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Comment from Justine.Tuda.Ochoa📷:

Mocha likes to put a toy in her mouth, look at me with a side eye 👀, & wait for me to "pretend grab it" so I can play chase with her all around the house. I think we're a little too big to be running in the house but this is literally an everyday game lol I loves her 😍🐶 mocha puppy dogsofinsta chase lab labrador chocolate puppylove furbaby sillygirl 🐶

1 Minutes ago

Wil Alexander


Comment from Wil Alexander:

Happy boys. • • • • • happydogs happydog rescued rescue dog dogs canecorso mutt lab running stoked puppies brothersfromothermothers lovingit puppy nikonusa nikon nikonphoto dogsofinstagram zues atlas boys

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Welcome to my world


Comment from Welcome to my world:

lab labrador labradors labradorite Lucy mybigfriend mybestfriend

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Comment from nhanahina:

今朝は にぎやかな公園でした🎵 2017'05.27 はなひな 黒ラブ ラブラドール dog lab いつもの公園

2 Minutes ago

Josephine Leanne


Comment from Josephine Leanne:

Did someone say ice cream? blurry

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Comment from beastmastergsd:

Bye bye Slimgrip hello awsgear LAB belt. The Slimgrip's two adjacent rows of PALS worked ok for the in-house brand pouches but poorly with other brands. I found that the was shifting when moving dynamically and needed a keeper in the back to keep it settled which required an under that negated the padding. cops police tactics tactical swat gear gearporn igmilitia safariland hsgi tacticaltailor glock rmr pewpew srt ert multicam

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Comment from Jesselyn:

You know, we have this belief that we take care of dogs, but maybe really they take care of us. 🐶 upnorth longweekend longweekendvibes headphones music lab dogsofinstgram michigan brunette lovethisdog freetherapy

6 Minutes ago

Chris Powell


Comment from Chris Powell:

They have finally accepted eachother! frenchbulldog lab couchpotato

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Comment from beauty_dog2101:

😎🐶Follow me for nice pictures. Thank you.🐶😎 Photo by: ❤👫Love to tag? Please DO!⤵ dog dog🐶 lab labrador labradors labradorite labrador_ labradorable labradorretriever labradoroftheday labradorlove labrador_lovers labrador___retriever retrieverstagram

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Beth Allison 💖


Comment from Beth Allison 💖:

Puppyface 💙🐶 lab jackson puppylove thatface yellowlab

8 Minutes ago

Summer Lafuente


Comment from Summer Lafuente:

Learned to look out the window from the best 😝👀 emraemccormick . . happydog dog labrador happy labsofinstagram labsofinsta dogsofinsta dogsofaustin lab labsofaustin labsofhouston labs labrater_feature

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San Andreaz


Comment from San Andreaz:

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Kristen Robinson


Comment from Kristen Robinson:

spoiledbaby lab

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Comment from Stella:

Pit stop 🚙 kurgocarharness kurgo stellayellowdog englishlab dogsofinstagram labrador lab lovemylab labsofinstagram labradorretriever talesofalab yellowlab yellowlabrador worldoflabs yellowlaboftheday itsalabthing labradoroftheday labs_of_insta instalab

9 Minutes ago

Kristen Robinson


Comment from Kristen Robinson:

spoiledbaby lab bestfriends

10 Minutes ago



Comment from Ralph:

This is Sahara. She accepted all my slobbery kisses and let me bound around her. Think I'm in love

10 Minutes ago



Comment from Alexis:

I have no idea how I got those orange stripes all over my head, Mum 🐾🐶😊❤️ itsadogslife thatface thoseeyes gorgeousness instacute chocolatelab worldsmostbeautifulinhabitant . . . . . . . . . . . . lifewithalab lablife lablove labs4life lab labradorable labs_of_insta labstagram instalab instalove lovedog lovehimsomuch mamasboy lookatthatface sorrynotsorry dogperson dogsarefamily ilovemydog adogable pawfection chocolatelabrador

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Comment from nhanahina:

お姉ちゃん ごはん🍚まだかな? おかぁーさんに ちょっと 言おか? 2017'05.27 はなひな ガマンの仔はな🐶 ジッと出来ない仔ひな🐶 みんないろんな性格あるね よ〜く見たら合図出してる感じ(笑) 黒ラブ ラブラドール dog lab

11 Minutes ago

Mollie 💕 (littlebaby_labpup)


Comment from Mollie 💕 (littlebaby_labpup):

The face you make when mom lets the cone come off (as long as I don't pay attention to my stitches!) I'm told I'm being a good puppy patient 🤕but I owe a lot to my mom, my other mom, and pops for being good nurses and keeping a close eye on me 👀feelinggood momsarethebest

11 Minutes ago

Labradores RD


Comment from Labradores RD:

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