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Comment from izumi:

木蓮。 英仏語はmagnolia. 独語はmagnolieだそう。 木蓮magnoliamagnolie言語languelanguage

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Maria Walter


Comment from Maria Walter:

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Daniel Figueroa


Comment from Daniel Figueroa:

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Centro Electrónico de Idiomas


Comment from Centro Electrónico de Idiomas:

Así eran nuestras aulas y sesiones de clases en el año 1999. ¡Siempre estuvimos comprometidos con la excelente enseñanza!

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Arantxa. Oui, chez moi


Comment from Arantxa. Oui, chez moi:

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GRID Magazine


Comment from GRID Magazine:

Come learn how best to HANDLE social media related issues on tomorrow at Oriental Hotel, Lagos. Social Media Language Expression Business Evolution Penzaarville HandleItAfrica Event GRIDmagazine

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Fashion Language.


Comment from Fashion Language.:

I'm obsessed with these girls! Look at their eyes!😍✨ Language 📸 ira_serafima_official FashLanguage

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Comment from darth__punk:

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Tomasz Wichniarek


Comment from Tomasz Wichniarek:

Anatomia po Poznańsku poznan anatomy muscle new language wielkopolska fizjoterapia physiotherapy newway newlanguage

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Yellow Haitch Lettering


Comment from Yellow Haitch Lettering:

Day 12 of alphagettoknowme was language and well, what can I say about s? I love them! I love learning all the different connections between each of them. I speak Spanish, English and basque fluently and I'm now learning Arabic, I've also done courses in German and Italian 🙊 . . 🖊: tiger thin pen + pentel fude touch brush pen. . . handmade handmadefont handmadetype handmadelogo handmadetypography typography lettering modernlettering language español spanish english alarabiya euskera basque

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Drew Languages


Comment from Drew Languages:

Too cute. Well done on getting 4 stars in French today Ben. You obviously have been taught well in the past. 😂😂language German French English Foreign visits activities London sport educational London exchange skype teaching lessons tuition busuness vocabulary grammar conversation reading speaking listening writing examination fun

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★Dersimli Jiyan★


Comment from ★Dersimli Jiyan★:

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Italian school NJ


Comment from Italian school NJ:

Italian Lesson of the day: Expression with "Verde" - Green Essere al verde - to be broke Avere il pollice verde - to be good at gardening Numero Verde - Toll free number Lezione di Italiano del Giorno: Espressioni con verde Essere al verde - non avere più soldi Avere il pollice verde - essere bravo a prendersi cura delle piante Numero verde - numero gratuito per informazioni verde alverde polliceverde numeroverde espressioniitaliane modididore sayingsitaliansaying italianschool lingue learning language loveitaly languagelearning learning learnitalian lessonoftheday learningItalian italianschoolnj

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Renan Gaudencio


Comment from Renan Gaudencio:

Je capote ben raide sur ça! :D canada montreal quebec quebecois jecapote jecapotebenraide francais langue language french studies

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Comment from kaninchenundschweinseit2013:

Donnerstag.30.März.2017 Übung macht den Meister...! Heute habe ich ein anderes Grammatikbuch gekauft!Viel Spaß...jajajajajajaja!!!😭😭😭 📓🇩🇪📓🇩🇪📓🇩🇪📓🇩🇪📓🇩🇪📓🇩🇪📓🇩🇪📓🇩🇪 ここはショッピングモールの中にある大きい本屋。結局今日もまた新しいドイツ語の文法の本を買っちゃいました。既に何冊かあるのに、いくら買っても全然理解できず、私の理解力が足りなさ過ぎだっていう結論が出ました。。馬鹿なんでしょうか。 理解すらできないくせに本買ってばかり。。😓😰 deutsch deutschlernen schwer fremdsprache german learninggerman foreignlanguage language sprache ドイツ語 hamburg buchhandlung thalia germany bookstore grammar buch grammatik ドイツ ハンブルク 本 potd study lerneneuropapassage alster binnenalster deutschland daily 勉強

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Comment from tino:

me myself selfie time readytogo to language school germany 📚🇩🇪❤️❤️

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Sebastian Sean Crow


Comment from Sebastian Sean Crow:

So apparently the page has more room than I thought lol hiraganachart hiragana japanese personal journal language booklet photo ひらがな 日本語

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Miguel Tropecelo


Comment from Miguel Tropecelo:

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Comment from david:

In the streets of Shanghai shanghai china trip market streetsofshanghai experience läuftbeiuns language keeplearning learning ufenögschtsmol :)

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Taryn Goodwin


Comment from Taryn Goodwin:

Full Video on Facebook 💌🎉🎥taryngoodwin Celebrating the beauty of Your Wellness! How can we translate boundaries into Celebration points! 🎉✨💪🌼📝💛🌻📒🐥🌟 Responding to the needs of our bodies is the most productive experience we can give ourselves! Supporting and sharing in a community of thought that cherishes Wellness in the everyday begins with honouring ones request to do so! everydayactions wellness celebrating honouring learning community reframing language active listening responding friendships hearinghealth beauty thanks wellnesscoach sharing love artoftheday beautifulbritishcolumbia outsideourselves

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