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mi amor 🍇


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Indra D. Bachrie


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Keep making me laugh, Lets go get high... lanadelrey borntodie semipopart popart smoking cigarette draw drawing musician singer artist people

1 Minutes ago

🌸 Queen Of Disaster 🌸


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Bailame lento • • • pale retro vintage lanadelrey marinaandthediamonds aesthetic tumblraesthetic blonde tumblr sugardaddy artdeco peaceful nympho nymphette

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iconic soul


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Fernando Aguilar


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Nothing scares me anymore summertimesadness crazy men boy handsome follow fitness me lanadelrey

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Comment from ✯ VANESSA CHIQUITO ✯:

♡Raising hell all over town♡

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Comment from Aylin:

He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart👅 lanadelrey septum instachile indie alternative cocaine heart smile

3 Minutes ago

💕💫Little Princesses💫💕


Comment from 💕💫Little Princesses💫💕:

I'm getting really tired of "daddy's" trying to make me their sex object because of the pictures of myself. I'm getting sick of it, so i might not post anymore pictures of myself, because I'm not an object. You don't want to 'meet' me you just want to be a fake daddy. It's disgusting. -Kitten ddlg🌸 nobodysprincess👑 daddysmistake daddyless daddydom littlespace lanadelrey melaniemartinez daddyissues

4 Minutes ago

Carol Figueiredo


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Shining like gun metal, cold and unsure 🎶

5 Minutes ago

Renato Balbuena


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The other a friend make a comment about all the moon phases count and is truth 🙏 all the phases are so important for us but every new moon is the beginning to star something new in our life's! Is the perfect occasion for heal our hearts and relationships. But my friend was so right because my life is always guided by the moon phases sometimes she gives to me a lot straight and others days she took something I don't need any more in my life. I never questioned her decisions because she is my mother and queen ✨🌙🌌🙏 Happy full moon my beautiful souls 😊 whitewitch witch witchesofinstagram wiccan pagan astralprojection astraltravel spiritualawakening meditation yogalover yoga spell ritual altar pentagram fourelements tarotreader witchcraft moonchild wolf catlover selflove loveandlight gratitude kindness thirdeye newmoon goodvibes lanadelrey 😊🔮🐈🌙🌕🌌

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Lara Blair Keatts


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The evening's tunage. lanadelrey borntodie thisiswhatmakesusgirls

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Diogo Mary Talisson


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I like you a lot... Putting on my music while I'm watching the boys . . . 2011 littegirls lanadelrey novinha evangelica closr elagoixta past rememberyou musictowatchboysto dramaqueen pompozinha b mermaidmotel realsinger catolic nerd gay artpicture vsco putmeinamovie copyrighandtrademark

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Comment from 🍒AND¥🍒:

🎼Video games - Lana Del Rey

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Comment from saltvatore:

lana singing off to the races back in 2011 is so beautiful, i miss her teeny-voice follow me saltvatore for more cool posts like this lanadelrey honeymoon

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Comment from Bianca:

Cleo my baby🐱 . . aesthetic aesthetictumblr tumblr photography selenagomez melaniemartinez lanadelrey edit music food sculpture art taylorswift onedirection instagram flowers thewalkingdead evanpeters teenwolf liampayne twentyonepilots harrystyles niallhoran emmaroberts taissafarmiga new cat animal

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Elvis Presley📺🎙


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Doors closed 🚪

9 Minutes ago



Comment from stratziear:

💚QOTD: Why are you disappointed? • • • • ✨AOTD: I was doing better at dealing with my emotions but now I'm drinking again and I've lost mostly everyone because I'm trash 🤷🏽‍♀️ • • • • done dead depression dt depressed sad suicidal saveme anxiety loser dt newtheme lonely alone fuckyou grunge lanadelrey alexturner dt theneighboorhood poet dead dying follow4follow broken

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Pretty Boy 🍒


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✨Young and beautiful 👸🏻 lanadelrey 😻 queen Lana hipster vintage best style like JamesDean singer celebrity teamLana fan luck model love best woman music symbol fan queenlana LizzyGrant honeymoon photooftheday follow

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Comment from freakcola:

love this "friendship" lanadelrey

11 Minutes ago

Julia Ahlman Rietz


Comment from Julia Ahlman Rietz:

"They judge me like a picture book by the colors, like they forgot to read" lanadelrey

94 Days ago