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sugar and cookie 🐻🍪


Comment from sugar and cookie 🐻🍪:

i gotta prepare my eyes for all the tears when the album is actually released -cookie • • • • bts btscomeback bangtan bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan 방탄소년단 love_yourself jungkook jeonjungkook v kimtaehyung jimin parkjimin suga minyoongi jhope junghoseok rapmonster kimnamjoon jin kimseokjin kpop kpopcomeback kpopmeme kpopmemes btsmeme btsmemes meme memes

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just a 21st century girl🔥


Comment from just a 21st century girl🔥:

I swear all of them has a fanacc and they come here and laugh on our memes How else whould they know our jokes hmm bts bangtan bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan namjoon rapmonster seokjin jin yoongi suga hoseok jhope jimin mochi taehyung v jeongguk jungkook jk army armys kpop kpopmemes

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Ким ЧонА


Comment from Ким ЧонА:

Jungkook Kookie Kook

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Comment from BTS FANPAGE💓(Sy):

Omg my hearteu😭😭I WANT TO BUY IT😃😗jin seokjin pinkprincess eatjin suga minsuga minyoongi jhope hobi junghoseok rapmonster kimnamjoon jimin parkjimin jiminie v kimtaehyung jungkook jungkookie kookie jeonjungkook bts bangtan bangtansonyeondan

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Yasmin 🐇


Comment from Yasmin 🐇:

HES DONE AND HIS HAIR KINDA SUCKS BUT THATS OKAY BECAUSE HES DONE AND I LOVE HIM YAAAAY!! • • • • bts btsfanart namjoon jimin rapmonsterfanart jin suga jungkook V kookie yoongi kpopfanart koreanfanart hoseok drawing sketch artist loonymoonydraws illustratenow hobi namjoonbts kpoplfl rapmonster artist artwork bangtanboys fanart like4like LOVE_YOURSELF bangtanfanart

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certified bts fan 🏹♡


Comment from certified bts fan 🏹♡:

AGHHHH I'M NOT PREPARED!¡ 🌚 i can already hear my wallet crying 💸 so it's official they r making their comeback on September 18th ;-; WHAT THE FREAK ONLY 2 DAYS AWAY TILL PREORDER ;-; bighit y tho? K gtg prepare my wallet .°(ಗдಗ。)°. - - -《 방탄소년단 btscomeback jungkook jimin jin suga minyoongi jhope junghoseok rapmonster kimnamjoon v kimtaehyung kpop bts army btsfans bangtan bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan btsjeonjungkook btstwitterupdate kpop kpopfff kpoplfl oppa cute btsboys love likeme 》

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Comment from 🖤KIM TAEHYUNG🖤:

kimtaehyung bts army loveyourself comeback wings youngforever nottoday springday bs&t 4oclock run dope fire butterfly boyinlove saveme danger ıneedyou stigma homeparty bilboard seokjin yoongi hoseok namjoon jimin jungkook kpop bighit

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darkness +


Comment from darkness +:

-- shit happens to the ones who don't deserve it, but keep ur head up high and swing at those rats . . . . y'all i was giving my lil cousins a bath and one got shampoo in his eyes (the younger one) like fml his stupid brother, i was fucking concentrating on cos i told him to but soap on his body n like the younger one cried and fucking hell ive nvr felt so bad before jshdjd . . . . bangtanboys bighit bangtan bts namjoon rapmonster seokjin jin suga minyoongi hoseok jhope v taehyung jimin parkjimin jeonjungkook jungkook kpopfff kpop btsfff

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Kookie & Tae


Comment from Kookie & Tae:


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Comment from BTS FANPAGE™:

gorgeous ✨ • • comeback bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys beyondthescene bulletproofscoutboys rapmonster namjoon jin jinnie seokjin suga yoongi jhope hobi hoseok jimin jiminie chimchim v taehyung taetae jungkook jungkookie kpop kpopf4f spamforspam followforfollow likeforlike fighting

