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True life, my boss caught me taking this shot. 🤣 achievementunlocked doitforthegram

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Taj Faatagi


Comment from Taj Faatagi:

When you're too lazy to juice your own fruit 😂 juicing fruit veganfitness vegan plantbased vegetables garden nakedpressjuicery coldpressedjuice macros healthyfood foodporn mtume thelazyvegan eatclean instagood eat2live veganbodybuilding tajexperience

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Ritchie Jones 🔴⚪️⚫️


Comment from Ritchie Jones 🔴⚪️⚫️:

🍊WEDNESDAY MORNING JONES JUICE 🍊🙊ingredients consisted of 🍊2 oranges 💥3 beets (no Beetroot emoticon gutted) 🥕 2 carrots 🍎3 apples ZERO additives ZERO man made foods Peel the beets and orange and juice together with the apples and carrots for a morning pick me up! I must admit I like coffee but the raw fresh nutritious juice takes you to another level 🕺🏻Alert and energised to start the day. Living foods designed for the human organism.. 4 pieces of fruit and 4 ingredients that's all. 🤗 instagram plantbased smoothies smoothie jonesjuice holistic nutrition alkaline vegan potd wholefoods fit fitspo gym fitness me myjourney healthy electricfood cellularnutrition fresh instagrammers ukfitfam ritchiefit juicing follow

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Sylvia Galkowska


Comment from Sylvia Galkowska:

yumjuicesjuicingbikinibody detoxfruitsfruitjuicesweethealthyfreshhomemadecleaneating sahm

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Comment from gentlemothers:

Make sure to check out my channel for more juicing and tips coming soon ! 💓☝️🌸🌞 I'm definitely very motivated in this journey to feel better with my body heart and soul 💥 motivationmorningsmoothiejuicingnaturalwellnesshappymomhappinessstrongwomenfitnessmotivationjoyloveyoutubeyummyfloridagirlmomsofinstagramgratitude

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Natalie Novak


Comment from Natalie Novak:

Small meal before the big one 😋 tuna salad, veggie salad with olive oil and garlic, and some juiced tomatoes, celery, and carrots. 👍 healthy healthyeating Kinobody intermittentfasting salad tuna juicing veggies vitamins protein foodie food foodporn dinner colors eatcolor fitness fitnessmotivation healthylifestyle blogger foodblogger instagramer nutrition

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SoCo Oasis


Comment from SoCo Oasis:

Care for your body. Eat. Sleep. Juice. || Mark your calendars, juice lovers! We're reopening on April 28th! 🌱💚🌿

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Comment from Amber:

kale orange juice 😋 veganmom vegan veganlifestyle juice healthy juicing healthymeals detox weightloss veganweightloss rawvegan raw dinner lunch breakfast postpardum delicious

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Comment from writingsinchalk:

: update : DAY 6!!! today is the 6th day of my 7-days of juicing... and although i did modify it..juuust a tinge.. (1 meal 🥘 a day - the rest juicing) ... as of today, i'm making that meal a raw food meal! so cheers 🥂 to me!! & consistency. because that isht is sexy as hell... you know, like me!! 😏🤣 oh! & i got the whole process - prep, prepare and cleaning - down to :30. ☺️ yaaaaasssssss 🙌🏾! con·sist·en·cy kənˈsistənsē/ noun (fr. consistance) clarity juice juicing consistency energy vitamins vegan healing rawfood

10 Minutes ago

grace magnaye


Comment from grace magnaye:

Green juice for today. 🌱Cilantro. Kale. Celery. Granny smith apples. Lemon. Cucumber. Power greens. juicing greenjuice raw detox nourish healthmatters healthstartsinthekitchen yum

13 Minutes ago

Jackie Curtis


Comment from Jackie Curtis:

I found this gem the other day. I've had a lot of fresh juice but never with watermelon. It is super delicious and refreshing. Perfect for a nice sunny day if the glowing ball ever makes an appearance again 🌞🍉juicing sun rainfordays soggyseattle justaddvodka

14 Minutes ago

" Uncle Odis "


Comment from " Uncle Odis ":

