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Comment from Carmen:

My mom sends me this of my grandma at Macy's today. Legs crossed, cell phone poppin, and sitting with no worries. We have come a long way. She was born in a time where telephones, cars, and all of what we know technology to be today didn't exist. Humble people with humble beginnings. I love you Abuelita (granny). 86 YEARS YOUNG💓💗text messages from mom mood stay humble always the ones you love keep you grounded immigrantsmakeamericagreat beginnings immigrant story legs crossed diva its a story telephones cellphones technology grandma abuelita latinos

2 Minutes ago

ხუციშვილი თეო


Comment from ხუციშვილი თეო:

keep it simple keepitsimple keepit💯 mountaindoodle mountainsketch whomadethis adventure adventuretime

3 Minutes ago

Kikušiačik Štefková


Comment from Kikušiačik Štefková:

lovecats love them ourlife forest sunnyday animallovers animals catsoul cats meow sagyandkessy lovemylife keep smiling

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Comment from MegaDrone:

Keep Calm and RTH rth keep calm drone vant dji inspire insta phantom snapseed course return home instapic instadrone instagram instagood

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Comment from D E B S:

" Pose modesta? " tbt keep AM

6 Minutes ago

Jamie Lacey


Comment from Jamie Lacey:

🕎🔥🔥John 9:31 KJV 📖🔥🔥🕎 pray worship follow trust praise sing meditate act keep faith TheMostHigh love obey truth commandments peace life joy work vigilant diligence zeal God Christ Yahusha Yashiya Ahayah Yahuah GodofIsrael TheAlmighty

6 Minutes ago

Don Imran ™ Official


Comment from Don Imran ™ Official:

Sleepy and robotic - each day it's best to walk at least an hour a day - research supports this keep fit cardio fitness selfie selfienation likes follow love night relax

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Comment from Crazy松:

マックショウ豊橋club KNOT 6/4(日)。。。 マックショウ KEEP

6 Minutes ago

Lucia Prieto


Comment from Lucia Prieto:

I died laughing. bath keep laughing

7 Minutes ago

R I A B A J A L👑


Comment from R I A B A J A L👑:

Don't cry because it's over, smile because his new girlfriend looks like a sloth 😏 haterswillhate keeptalkingidc captiononpoint

7 Minutes ago

Theresa Duke


Comment from Theresa Duke:

ikeephappy 😊 with KEEPCollective LIKE IT? Design your own, one of a kind piece that tells your personal story. Link in profile ⬆️ Message for design assistance. LOVE IT? Get FREE KEEP by hosting a qualifying Instagram or FACEBOOK or in-home social! EASY PEASY (and fun too!) Message to setup your social now! WANT IT ALL? Change your life and become a DESIGNER today! Message me to find out how and hear my story. Theresa, 🗝Independent Designer, Keep Collective 🗝 KeepCollective mothersday armswag armcandy fashion freejewelry jewelryoftheday keepsake keep lookoftheday fashionaddict mompreneur kotd bracelets accessories keeper keys necklace shop online teens womenfashion create tellyourstory wristbeads beads

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Comment from ben-hard:

Aaaaah...nawaza nn cjui God_is_able keep my gift

10 Minutes ago



Comment from Crazy松:

金子大樹5/6(土)後楽園ホール。。。 金子大樹 KEEP

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🛵KEEP CALM AND DRIVE A VESPA🛵 keepcalm calm keep drive piaggio vespa px px125 px125e pxarcobaleno storia scooter passion passione thebest relax invespa vespagram instavespa instavespaitalia blog blogger fashion fashionblog fashionblogger fashionbloggeritalia fashionbloggeritaly top madeinitaly

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Comment from kelvin:

stay hungry keep winning gang be humble... Sit down... ruthless focus

15 Minutes ago

E Digitul


Comment from E Digitul:

Come Support my Lil Bro thisischrisreze my nigga be grindingkeep working fam .. s/o laidbackjones88 1 of the dopest artist/producer in the city 🎶⬆️⬆️💲💲

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Shahzeb Khanッ


Comment from Shahzeb Khanッ:

Summers. Recess. Random clicks. Candid. No. Bullshit. Forced photography. The guy hated me. . . . love peace insta instaart instagood instame instagram like4like like4follow likeforlike likeforfollow followforfollow follow smiles keep smiling selfie randoms unforgettable memories goodday had fun nofilter green feild peace candid

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Comment from Sarah:

Love wearing my KEEP bracelet. After two days of rain it's a little reminder of things I love- sunshine, the beach, palm trees... Collective is a brilliant business. Bracelets and necklaces with charms to tell YOUR passions and stories. keepwithashleym keepcollective KEEPcollective yourstory yourpassions beachinspiration summer palmtrees flipfloplife

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M a r i y a D e v a


Comment from M a r i y a D e v a:

|| love • will tear us apart again... || keep the love wild • the madness strong • and the heart tender || 💋❤Ⓜ️ ||

56 Minutes ago

M a r i y a D e v a


Comment from M a r i y a D e v a:

|| the universe was never something she feared • but an endless road she would travel carrying a suitcase full of flowers and a pocket full of promises to herself • she intended to keep ||👩🏼🌸Ⓜ️ ||

1 Hours ago