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Anna de Leon


Comment from Anna de Leon:

aboutlastnight Post jiujitsu training we were supposed to head to poke poke but google maps had other plans! 🤣 Mexican night with my jiujitsugirls at mariabonita! Partida, no alcohol needed to have this much laughs! Ándale 🇲🇽 With irishbeth777 and Carine * * * mivida comidamexicana happydays amistad grateful mylife mexicancuisine friendships mycity mydubai

7 Minutes ago

Gracie Barra Wolverhampton


Comment from Gracie Barra Wolverhampton:

Our GBKids working great self defence skills from the guard last night - even our tiniest of champions putting the work in with Professor nathanrobertsgb 🙌🏽 graciebarra gbkids gbk graciebarrakids jiujitsuforeveryone bjjkids jiujitsugirls bjjgirls selfdefense selfdefence brazilianjiujitsu brazilianjiujitsulifestyle guard tinychampions confidence championsinlife buildingchampions healthylifestyle respect discipline healthyhabits girlpower coordination learning growing happypeople fun graciebarrawolverhampton wolverhampton

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Comment from Tania:

Cross training at the HQ because no pasok. Thanks for the warm welcome! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ deftac ribeiro ribeirojiujitsumanila 6blades bjj bjjlifestyle bjjgirls bjjforlife jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu jiujitsugirls jiujitsuforeveryone girlswhoroll girlswhotrain sherolls fightlikeagirl girlsingis workout gym gymrat fitness

19 Minutes ago

Bea Gatchalian


Comment from Bea Gatchalian:

How we wolves pose when asked for a picture 😝💁🏻❤

32 Minutes ago



Comment from REBEL MONKEYS 🐒:

What do you think guys? Nice or not? bjj jiujitsu groundgame grappling oss brazilianjujitsu artesuave bjjlife jiujitsulifestyle bjjlifestyle grappler jiujiteiro bjj4life jiujitsu4life mma bjjuk grip rebelmonkeys bjjgirls jiujitsugirls bjjforlife jiujitsusavedmylife mmauk humanchess bjjtraining wrestling tshirt design bjjapparel

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Comment from SAVAGE:

Having fun at powerofleveragebjj on my birthday jiujitsu jiujitsugirls jiujitsumemes jiujitsugi jiujitsusavedmylife brazilianjiujitsu bjjbjjgirls bjjlifestyle bjj👊

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Comment from BJJ_DK:

Regrann from ssagidoda - 지금까지 도감과는 달리 나름 긴 시리즈가 될 손가락테이핑 입니다☆ 막 기대하셔도 괜찮아요😌 . . . . . 감수 도움 urban_jiujitsu . 주짓수도감doodleillustdrawingjudosketch싹이돋아cartoon그림스타그램만화bjjjiujitsugi데일리그램artjiujitsulifejits_magazinebjjgirlsjiujitsugirls테이핑 - regrann 안 전 제 일!!

1 Hours ago



Comment from 주짓수도감:

지금까지 도감과는 달리 나름 긴 시리즈가 될 손가락테이핑 입니다☆ 막 기대하셔도 괜찮아요😌 . . . . . 감수 도움 urban_jiujitsu . 주짓수도감doodleillustdrawingjudosketch싹이돋아cartoon그림스타그램만화bjjjiujitsugi데일리그램artjiujitsulifejits_magazinebjjgirlsjiujitsugirls테이핑

1 Hours ago

📜 The Jiu Jitsu Bible 📜


Comment from 📜 The Jiu Jitsu Bible 📜:

Some more Russian tie throws variations ! bjj bjjlifestyle mma grappling nogi jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle thejiujitsubible submission wrestling bjjvideos jiujitseiro jiujitsuvideos brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsugirls artsuave bjjlifestyle ufc adcc womenjiujitsu bjjgirls fight ibjjf jiujitsutechniques jiujitsukids leglocksbjjallday fighting motivation bjjfanaticscheckmat

1 Hours ago

Ladies Only Brazilian JiuJitsu


Comment from Ladies Only Brazilian JiuJitsu:

🎶 DANCE DANCE DANCE 🎶 How do you get ready for competition? • • • reposted from olympia_watts 🌸 . . . . . dance competition dancedancedance bjj jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu ilovebjj womenonthemat jiujiuteiras bjjgirls bjjwomen jiujitsugirls competitionprep getready letsgo

