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Comment from Melanie.Legend|#TheLifeGRID:

The language of letting go 🕊Thanks for sharing the book megs 🙏 • Our culture associates the idea of letting go with loss. But letting go is really to be visioned in a positive light. 1.) As we let go of the past we make room for the future. The future of new opportunities and experiences. 2.) Letting go allows us to sit with our emotions and be present. When we sit with our emotions we feel them. We accept them. And most importantly we learn from them. 3.) In letting go we take the next steps in shaping our future and accepting the lessons from our experiences. It says "hey I've learned what I need to learn and I'm ready to grow more! "✨🌸 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Side note: I saw wonder man today. First if you haven't seen it GO. Two I aspire to be Wonder Woman...kind of joking 😂Slash I know what I'm being for Halloween. 🙆 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• lettinggo letgo letitgo lettinggoquotes grief acceptance life spirituality spiritualcoaching spiritualbeing spiritualcoach spiritualgrowth selfdevelopment selfgrowth lifecoaches lifecoach understanding learning spiritualhealing spiritualhealer wonderwoman language psychology thought peaceofmind reading shamans shamanic souljourney

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ㅁaelys 🌱


Comment from ㅁaelys 🌱:

Iamfinethankyou.💡 . . . .sign neon korea seoul hongdae pink funny hangeul language iamfinethankyou 볼 램프 홍대 바 카페 잼 좋아요 주말 데이리 핑크 밤 한글

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Comment from Elsie:

Momo speaking any language (too adorable) Still one of my fav vids • • I like that twicetagram tries to learn the basics first and later practices with each other while having fun at the same time (This trick definitely helps remembering easier) • • jypetwice_japan twice momo dahyun cute english language relaxing vlive kpop beautiful lovely hiraimomo break snack time 트와이스 나연 정연 모모 사나 지효 미나 다현 채영 쯔위 한류

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English Made Easy


Comment from English Made Easy:

✔️WORD OF THE DAY✔️ Today's word is 'celebration'. What are some of the biggest and most important celebrations in your culture? Post your ideas below, and I'll check them!

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Chyd James-Madu


Comment from Chyd James-Madu:

Noun meaning ' The acceptance of two contradictory ideas or beliefs at the same time. wordlover wordoftheday vocabulary language learning toastmasters CompetentCommunicator communication vocabimprovement

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Open Studio


Comment from Open Studio:

A poster a day: Day 176 of 365 numbers are a universal language posteraday universal language design openstudio print typography 365posters

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M A R I A M | M O U N I R 🍒


Comment from M A R I A M | M O U N I R 🍒:

Yo hablo Español 😂 Spanish language beginner español duolingo duolingospanish

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Frank Matthews


Comment from Frank Matthews:

Regrann from rawzen617 - esoteric freestyle concerning gods of war aries mars ramesses egypt religion onelove africanamerican beingoflight dancer danceteacher rapper poet activist spiritualist gradstudent spokenword ram horn brain singer song french language etymology

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Marc & Vicky 영어과외


Comment from Marc & Vicky 영어과외:

The difference between look, see, and watch 어떻게 다를까요? - 영어 영어공부 영어과외 공부 toeic ielts english language study 공부 영어회화 과외 MLVE 엠비엘이 토익 토익스피킹 면접 영어면접 원어민 선생님 토익과외 토익점수 영국 한국 유럽 영어문법

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Maria M Garcia


Comment from Maria M Garcia:

Finally the library is back to action. Showing part of it here. Sections on islam language spanishlanguage spanish & worldpolitics. Other parts still to be completed. book books bookstagram bookshelf library libraryfun bookphotography bookwarm bookwall booksofig

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Yamini Sharma


Comment from Yamini Sharma:

This is very interesting. . . . .. .. . . . . Do read it . . . From: scoopwhoopinsta . . link for whole article do read it . . . . . . english language intetesting love alphabets words beautiful best article twitter

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Comment from artdialectspanish:

Language and Art: Spanish Toma posesión de tu vida. Take ownership of your life. (Artwork by Samuel JDN Haruna) artdialectspanish Tomaposesióndetuvida Takeownershipofyourlife Aprendeinglés Creatividad Illustration Art Drawing Language Spanish Español Artist Illustration Estudioespañol Creativity Drawing Languagestudy Arte Ilustración SpanishStudy Dibujo SamuelJDNHaruna inglés Estudiaringlés Traducir Traducción Idioma Idiomas Lingüística Linguistics Education Educación

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Comment from @nimbustrail:

"Ridding the waves of ocean comes with much to remember" ride recreation evening sunset inbetween numbers return sikkim love new intimate hold language chorus fadingaway iwanttobreakfree delight simple nomore nomad canada punjab place door

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Comment from Fox:

Foxroar SacredGeometry ThirdDayOfCreation FourFold Geometry Experiment Original Art Artist SacredForms ThoughtsOfGod DivineBlueprints Light Creation Spirit Evolution Awareness InstaArt Drawing Love Abundance Unity Expansion ChristConsciousness NewEarth Symbol Language Download Trigger Ascension

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Robert Najlis


Comment from Robert Najlis:

在终南山爬山 Hiking in Zhong Nan Mountain near Xi'an China art fineart contemporaryart abstractart oilpainting jazz language contemporaryartcurator contemporarymusic artistaplástica arte artgallery 藝術家 藝術 藝術品 油畫 畫畫 classicalmusic drawing dibujo music 書法 china 中国 instaart artistresidency 国画水墨 国画

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Darcy Whitworth


Comment from Darcy Whitworth:

A delightfully quiet whole foods,new studies and an insightful brain to be filled💡📝Day One ☝️ of the Advanced Monash Global Leadership & Research Program 2017 😌👩🏼‍🎓👏🏻 - - - - - - culture academic research reads lunch quiet wellness mindfulness boots letsgo excited monash language studies creativity aboriginals linguistics course wintersemester2017

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Ladon Language


Comment from Ladon Language:

“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” - Warsan Shire Find out how Ladon is helping refugees ✔️✔️

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Rastiti Era Agustini


Comment from Rastiti Era Agustini:

Japan Japanese Jpn Language Origami :)

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Comment from LEE:

Gangster Joe pose.....summer17☀️ gangster joeposefriendslanguagesuccessfuntimessummerpoolbbqfriendscrazywhatdoesthatmean em1shep nicky_trino leilazam92 johnrobert17

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Jael Chng


Comment from Jael Chng:

时间暂停了一个星期,平时的繁忙搁在一边, 去取新的经验,去寻求新的知识,去欣赏新的美图。离开台湾还有依依不舍的感觉,一边是喜爱-- 喜爱上她的美,柔。另一边是必需拿起假日之前放下的挑战。Everyday is a new beginning. 明天, 我会有新的精力,新的方案,新的冲劲⚡️新加坡,我回来了。taipei discovertaiwan language

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