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Comment from SMH:

Going through my deployment cammies and found this in the right sleeve.. People may not know everything about my life cause I don't bragg for what iv seen or done but this is a 9 line for medvacs for woundedwarriors.. It got so common to call these is on one deployment I had wrote it in my sleeve cause under pressure and stress and sometimes loss of a comrade, your mind isn't always there.. Some had made it, some didn't, the worse part was waiting to find out if they did or not! realtalk nineline combatveteran memorialdayweekend iraqveteran afganveteran

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Comment from ReefFan:

I drink this to those who have fallen. This day is perfect to think about those I'll share memories with but will be unable to create more. fourroses fourroseselliottsselect army iraqveteran afghanistanveteran herosflight cohiba memorialdayweekend cigars

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4/31 INF Iraq Veteran


Comment from 4/31 INF Iraq Veteran:

Foot patrol in Baghdad, Iraq area 2004. CLIMB TO GLORY! 10thmountaindivision iraqveteran

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Comment from Heather:

This is not one of my favorite weekends. It usually brings a lot of frustration that people forget what it's really about. This year I'm trying to be positive about it though. It's not a celebratory weekend, but if people are getting together with family and friends and having a good time...I guess that's part of what we were fighting for. (More pictures were added to this memorial after the photo was taken) 🇺🇸 . . . memorialday memorialdayweekend memorialdayisntaboutbbqs redbulls 1stbct 34thid 34thinfantrydivision 1stbrigadecombatteam fallensoldiers iraq iraqveteran oif operationiraqifreedom fallencomrades rememberthefallen fallenheroes freedomisntfree

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megan avina


Comment from megan avina:

My dudes. HarleyGuys minime bromance memorialDayRideForBuddiesWhoDidntComeHome iraqveteran

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Lex Zellner


Comment from Lex Zellner:

iraqveteran memorialdayweekend

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Comment from Shea:

I will always love the Cavalry braverifles usarmyiraqveteran cavalry

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Kaitlyn Curbo


Comment from Kaitlyn Curbo:

Thinking of Memorial Day and teaching our children to be patriotic. Love and support those who have served and those who are serving! It's so hard to have family go over seas for long periods of time or have family who still have hurt or battle scars from earning their Purple Hearts. I love my cousins, my sister, my father, my uncle, and my grandfathers who served for us. Thank you. You have all my love, support, and respect. family veterans vietnamveterans ww2veteran desertstormveteran iraqveteran supportourvets supportourtroops support love children america unitedstates memorialdayweekend memorialday ussalabama ussalabamabattleship

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Comment from ~~Charles~~:

Fireworks on Memorial Day 2017, formerly known as Decoration Day. We come together to remember the men and women who lost their lives in war. . . . . . . . . . . . . fireworks memorialdayweekend2017 sparkle ❇ uso neverforgetourheroes memorialday expatlife iraqveteran afghanistanveteran telaviv cairoegypt expatindubai expatinkorea decorationday2017 decorationday 1868 wakeup beofservicetoothers lifeisbeautiful helpothers honorthefallen legionofhonor starspangledbanner sacrificeofothers theygave theirsacrifice

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Let's play a game...


Comment from Let's play a game...:

memorialday rememberthefallen currahee bandofbrothers bastognebrigade taps goldstar poppyday poppyday memorialdayeveryday armystrong💪 mwsf CarryTheLoad carrythefallen soldier afghanistanveteran 6foot9 161 hooligans panthers iraqveteran 13fox fister forwardobserver 101 screamingeagles fortcampbell

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Comment from StrongerThanSarcoma:

And just in case you thought Memorial Day was for camping, bbq'ing and picnics- This Memorial Day we remember the brave men and women who have fought for our nation. We remember the ones who didn't return home. We remember the ones wounded. This weekend thank a veteran. Thank a military widow. Thank a veteran's spouse. While you're barbecuing remember to be considerate of those who mourn this weekend. strongerthansarcoma memorialday iraqveteran sarcoma cancer liposarcoma myarmyman veteran thankyou weremember oif operationiraqifreedom redwhiteandblue american

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My Arrow Princess Boutique


Comment from My Arrow Princess Boutique:

mybrother brother military militaryheros respect army iraqveteran michael vincent taylor homeofthebrave landofthefreebecauseofthebrave memorialday memorialdayweekend

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Lindsay Westbrook


Comment from Lindsay Westbrook:

Lake Rats! Happy memorialdayweekend! Remembering all those who served and a Big thanks to bretawestbrook for defending our freedom! iraqveteran armystrong armyranger dutchdominator memorialday cute cutiepie dontgrowup love

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Run For The Wall®


Comment from Run For The Wall®:

Freedom isn't free. Arlington National Cemetery. 🇺🇸 runtothewall runforthewall2017

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Run For The Wall®


Comment from Run For The Wall®:

Rider meeting before FNG's ride into Arlington. What an opportunity! 🇺🇸 runtothewall runforthewall2017

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Max, Dutch and Beth


Comment from Max, Dutch and Beth:

I don't need Memorial Weekend to remind me of you. I miss you everyday!! I wish so bad you were still here. No one can ever replace you! I love you 💕 bestfriend k9handler securityforces airforce gonebutnotforgotten powmia workingdog operationenduringfreedom kuwait iraqveteran bombdog fairchildafb servicedoglove 22aday 22adayistoomany suicideawareness saveourvets veteransuicideawareness veteran veteransupport talktoavet imissyou iloveyou

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Nathan Moreno


Comment from Nathan Moreno:

Self explanatory molliestrong memorialdayweekend forthosewhogaveall combatveterans iraqveteran afghanveteran 22kill

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Comment from Sarah:

neverforget "Because Memorial Day isn't about BBQ's, partying, and the beginning of summer. It's about the men and women that thought of their country before self. Paying the ultimate sacrifice, so you The American People can sleep safe each and every night." mommasisa LCpl Nicholas Hale Anderson KIA 11/12/2004 Al Anbar Province, Iraq I will never forget my childhood best friend. There is not a day I don't think of you Nick. Thank you for your service. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ respect semperfi honorandcourage bandofbrothers memorialday redfriday rip milso milsosupport militarysupport merica veterans iraqveteran usmc usmcvet unitedstates usflag rip kia restinpeace thankyou missyou sacrifice american repost motherslove mothersloveisforever family freedomisntfree oohrah

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Run For The Wall®


Comment from Run For The Wall®:

Today, day 10, we ride All the Way to Washington, D.C.!!! runtothewall runforthewall2017

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Matt Pemberton


Comment from Matt Pemberton:

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