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On the go with an amazing Vanilla, Blackberry, Cranberry and Orange Smoothie w/ #VegaSport Performance Protein, @califiafarms Unsweetened Almond Milk, Spirulina, Flax and Chia 😘👌

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The other day Aaron unknowingly spent $16 on a bottle of fresh squeezed orange juice at Harmon's 😲. However it was so so good it was almost worth it. We've had a juicer collecting dust in our cupboards for over a year and the last few days I've been having so much fun trying different things to juice. This bottle here is orange and pineapple...Still pricey and messy when you do it yourself but so much better for you. This was full, but Kelsie got into it and as hard as it is for me to get her to eat healthy I'm happy to have found something she loves! #juicing #whydidntidiscoverthisearlier #tryingtoeathealthier

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Whether we are heading to the gym or just to the grocery store, we always have INVO Coconut Water with us. 📷: @unitedbypop

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purple purifier | beet, carrots, beet stems/leaf, lemon, basil, rosemary, ginger chunk 🍷 Sipped through too many bottles of happy juice over the holidays? Give your body's filtration system aka. your liver a boost with beets. An earthy vegetable well worth googling and incorporating into your juice & meals. Spoon out a teaspoon full to add to your favourite face mask for an anti-aging boost. 🛁

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Couple years ago when me ah yam Carcass! Lol - spot the difference between this and the last pic * #MistaBlendMistaBlend

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Wow ask the universe and you shall receive. I woke up this morning wanted to dedicate my own self discipline in making an agreement with myself that I only drink coffee in a beautiful ceremony at home. Not on the rush... Trying to eliminate habits we create that keep us acidic and inflammed where dis-ease is created. Emotions, self love, food habits, coffee on the go.. It all can be very inflammatory. . I walked into @nectarjuicery and the owner believe it or not starts talking to me about cancer & self love and that our bodies soils are where the "symptom"cancer starts from. Inflammation. When I came back from Costa Rica I was inflamed. I never gain weight and gained 20 pounds. . Self discipline and self love, to take the time for me is my biggest challenge. Slowing down, chanting, meditation is hard to stay on track. . This amazing woman out of no where when I asked about cancer and coffee (cause I wanted one) started talking to me about still having it if I make it a ritual in a beautiful mug! When the body isn't busy when the mind is at peace. She wrote down an entire morning ritual for me. . We all wonder where cancer comes from... And I truly believe the way of life is a huge part in this. Imagine if we were raised in ceremonies, learning meditation, learning how to give love to the person who may of hurt us. . Cancer, hurt, grief we can thank for showing up to teach us. If we remember we have signed our own life "contract" from higher consciousness, to evolve, our biggest hardships are our gifts. Our dharma. Our path for growth. Our hardest relationships.. We can have compassion for knowing WE choose them to evolve into our higher self. The universe gives us what we ask for. Truly. Thank you Tori. I have never walked into a company with someone that poured their heart out.. And made a huge change in my life in moments. ✨ . . #rituals #startingtoday #healingisworkbutworthit #bonebroth #collagen #juicing #cancer #mediationcards

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Order online and get $5 off your first purchase😁 #juicefloe

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