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Shy shy shy bts btsarmy army bighit bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan beautiful rapmonster namjoon vlive ryan seokjin yoongi jhope jimin taehyung jungkook

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Comment from 유카침🐣:

💞 防弾少年団 방탄소년단 BTS jimin 박지민 chimchim cr on pic

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Comment from Sumin:

係糖雞啊❤️❤️❤️❤️糖嘅笑容,真係...🤤想殺死我咩🙂 sugaBTSbangtanboysjhopejungkookjiminjinvtaehyungrapmonster防彈少年團army金泰亨金碩珍金南俊 田柾國朴智旻鄭號錫閔玧其슈가방탄소년단진제이홉랩몬스터지민뷔정국

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BTS | Kim Seokjin | ARMY


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Kelar juga ngedit akhirnyaa :v Yoongi ft Bang jeyop ⚓ Bts Btsedit Btsgs genderswitch army Parkjimin jimin jeonjungkook jungkook kimseokjin seokjin jin kimnamjoon rapmonster minyoongi suga yoongi junghoseok jhope kimtaehyung taehyung v namjin vkook yoonmin sope taejin yoonjin ulzzang

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Comment from bantan.up:

Umach😘 bangtansonyeondan bangtan bts jimin namjun Jin suga jhope v kookie

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A.R.M.Y Jams


Comment from A.R.M.Y Jams:

Time for bed I've been up wayyy to late the last few days lol sending hugs, goodnight a.r.m.y! -☀️🍳 BTS kpop jhope hobie namjoon rapmon rapmonster jungkook V taehyung jin jimin suga yoongi music meme funny cute army btspictures

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전정국 정국 taehyung jin 방탄소년단 우리공주 jeonjungkook jungkook nochu bangtanboys rapmonster bangtansonyeondan bighit kpop goldenmaknae army jimin pardon bts kookie jhope bunny justinseagull suga korea handsomeboys idol kookie

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Comment from _jammless_:

btsmeme bts bangtan seokjin suga jhope rapmonster jimin taehyung jungkook

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Maknae line 🌸💕 maknaeline jungkook jimin v btsarmy

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HES JUST STANDING THERE BUT HE LOOKS SO GOOD?? . . . . . bts 방탄소년단 jimin 지민 suga yoongi jhope hobi v taehyung jungkook kookie rapmonster namjoon jin bangtan namjoonappreciation btsfesta kpop 2017

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Lina Pun


Comment from Lina Pun:

Bts evolution 😆😆😏😏☝☝. bts bangtansonyeondan 방탄소년단 jin suga jhope rapmonster jimin v jungkook

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BTS Dating Door 21 Tag your friends 💕 . . . . . bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan v taehyung kimtaehyung suga yoongi minyoongi jungkook jeonjungkook jimin parkjimin jhope hoseok junghoseok rapmonster namjoon kimnamjoon jin seokjin kimseokjin chimchim kookie btsdatingdoor kpopdatingdoor kpopfff kpoplfl kpopf4f

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Comment from Wish12705:

Anyone?? Comment down bts jhope seventeen jeonghan jun joshua woozi seungkwan jin rapmonster jimin hoshi

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Comment from KIM TAEHYUNG🍇🍇:

kimtaehyung bts army festa2017 wings youngforever nottoday springday bs&t 4oclock run dope fire butterfly boyinlove saveme danger ıneedyou stigma homeparty bilboard seokjin yoongi hosok namjoon jimin jungkook kpop bighit jbtv

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i LoVe MiLktAe 🌱🍵


Comment from i LoVe MiLktAe 🌱🍵:

here's another one for yu all bangtan bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys jack justinseagull jin jhope jimin jungkook v taehyung bts btsl4l mochi chimchim christianchimchim namjoon rapmon rapmonster btsmemes

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Comment from BTS:

🌫s u g a🌫

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Comment from BTS TAEKOOK 태꾹:

: since my bunnygirl imane & most of you are having hard exams witch means you should study well for them all and you're stressed about them all -... here is a little lovely reminder from taehyung that "Good grades doesn't mean everything" , so it isn't that bad for having lower grades at least you're putting all your hard work & precious time to study hard !! Don't worry about a thing and thhrow these thoughts from you as "I'm scared" , "it's gonna be so hard" , "i wont past it" , "i will do so bad" ! Because when ever you have them all you will really do , just stay positive and say "i can do it" , "Y/N , you did so great you will past it" , "It's gonna be easy" 💞 , you're doing so well ! ,, i hope this little post and caption made you feel better 🐇 Don't stress yourself that much lovely bubs 🌱. Everyone :: GOOD LUCK - Admin : hadeel aka ivkooki 🌻

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Comment from ycungi:

DANGER ERA HOSEOK ENDED ME v jungkook jimin jhope suga rapmonster rapmon jin bts bangtanboys kpop yoongi hoseok seokjin namjoon parkjimin taehyung jikook vkook namjin vmin vhope yoonmin yoonseok kookie jk

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Comment from R(Regi)M(Minnie)V(vi):

You guys should check out this book on Wattpad~ It explains how I'm feeling rn perfectly - bts jimin btsjimin v btsv jhope btsjhope rapmonster btsrapmonster jiminedits jiminbts jungkook btsjungkook jin btsjin suga btssuga minyoongi taehyung namjoon bangtan bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan kpop kpopedits

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Haura Nuraida


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💐💐💐 . followforfollow likeforlike instagood instadaily followforlike bangtansonyeondan jimin bts

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