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Ludovica Licasale


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Keep on smiling 🎈 imalive keepongoing keeponsmiling happiness felicidad babe memyselfandi findyourbalance smile insta gram instagramers

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Sahily Chávez ♏


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Reason number 57,456 why I love Zumba zumba zinlife fatloss stillonmyprocess transformationtuesday motivation keepongoing

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Fitness | Fitness Girls | FIT

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Jaqueline Saß


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Good Night! 🌙 ⭐️ instagirl goodnight wwmädels longhairdontcare blueeyes moonlight moonlightshadow woman lostweight finally proud keepongoing instagood picoftheday tired goodnight l4l likesforlikes likes4likes nails nailart followme

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Anna Brogan


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Sweetie time. chronicillness medication pills fibrowarrior ibs spoonie dowhatyougottado keepongoing

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Lucyy Smart


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Digging for treats...🐰❤️🐰❤️naughtyrabbit rabbitsworldwide happyfriday weekendfun instapet bunnyrabbit keepongoing cute lovemybunnies

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Kayla's Journey


Comment from Kayla's Journey:

When you challenge yourself, the only one who wins is YOU! I can't believe I missed transformationtuesday but it's okay because we can make it fitnessfriday ! ---------------------- After always being the girl with the weight problems, it's so nice to be able to be the girl that helps motivate her friends and family to be the best person they can be! It's not about numbers on a scale, it's not about how many crunches you can do, it's about being YOU! And loving the you, you are. I've been knocked down so many times, but I'll keep striving to be my best self, and in my journey I hope I can help you be just that! You all motivate me more than I can say. I wouldn't be the person I am without you. I'm physically half the person I used to be, but spiritually and emotionally fuller than I could have ever wished! I'm still the girl that's bigger than most, I'm still the girl with anxiety and depression, but I'll forever be the girl who's going to keep trying! ----------------------- "SOMETIMES, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step." The best thing about this though, is the fact that I'll be there right beside you. Let's tip toe together! When you're ready we can walk, run, dance, or frolic, but we are going to do it together! --------------- challenge loveyourbody loveyourself motivationalquotes motivation keepongoing healthylifestyle gym noregrets change weightloss weightlossjourney kaylasjourney lovemyself mentalhealth you anxiety deppression youreworthit fitness transformation bodypositive dontgiveup yourperfect happiness innerpeace confidence inspiration

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Niel Deepnarain


Comment from Niel Deepnarain:

Wow what a great service celebration this evening at Bible by the beach, Matthew Barrett preached on 2 Kings: 22 vs 1 to 23 vs 3.... Here are some of the notes from the message... "Idolatry has to do with our ears, the kind of evil we see here in this scripture is idolatry. 2 Kings: 21 vs 8-9. "But they did not listen". Idolatry provokes the anger of God. In chapter 2 Kings: 22 vs 2 we see the impossible become possible, we see steadfastness and faithfulness. 2 Chronicles. Here we see there has been a change but the greatest change was still to come. Deuteronomy: 6, 27 & 28. We thank God for conviction that brings a change for the best. Idols can never save you, idols can never satisfy you and can never bring a covenant that only God can bring. Thank God for His compassion, when we leave the old and come to Christ we experience His amazing compassion. Repentance is an importance. We are to listen to God who speaks. Authentic reformation comes through listening and acting on the word and not just looking at the word and doing nothing. Let's worship through our ears. Are we to get rid of idolatry. Let the covenant blessing flow like a river in our lives. Let's return to the scriptures and understand it biblically. Don't let the word of God be lost and abused, we are to know the word of God and speak the Word. The scriptures are there to open the eyes of the "blind". Our lips are the public reservoirs of the word of God. Don't let the word of God slip away, we are to preach the word. When the word is preached souls are set alive and are lead to glorification. We must return to the scriptures, scripture alone is full of light. We gain confidence and assurance in Christ through the scriptures. Let's do life based on the word of God and be of service to the people of God. Isaiah: 66 vs 2." BibleByTheBeach ChristianConcern Eastbourne LongWeekend Beach Bible Truth Blessed Thankful GodIsGood Love Joy KeepOnGoing FirmFoundations TheWordOfGod Worship BankHolidayWeekend Londoner LondonVictoria Understanding Wisdom EventProfs Ministry Events Hospitality MakeADifference Stand ItsAllAboutJesus ThankYouJesus

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Ana Carla Gallegos


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En días nublados, el esfuerzo vale por dos (aplica para todo) 🌩💪🏼🙏🏼

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Comment from Melanie✌🏽️Funderburk:

Let's see how tonight goes lol💰🍹🍺🥗🍔🍤🥐🥙🍷🌽🥕🍻🍽🍪🥄 !!! melmel southernnanny moneymaker keepongoing notdownyet peoplelovethisbitch keepsmiling😊 nannyvoice lovenpeace

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🇼 🇫


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-piatto italiano- Ingredients: mozzarella, whole grain bread, tomatoes, salted and dried beef (bresaola). italy italianfood sogood tasty motiavtion keepongoing fitness WF Being fit is not a destination. It’s a lifestyle!

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Leo Torres


Comment from Leo Torres:

En la bici luego de dos años y medio y en el instante que estás sobre ella te das cuenta la importancia de la técnica. Una vez que está incorporada, no la olvidas jamás. Aprendan algo, practiquen siempre. After 2 1/2 years without bicycling and the first instance you realize who important and meaningful it's a technique, once it's percolated then you will never forget it! Learn something, practice it all the time! bycicle guy buenosaires technique meaningful sunny motivation practice model enjoy motivated keepongoing makeithappen inspiration

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Comment from Gymkingfs:

keepongoing motivation ripped inkedmen picoftheday

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Comment from Antía:

No words needed🙃 crossfit crossfitcommunity crossfitfamily crossfitsantmarti bebettereveryday rememberwhyyoustarted keepongoing nevergiveup weliftheavybro earnednotgiven wealsodogymnastics lovewhatyoudo crossfitchangedmylife ittouchedmyheart slowprogressisstillprogress

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Roll on summer 😝 me love sunbed hot drink Friday picoftheday bodybuilding inkedup inkedmen ripped like motivation keepongoing

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Wilco Gardenier


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And he is gone! trekkertrek friends kerosine motor 4000pk gasengaan keepongoing beer party beastmode itsalifestyle fitstagram fitfamnl nogutsnoglory

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l a v i n i a i s a b e l


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... Und jetzt ist das Bein endlich gerade! 😍🙈 stretching stretch progress gettingbetter soproud leg straight straightleg brücke beingerade keepongoing fitnessgirl fitnessfreak fitness onelove workhard legday workout friday fridayworkout friyay goodfeeling potd legging girlwholift takethishaters Danke für das Foto! 😘 s831899

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Comment from medicine.etc:

Finally started When Breath Becomes Air and what a truly touching memoir it is!whenbreathbecomesair medicine keeponlearning keepongoing

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Cynthia Prosdocimi


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Because today was THE day! nevergiveup goals lifestyle gains esmagaquecresce noproblem foco focus gohardorgohome performer like4like noexcuses justdoit fitgirls fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fit iworkout abs core instafit modellife keepongoing noproblem

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Cynthia Prosdocimi


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Because pain is part of the process. nevergiveup goals lifestyle gains esmagaquecresce noproblem foco focus gohardorgohome performer like4like noexcuses justdoit fitgirls fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fit iworkout abs core instafit modellife keepongoing

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