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Comment from Kit Kirby:

17/365 as some of you know, this is my kitty boy. As some of you also know, I recently started a new job. In this short time, I've met some outstanding people that are passionate about what they do (and I love it). I've also learned that I'm super rusty in the kitchen... I get down on myself far too easily. I told my momma I was afraid I wasn't a good enough cook for this job, that I'd learn things too slow for their likings, etc.. my momma sent me this picture of him (and a text from her 😂) saying essentially "you can do this". So, I looked around the beautiful restaurant I was standing in, at the individuals I'd been working with and the incredible food these chefs have created and knew it would be "OK". Guster's face also gave me the "OK" 🐱😉 #longpost #kittyboy #kitty #feedyourbelly #offtopic #yougotthis #keepontruckin #thanksmomma

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Had a nice PRT session with more push up and sit up drills! Then went to the gym for a nice arm day. Went down in weight for the assisted pull ups!! Having some long days and late nights, but still kickin a** #keepgoing #keepontruckin #2017

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