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Travis James Peacock


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It's not the smile on your face that matters, but the smile in your heart that makes the difference! ptsd angryallthetime anxiety anxietysucks depression veteran iraqveteran oifveteran 22aday iwillwin invisiblewounds crazy emotional hurt help nerd navy

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Sitrin Health Care Center


Comment from Sitrin Health Care Center:

This week, uticacomets sharp-shooters tdemko30 carcyshow89 and John Negrin visited sitrinhealthcare to practice some adaptive shooting with local veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan. sitrin uticacomets uticacometshockey adaptiveshootingny adaptivesports iraqveteran afghanistanveteran

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M I K E M U L L A L Y~~22 MHC


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flexfriday I don't think I've ever posted a Flex Friday Calf Muscle before. The other day I was looking down at my calves and said, "DAMN!!!" I guess this was a muscle area I never really paid attention to. Tag me in your flexitfriday photo! 22mhcmike getsome bringit calfmuscles

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Former Uh60-driver


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If you don't know the meaning or experienced "death by PowerPoint" then keep doing what you're doing in life. 8 long hours of powerpoint presentations with the guy in charge of it taking it a little to serious. So to stay awake you need the combatvet cocktail, caffeine in the shape of a monsterenergy (no sugar speedo season is coming up!!!) and water. You stay awake and hydrated and you have to go to the bathroom. No one ever fell asleep (sober) with a full bladder. Here Endeth the Lesson-

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karimerivera كريمي ريڤيرا


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tbt Desert Sailor for life! Iraq 2008 photo by my battle buddy micmouse84 Missing the steaks nights at the DFAC. desertsailor iraqveteran iraq usnavy navygirl oif 2008 usnavy us_navy_pics deployment seabees seabee usnavyseabees

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Amy Ibrahim👱So. California😎


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I know, I just know when my husband has not been following his plexus regimen. 1. He S N O R ES more.💣 2. His lower mood👎 3. He complains about his knees and shoulders hurting more☇(Iraq War Veteran) Side note: He has also told me he has good dreams instead of bad dreams. He may not know, but I know and when I question him if he has been taking his probiotic and drinking his pink drink he has to think about it 🤔 which means NO! Coincidence?? I don't think so... Plexus works 💯 DM me for more info 👉👉linkinbio weknow quittersleepforme

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Daniel Torres


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Iraq, 2009 1/7 A co. marines grunts 1/7 animal 0311 gruntlife iraq veterans vet iraqveteran

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Comment from artofrainey:

This is a special post over a year in the making. Roy came to me last year and told me his story, he was injured as the only survivor in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq, and lost his tattoos while suffering severe burns throughout his body. Most every other tattooer refused to tattoo him out of fear of it not healing at all, and after giving it a try he's now tattooed and decorated all over! Roy has become a great friend and our experience is constantly inspiring, and I'm so grateful to have met such a strong and shining soul! Sometimes you shouldn't listen to fear based lies and beautiful things happen. Tattoos are not just superficial, they are medicine 💙 tattoo iraqveteran iraqveteransagainstthewar friends inspiration denvertattoo blackandgrey blackandgreytattoo healing denverartist tattooedveteran ladytattooer

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new days!


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2-14 GOLDEN DRAGONS! 10th Mountain Div. Jan 06 to May 09 10thmountaindivision army veteran combatveteran ptsd ptsdawareness brotherhood brothersinarms iraqandafghanistanveteransofamerica iraqveteran afghanistanveteran armylife americafirst usa🇺🇸

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🌟 C o m r a d e S l i m 🌟


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But please do tell us again of your JROTC adventures! 👌 FuckTrump . . ComradeSlim FTW StarterPack FuckYouIHaveFriends maga excuses tactical camo 666 army military supportourtroops makeamericagreatagain notmypresident nofascism tacticalgear ROTC camouflage ar15 pewpewlife veterans combatveteran IraqVeteran afghanistanveteran vetsagainsttrump pewpew pewpewlife

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Andrew Farr


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optelic 14yearsago wheresitgone iraqveteran 2003

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Matt Smith


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14yrs ago tonight. Iraq iraqwar alfaw bubiyanisland 29cdo iraqveteran war commando

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😂😂😂🖕🏽 your study 🕺🏿🕺🏿 soldier iraqveteran army beallthatyoucanbe

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We can never just take a "normal" photo 😬😂 lake pier lighthouse ice camo hunting vacation springbreak gruntstyle usa america twentyfifthinfantry fortwainwright fortwainwrightalaska infantry army sdm elevenbravo oif iraqveteran combatveteran bestie

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Comment from Troy:

With heavy hearts I received the tragic news that an old friend, fellow officer had passed away during a training exercise. I met this wonderful lad during my time as young 2nd lieutenant during the basic course for Air Defense Artillery officers. Brian was true officer and prime example of gentlemen which he lived the embodiment . From there we went our ways preparing for Iraq, Brian Stillman would be deployed ahead of me and as it turn out I was his RIP/TOA (relief in place/ transfer authority) when I arrived in country. May God be with him and his family. I'll see you again old friend until Valhalla,RIP Captain Brian Stillman, Air Defense Artillery, US ARMY via OHIO National Guard. captain armyofficer RIP armystrong ohio ohionationalguard valhalla iraqveteran operationnewdawn ondveteran 🇺🇸👍🏽🤙🏽

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Ari Contreras


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This is badass! 11 years ago, 2006 Iraq was my first deployment with the 101st airborne and we were doing work during this month and my spring break was awesome! resilience awesome badass killing takingnames usmc marines usnavy usaf iraq iraqveteran oif oifveteran 101stairborne screamingeagle springbreak usa usa🇺🇸

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🔫Jamie🔫 |ollllo|


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You might be a veteran if you once lived off of rip its! ripits veteran outofstock armylife veteranlife iraqveteran

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Comment from IAVA:

Repost arlingtonnatl ・・・ It's K-9 Veterans Day! Staff Sgt. Bently, a military working dog with the 947th Military Police Detachment, poses for a quick photo inside Arlington National Cemetery's Welcome Center. Bently has been serving with the MP detachment for more than four years. He is a veteran of Iraq, having deployed in 2015 with a Special Reaction Team. Bently and his handler, Sgt. Cory Wolfle, are stationed on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and provide security support within Arlington National Cemetery. Thank you to Bently and all K-9 veterans for your service! K9 militaryworkingdog arlingtonnationalcemetery theoldguard K9VeteransDay dogsofig dogs dogsofinstgram germanshepherd military army usarmy veteran iraqveteran militarypolice

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Kuwait 2010 Army iraqveteran gwot deployment campbuehring

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Kuwait 2011 Army deployment iraqveteran gwot

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