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💪فنون القتال💪


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العمر مجرد رقم منشن مكرش 😂👆🏻 follow 👉🏻martial_artsq8 💪🏻💪🏻 ‏ k1 q8 kickboxingq8 kuwait ufc عمان k1q8 ufc kuwait bjj البحرين فنون_القتال kyokushin kyokushinkuwait karate الامارات wawanprotin ismailradwan قطركويتالسعوديهselfdefense martialarts fight ufcfightnight ufcfighter ufc mma bjj jiujitsu kravmaga systema karate kungfu muaythai

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Jim Halton


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Great training session last night! Really hard work ethic and proper sweat fest, perfect time of year in this heat to take training up a gear!! 💪 👍 👊 👊 👊 bristoltitans martialarts kravmaga bristol boxing mma kungfu bjj bkma fighter kravkids workout warriors nevergiveup inspire fight krav kravfighter kravfit team squad goals

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Eddie 🐲


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Who is the biggest badass: Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Tony Jaa or Steven Seagal??? . brucelee . jcvd . tonyjaaofficial . seagalofficial . martialarts martialart artesmarciais artesmarciales brucelee jeanclaudevandamme vandamme jcvd musclesfrombrussels tonyjaa stevenseagal seagal mixedmartialarts jeetkunedo aikido karate kungfu muaythai ufc mma jiujitsu bjj boxeo kravmaga taekwondo bewater wushu wingchun capoeira pencaksilat

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Comment from 🗽MeticulouslyChaoticGentleman🗽:

Our culture is comprised of refined and respected protectors that serve an elite culture of affluence and status. Diligent professionals that have evolved from a pedigree of honor and integrity. We exist to deter any type of threat, exhausting every resource to ensure the protection, dignity, and trust of our clients. When you head out for the day, be mindful of your surroundings and always trust your instincts. Whether it’s a familiar location, or brand new venue, no matter where you are, a threat is a threat, and recognizing it before it happens, will enable you to avoid it all together. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t and you should recalculate the serenity of your current vicinity to decide whether you should vacate or not. Even if you aren’t familiar with your current location, remaining alert at all times, paying attention to the behaviors of those around you, and evaluating anything that looks out of place or inappropriate for your current setting, are just a few habits to develop on your own to ensure that you can recognize, fight, and survive any given situation. Although you never truly know how you will react until you find yourself in that unfortunate position of heightened fight or flight, thinking about a basic plan of next critical steps if it were to occur, will put you at a stronger mental advantage when required to make a somewhat practical solution out of an irrational equation. Every individual’s immediate response to a threatening situation is vastly different.  What works for one may not work for another; but one thing is for certain, if you haven’t given a second thought to at least surviving that type of encounter, then that “frozen fear response” sitting in default mode at the back of your brain, already already has an advantage. Wordpress-https:// life protection luxury executiveprotection loriakinseven adaptevolveprotect travel beautiful world safetyfirst training love mba fit fitness ink inked tattoos tattoo squats squat bjj kravmaga ass fight nature animal instagood instamood instagram

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Felipe Marçal


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Novo modelo de camisas feitas pela apolopresentes ! ::Espírito Indomável:: 👏👏👏😃😃😃👍👍🇰🇷🇧🇷 Instagram: felipetkd littletokyo dolphlundgren brandonlee mixedmartialarts martialarts martialart streetfighter karate kungfu taekwondo wushu boxing boxeo soldier ufc silat kickboxing weapon fight karateshotokan artesmarciales kravmaga selfdefence defensapersonal aikido hapkido judo jiujitsu

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Carlotta Dutto


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Francesco Rizzato


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veneto rovigo canaro kravmaga difesapersonale selfdefense addestramento estremo

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Carlotta Dutto


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U.M.A. Brooklyn


Comment from U.M.A. Brooklyn:

