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Comment from Jessie:

Last day of summers classes finish in the studio. modern dance strech before class is helpful in depressing anxiety if there is any. keepmoving through life. kind sweet loving movement free space for dancing . Had a great time. Learning many new skills and practices seeandbeseen chill next summershowcase fitness fitmom

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Gemma Trewin


Comment from Gemma Trewin:

crazy eyes prettygirlsdoingeyetricks simple kind of girl special furry sillyface bosseyed

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Miranda Hammers


Comment from Miranda Hammers:

Dit vind ik leuk aan een 'journal'. Ik beleef het, ik beleef pkezier aan het tekenen en wanneer ik terug blader, ben ik direct terug in het moment. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ letslife vakantieboek zon vakantie boek artjournal journal elburg strand strandkasteel zand water plezier vangogh penseel aquarel verf pen tekening tekenen dagboek leven kind tweeling leefstudio

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Comment from ecosystmsf:

We love having kindsnacks as our members!! . . . . . . . . . coworking coworkingspace coworkinglife coworkingsf sanfranciscocoworking officespace sanfranciscoofficespace sanfrancisco sanfranciscorealestate soma findyourpassion startuplife entrepreneurlife nomorecubicles worklife worklifebalance worklifestyle futureofwork kindbars kind granolabars

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Comment from Wettis💎:

Platz 1 geht an spiele_wettis_tumbrl du hast die Wetti Du als Kind gewonnen Herzlichen Glückwunsch🏆 Was möchtest du als Preis: 1. Like späm 2. 5 Bilder Liken 3. 3 Kommentare 4. 6 Bilder Liken und kommentieren 5. Eine Follower Anfrage 6. Mit 2 Bildern antreten abstimmen wettbewerb wettis wetti kind

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Comment from Meinekleinewelt:

Heute hat sich alles um die 3 gedreht . drei Jahre ist unsere lausemaus geworden. Ganz stolz, hst sie gestern schon im Schwimmbad davon berichtet. Dieses wurde natürlich gefeiert auf dem bergerhof. Das Maislabyrinth hat schon offen und das wurde auch gleich genutzt *hihi* Oma wirabe Und auch die Tante vi.lafleur waren dabei um unsere Motte zu feiern 3 Jahre sind wir schon Eltern. Wie schwer einem ums Herz wird wenn man zurück blickt. Gestern noch , lag ein kleines hilfloses Wesen in meinem armen von gerade mal 48 cm und heute habe ich ein fast Kindergarten kind . tränen leben leben älterwerden mum mommy mum2014 eltern2014 eltern elternsein dasgewünschestewunschkindallerzeiten mother child birthday geburtstag liebe familienzeit familie

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Настя Добравская


Comment from Настя Добравская:

Собака может быть такой же умной или глупой как человек, но человек никогда не будет таким же преданным как собака🐶🐕 . . . summer love happy kind like friends free sport pp fitnessgirl dog спорт пп фитнесс любовь счастье солнце petsunny eveninglights собакалучшийдругbestfriend you

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Hannah Martinez


Comment from Hannah Martinez:

Very excited to try these ❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • food foodie protein kind darkchocolate chocolate fiber granola girlswholift snack gym gymflow healthy healthysnack healthylifestyle bodypositive bodybuilding gains gainz

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PVL • Entrepreneur


Comment from PVL • Entrepreneur:

It's funny how true this is. I've had people doubt me all my life!!! Never judge me, never judge my persona. Everyone has a book with a story to tell. Just always keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Just cause you hate what's going on in life doesn't mean it's gonna last forever. You sometimes have to hit rock bottom before you know what needs to be done. I try to live everyday like it is my last because you don't know when your last day will be. So keep being you, you're awesome. Stop dreaming and start doing!!! That's the only way you will get to where you want to get to in life. Sometimes things also just fall into place! ❤️😊💰💰💰💰💰💵💵💵 quotes inspirationalquotes inspiration justdoit love life gamble entrepreneur alwayshungry humble kind businessman young lifequotes nevergiveup bestrong bebrave beyourself

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Comment from 🌸VIKTORIA🌸:


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Comment from Оксана:

Много кофе не бывает)))хороший веселье друзья милота улыбка напиток кофемания чайкофе prilaga me fun уют joke kind life like love miss star кафе ночь ароматы crazy funny happy конфеты сладости латте мечта мысли

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Comment from LIVE AMBITIOUS 5-31-2017:

One Of A Kind You'll Find This Type Of Person One In A Thousand So Please Show Some Love😄 tylerblackmorehughes lambitious_4lyf california calilife la losangeles positivevibes postivity respect honour love man friends family followhim amazing kind attaralfahad dc marvel marveldc heros lit dope montana appreciationpost

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Ann Fedenko


Comment from Ann Fedenko:

Some details of a new illustration 🖤 details artwork graphics artist draw couple love cute kind графика иллюстрация illustration byannfedenko picame art_we_inspire topcreator sketch spb

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Faizu Hoodiemafia


Comment from Faizu Hoodiemafia:

Dream 🅱ig. 🤔 Work Hard.😠 Be Kind.😉 Stay Humble.🤗 . . . FHM Latest😉

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Emilian Gabor


Comment from Emilian Gabor:

true necessary kind

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Mackenzie Cranford


Comment from Mackenzie Cranford:

Flowers and sunshine .. . . . . . . beautifulmodelcuteprettycleftprincessmodelkidgirlblondeathletesportsswimteamswimmermermaidmagickindballerhomeschoolThursdaylovemylifelilmacmackenzie_cranford

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Hend Mohamed Saad


Comment from Hend Mohamed Saad:

I love this pic his face is so cute and kind ❤ . . officialleeryan I love your kind heart the most you give us lots of love which we can feel and appreciate it, and be sure that love and kindness are never wasted they always make a difference they bless the ones who receive them and they bless the giver ❤ So you bless us and we bless you in return 😘❤ Love youuuu so much ❤ . . . . . . . . . leeryan leeryanfans leeryanmusic lovehim British musican talented family handsome man actor singer eastenders woodywoodward acting skills be kind love blessing blue boys band duncanjames mrduncanjames simonwebbe antonycosta

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Im AziZ from 🌏 Earth


Comment from Im AziZ from 🌏 Earth:

Take me myself 😇romance goodmood правдажизни laughing fun joy цитатыпрожизнь cute feel kind like love miss smiles умныемысли prilaga kindness feelings goodday enjoy happy laugh missu smile tired missingyou instamood высказывание missing missyou

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8 stóp


Comment from 8 stóp:

The best kind of morning <3 What I need in life now... myplaceonearth 8stopwdrodze ontheroad outoftown amazingnature nature tent camping trees forest poland explorepoland igerspoland instapoland mindreset landscape activekids qualitytime familytime familytravel polandisbeautiful naturesart amazingpoland amazingnature polskajestpiekna

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-; c h l o ë ;-


Comment from -; c h l o ë ;-:

I am so Bored 😒 . . . . . . cute cosplay cosplayer dinsney bebe cutie pink kawaiigirl kawaii kawaiineko kawaiianime kawaiilife fluffy anime kind kitten benice

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