluran berkat lewat posting igmu, yuk ikut Photo Contest SWN!! 💞 . RULE 💥 1. Wajib follow ig SWN Indonesia (swn_indonesia) 2. Foto yang diupload menggambarkan keintimanmu dengan Tuhan. 3. Foto boleh dilakukan sendiri maupun bersama orang banyak. 4. Tag foto ke ig SWN Indonesia. 5. Wajib jawab pertanyaan ini di caption "Kenapa kita harus memilih fotomu untuk menjadi juara?" 6. Menggunakan frame yang disediakan oleh panitia. 7. Foto paling lambat diupload sebelum tanggal 20 April 2017. . STEP 👣 1. Buka profil ig SWN Indonesia, klik link yang tertera pada bio. 2. Save png yang tersedia pada drive untuk ditempelkan pada foto yang akan diupload. 3. Pilih foto yang menggambarkan keintiman dengan Tuhan beserta logo SWN 5. 4. Tag ig swn_indonesia, sertakan caption berisi jawaban pertanyaan. 5. Upload fotomu di instagram. . NOTE 💭 1. Sistem penilaian 100% pure dari juri, bukan berdasarkan kepada like terbanyak. 2. Juri akan memilih dua pemenang dengan kategori foto terbaik dan jawaban terbaik (atas pertanyaan yang tertulis pada rule nomor 5). 3. Pemenang akan diumumkan pada tanggal 27 April 2017, saat event SWN 5 sedang berlangsung. . Gimana guys? Gampang kan? So, tunggu apa lagi? 😉 . intimacy swn5 studentworshipnight eventsolo

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Comment from Lesha:

Aha moment: There were moments when I couldn't sleep in my bed alone in my 20s and 30s, moments of solitude I resisted. It was a phase in my life when my body and spirit was like a cup never able to be filled because of the gaping hole looming in my soul. All of the affection or trust or connection or intimacy or sex or giggles I sought out was not enough to fill what only a deep sense of care and selflove could. As a result, I ended up connecting with the wrong folks, letting in some dangerous energy, and hurting people along the way. One day late last year, I realized I was finally good alone - just me and my fears, longings and memories. No need for quick fixes, superficial friendships, desire for momentary solutions to a bigger problem of self-lovelesness. And now my dance with intimacy is different. If anything, intimate connection to another complements the connection I feel to myself, which means I'm more thoughtful about who I connect with, why and how. Growth and lessonslearned make all the difference.

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Comment from LoveDare365:

Day 80

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Life Of Love Affirmations


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Alessandra Lemelle


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Pure stream of consciousness


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When you appreciate yourself, it becomes easy to appreciate someone else for his or her gifts too. This occurs when you feel comfortable in your own skin, you give yourself the space to celebrate and feel comfortable about someone else. . This is when a beautiful connection takes place between yourself and another human being. When they see your good feeling towards them, they’ll reciprocate in kind and can do more than you expect. . Double tap 🔲 🔲 if you're ready to watch miracles happen when appreciate yourself and thereby connect with that good feeling towards other people. 👇👇 . Tag your friends 💝😀💘 . For more great inspiration do the following: . ✳️ 🔘 follow 🔘 clear_mind_coach 💡😀💡 . ✳️ Like 5 pics 👍👌 . ✳️ Turn on post 🚩notifications so you don't miss our next post❕ 😀 . ✳️ 📅 Click on the link to find out how to make better decisions in all areas of your life from relationships, money and a whole lot more by 📆 booking in for a 15-minute FREE transformative conversation. (Link in Bio) . This will be a great warm up session to see if we can work together and help you get more 💡clarity💡 peace of mind and wellbeing into all areas of your life 😀 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wellbeing forgiveness happiness lifecoach selfawareness inspiredaily wisdom smallbusiness successful personaldevelopment personalgrowth selfhelp selfdevelopment relationships inspireothers intimacy love communication story goodfriends motivational hope resilience confidence success believeinyou acceptance selfgrowth empowerment

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ArinaManta (FitDolls)


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True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen. Intense feeling of deep affection. love affection fondness tenderness warmth intimacy adoration passion desire besottedness friendship kindness unselfishness

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Comment from J.:

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this position? bdsmcommunity bdsm bdsmlife love dom little ddlg daddydom cute intimacy

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Jessica Christianson


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L.T. Robinson | Author 📚


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and he said... don't be afraid to use me I'm here to be a conduit of pleasure - sit up top me slide my length between your lips expand your walls let me measure how deep I can go before I hit that spot I'll lie here while you wine your waist, grind those hips, bounce that ass, suck me further in you - crush me into your body - shame is unwelcome shyness is prohibited silence is restricted and you cumming on multiple occasions is the only way to satisfy this craving - Platform. Muse: filmic1 blackandbrownmanlove behindtheink addhenny

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Augustus Christopher


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Lead me... . . poet poetry poem poemsofig poetsofig poetsofinstagram prose writer writing writersofig writersofinstagram relationship loveletter iggood wordporn spilledink instapoem instapoet love twinflame souls soulmate wordgasm intimacy igpoets igpoet cliffs despair heartbreak

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Tenika /Tuh-nee-ka/


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Pisces season. pisces love balance intuition intelligence food fun loyalty freedom friends goodlovin intimacy chill goodtimes art challenge flow

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Stone Erotix


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Logie Pogie Tv


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Walls keep everybody out. Boundaries teach people where the door is. -Mark Groves boundaries intimacy totempole intomeisee envisionfestival logiepogietv ✨🌴💗🐒

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Comment from S X M B R A:

. . . . . . . cyberpunk cybergoth cyberghetto cybertech aesthetics healthgoth goth virtual intimacy psychedelic cyberspace scifi dystopia future fashion transhumanism emotional cyborg spacebar tecart avantgarde

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I know what it's like to not have sex with your partner for a very long time. I had very long dry spells. It would be 4 months....8 months....6 months...... Yeah I counted. I was in a nine year relationship and the last few years we didn't have much sex. I was in denial most of the time. Yeah we loved each other. But inside I was dying. It was painful for me. I'm here thinking of the conversations I have with women. Their stories were mine. I totally get it. I used to say the same thing. Finding excuses and justifications on why we weren't fucking. I felt rejected....unloved...undesirable When all I wanted was the fuck. What I mean about the fuck? Being taken into full surrender, ecstatically losing my self into other dimensions, letting go of my ego and forgetting this identity remembering the I am in me in eternal bliss, being in communion with my beloved God with heart-opening, mind-blowing, full body orgasms becoming the big orgasm. Sex is a sacred and spiritual practice. And so good for our wellbeing. So to have had experienced lack of sex and intimacy in my life before and other women experiencing it right now, is to be blocked to your own growth, creativity and the flow of abundance. There are so many people in relationships who are not having the sex they want or reaching their full sexual potential. For many reasons, lack of passion, time, energy, etc. but if you focused and took your sex and sexuality more seriously with discipline, no control and diving deep into the realms of eros, your life and your world would open up to you. If you're interested in diving deep with me 1:1 or want to join my fierce ladies in my slut program, book your call with me to see if it's a fit. tantra relationships intimacy love loveyourself passion pleasure

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Comment from Christine:

"There is no intimacy without vulnerability" yogapants yogaeverydamnday quotestoliveby selfportrait vulnerability intimacy

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