BattleReady: This class offers you the benefits of fight camp, but doesn’t have the risk of injury or contact of sparring. These group classes are designed to be fun and challenging while offering you a unique, full body workout UnlimitedMartialArts • Wednesday Schedule 👇 FMA Weapons: 12:30pm - 1:30pm Open Train: 1:30pm - 4pm FMA Empty: 4pm - 5pm Battle Ready: 5pm - 6pm Boxing: 6pm - 7pm Jeet Kune Do: 7pm - 8pm FMA Weapons: 8pm - 9pm • 🥋: UMA Brooklyn ️⃣️: UMABrooklyn ☎️: (718)218-7515 📍: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Inside Defense


Comment from Inside Defense:

There are predictable variables and unpredictable variables. A predictable variable can be something like, it will be fast and aggressive. An unpredictable variable can be, the attackers level of experience/training, environmental issues, etc. Unpredictable variables are the reasons why you must also reach the point you are comfortable transitioning from one technique to another. The person's ability to resist your first, second, and maybe even third attempt is unknown. But know your system, know it well. Follow the principles, and you can transition from one solution to the next if need be. Sometimes things just go right, though. Let's not forget that either. ozarks nixamo nixa springfieldmo springfield kravmaga selfdefense empower

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Fight Soap® USA


Comment from Fight Soap® USA:

Valid excuse for a humpday hangover. Happy Wednesday Soaperators. dirtylifestyle

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Close Quarters Countermeasures


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firearms fight realdefence gundefense behardtokill knifedefense counterdeployment combat combatives martialarts kravmaga kempo kenpo kungfu karate rbsd kali krav military combatveteran tacticaltraining pewpew shooter patriot cqc closecompression rbsd funkertactical

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Sharan kaur


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ultimatewarrior ultimatekravmagaindia IUKMF vickykapoor kids child kid children kidfighter kidfighters k kravmagaworldwide selfdefenseforkids selfdefenseforkids kravmaga kravmagaindia sharan situps

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Белорусский Центр Крав Мага


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Крав мага – это не боевое искусство и не спорт. Крав мага – это инструмент для решения проблем. В спорте дерутся, чтобы победить. В жизни – чтобы выжить! PH: foto_by_volha kravmaga minsk sportminsk самооборона безопасность кравмага рукопашныйбой драки уличныедраки краверы единоборства тренировки работайнадсобой борьба будьсильным личнаябезопасность кравмагаобъединяет спортивныйминск kravmagaby

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Michela Pisapia 🌙 StudioDea


Comment from Michela Pisapia 🌙 StudioDea:

• the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle • kravmagasalerno StudioDea Photography kravmaga kravmagaglobal urbandefence score sports fitness gym train health winner trainers best trainstation somuchfun training loveit traintracks justdoit active excercise sporty workout healthy healthyliving healthyeating healthyfood healthylifestyle

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Bruno Samora


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Brevemente emformabox crossfit mma kravmaga brazilianjiujitsu brazilianpowerteam cafetaria fitfoodangola Estamos na Academia BAI | Ginásio Em Forma

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The Mat Martial Arts & Fitness


Comment from The Mat Martial Arts & Fitness:

Join us Sunday, June 18 for part 1 of our Handgun Defense Series. Learn the basic components and operations of a typical handgun, and practice effective yet simple defenses from gun threats. Space Limited to 20 participants. Visit to register. kravmaga selfdefense gundefense handgunsafety themataustin safetymeasures austincommunitycollege utaustin concordiauniversity

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Nicolas Tenud


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kravmaga selfdefense enchainement autodefense positivevibes tresbonneseancedumidi

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Comment from Mario:

Cuando fallas a lo pijo, con un peso de risa... todos tenemos derecho a una pizca de ira... no??🙄 snatch NoRep lagorraestaviva crossfitaviles cfa2punto0 nosepara buscandolaexcelencia crossfit functionaltraining wod weightlifting halterofilia endurance resistencia gymnastics strongman run running calistenia kettlebell yoga pilates kravmaga fitness swimming girlswholift rogue bemorehuman goals instafit

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