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yoongi biased


Comment from yoongi biased:

UHM JUNGKOOK — — kpop kpopmemes kpopmeme kpopmarco kpopmarcos bts bangtan bangtansonyeondan bighit bighitent

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❤ K I M T A E H Y U N G ❤


Comment from ❤ K I M T A E H Y U N G ❤:

~ why he is so cute💋 ~ I do not know why, but he looks like mint ice cream🍦😂 . . . . . kimtaehyung taehyung bts bangtanboys kpop vkook V love jungkook jimin hoseok jin namjoon yoongi korea seoul song selstagram follow like star cat cute bighit bighitentertainment icecream

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Jun Jks


Comment from Jun Jks:

時々見たくなるや~つ🐒 Follow⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎🆕 _asia_prince_jks チャングンソクJangKeunSuk動画asiaprinceapj_jkssinger 장근석張根硕teamhkoreanactor JKScandyloverainラブレイン私の耳にキャンディー장근석👑darlingdarlingimalwaysonyoursidejksjangkeunsukforeverグンちゃんおやぶんムギョルkpopjangkeunsukloverszikzintreeJjks

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jyp family


Comment from jyp family:

جینیونگ در پشت صحنه فیلم nunbal 💕 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~🌸 Admin: mina.igot7 igot7_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~🌸 jyp jypnation jpark got7 mark jackson jb jinyoung twice sana momo tzuyu nayeon missa suzy day6 jae dowoon sungjin baekayeon 2pm kpop iraniankpoper iranianigot7 iranianonce ~~~~~~~~~~~~~🌸

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jyp family


Comment from jyp family:

جینیونگ در پشت صحنه فیلم nunbal 💕 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~🌸 Admin: mina.igot7 igot7_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~🌸 jyp jypnation jpark got7 mark jackson jb jinyoung twice sana momo tzuyu nayeon missa suzy day6 jae dowoon sungjin baekayeon 2pm kpop iraniankpoper iranianigot7 iranianonce ~~~~~~~~~~~~~🌸

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Comment from Brittany:

When she realizes you are taking a photo of her 💕 (Look from the last photo forward :)) hyunatour hyuna hyunatour2017 kpopme kpop thequeen queen thequeenisback hyunatoronto hyunatourtoronto hyuna2017 hyunah hyunainto hyunaintoronto hyunatourtoronto hyunalove

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Comment from TeaKies:

Etude House - Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream Moist & Matte IDR 145.000 . mybottle mybottlecustom mybottlemurah masternimdoll fansitedoll jualdvdkpop jualboneka kpopsticker kpop etudehouse tonymoly laneige

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👑Taehyung Kim👑


Comment from 👑Taehyung Kim👑:

I forgot how much I shiver and how emotional I get when I listen to 'Pricked' istg- lolol k tbh I have a few friends but once one comes back, another one leaves. 😂idk😂why😂people😂leave😂me😂so😂easily😂&😂pretend😂i😂never😂existed😂 oh look, Haru Haru is playing in the background now *throws up in sombrero* Jin graduated university & I can't even graduate high school 🐌🐌🐌 I'm actually passing all of my classes, suck my ass😥😥 MY KIDS WON FOR THEIR COMEBACK I- wait...SOMEONE TELL ME WHY NON OPPAR LOOKIN ASS HAS THE SAME BIRTHDATE AS ME😒 he has no other choice but to say my name all the time :') k I'm depressed, SHINee is on my t.v now & Key is crying 🌈 (my captions usually take 10mins to type, I go through a shit ton of videos hush) 💫💫💫 bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan btscomeback kpop winner bigbang exo chanyeol v jin jimin suga jungkook jhope rapmonster like4like follow4follow kpopf4f

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아미 A.R.M.Y


Comment from 아미 A.R.M.Y:

~ obviously not my best but i had to post something .-. . song // genesis -lookas . bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys bangtan v jin jungkook jimin hoseok yoongi namjoon taehyung sope yoonseok namjin jikook vkook vimin yoomin videoedit edit kpopedit kpop

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🐙 k y l a | 카일라 🐙


Comment from 🐙 k y l a | 카일라 🐙:

🐣Especial de iconos🐣 No sé si me salieron bien T.T pledis pledisentertainment kylamassie kyla pristin nayoung mingyeong roa kyungwon yuha eunwoo yebin rena jieqiong pinky kyulkyung yewon yehana seungyeon sungyeon shannon siyeon xiyeon kyla 프리스틴 kpop girlgroup fanpage pristinacc Cr. Correspondientes.

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Alone In A Land Of Memes


Comment from Alone In A Land Of Memes:

Last meme of the day. memes bangtanboys bts btsmemes kimtaehyung v taehyung taehyungmemes videogames kpop kpopmemes fire

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You call me "L"


Comment from You call me "L":

I love Kim Woo Bin and that movie, it's so funny 😂💕. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Creds to owner :) ~ kimwoobin kactor kpop kpopworld bts monsta_x bigbang exo astro vixx got7 victon heirs tothebeautifulyou day6 ikon sidushq

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Comment from AMWFcoupleslove:

Delightful Italian-Japanese couple ! cicomichael777 italy japan love cute sweet terrific magnificent amazing selfie hapa interracial cool lovely joy smile kiss fashion kpop joy japanese tokyo cosplay winter lips passion amwf

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Comment from 09.22.16:

the two devils themselves -s ‼️CREDIT TO OWNER‼️

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13 - 06 - 15


Comment from 13 - 06 - 15:

I wasn't that into girl groups before but now I'm converted and I'll probably post more now wow girls are such an inspiration - kpop gfriend sinb twice dahyun

54 Seconds ago

◼ xinos ◼


Comment from ◼ xinos ◼:

mi niño lindo ya estay de cumpleaños😭 :( tan grande que estay:( te amo bebi, tus raps son lo best skdkkd (jinjin tambien te amo skdkdk) :( eri hermoso kbro culiao:( te amo, aunque seai mas timido que la vergax astro rocky kpop kpopchile happyrockyday p.d: a la exoduss.s tambien le guta rocky la roca😏

56 Seconds ago

used to be @bangtansunbae


Comment from used to be @bangtansunbae:

GUYS HELP ME REPORT THIS ACCOUNT, SHES BEING SO DISRESPECTFUL TO MONSTA X LIKE WTF BISH U WANNA FITE monsta_xmonstaxstarshipmonbebemonstaximaginesonhyunwooshownushinhoseokwonholeeminhyukminhyukyookihyunkihyunchaehyungwonhyungwonleejooheonjooheonimchangkyunimkpopidolshiphopmusickpopboygroupkorea몬스타엑스

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Comment from jungshook:

twitter update | namjoon is perfection 💜💜💜 • • • • • tags: bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan bangtan bulletproofboyscouts rapmonster kimnamjoon namjoon kpop

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BTS👉Bangtan Boys❤


Comment from BTS👉Bangtan Boys❤:

THEY WON FIRST PLACE AT MUSIC BANK FOR SPRING DAY... IM LOVE STANNING KINGS😭 IM SO PROUD😭 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bts v jin jungkook jimin suga jhope rapmonster bangtanboys btsjungkook btsjin hoseok btsjhope btsjimin twitter taehyung namjoon kpop btssuga btsarmy musicbank bangtan kpopper kpopf4f kpopl4l springday armystrong btsv btsrapmonster

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Comment from EXO★GOT7 OFFICIAL:

got7 JB JR MarkTuan Yugyeom Youngjae BamBam JacksonWang AHGASE Mark Jaebum junior jinyoung Jackson bambam yugyeom yongjae Igot7 lovegot7 kpop music star cute Korean got7 Igot7

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