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🍕 AndreaNicoleDelingon 🍕


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And HUMBLE. 😂 | vscocam vsco vscofeed vscoph humble kind |

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Yadi García


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Be humble Be confident Be honest Be kind Be brave Stand for something, whatever it is. Beyourself Loveyourself Most importantly surround yourself with people who support you, want to be around you and treat others with respect. hike hiking fitness fitchick getoutside optoutside nature waterfall pnwonderland pnw oregon

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Лиза Колесникова


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проглатила арбузик-пузик😉 30weeks baby babylove kinder kind belgië deerlijk home foto insta fotografía boy💙 girl❤ mom

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Comment from Rastegar:

. She is the only one that give me enough time to take shot. Look at those eyes with little nose. dogs ,kind ,kindness ,respect ,respect_animals

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Comment from happyhealthywealthymelody:

Be grateful that : You're alive! You're breathing! You have water to drink! You have food to eat! You have a roof over your head You have a phone in your hand You have clean clothes to wear Its Friday! Be grateful and count your blessings everyday! There is so much to be grateful for ❤ begrateful bekind behappy bepositive grateful happy kind positiveaf positivity positivevibes positive loa lawofattraction goodvibes haveaniceday itsfriday itsalmosttheweekend happyhealthywealthymelody

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Daily Quotes 345


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Self heart quotes happy beautiful beyourself quoteoftheday live life lifequotes happylife love stopbeingunhappy doyou kind hope future god loves forgiveness stopbeingunhappy happiness

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I Struggle, But I Never Quit🏆


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My brother from another mother marwan_ams ❤ He's so kind and down to earth 🌏 He loves to make people laugh 😂 He is famously known for acting in movies 🎥 theaters 🎭 and off course snapchat 👻 All the best brother 👍🏽 Honestly Your one of a kind ✨ brothers bestfriends kind funny amazing مسرحية_عرس_الإثنين مروان_عبدالله_صالح ممثل رائع خلوق محترم اخوي صديق

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Nishita Deshmukh


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Old and kind old kind cartoon people art digitalart graphicdesign instaart sketchdaily sketch illustration

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The Social Media Stylist


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Note to self: be strong kind bold humble and proud

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Melissa Halbritter


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So one of the locals bought us a gift each tonight 🌹flowers roses florist kind fridaynight theebinehotel

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Niki Schoondergang


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Spring is in the air! (Knipoog naar webkim) kid jump kind spring springen schaduw shadow

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Maxi | 18


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Peoples Mortgage


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So wonderful! adamlevine maroon5 band kind

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Lars Timpelan


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Kinderfotografie mit Lasse - Alle Fotos zu diesem Shooting findet Ihr auf meinem Blog Kinderfotografieleipzig Familienfotografieleipzig Kinderfotografie Familienfotografie Fotografieleipzig Kinderleipzig Leipzig Kind Junge Spaß Timpelan Familie

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Comment from Cottonbaby:

It's busy. Did you already stop by the Cotttonbaby stand on the 'negenmaandenbeurs'? You can find us in hall 8, stand 508.

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أبو عبد الله السلفي


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فضل_الصلاة_على_محمد_وآل_محمد فضيلة_الشيخ_العلامه_صالح_بن_فوزان_الفوزان_حفظه_الله الصلاه السلف_الصالح السلفيه منهج_السلف القران quran thehijabstyle tawheed you islam aqidah maroc🇲🇦 daawa discoverislaam salafi fashion hijabstyle hijaboftheday jilbab khimar kind love laillahaillallah niqab bismillah laillahaillallah

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Always Blessed 🙏🏻I'm🅰👑🌟❤️🔥7⃣♓️


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😂😂😂👀😫😫😫 happy friday my kind of night this is my plans tired end week lovely time instamood

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Endah Susilowati


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Ketemu pak rasyad yang baik banget..☺ No plan... Meetup friend friendly kind fromheart🙂

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How adorable 😍❣️ andreaetorres approachable Kind teamvenus sweetie

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Mami k


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今日は、人生初!街頭アンケートのお手伝いをしました( *´艸)Helped take a questionnaire for tourists staying in NozawaOnsen today! Every tourist I talked was just kind and welcomed to answer questions n help us;) thank you so much! I learned something new n good experience I had!野沢温泉に来ている外国人の方へアンケート!本当、みんな優しく、快く答えてくださり嬉しかったー(。>ω<。)! 知らない人に話しかけるって本当、勇気がいりますね!笑笑 度胸がついた、そんなドキドキいっぱいの1日でした!何事も良い経験!2017.2/24japannaganonozawaonsensurveyquestionnairtouristquickquestionspostcardpresentforeignerkindthankyou長野野沢温泉街頭アンケートドキドキ外国人ツアーリストinternational様々な国から来てるみんな優しいなぁあったかいみんな日本を気に入ってくれてて嬉しいな😆❣️良い経験レベルアップ笑

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