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Shelby Johnson


Comment from Shelby Johnson:

Ok, nickj1987 and I are going to be starting a new food plan next week. We are going to give the ketodiet a try!!! I've been reading the many benefits of this lifestyle change and it is what we need. However, I haven't found much research on how it effects breastfeeding . Any tips from ketogenic people?!

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Caitlin & Erin


Comment from Caitlin & Erin:

Keto obsessed? Then you need these Keto tshirts! For ladies only (kids and men's coming soon) with a very special introductory price of $15! Quantities limited - order today! ketogenic ketodiet keto ketosis ketogenicdiet ketoweightloss ketolife ketolove ketones ketonesforfuel pruvit pruviteveryday better tshirt workout workoutmotivation workouts workhard workfromhome workfromhomemom ketoos ketomeal ketomax lowcarb lc lchfdiet makeitminestore

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Comment from Ketoholic:

Salmon meatballs 😋 ketogeniclifestyle ketogenicdiet ketodiet ketosis ketosis_lifestyle lowcarbdiet salmonfishing lachsfilet salmon اتكنزيه اتكنزيون اتكنز_دايت كيتون كيتوني كيتوجينك كيتون_دايت دلع_نفسك_مع_اتكنزlcwshop highfat leckerkohlenhydratfreiabnehmen abnehmenohnezuhungern abendessen essensehrlecker kohlenhydratarm gesunderezepte fett

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Kimberlee Heinze


Comment from Kimberlee Heinze:

This is my start to detoxing my life! Especially my headaches I am starting the ketodiet this week. Here's to 1 day at a time! herbalife

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Comment from xflowfoodx:

Rumpsteak mit selbstgemachter Kräuterbutter auf Ratatouille-Gemüse. selfmade food foods foodie foodies foodart foodporn foodblogger foodpics foodgasm foodshare instafoodie lchf lowcarb lowcalorie lowcarblife lowcarbfood lowcarbdeutschland lowcarbdiet keto ketosis ketodiet frenchfood foodandwine

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mommy goals 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


Comment from mommy goals 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦:

Take me with you! Keto ketodiet lowcarb atkins lchf food ketogenic highfat lowcarbhighfat weightloss weightlossjourney lc eatfat ketolove

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Lua Amoedo 🚀⭐️


Comment from Lua Amoedo 🚀⭐️:

Passando rapidex pra dar uma dica boa pra facilitar a vida pq sou fofa e amo meus instafriends! ☺️♥️ Esse é um temperinho caseiro que uso em tudo (frango, peixe, carne, arroz, quinoa, etc, etc...). Faço esse potão e guardo na geladeira pra usar na semana! Assim fica prático e eu não preciso ficar cortando tempero fresco todo dia! 😅 Vem ver! 🍅🍃3 cebolas (mas pode usar a gosto); 🍅🍃1 tomate (mas... a gosto); 🍅🍃1 cabeça de alho (tb a gosto); 🍅🍃Sumo de 1 limão (o limão age como conservante e vai fazer seu tempero durar sem amargar, além de ser uma delícia! 💚🍋); 🍅🍃1 colher de cafezinho de sal rosa (que tb ajuda a conservar. N coloco muito pq gosto de dosar o sal direto na comida); 🍅🍃Temperinhos verdes e pimentas a gosto e se quiser; 🍅🍃Liquidifica tudo, coloca num pote de vidro esterilizado e guarda bem tampadinho na geladeira! 😉😘♥️

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Keto Foodie


Comment from Keto Foodie:

I adapted this recipe from joyfilledeats. It is a delicious meal! The caramelized onions add a little over 1 gm carbs to the dish, not bad for the wonderful flavor added to the dish. Quickly a favorite at our table! 🥓🧀🥚 Broccoli & Cheddar Loaf - Low Carb, Grain Free, Ingredients: 5 eggs, beaten 2 Slices cooked bacon, diced 2 tsbp diced onion 1 tsp avocado, coconut or olive oil 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 3/4 cup fresh raw broccoli florets, chopped 3 1/2 tbsp coconut flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt or Mama Garlic Instructions: Preheat oven to 350. Add oil to a hot small size skillet and then add onions. Cook until just caramelized. Spray a loaf pan with cooking spray. Mix all the ingredients in a medium bowl. Pour into the loaf pan. Bake for 35 minutes or until puffed and golden. Slice and serve. To Reheat - Microwave or heat in a greased frying pan.

