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New Fear to Fuel tape Alert!!! (link in bio) "Fear of Overcoming Rape & Molestation" In this audio download we directly deal with a trauma that goes 84% unreported effecting more than 300,000 young girls and women per year. This is a trauma that often effects women but includes men, the way you approach relationships, your trust of people and guarded sense of self worth. Get ready to convert this fear into fuel! Download: Audio/Video Length: 9:53 Coach Speaking: Demecos Demecos _____ #newyear #newyou #newyearresolution #begreat #kickass #fearcoach #FeartoFuelTape #win #landmarkforum #atlantalifecoach #empowerment #bethebestyou #brandnewattitude #greatness #thegoat #dontquit #dontgiveup #takeitall #nothingonthetable #audiotape #selfdevelopment #coaching #tapecoaching #onlinecoaching #happylife #selfimprovement #begreat #molestation #rape #rapevictims #childmolestation

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Duas semanas separam as duas fotos. Mas a mudança principal não está visí foto da direita tem uma mulher mais feliz, mais disposta, mais confiante! E a felicidade não vem da "magreza" (isso ajuda tb 😏). A felicidade vem da certeza e da satisfação de estar fazendo oq sei que é melhor pra mim, e não simplesmente aceitando oq aparece em minha frente. Eu decido como vai ser meu amanhã, não aceito ser resultado da casualidade! Escolha você também ser sua melhor versão! Em tudo!!! #JaneiroIncorruptível 👊🏼 🇺🇸⬇️🇺🇸⬇️🇺🇸⬇️ Two weeks separate the two pics. But the main change is not visible to the eyes...the pic on the right there's a happier, more willing and confident woman! And the happy part does not come from the pounds lost (those help too 😏). The happiness comes from the certainty and the satisfaction of doing what I know its best for me, not just accepting whatever pops up in front of me. I decide how my tomorrow is gonna be, I do not accept being a result of casuality! Choose you too to be your best version! In every single thing! #IncorruptibleJanuary 👊🏼

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Comment from Autumn Hamann:

Anyone who knows me knows I'm NOT a morning person! My new puppy and some new found motivation and confidence has started to change that! This morning I woke up had a cup of coffee and did my Dynamic Strength workout! This is quite the accomplishment for me and honestly I loved it! So from now on I'm going to WAKE UP, KICK ASS, BE KIND, AND REPEAT! 💪🏼❤💋 #coredeforce #dynamicstrength #wakeup #kickass #bekind #motivated #confidence #bepositive #inspire

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Comment from elle anne design:

I needed this mantra this morning because the roads are complete crap! Drove my husbands massive truck into work though so I did feel pretty kick ass 👊🏻

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Alright y'all, let's kick Tuesdays ass! It's our last full day in Seattle, we are going to enjoy the city and it's green as much as possible! Do you wake & bake every morning? We sure do 😋

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