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Comment from Kate:

I mean.. well.. I mean.. I WOULD eat him.. if I ever got the chance • • • • kpop kpopf4f kpopfff kpoplfl bangtan kpopl4l kpopexlikes bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bts bulletproofboyscouts 방탄 방탄소년단 kpopmeme btsmeme hoseok taehyung jungkook jimin namjoon seokjin yoongi btsmeme btsf4f btsfff btsexlikes btslfl btsl4l

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Comment from BANGTAN BOYZZ:

Our SUICIDE SQUAD 😎😎 💜💜💜 bts kpop jungkook kookie V Taehyung TaeTae jimin chimchim JHope hobi rapmonster rapmon dad suga yoongi jin mon bangtansonyeondan bighitentertainment zuidkorea

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Once You Jimin You Cant Jimout


Comment from Once You Jimin You Cant Jimout:

Marry me 😝❤ bts jin taetae kimtaehyung v suga l4l likeforlike rapmonster namjoon jhope hoseok jimin jiminnie parkjimin jungkook 방탄소년단 hobi hoseok hoseokbts hoseokie agustd minyoongi weloveyoubts weloveyoujimin armyswillproctectjimin armyswillprotectbts

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BTS Moodboard


Comment from BTS Moodboard:

BTS Jungkook kpopmoodboard kpop aboutkpop btslockscreen bts btsmoodboard bangtanseonyeondan bangtanboys thegoldenmaknae btsmaknae maknae jeonjungkook jeonjk jungkook kookie btsjungkook

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Comment from lele:

I want to live in this field 😍😅😊* * * * * bts armys btsmemes jungkook jimin jin kimseokjin rapmonster kimnamjoon suga minyoongi jhope junghoseok V kimtaehyung bighit hwarang

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_____[] BaNgTaNbOyS []_____


Comment from _____[] BaNgTaNbOyS []_____:

_ _ *I really love this hairstyles of Namjoon omg!!!💕* _ _ Credit to the owner 🌟 _ _ kpop bts bangtanboys bangtan namjoon suga btsnamjoon rapmonster jin btsjin seokjin btsseokjin btssuga yoongi btsyoongi btsjhope jhope btshoseok hoseok jimin parkjimin btsjimin taehyung btsv btstaehyung jungkook btsjungkook

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Comment from 🌸🍑방탄🍑🌸:

[170323-24] THE WINGS TOUR IN NEWARK • • • • • • © HEARTTREE_JK • • 방탄소년단 BTS bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys kimnamjoon rapmonster jin kimseokjin suga minyoongi jeonghoseok Jhope jimin parkjimin V kimtaehyung jungkook jeonjungkook You_never_walk_alone Wings Thewingstour Wingstourinnewark ynwa fff lfl army kpop

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❤ BTS ❤


Comment from ❤ BTS ❤:

BTs 💕 You Never Walk Alone ❤❤❤ _____________________________ btswings btsarmy kpop bangtanboys bighit bighitentertainment bangtansonyeondan jin rapmonster suga jhope jimin v taehyung jungkook armybts lockscreenwallpaper bts btskpop kimtaehyung taehyungie vkook 방탄소년단 김태형 btsforever youngforever 방탄소년단사랑해 lovebts youneverwalkalone btslockscreen

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Tria Aprilia


Comment from Tria Aprilia:

JungKook❤❤❤❤. If the same fans that any person willing to be sacrificed in order to achieve a great desire !!! 🎉💞💐 . . . . lflffffflllllikefirstpostbtsbangtanboysjungkookjimintaehyungjinjhopesugarapmonsterwings

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Comment from bts_jimin:

Bts Bangtan Bangtanboys Bangtanbomb Bangtansonyeondan Bangtanbulletproofboyscouts Kimseokjin Seokjin Jin Minyoongi Yoongi Suga AgusD JungHoseok Hoseok Jhope KimNamjoon Namjoon Rapmonster Parkjimin Jimin chimchim KimTaehyung Taehyung Taetae V Jeonjungook Jungkook

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Jjang Jjang Meme Here~


Comment from Jjang Jjang Meme Here~:

go on tour with bts hbu? . . 💕F4F&L4L?💕Comment👇 . 🔥Admin IM . . ❤like💬comment👥 tag ur friend. ●HOUSEOFBTSMEME●☜My hashtag . . BTS army bangtan bangtansonyeondan jin rapmonster suga jimin jungkookjhope seokjin namjoon yoongi chimchim Taehyung hobie namjin yoonmin vkook vhope jikook

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↠ Taekook ↞


Comment from ↠ Taekook ↞:

➰ I RELATE TO THE CAPTION AS WELL⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ © to rightful owners⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ~ Hashtags bts bangtanboys btsmemes btsvideoedits rapmonster kimnamjoon jin kimseokjin suga minyoongi jhope junghoseok jimin parkjimin v kimtaehyung jungkook jeonjungkook

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Comment from 방탄소년단:

I LOVE HIS MESSY HAIR LOOK❤︎ 😂 BTS bangtanboys btssuga btsjin btsjimin btsjungkook btsjhope btsv btsrapmon bangtan taehyung v suga rapmonster jhope jin jimin jungkook bangtansonyeodan kimseokjin kimtaehyung 방탄소년단 __btsbighitofficial__ minyoongi parkjimin jeonjungkook TheWingsTour you_never_walk_alone wingstourinchicago btsinchicago . . -E

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Red Velvet💑BTS


Comment from Red Velvet💑BTS:

Double date 🙆🏻❤️ [Seulmin&Vrene] - Follow my page 👉🏻bts_redvelvett 👈🏻 bts bangtanboys rv redvelvet btsvelvet btsrv bangtanvelvet jungkook taehyung jimin hoseok jhope suga yoongi namjoon seokjin jin yeri joy sooyoung wendy seungwan seulgi irene joohyun kpop seulmin vrene jungri

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Comment from LITTLESHOP . JOYCE:

BTS dolls ✉️ inbox me for price ✉️ wechat : joyce10487 kpopshopmalaysia kpopshopmurah kpopdolls btsdoll bts jungkook taehyung

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Comment from BTS FANPAGE™:

just rewatched that video in BTS' Official YouTube channel where Tae's performing Cyper pt. 3 😂❤ the rapper line were cringing really bad. made my day ✨ • • you_never_walk_alone bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys rapmonster namjoon jin jinnie seokjin suga yoongi jhope hobi hoseok jimin jiminie chimchim v taehyung taetae tae jungkook jungkookie kpop kpopf4f spamforspam springday followforfollow fighting • • follow = follow, spam = spam, unfollow = unfollow

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Comment from NaㅡJiㅡHah:

Yo boys , we got that same soul , this is my favorite songs too .Proud to be Malaysians . Finally some Malaysian singer and song been recognize by kpop idols . Sucksenglishmybadarmybtsjhopejungkooktaehyungrapmonsterjinsugajiminmalaysia

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Bring me them memes


Comment from Bring me them memes:

I'm highkey thirsty für Taehyung

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Comment from ellynna99:

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침비 🐝🌱 °ㅅ°


Comment from 침비 🐝🌱 °ㅅ°:

Rasah kakehan cangkem, engkol kene nek wani.. Trans: bokerlah pada tempat nya, muka haters misalkan. . . Pic from: strongjjk97 BTS 방탄소년단 아미 RapMonster Jin SUGA JHope Jimin V Jungkook 김남준 김석진 민윤기 정호석 박지민 김태형 전정국 bangtanmeme btsmeme kpopmeme kpopfans fangirl bias oppa noticeme . . FOLLOW AND SCROLL FOR MORE FUN

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