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Comment from x8energy_australia:

In the next 3 weeks, we will launch our online website! For those that haven't heard of this product, X8 energy is a new, innovative way of consuming a pre and post workout supplement in a chewing gum! Sounds exciting right? It gets even better. X8 energy is all-natural! If you want to train like an athlete with no unknown substances, keep posted for X8 energy gum! . . . athlete sportsaustralia sportsman cricket mma ufc rugby trainhard workout unleashthebeast australiasports swimming bodybuilder bodybuildingaustralia hiit bjj karate organic

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Comment from professorjamal:

You cannot overcome the forces opposing you by struggling now. Accept this and still yourself. Self-discipline preserves your strength for use in a more beneficial time... mbdymovementarts budokonmd arashiromma iching

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Matt Foong


Comment from Matt Foong:

TBT one of those days when nothing goes right during sparring. I was 13 years old Oops sameday backkick brokennose heleanintomyfoot Tkd tkdlife taekwondo taekwondolife martialarts kungfu karate sparring Asian Nerd sponsorme

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Albina Stepanova


Comment from Albina Stepanova:

Первая тренировка 💪 hobbyville sport karate krasnoyarsk bigrussianband child

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Comment from mohammad_zynali:

komite karate wkf کاراته

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Victory Martial Arts


Comment from Victory Martial Arts:

Have you visited our headquarters yet?! 💥 Repost college_park_main_street ・・・ officialvictoryma dedicated to improving the quality of life through the practice of martial arts for over two decades. . Victory Martial Arts 4418 Edgewater Dr . 32804 407-603-7749 . . rtialarts orlandomartialarts collegeparkmainstreet alocalthing acollegeparkthing 32804 orlandomainstreets thecitybeautiful martialartstrainer blackbelt karate martialarts

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Lex Egby


Comment from Lex Egby:

Here's a peek of my first vlog(link in bio) on my YouTube channel where I'll also post samplers and tutorials 😁 tricking martialartstricking vlog youtube training fitness martialarts movement ninja kungfu karate capoeira wushu youtuber timconkel will_kidwolf_coneys benjamin.towels (theres a shout out for you guys at the end)

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Comment from ArjunaLiusady:

The kids're so happy.. The parents're so happy.. The host's so happy.. The crews're so happy... I'm proud and happy too🤓🤓 Just wait their action at "Little Big Shot Indonesia" Global TV ufc mma workout kungfu wushu aikido sanshou kravmaga pomsae karate jiujitsu karatekid taekwondo shaolin shaolinkungfu tarungderajat sumo capoeira muaythai kickboxing boxing parkour gym barongsai pencaksilat judo kempo liondance

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Tony Newman


Comment from Tony Newman:

Te-At-Su Martial Arts under 10s Flying kicks karateteatsumartialartsjujitsujapanesemartialartslifehealthylifestylededicationrespectmindbodycomittmentkidsmartialarts

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Simone Nel (Cunha)


Comment from Simone Nel (Cunha):

Tiny karate ninja 🙏🏻😀 karate kumite karatedo karateka karatemom karatekid karatechop karatelife karatemad momlife momofboys dedication discipline determination cute littleninja tinyninja futuresensei shingitaikarateacademy

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MMA Daily


Comment from MMA Daily:

🤔 mma ufc bellator bjj judo wrestling karate boxing taekwondo muaythai sambo mmamemes legend legends gym UFCrankings MMAStats UFCStats Champs Champions MMAQuotes UFCQuotes FightWeek FOLLOW US ON Twitter: MMAdaily_Ian

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Joe Kral


Comment from Joe Kral:

Bruce Lee 24" x 24" mixed media on wood panel. mbuzzard brucelee

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Comment from Martial365:

MMA UFC beastmode ufcgym Ufcsantaclarita ronin martial365 martialarts king karate topKing sportsphotography followforfollow santaclarita boxing USAboxing wba IBF wbc wbo sparring

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Jones toussaint


Comment from Jones toussaint:

soy karate

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Mario Schafzahl 🇦🇹


Comment from Mario Schafzahl 🇦🇹:

...I may have stopped competing in karate but I will never stop doing it for myself 😊 Good morning 🌍 Wishing you a good start in your day 👋🏻 merightnow currently thailand kick karate goodtimes goodmorning

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Tyree Morrow


Comment from Tyree Morrow:

Late night gym session. I don't really post myself working out. Even when I'm at the dojo. Just trying to become better and stronger. Physically, mentally and spiritually. fitkingskino angelslife5 would love to get up with you guys n workout. martialarts fit life active karate karateka cal Shotokan lift training healthy life fitdad

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Simone Nel (Cunha)


Comment from Simone Nel (Cunha):

"Kiai !" karate yellowbelt orangebelt littlechamp karatedo karateka karatemom karatekid karatemad kznjka karatechop futuresensei shingitaikarateacademy momlife momofboys raisingboys raisinggoodhumans discipline dedication determination

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🍌🐒 塩田 ♠ 雅気 🐒🍌


Comment from 🍌🐒 塩田 ♠ 雅気 🐒🍌:

"When things go bad, don't go with them." 💪😎 HandsUpChinDown TrainHardStayHumble WeDontGetTired LetsGoChamp

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AK Martial Arts & Fitness RealFit4Life Building


Comment from AK Martial Arts & Fitness RealFit4Life Building:

Attendees will choose from a wide selection of flash and glow items to personalize their own "flair" for the walk. Ages 11 & Up. More info & register at sandiegoclassic dragonball bressiranch carlsbad akmartialartsandfitness karate martialarts

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Comment from lilrichfamous:

Lil rich famous performing his karate technique karate awesome lil rich famous

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