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Comment from soimhiipster:

exo kpop

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الاينرسيركلز العربي


Comment from الاينرسيركلز العربي:

‏- ‏‎‏- ‏صور || كيم جينو من راديو KBS Volume Up🥀✨‏ - - - —— ‏‎(ادمن: reechulim ) ————— ‏winner yg kpop taehyun namtaehyun seunghoon seungyoon mino jinwoo kimjinwoo innercircel fashion تايهيون وينر سنقهون سنقيون جينوو مينو الكيبوب يون هون ‏‏‏‏

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Comment from 🎃 NO EXO NO LIFE 🎃:

[KPOP MEMEZZ] Asique si caplang lagi godain anak gadis :v • LINE : irg6320n (pake ) LINE : dyy7251m (PP) • Jangan lupa Komen {💬} dan Like {❤} Ajak teman kalian untuk : Follow | Tag | & Like 👍 . . . Credit by adm . . . kpop exo exok exom exol kpopmeme memekpop exomeme exomemes kpopmemes BAMA2017diamondedition_exo BAMA2017 USA

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Tbh considering that TaeTae was supposed to debut as BTS' rapper- - - Tags; bts btsarmy army kpop btsmeme kpopmeme bangtansonyeondan beyondthescene behindthescenes jungkook jimin suga rapmonster jin V jhope hoseok namjoon seokjin jungguk jimin taehyung yoongi

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Comment from shmerxy:

Dekuuu shmerxy • • • • • • • • • anime animememes animecrack animes animefan animelover Japan fairytail deathnote durarara bokunoheroacademia onepiece attackontitan shingekinokyojin blackbutler naruto narutoshippuden noragami dragonball dragonballz bleach tokyoghoul owarinoseraph otaku animefacts swordartonline pokemon sao kpop onepunchman otaku

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Vlad-Gabriel Maierean


Comment from Vlad-Gabriel Maierean:

twice twiceita kpop kpopita dahyun Tzuyu

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kpoper_it's_me 🙋


Comment from kpoper_it's_me 🙋:

😂😂😂😂😂 . . . .kpop kpopar

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Comment from haeyong_2312:

Blackpink as if its you ver mirorred dance blackpink asifitsyourlast dancecover kpop kpopdancecover mirorred dance lfl fff l4l f4f

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Comment from Shownu:

Huang Z.Tao - Instagram güncellemesi huangzitao tao taozi zitao exo z.tao exol cpop kpop korea china fashion

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Girls Generation 💖


Comment from Girls Generation 💖:

Hyoyeon Instagram update 💃🎶 watasiwahyo kimhyoyeon hyoyeon SNSD 소녀시대 GirlsGeneration GG kpop snsd dancingqueenhyo sone

47 Seconds ago

lee daehwi 이대희


Comment from lee daehwi 이대희:

omg my boys got their first win😭😭 AND DAEHWI LOOKS SO SEXY 😩😭 tags🍒 __________________ daehwiwannaonejihoonkangdanielminhyunsungwoonjisungpd101produce101kimwoojinkpopbtsexogot7bigbangleedaehwiparkjihoondanielhwangminhyunhasungwoonyoonjisungwoojinseungwoo

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Comment from Ксения:

Shock boy • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • bts btsfanart btsarmy bangtanboys kpop jk joenjung

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Twice cures all cancer


Comment from Twice cures all cancer:

Tzuyu lovely ❤️ blackpink blink ygfamily eunha umji vans ulzzang ootd kpop kpopdancecover army jungkook jimin taehyung twice exo bigbang jungkookbts chanyeol bangtanboys got7 jeonjungkook parkjimin tzuyu yugyeom dancepractice dance dancecover jisoo jennie

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Comment from PSLIT.Personalshopper:

... FOREVER21 KOREA - Backpack *prices including SC & Postage 안녕~~~ Sisthurrr PRE ORDERS for Korean products is NOW OPEN!!! 🤗 BATCH 2 - Closing date : 08/09/17 ETA To Malaysia : 18/09/17 But if sisthurrr nak cepat pun boleh xpyh tgu pre order, we can direct shipping fresh from Korea to your door steps in 5-7 working days with different postage fee ☺ Hurry DM or Whatsapp +60173140961 to book yours today sayajual personalshopperkl personalshoppermalaysia personalshoppermalaysiamurah personalshopperkorea koreapersonalshopper trustedpersonalshopper trustedpersonalshoppermalaysia trustedpersonalshoppersingapore kpop bazaarpaknil kbeautymalaysia kbeauty makeuptutorial makeuphaul offwhite schawalara schaalyahya makeupbrush spao spaomurah spaokorea banilaco banilacomurah banilacomalaysia forever21 forever21murah forever21korea

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Comment from (≧∇≦)/:

Day 16: Happiness and Sadness . . . AND WE ARE BACK . . . . vixx vixxlr vixxleo vixxravi leo ravi wonshik taekwoon kimwonshik jungtaekwoon vixxlrfanart vixxfanart art vixxlraugust digitalart digitaldrawing kpop kpopfanart

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Jung Kook 🐰


Comment from Jung Kook 🐰:

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$39 shop 🌙 買多平多


Comment from $39 shop 🌙 買多平多:

🌟방탄소년단 BTS 防彈少年團🌟 🗣 香港 armys come and buy la ✨ 💫 💝 BTS merchandise set 💝 💫 💰$100💰 💫 ❄️>>>><<<<❄️ ❣ DM us if ❣ ❣interested❣ ❄️>>>><<<<❄️ hkigshop hkstore hkig hkigers hkshop hkgirl hkonlinestore hkseller hkonlineshop hkonlineseller 韓妹look 韓妹 韓妹衫 bts bts同款 bts同款衫 bts卡 kpop kpop同款 kpopmerch kpopmerchandiseshop kpopmerchandise btsmerch

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Comment from JULAI | YONGIG 😋🤧🤣:

Look at how beautiful he is!! The lighting is so cool though 👀👀 Yoongs is the coolest bestest ever!!! Wow 💖💖💝💕❣️ I love Agust D so much!! I'm in love!! 💕💖💖💝💛❤️💕💘💛💗❤️💓 I had such a bad night, but waking up to this fixed everything, it made my day, I'm so blessed wow ❣️💞❣️❤️💗💛💝 Yoongi is too good for this world I love him ❣️❣️

1 Minutes ago

Park Ji Hoon ×박지훈× Wannaone


Comment from Park Ji Hoon ×박지훈× Wannaone:

parkjihoon burnitup 내마음속에저장 lovely 사랑해요💕 꾸꾸까까 박지훈 잘생쁨 handsome wannaone bts nct seventeen exo kpoppretty 지훈

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bts is back


Comment from bts is back:

hobi's letter to yoongi was so sweet, sope is a blessing😭 bonvoyage2

4 Minutes ago