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Kristle Beard


Comment from Kristle Beard:

My sweet girls. Our simple sweet moments together. Endless drama and lipgloss👸🏼👸🏼 Loves and kisses that make my heart swell and my soul shine brighter knowing we are forever intertwined and connected to one another. They are my happiness. My perspective. My epitome, at just the right moment, that I can finally SEE and am FINALLY ready to receive. That Aha moment. When everything comes into perspective. My saving grace. Putting me back in alignment with what truly matters in this life and who I truly am and truly want to grow into being. Grateful I have their sweet innocence and immeasurable love to help me remember the path I am meant to walk and help guide them along this bumpy, roller coaster lif Onward. To the magical place we choose to create for ourselves. I choose more than mediocrity. Stepping out of the box and into the unknown, onto a higher plane of feeling, thinking, and living and TRU(E)LY Loving without limitations or judgement. itsgonnabegreat special mygirls freeyourmind beawareofyourthoughts learningtoloveme learningtoloveothersendlessly unconditionallove firecrackers onward forwardtothefuture committoloveyourself andbetterloveothers creategood dogood feelgood begood believeinyourself raiseemup endlesslove myperspective justwhatthedoctorordered remindingmewhatmattersmost forgettherest walkaway intothelight outofthedarkness

51 Minutes ago

Tay Wheeler


Comment from Tay Wheeler:

I love being part of Jehovah's organization... Our family has truly felt the love and comfort from all our friends.... Dranny got serenaded today PaulandTommy. justwhatthedoctorordered

1 Hours ago

Kimberle Moore


Comment from Kimberle Moore:

Felt like a brick wall landed on me and so I made myself come out in the salt air for a long walk 👌🏻mondaymedicine freshair justwhatthedoctorordered lovewhereilive❤

2 Hours ago

Audrey Mayes🌙


Comment from Audrey Mayes🌙:

Venti 1/2 caff iced vanilla latte with raspberry.... kthxbye 🙏🏻 justwhatthedoctorordered mypersonaldrug

3 Hours ago

Chandra Timoteo


Comment from Chandra Timoteo:

Vesper loves to cuddle but she rarely cuddles ON you, just near you or against you. Today was the second morning in a row she had no problem invading my space ☺️😸💗

3 Hours ago

Erika Hanson


Comment from Erika Hanson:

Thanks sirencraftbrew for the perfect end to a day of brain ache! justwhatthedoctorordered happy love craftbeer yummy calypso

4 Hours ago

louise barber


Comment from louise barber:

A bloody perfect Monday roast after a pretty crappy day mondayroast itsthenewsunday roast dinner winnerwinnerchickendinner amazing justwhatthedoctorordered

5 Hours ago

Kayla Walker Long


Comment from Kayla Walker Long:

"Why you waiting on the world for a favor, This is your life; Go ahead and change it. You're the brightest star in the sky, But no one's gonna know if you never shine." 🌟✨🏊🏼‍♀️ First swim post-flu sucked, but hey, another one in the books. ChlorineTherapy JustWhatTheDoctorOrdered

5 Hours ago



Comment from Lauren:

Great long weekend with amazing friends (really family) for manda87rose surprise birthday extravaganza!! bostontoobx outerbanks vitaminsea justwhatthedoctorordered dirtythirty backtoreality theadventuresofljandchad

9 Hours ago

Eugene Elcock


Comment from Eugene Elcock:

nothing better than being asked for a cuddle from such a beautiful little girl. perfectweekend mysecondfamily newbestfriend sundayfunday justwhatthedoctorordered cutie littlelady beautifulsmile

9 Hours ago

Knife Boy😂


Comment from Knife Boy😂:

Bread Pudding 😉 lifebehindknives fooddudes

9 Hours ago

Four Seasons Fairways


Comment from Four Seasons Fairways:

The most exciting night of the year is here. Experience the joy of Carnival with our dinner party today. + info: fourseasonsfairways fairwaysquintadolagojustwhatthedoctorordered algarvevisitalgarve visitportugal instatravel

10 Hours ago



Comment from tiinfoil:

negroni with lemon and antipasto was justwhatthedoctorordered for my hellish cold 💊🍹 . . brownbrothers cocktail tastingplatter looked delicious but wish I could taste more than sweetsoursaltbitter

11 Hours ago



Comment from lisajo1_SW:

Working lunch:) swchickentikkamasala greenbeans speedfood healthyeating justwhatthedoctorordered slimmingworldfood extraeasy slimmingworldfood

12 Hours ago

Jemma Stewart


Comment from Jemma Stewart:

Finally managed to get some sun today ☀️😝👌🏽justwhatthedoctorordered

13 Hours ago



Comment from stace:

Much needed muchneeded saturdaynight saturday datenight date processcotime champayne champaynepop strawberry nightout winelover dinner dinnerdate justwhatthedoctorordered poses poser😎 followmeto followforfollow follow

13 Hours ago

D a n i 👸🏻📷


Comment from D a n i 👸🏻📷:

Starting the week with a ❤️ full of love and content 👫 happymonday newweek newgoals positivity love happiness smiles grateful matching friends family fun weekends lazysundays justwhatthedoctorordered 🙌🏻😊

15 Hours ago

Hayley > dance account 👯💪🏼


Comment from Hayley > dance account 👯💪🏼:

quick flash back💞💫 can't wait for comps to start👯 dance justwhatthedoctorordered dancer splits comps justdoit

15 Hours ago

Leanne Regan


Comment from Leanne Regan:

Lovely weekend homemade pizza brownies baking domesticgoddess countryside walk justwhatthedoctorordered

17 Hours ago

Lisa Ellis


Comment from Lisa Ellis:

So ABF will be coming to assist me in Sydney in a couple of weeks but guess what, I decided to fly another of my assistants up there too! The more the merrier I say, I love flying kids all over the world! Who do you think is the mystery second assistant? 👤👀 danceprescription justwhatthedoctorordered ticket link in bio lovelies!

17 Hours ago