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Comment from bts_original_style_outfits:

'BTS at MCOUNTDOWN [170223]' Namjoon original outfit btsbangtanboyskimtae bangtanvbtsparkjimintaebtsjiminvjinsugarapmonster jhopejungkookjinminkimseokjinjiminietaetaehoseokyoonginamjoontaehyung방탄소년단taehyungcutetaehyungbtsbtsairportbtsfamilyvminkookbtsarmykimtaehyung

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Comment from jungcock.blessed:

WHY DID BTS DELETE SONGS FROM SPOTIFY bts btsmemes btsedits bangtansonyeondan jungkook taehyung jhope rapmonster suga jimin jin btsbomb kimtaehyung minyoongi parkjimin kimnamjoon kimseokjin jeonjungkook junghoseok followforfollow followme

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Comment from BTS JUNGKOOK 🐰:

LOVE_YOURSELF 방탄소년단 bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys jeonjungkook kimtaehyung kimseokjin kimnamjoon junghoseok parkjimin minyoongi jungkook v rapmon suga jin jimin jhope You_Never_Walk_Alone springday nottoday wingstour jikook vkook taekook yoonmin namjin sope vmin

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Comment from GOLDEN BOY JEON JK💖💫✨:

"this upcoming september 18th bts' album 'her' will be for sale, preorders will take place starting on august 25th" me [broke af] : OMGGG BUT IM EXCITED THO OMGGGG CANT WAIT >< ❤️ ❤️ - 방탄소년단 bts bangtansonyeondan beyondthescene bangtanboys kimnamjoon rapmonster kimseokjin jin yoongi suga hoseok jhope jimin taehyung v jungkook jungkookie kpop kpopf4f kpopl4l kpopfff kpoplfl btsfff btsf4f btslfl btsl4l

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Comment from yoongisneckpillows:


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new acc so i gotta get it goin


Comment from new acc so i gotta get it goin:

akajjahwhekeodif bye I'm dead - - - - - - - - - 방탄소년단 bts bangtan bangtanboys rapmon rapmonster namjoon jin seokjin suga yoongi jhope hoseok hobi jimin v taehyung jungkook memes btsf4f

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Comment from 💚GOT7💚🖤BTS🖤:

The last one killed me😂😂 。 Tags: bts parkjimin bangtan bangtanboys kpop korea jin seokjin jungkook jimin parkjimin suga yoongi rapmonster namjoon idol bangtanarmy bangtanboys 반탄 반탄소년단 kpopidol busan kpopRepost jiminvideo hoseok taehyung tae V kimtaehyung Jhope 지민

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Comment from Seonyeon_hoes:

I WAS FREAKING SLEEPING I- - 230817 - seokjin suga sope army bts btsv bighit bangtan btsjapan kpop kimnamjoon jin jimin jhope jeonjungkook jungkook junghoseok parkjimin rapmonster wings taehyung vkook btswings btsbangtan loveyourself exo twice blackpink gfriend got7

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Mint Yoongi 💚

Comment from Mint Yoongi 💚:

Sorry for not posting the rest of the 30 day challenge I'm at the beach all week then I have a wedding to go to and then school starts back up so I will finish it as soon as I can. Again sorrh - - - - - - (Tags ignore) bts minyoongi kimtaehyung kimseokjin kimnamjoon junghoseok jeonjungkook parkjimin chimchim suga rapmonster jhope mintyoongi babyjungkook eommajin daddynamjoon grandpayoongi hobi jungkook jimin jin idkanymorehashtags ilovebts loveyourself

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Kai. YZ


Comment from Kai. YZ:

: 睡前看到Coming字樣嚇了一跳,還以為是回歸新曲。原來是柾國Cover DavidGuetta和JustinBieber的2U / 南俊的更推影片真的是心臟爆擊 믿듣방 방탄소년단 BTS 防彈少年團 防弾少年団 JungKook Rapmonster DavidGuetta JustinBieber

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