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Comment from E A S T O C E A N:

BABY MALIA GETTING HER DRILLS IN WITH MUM lesh2014 & AUNTIE RENEE rwikaire TODAY 🙅🙆🙇💯 nobabieswereharmed eastocean islandjiujitsu eojlife jiujitsu whanau family ohana community gisborne jiujitsulifestyle drilltokill lunchtime liveittrainit beaboutit street sport selfdefense bjj lasso spiderguard aotearoa nz chur girlsingis bjjgirls jiujitsugirls

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Comment from Bjjistanbul:

Takim antrenmanda 😁 Bostanci'da haftanin son antrenmani boyle bitti 😉 jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu brazilianjiujitsuistanbul dicipline martialarts artesuave train trainjiujitsu judo jiujitsumylife selfdefense eatclean fitness motivation evolution bjjgirls jiujitsugirls instahealth igersistanbul cardio followme bjjlifestyle workout eatclean bjjistanbul lifestyle crossfit spor sports jiujitsulifestyle

3 Hours ago

#1 alpha


Comment from #1 alpha:

Crop-top rash guards are in. 😂 AbsIfYouSquint OurAlbumCover 808DownUnder Repost hopebjj with repostapp ・・・ Baddest brown belts around watchoutnow faixamarrom jiujitsugirls jiujitsufriends nogiwithbelts ididntchoosethethuglife suchfashion

4 Hours ago

Sergio Rios


Comment from Sergio Rios:

Repost leao_optics with repostapp ・・・ This WEEKEND!!!! All Sunglass Orders will receive a FREE LEaO OPTiCS T Shirt. Just specify your size in the NOTES at Check Out. Sizes S-XL are available. Take advantage.. link in the bio. jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsulife bjj bjjlifestyle jiujitsugirls bjjgirl bjjgirls artesuave jiujiteiro jiujiteira jitsplayer beach sunglasses bamboo socal oceanside nogi sandiego surf jits shades belt rank purplebelt bluebelt blackbelt brownbelt whitebelt

4 Hours ago

Bjj A Girls Journey


Comment from Bjj A Girls Journey:

😜grappling bjjlifestyle sparring bjj bjjwomen brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu jiujitsugirls jiujitsulove kneeonbelly

4 Hours ago



Comment from Aino:

Only some of my ❤️ bjj bjjgirls jiujitsu jiujitsugirls friendshipgoals

4 Hours ago



Comment from Kierra:

Martial arts is the best the best thing you can do with your soul. ♥ This is from last Friday, it's Friday again! soulfood mixedmartialarts mmagirl mmalife boxing kickboxing thaiboxing gratefuleveryday makeachoice jiujitsugirls strongwomen fitness girlswhofight jiujitsulifestyle healthylifestyle positivelife dontevensquat fighterslife

4 Hours ago

Mark Bell, light it up blue


Comment from Mark Bell, light it up blue:

Regrann from hunnybunsfit - Drill drill drill. Just some basics. Muscle memory. Improving and perfecting all the small details. Thank you to my training partners jiujitsu_4life _natrasha_ We all help eachother improve and make jiujitsu fun 👊🏼 wearing breakpointfc rash guard and spats bjj jiujitsugirls jiujitsulifestyle bjjgirls Thank you to my coach bragiao_bjj_mma lifealteringfitness - regrann

5 Hours ago

Mizaáh Lopes


Comment from Mizaáh Lopes:

As guerreiras do tatame! Oss 👊👊👊 Treino concluído com sucesso Fight Center! Tmj bjj jiujitsu jiujitsugirls artesuave Gracieelite riliongracieacademy ​ guerreiras jiujiteiras lugardemulherénotatame 💪👊 tmj oss

5 Hours ago



Comment from #Alanadelva_bjj:

Just having fun, doing what I love!!!! ufc bjj bjjgirls bjj👊 bjjlife jiu mma mma👊 jiujitsuforlife jiujitsutakedown judokas judo grapplingx jiujitsuforgirls jiujitsugirls jiujitsugirl jiujitsu judogi grapplinggirls grappling takedowns bjjtakedowns takedown judokas judogirls kickboxing armbar mixmartialarts nogigrappling nogigrappler

5 Hours ago