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Jeff Riley


Comment from Jeff Riley:

I found a cool spot to do some balance training after my run the other day. Find places to take your training out of the gym occasionally. It keeps the training fresh & can add some realism to it. I hope you have a great day! SELFPRESERVATIONTRAINING.COM ___________________________ trainingoutside balance martialarts sticktraining knifetraining muaythai taekwondo indianapolis kali bjj running boxing karate coveredbridge spt combatives indiana selfdefense blessed selfpreservation entrepreneur selfpreservationtraining

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Karate karatê الكاراتيه 空手道 karatè каратэ 空手

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Comment from ⓙⓐⓥⓐⓓ:

"the key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” i truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. there are no accidents; we're all teachers . if we're willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.......👍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 👊👊👊✔ brucelee jkd jkd_javad jeetkunedo junfangungfu martialarts master wushu wingchun legend lifestyle life kungfu karate taekwondo muaythai mma mixedmartialarts ufc bjj jiujitsu judo training fight selfdefense sparring boxing kickboxing fullcontact

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Comment from Samurai:

SamuraiKanji "Hi" firekanji samurai samuraikanji picoftheday japanese japan weeb artist arte artistic artsy draw illustration beautiful photooftheday vsco karate instaart instaartist fire🔥 instalike talented arts_gallery worldofartists nawden artfido artcollective vscocam dibujo

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Martial Art - Clothing

Comment from Martial Art - Clothing:

The Beauty that last forever 😍 She wear arawaza karate Handpro. Footpro. Tegi. Target mitt. Protector. Tshirt . Shoes. Belt. Untuk order online produk beladiri hubungi SEKARANG: 1. LINE 1= nyp7976x (ketik di depannya) 2. LINE 2= taekwondoinclothing 3. LINE 3 = karateka_clothing 4. pin BB 5BDC3069 & D21FF819 5. WhatsApp: 08562379446 Katalog produk lain bisa langsung lihat yuk di instagram kami: = taekwondoclothing = karatekaclothing = dreamfightwin_martialarts = sepatubeladiri = tshirt taekwondo kyorugi poomsae karate karatedo karateka karatekaclothing DREAMFIGHTWIN taekwondoinclothing bkc forki inkai mtx bandungkarateclub beladiri Martialarts Martialartclothing kaosbeladiri tshirtbeladiri karateindonesia arawaza kaos kaosbeladiri adidas taekwondoindonesia jcalicu mooto nike prospecstaekwondo dobok

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Karate Zen Namibia 🇳🇦


Comment from Karate Zen Namibia 🇳🇦:

🥋amazing 🥋 Kataskills katakata karate-zen martialarts goldmeldals kids_martial_arts

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Héctor García


Comment from Héctor García:

Tu tienda de artes marciales. karatedo madeinjapan selfdefense tokaido japan japon avalochex sandspro mma ufc k1 wk wkf jka japankarateassociation shotokan shitoryu kyokushin kyokushinkai gojuryu shorinryu uechiryu karategi blackbelt kuroobi okinawa karate jka jeetkunedo kempo

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Maciek Milecki


Comment from Maciek Milecki:

Deadlift 100kg + bonus Marcin na koniec ;p A Ty lubisz martwe ciągi?

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Bogdan Kurilko


Comment from Bogdan Kurilko:

храмхристаспасителя внебе отличныйвид okinawakarate okinawa karate

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nadila nabila 👯


Comment from nadila nabila 👯:

Sengak nian gaya tu 😂🤘 karate inkado 💪 👊

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Johan Pretorius


Comment from Johan Pretorius:

Zanshin sensei gichinfunakoshi karate

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Hajime Shinma


Comment from Hajime Shinma:

道着が乾かないからコインランドリーヽ(;▽;)ノ 雨のバカヤロー\\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶//// しかし、、、外に出たら呑んじゃうよ( ^ ^ )/□笑 一円会館 空手 karate training ダイエット エクササイズ 筋トレ 大阪市 平野区 加美 笑顔 仲間 稽古 大切 好き 楽しく 夢 スポーツ 武道 応援 熱い先生 可能性は無限大 挑戦 教育 成長 感動 日々勉強 習い事

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spiderandersonsilva vs Stephan Bonnar Spiderman is the GOAT hands down🐐🐐👊👊👏mma ufc martialarts mixedmartialarts boxing kickboxing muaythai wrestling judo karate taekwondo bjj jiujitsu sports combat alpha savage respect swag fitness motivation fitnessmotivation fight fighting silva andersonsilva ko knockout legend goat

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All Things Wing Chun

Comment from All Things Wing Chun:

Image by jermskillz ***** If you don't have a Mook Jong, just make one! lol..super rusty, but coming up with some combos for an actress to do on our show. martialart kungfu martialartist matrialarts martialarts selfdefense karate wingchun brucelee dojo

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Bill Carson


Comment from Bill Carson:

Defending against the kinder: The Modern Warrior Handbook: karate karatedo martialarts workout hardtraining training survival books bookgeek bookhaul howtobooks kindle selfdefence gymrat photography art

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Comment from 💰mikeva:

📰Extra extra read all about it.... If you don't know; now you know.... Noon boxing class with teamquarles...Check out our website for class schedule, and how to get a week free🗞 junglegymmclean jungleteam nodaysoff boxing mma karate jujitsu yoga stretch fit fitness gym instafit instafitness fitfam dc Maryland Virginia McLean fallschurch annandale Vienna keepworkinchamps💯

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Gorcev Maksim Igorevich


Comment from Gorcev Maksim Igorevich:

Ребят, есть желающие 3 мая покататься на велосипедах ??) в Direct 😏 followfollowmefollowmetoknockout ko fight mma karate ufc follow kick fighters box martialarts style fitspiration high newyork kickboxing workout gym money mcgregor instagood thenotorious taekwondo superstar reebok success

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Comment from 靖雅💓💓:

0426 比賽結束了 雖然成績不如自己預期的那麼好 但在過程學到怎樣突破自己 謝謝學長姐及教練的指導還有鼓勵 讓我覺得我不是一個人在奮戰 讓我在最後一年沒有遺憾的結束 謝謝妳們當我這幾天的心靈老師🙏🙏 全中運 第五 karate

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UFC Uncensored


Comment from UFC Uncensored:

The Iceman Chuck Liddell. Champion,Legend & Gladiator👊 ufcmmaphotoofthedayufcuncensoredmmafighterkaratemixedmartialartsicemanchuckliddelltitoortizrepost

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Diseñando sueños


Comment from Diseñando sueños:

brucelee kungfu sport deportes artesmarciales karate marcialarts almohadas diseñandosueños trabajoartesanal regalos decoración pillows gift personalizados hechoenMéxico almohadaspersonalizadas emprendedora

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