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Comment from Tatiana:

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Comment from Leesa:

4 n a bit days till my first IFBB NOVICE FIGURE Show.. so excited even with no carbs haha 💪 ifbbfigurecompetitorbossbabespersonaltrainingironhousefitnessnutritionwarehouseNWarmynutritionwarehousegenetixnutritionpreFXintrabigbrandssupplementswarehousekickass

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Comment from MachPointOneAviation:

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Comment from iowan:

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personal page: @Jillian.Papa


Comment from personal page: @Jillian.Papa:

Make time for it 👊🏻 kickass workhard

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Comment from Keena:

That's all! 💁🏻 workout kickass beyou loveyourself bbg bbgcommunity liss cardio bbgprogress week7bbg 12weekchallenge

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Fucknick 🐙


Comment from Fucknick 🐙:

Long time ego 😱⌛️maybe 7 years or more kickassdemnidiotfuckyoulike4likeforever21qotdwtfreallyhotsuckdrugslovelikeforlikefollowme

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PuizSooksagium 💟🍍🌅


Comment from PuizSooksagium 💟🍍🌅:

philaphornia sangria always kickass

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Comment from A:

Sweaty & messy but it feels so good. It is awesome to not only see progress but to also FEEL progress. Our mindset is everything through this journey. It's ok to have a complete shitty day sometimes, but it's so important to remember that every day is a fresh start. It's never too late to start working towards your goals, whether that's preparing to run for a marathon to saving money for that dream vacation. It's all about taking action, even when you don't feel motivated. Sometimes it just takes a little push in the right direction 😊but always be kind and patient with yourself, you deserve all the love the universe has to offer ❤️

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Priscilla Hernandez


Comment from Priscilla Hernandez:

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The Chosen One🙏💸💪👀


Comment from The Chosen One🙏💸💪👀:

Ass Kicker 💪💪💪 Rope exercise cardio shoulders workout letsgetit workwork hardwork kickass kickingareass yessir yessuhh

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George Spater


Comment from George Spater:

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xcodevnzla®.. 💪 unique style


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xcodevnzla®.. 💪 unique style


Comment from xcodevnzla®.. 💪 unique style:

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The Mad Fermentologist

Comment from The Mad Fermentologist:

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Teeghan Louise


Comment from Teeghan Louise:

Day 120 of 365 Days of Prep 💪 Slowly, but surely, progress is made. Hard work and consistent effort will win, everytime. Today was awesome. Killed back, felt my muscles tear like they should, and nailed my nutrition! By sticking to my plan 110% I can't guarantee results, but I can guarantee maximum effort. I'll never have to say "I didn't try hard enough", because that's not the case! Feels good to be able to have the willpower to do that 😊 even if I don't compete this year, it won't matter. I kick ass as best I can every day, and that's what counts. The stage is just an extra motivator. This is a lifestyle CHOICE, and I love it ❤ NeverGiveUp KickAss LoveWhatYouDo

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Team N10sity


Comment from Team N10sity:

Respect the training •• honor the commitment •• cherish the results! There is no secret 🤔💪🏽 - For lifestyle training, competition prep & online coaching / nutrition plans contact us today! Contact link in bio teamn10sity or visit .com 💫✨ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ - Coaches Terry Hairston, Mr. America | IFBB PRO Kim “Baby Doll” Harris 💜💪 thesculptor1 | kimbabydoll teamn10sity imready newyear newyear2017 newyearresolution stayfocus 💯npc npcfigure musclecontest npccompetitor musclecontest fitfam fit fitness fitgirl train training kickass badass trainer

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Comment from Kameil:

My fitnessjourney today included a run. It felt great & i love ning now. Only took 32 yrs!!!! 🏃🏻 foodintake kickass myjourney painfree rozumniakadventure

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Comment from CindyMay:

This opportunity came to me by chance! 😳 I never thought I would be a business owner👩🏼‍💻 .... making an income 💵in the pockets of my time... and earning MONEY 💰 while I sleep. 😴 The best part is I get to HELP other people🤰🏼🙋🏽‍♂️🙎🏾 other families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 pay down ⬇️ debt, lessen the stress of BILLS 💳MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, 📮or SAVING for College TUITIONS🏫❗️ 🌟Make your OWN HOURS 🌟Work when you want!! 🌟YOU DECIDE!!! 🌟Make as little or as MUCH as you want!! 🎉 💰Could you use an EXTRA $200 - $5,000 a 💰WEEK ..... 💰MONTH.....💰YEAR?? 🤔 You DESERVE to live a life you LOVE ❤️ and be PAID what you are actually WORTH!🙌🏼 📱DM or Comment 💻 "FREEDOM" for more info! 😜No Commitment or Obligation EVER! 💕 youdeserveit getpaidyourworth entrepreneur kickass momboss workfromhome helpothers motivation workfromhomemom mompreneur helpotherssucceed gethealthy gethealthywithme love kickasswomen success mombosslife momlife getfit nutrition workfromhomemoms entrepreneurship entrepreneurs girlboss workfromhomeopportunity ladyboss bosslady gethealthyhelpothers gethealthymakemoney energy

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Comment from Rise&Grind.Inc:

Life will always find a way to knock you down. Never let it keep you down, things will always get better, just remember that even though its raining now, after the rain comes a rainbow. You can get through the struggle

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