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Johnny - 35 Year old Keto Guy


Comment from Johnny - 35 Year old Keto Guy:

Supper: cheese and coffee 👌🏼

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Comment from Erica:

transformationtuesday Because sometimes you need pictures to see how far you've really come! It's amazing that I've changed this much in the last year 💪💕 I got this! Even when I feel like I don't ketofam ketocommunity ketodiet ketogenic weightloss weightlossjourney beforeandafter fromfattofit whatadifferenceayearmakes

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Comment from extracreamnosugar:

If anyone tells you you're not allowed to eat a steak this big for lunch, they are wrong 😛😛😛 -Ellie lchf lowcarb lowcarbliving lowcarblifestyle lowcarbfeed lowcarbhighfat onadiet atkins diet keto ketosis ketogenic ketodiet ketofam eat fattofit weightloss eatfatlosefat nutrition healthy glutenfree GF gfree pcos foodblog motivation

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Gi Daher Arantes Curitiba®


Comment from Gi Daher Arantes Curitiba®:

Dia de experiência gastronômica healthylifestyle healthyfood foodporn footjob ketodiet keto beautyful comidasaudavel comidadetox detox reeducaçãoalimentar reposicaohormonal hormoniobioidentico testosterona saudemental tatuagem tatoos

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Comment from sparklemeawesome:

Breakfast. Eggs, sausage, Colby jack, turkey, and hot sauce. I may have dumped a p3 snack pack on there.

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Comment from TastyReadyAromaticDelicacies:

Day 2: Carrot cake smoothie • Frozen banana, peeled diced carrots, almond milk, plain or vanilla Greek yogurt, maple syrup (or your desired sweetener), ground cinnamon, pinch of ground ginger & pinch of ground nutmeg _ Toppings: Extra grated carrots, toasted coconut, toasted walnuts, pineapple & dried cranberries smoothie vegan veganchallenge ketodiet food blogger foodie foodstagram foodgram foodphotography foodporn carrot cinnamon kitchenerkitchen smoothiebowl kitchener yummy eeeeeats chef breakfast lunch almondmilk cranberry greekyoghurt

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Comment from Selena🌹:

TransformationTuesday Sibling-Edition I'd like to recognize my brother for losing 48 pounds thus far! He looks great but like he tells me, "Put lipstick on a Pig, it's still a Pig" Well, here's to you: "A Pig can lose 48 pounds, but it's still a Pig!" Lmfao Good shit garciajr87 ❤️ . . . . Keto KetoDiet KetogenicDiet KetoMotivation Lowcarbs Highfat LCHF EatFatLoseFat Weightloss KetoWeightloss Fitspo KetoJourney KetoResults BeforeAndAfter KetoTransformation Progress Determination HardWork BeforeAndDuring WeightlossMotivation TransformYourBody

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Kenneth Han (BK)/Tall Korean


Comment from Kenneth Han (BK)/Tall Korean:

Day 24/31 ketodiet, new low of 217.2. It looks to crazy look back and think that being obese was the norm for my life. As happy as I may look in the bottom right picture eating chips, I knew that my lifestyle was unacceptable. I know people probably thought it was cute, which it really wasn't, used to call me sausage fingers. I know they probably thought it was funny, but in reality not really. People will make fun you first people they want to help you. My thesis today is you gotta be able to help yourself. Nobody else is going to do it for you. It's your life and you only get once chance to step up to the plate and swing the bat. Might as well swing for the fences. 1life weightloss swingforthrfences transformationtuesday fatboyshrink blogger podcast fatboyproblems fatloss fatlossjourney ktown 213 fitness transformationpics vlogger blogger youtuber roadtothesixpack formerfatty changeyourlife fitness fattofit fat2fit keto ketotribe fatboyshrinkapparel korean fatloss fitnessmotivation

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Comment from KetoLCHFMonkey:

BREAKFAST Two eggs over easy, pork link sausages, sliced strawberry. sausage eggs overeasy strawberries

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Comment from Daniel:

Egg muffins with bacon, broccoli, green peppers, topped with cheddar cheese✌🏽💪🏽 chefboyrD mealprep mealprepmonday eggmuffins eggs bacon broccoli greenpepper keto lowcarb protein ketosis ketogenic ketofood ketomeal healthy healthyfood ketodiet ketobreakfast bacon

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Comment from Daniel:

Turkey sausage, cauliflower rice and broccoli rice, green pepper, garlic, lemon juice, and topped with Parmesan cheese👍🏽💪🏽 chefboyrD mealprep mealprepmonday keto ketogenic lowcarb lowcarbhighfat ketosis ketofood healthy healthyfood healthymeal turkeysausage cauliflower cauliflowerrice broccoli broccolirice parmesan ketodiet

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Comment from Daniel:

It might not look like much but this tasted great!!! Cauliflower rice, chicken, broccoli, and green beans all sautéed in garlic and flavored with lemon juice and Parmesan cheese👌🏽💪🏽chefboyrD mealprep mealprepmonday cauliflowerrice ketogenic keto protein lowcarb ketorecipes ketofood broccoli greenbeans cauliflower garlic parmesan healthy healthyfood cleaneating healthyrecipe ketodiet

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