Peace...So today I reached a milestone Day15 of my 30days juicecleanse detox my half way point. I feel fantastic no crazy uncontrollable cravings or hunger pains not chewing or eating whole foods or meat etc. The past 15 days honestly have been some of the most challenging and interesting in a number of years. I promise you if you are dealing with any emotional, spiritual, sexual, weight or health issues a good fast is a great way to access the issue or circumstance straight up and start making progress towards real resolutions. It's a great way to reset your mind body and overall spirit. You Gain by denying yourself of things that comfort you and honestly keep you in the suspended state that you have been in. I am no doctor or major health practitioner but I am a Man that is in touch with his higher self and have no hesitation in letting you know that you are far more powerful and resilient than you know or give yourself credit for. I love food or eating food but juicing has shown me that I love drinking my food just as much. I feel better and more focused than I have been in years and the other challenges that I encounter on the daily translate into minuscule obstacles at best. Mind you this cleanse has encompassed no alcohol, no sugar, no salt, no tobacco etc. just juice and the occasional smoothie to supplement my protein intake that's it. Beautiful and Stressful at the same damn time😂😂😂 Gotta run but I am sharing this journey because I believe in change and forward movement and anything that can make you stronger, healthier, lighter and create balance in an unbalanced world gets my whole- hearted attention every time and most of all Respect!!!!✊🏿💯💪🏿❤️✌🏿stayliftedmyfriends healthyeating dream love healthy juicing god energy fitnesslifestyle abundance vegetarian yoga crossfit juice detox win goals positivity balance vegan justjuiceit juiceisfood meditation cannabis organic strongmindstrongbody hemp strong

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afrikopop fitness


Comment from afrikopop fitness:

And that's the truth Ruth! Regrann from realwellness_llc - befit bedifferent vegan vegetarian flawless natural naturalchic squats inspiration detox juicing motivateyou workout wellness chiropractic wellnesscoach eatclean plantbaseddiet twowheels foodforthought health vegetarianlife getfit allnatural fit - regrann

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Candis Maarhuis


Comment from Candis Maarhuis:

Homemade strawberry lemonade cleaneating juicing eatclean

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Comment from healthysavorymeals:

This is what happens when I eat lunch by myself (no hubs) and feel like I can just make an easy, basic, raw and fast lunch. (Don't pretend like you don't try to make more elaborate food when you're eating with someone else 🤥😏). I made a juice last night and today I just chopped up some kale leaves, tossed in olive oil, nutritional yeast, salt and garlic powder and baked at 320 for about 15 minutes, I also made an Ezekiel avo toast and sliced up a star fruit. I also had a handful of saffronroadfood falafel flavored crunchy chickpeas to give my meal an extra crunch. I feel so re-energized after this morning's heated yoga that my body was asking for a clean meal just like this. Do you listen to your body like, reaaaaally listen when it's asking for healthy food or do you ignore it and go for the craving you have in your thoughts?... If you're trying to change your life and become a healthier and happier version of yourself, start listening to your body, it knows best. There's only one, love it and treat it with the respect you deserve. Today is always the best day to start 💚❤️💛💗🖤💙💜 kalekalechipsgreensgreenlunchstarfruitavoavotoastavocadojuicerawjuicingcleansedetoxhealthyhealthysavorymealsfitfamvegansofigveganvegetarianveganfoodshareezekielbreadplantbasedplantpoweredplantproteincleaneatingeatcleanjugoveggiesvegetables

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Edwin Batres


Comment from Edwin Batres:

Fresh juice por breakfast. juice healthyfood delicious fruit juicing instagood instalike picoftheday

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Tom Arguello


Comment from Tom Arguello:

That's exactly why I eat at home!

23 Minutes ago

Juan ramon


Comment from Juan ramon:

Jugo de apio betabel zanahoria naranja manzana verde piña pepino por qué me estoy enfermando y la carrera es el sábado alguna idea para el dolor de garganta? Juicing

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Comment from love_endlessly_gemini:

Trying juice cleanse twice a month juicebarlife juicecleanse juicebar healthy tryingnewthings weightlossgoals weightloss juicing

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Brilliant Ways


Comment from Brilliant Ways:

To help keep you pushing through your week keep this power duo on hand: Drive: focus and energy InstaZen: stress and calming .

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