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Matt Thomas


Comment from Matt Thomas:

Funny how this things got twice as many miles as most vehicles on the road today, and yet i wouldn't think twice about driving it to Pennsylvania 👍276k bowtietillidie keepontruckin

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Comment from smiles:

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Comment from Alex:


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Rebecca Lee


Comment from Rebecca Lee:

keepontruckin overthetop

2 Hours ago

Davit🇵🇱 🇳🇴 Truck Driver 🚚💨💨

Comment from Davit🇵🇱 🇳🇴 Truck Driver 🚚💨💨:

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Brandi $ 👑💎


Comment from Brandi $ 👑💎:

This is true brackroads classiccountrymusic trucksaremadeforbackroads trucksaremadeformud 4x4squared merica godblesstrucksandmusic godblesstruckers godblessamerica prefourthofjuly keepontruckin

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Cheryl Richeal Horn


Comment from Cheryl Richeal Horn:

This is almost 1 year apart... those pants go on and off without unzipping and the top is way too big. In the first one you can see the fake smile... the I hate this freaking pic but it's a work event and I have no choice face... the second pic I'm wayyyyy happier! The face is more like wow I'm throwing this top out it's way too big!!!! happy dogmom greatday selfesteem transformationtuesday careerwoman

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Comment from Cody:

I hate sitting.

4 Hours ago

Mike Deezy


Comment from Mike Deezy:

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Michael Chad Ronilo


Comment from Michael Chad Ronilo:

Ten years healed and spotted in the wilds of Fremont last night. Thank you, Leah! 🙏 keepontruckin rcrumb zapcomix

6 Hours ago

Doc Byron


Comment from Doc Byron:

I can’t imagine pup Buddy & kit Darnell NOT going on everyone’s nerves with a bobby car truck, because some obsessions (and friendships!) run DEEP BuddyThunderstruck DarnellFetzervalve Netflix Anthro Ferret Dog KeepOnTruckin MyArt

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Comment from BigOtrucker:

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Damir Barbaric


Comment from Damir Barbaric:

My best friend 😎🤙🏼ontheroadkeepontruckinscaniavolvoorangelightbestfriendtruckerstruckertrucklifemoonshineexpressfamilytraditiontransportfamilytraditionstylenudebusclubtruckjunkietoppicoftheday

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John Greenfield


Comment from John Greenfield:

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7 Hours ago

Border International Trucks


Comment from Border International Trucks:

Customer SHOUT OUT!! Erives Enterprises Inc. They use Border International for a variety of their business solutions including trucks, trailers, tires, parts and service work. We appreciate the opportunities they provide us with and thank you so much for your business! To show our thanks we grilled up some delicious food for their employees. Hope you all enjoyed! Everyone should be more like Erives. Want to learn how? Reach out a Border Rep. near you to learn more about our great programs we offer like Fleet Charge and OnCommand Connect. Keeping you on the road longer. BelikeErives OnlywithBorderint keepontruckin

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Comment from BigOtrucker:

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Comment from BigOtrucker:

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🇮🇹 johnny tall pipes 🇮🇹


Comment from 🇮🇹 johnny tall pipes 🇮🇹:

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8 Hours ago

🇮🇹 johnny tall pipes 🇮🇹


Comment from 🇮🇹 johnny tall pipes 🇮🇹:

alex359127 lookin top notch as always!! badass bigrig bigrigs keepontruckin pete peterbilt peterbilt359 semi semis semitruck semitrucks truck trucks trucker truckin trucking truckporn truckinpics truckpics 18wheeler

8 Hours ago

Ej Bursoni


Comment from Ej Bursoni:

Transformation tuesday mfer's size 48 waist down to a 34-36! transformationtuesday triumph boom👊 determination destroy💪 dedication dontletanybodytellyouyoucant motivation mylifestyle mystressreliever myweightlossjourney muscleup painistemporary putinworkgetresults painisweaknessleavingthebody strong strive showmeimpossible workout woooooh workhard windycityiron weights keepontruckin fearweightsnothing leggo doitforyourself doitforyourhappiness

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