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Comment from omnigeneius:

Omni GENEius games St. Michael's School (Ashford). . . Reviving Traditional Play Boardgames . . Thank you, Omnovation Team ~ . Philanthropy london uk brightside family youth fun iq ethical evolutionary games. ~ startups diversebunch boardgames tabletopgames innovation. ~ play education toys footy social chess blogger bloggermom journalist news

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Comment from Yvonne:

Today I published my last article written for Business Insider Polska. Now it's time to start working for myself. I'm a writer- You ain't seen the best of me yet 🔥🔥🔥 writer journalist fashion lifestyle men wear bespoke dresscode suit entrepreneurlifestyle entertainment author polishgirl proud of myself what a feeling

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Marta Martyniuk


Comment from Marta Martyniuk:

Дуже багато різного хочеться розказати про Lviv Media forum! Настільки багато, шо ви не будете стільки читати😒. . . . . lviv vscoukraine lvivgram spring festrepublicclub lvivmediaforum journalist

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Comment from TheNationalStudent:

The most beautiful windmills at the Bangui Wind farm. Loacted at the North West tip of Luzon island, these mastodonts provide energy for 40-70% of the island. bangui wind farms luzon nord itsmorefuninthePhilippines ukblogsph travel student journalist wanderlust adventure flypal

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Comment from Ljiljana_Stanisic_Fanovi:

ljiljanastanisic journalist kurir rainbow queen 👑ispod 🌈

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Megan Rupe


Comment from Megan Rupe:

Yesterday's story. A husband and wife out on their boat at Pine Flat Lake, suddenly the boat was nowhere to be found... Hours later, the wife was dead. Deputies later revealed the couple's boat hit a rock. Story link in bio, we'll have more tonight on ksee24. therupeort news journalism journalist tv reporter live story write boat boating lake lakeday safety life warning instagrammer

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Móni Alba 💞


Comment from Móni Alba 💞:

Tu puedes soñar, crear, diseñar y construir el lugar más increible del mundo, pero se necesita gente para que todo eso se haga realidad . EquipoJournalistgirlstvmagazine 🎥⇨🍒

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Comment from G.Keskin:

Ve tabisi bissürü fotoğraf atılacaaakkk🎓 Dile kolay 4 yıl aynı merdivenlerde sınav bekleyip aynı şeylere güldüğüm, ağladığım, kahkahalar attıklarım. İyi ki varlar. Hep olacaklar. Mezuniyet günü tüm kaprislerimi çektiğiniz için ne kadar teşekkür etsem az.. graduation bff👭 koumezuniyet journalist

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Nova Daniels


Comment from Nova Daniels:

😢👱🏻🍝 - - edm takethel sorrow spagheddy webster sad plurvibes plur journalist newyork lawd filthy spag dubstep journalist edclasvegas

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Tania Sánchez


Comment from Tania Sánchez:

Sábados molones! 🐚🤘🏿 LaGraciosa

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Isaías Cedeño


Comment from Isaías Cedeño:

De sábados por la mañana en un fragmento de París...🤘🍃🍍 Traveler Blogger Journalist Adventure Explorer Morning Saturday Foodie Healthy Colors Art PopCulture City Panama VisitPanama PetitParis Hope Peace Love LifeLover GoodVibes GrafitoTenedor® 🇵🇦📸

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Виктор Лазић - Viktor Lazić


Comment from Виктор Лазић - Viktor Lazić:

Данашња радна акција: спајање два магацина, уз папарацо - новинаре из Аустрије! ... Todays working action: joining two storage spaces into one, with book paparazzo - journalists from Austria! adligat journalist austria moving allthose books crazy library

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Den Kushnarov


Comment from Den Kushnarov:

Amazing Day With the Amazing People!🎥 cannes70 cannes2017 filmfestival shooting tvhost stars showbiz acting screenwriting fun show filmmaker traveler redcarpet movietime suits inspiration photoofday picoftheday cool journalist press

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Rachael Mattice


Comment from Rachael Mattice:

Fun facts from Friday's blackestfest out in the woods of Silverado, California. Eviscerated body parts like the gent hanging over me; a fine mix of blackmetal, redneck metal and punk as sh*t (*spits* Discharge was awesome) music; the man himself signed a fan's Danzig tattoo on her boob and she was so happy she cried ❤️; overheard one of those girls who wears high heels to a festival tell her boyfriend "I have scars on my legs because of you. Isn't it time you have scars on yours?" 🤔 Curiouser and curiouser! Pretty sure got his imagery from my Naamah Halloween costume last year 😄. Also watched performers suspend from their back skin and hammer nails into their noses as I sipped lemonade. P.S. I feel naked without my camera at a festival and hate these awful iPhone pictures. ocweekly ocweeklymusic musicfestivals festival socal blackestoftheblack orangecounty metal freakshow deafheaven corrosionofconformity photography photooftheday instagood journalist redneckrampagin

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Comment from AnnaWintour:

The play was boring, I almost fall asleep😴😂dame dameannawintour annawintour anna vogue journalist editor editorinchief fashion fashionweek fashionshow fashiondesigner designer bored play beauty lovely gorgeous babe iloveyousomuch

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rodolfo ayala


Comment from rodolfo ayala:

Comida Italiana. mexico_greatshots mexico igersmich igersmex igers italia spaghetti photo photoshoot photography photographer photooftheday photojournalism journalist foto fotografo fotografia fotodeldia

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Comment from hennabakshi:

Big day for me today! Been seeing these beautiful mementos around work since the day I joined and now I have my own. Thank you turner!!! lovemyjob

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Shold Media Group


Comment from Shold Media Group:

BIG NEWS! The next SMGmeetup is June 21st at the Amsterdam Brewhouse at 6pm. Double tap if you want to come! (Full Details click Link in Bio)

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Comment from beng.aryanto:


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Tural Hüseyn


Comment from Tural Hüseyn:

Мэрилин Монро Красавица abasovaramina❤❤❤ Photo by showxeber merlinemonro raminaabbasova model photomodel topmodel reporterpresenterturalhuseyntvhostmediavscolikevscoistanbulinstaistanbulvscofotovscomoscowlikevscodubaiinstarussiatvchannelradiohostjournalisttelevisionfollowmeinstaturkeytvinstafotoinstalikeinstamoskowvscoturkey

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