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Polyglot's Journal


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Je vais Lire en Français Facile pour fixer les conjugaisons des verbes! . . . . . . . learnfrench french français francês francais studyfrench apprendrefrançais

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It means: handsome dailyfrenchwords • - - - learnfrench duolingo nike nikepigalle travel culture newyork_ig mcm speakfrench handsome pausemagazine fluentfrench

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South West French Lessons


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Thank you to all my followers, more than 200 now!!! southwestfrenchlessons southwest frenchlessons dunsborough margaretriverregion australiasw westernaustralia

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Practise makes perfect! Sign up at to practise your language learning skills! monaco grandprix learnfrench learnlanguages erasmuslife erasmus tandemlearning tandem

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I Love French 😙😍


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learnfrench frenchwords

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🇫🇷 le café 🇪🇸 el café . . . learnfrenchfrenchwordsfrançaisfrancefrenchparisfrancophonelanguagesapprendrefrançaisfrenchclasseslefrançaislanguagelearninglearninglanguageeducationfrenchlearningespañolspanishspanishlearningaprenderespañolfrenchverbsteachinglearningparlezvousfrançaiswordofthedayphraseoftheday

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still learning french


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français french learnfrench apprendrefrancais simplementfrancaises🗼💕

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Baguette Bear


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Baguette has been enjoying Glastonbury festival glastonbury in the UK. Such inspiration for my 3rd album which is being released this Summer. Here a few special tracks now on Baguettes Website. music learning children Loursbilingue baguettebear baguettethebilingualbear alisonmcrobbie official bilingual bilingue enfants Paris londres california sanfrancisco usa frenchforkids french learnfrench english learnenglish kidsenglish

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Video: Telling the age Video: Decir la edad

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Aviaq Kleist Sethsen


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Yes! We are finally doing it 🙌🏻 Started learning french via babbel, cuz u know I'm gonna move there one day ✨ • • • • • babbel language learnlanguage 4thlanguage french learnfrench france imcoming

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Russian Language Podcast


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Destabilizing the patriotic boat. ⛵ --------------------------- Раскачиваем лодку. 😇 --------------------------- En train de déstabiliser le bateau patriotique. 😈 --------------------------- --------------------------- french learnfrench французский учимфранцузский apprendrefrancais polyglot languages russiangirl positive notredamedeparis lifehacks traveller paris francese frenchgirl france франция париж jardindeluxembourg polyglotproject motivation パリ лето ロシア ロシア語 フランス russianpodcast tatianaklimova ilovelanguages learnlanguages

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Dernière chance 🍃


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Bonne nuit mon cher ami et doux rêves 💫 💞 like follow fr learnfrench allaboutfrance nuit noir love lightsoff goodnight france bonnenuit

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Synapses - get it free on AppStore. Create your own personal associations for remembering new words and phrases . . . . . Synapses france paris french frenchlanguage française francaise languefrancaise languefrançaise frenchwords frenchlearning frenchlesson ilovefrench learningfrench languefrancaise foreignlanguages studyfrench frenchcourse frenclessons learnfrench speakfrench apprendrefrancais frenchword lefrançais lefrancais parlezvousfrancais frenchvocabulary jeparlefrancais parlerfrançais французскийязык

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We learn French


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[œnaRo'zwaR]🔹watering can🔹лейка ⏩ en ce temps de canicule n'oubliez pas d'arroser vos plantes! 😉 pensez également aux oiseaux et aux chats, et aux chiens abandonnés... 😢 un bol d'eau déposé au coin de la rue peut sauver la vie 👍 unmotparjour ••• французский fle welearnfrench learnfrenchordie learnfrench французскийязык dessin illustration рисунок учимфранцузский ташкент франция frenchword frenchlesson урокфранцузского

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Salèha El.D. FrenchAssistant


Comment from Salèha El.D. FrenchAssistant:

How to stay current with your languages? We like to think that a second language is like riding a bike, you never forget it, well unless you keep it up it will fade away with time. languages languagelearning learnenglish learnfrench keepyourlanguagealive keepyourlanguage

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Dernière chance 🍃


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C'est bizarre 😮 pigeon like love follow nature allaboutfrance learnfrench vouloircestpouvoir 🐦

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Sublexis French Words


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. agrafeuse : (nom m) 🇬🇧 stapler 🇪🇸 grapadora . 🇫🇷 Je crois que vous avez mon agrafeuse. 🇬🇧 I believe you have my stapler. 🇪🇸 Creo que tienes mi grapadora. . . Explore more french vocabulary at! . learnfrench frenchwords françaisfrance french toronto paris london vancouver montrealcalgaryquebeclyon brussels la  sfnyc marseille toulouse nice nantesstrasbourg montpellier kitchener winnipeg ottawa edmonton halifaxlausanne geneva

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Fluent Forever - Gabriel Wyner


Comment from Fluent Forever - Gabriel Wyner:

The 625 word lists on are the easiest to start with, but beyond that, you'll need to get high frequency, abstract vocabulary. So grab a Frequency Dictionary (Routledge makes the best ones). After that, get a thematic vocabulary book and check off any words you want. (The publisher Barron makes the best ones of those!) * * * languages foreignlanguage languagelearning frenchlanguage bilingualeducation studyenglish learnrussian learnfrench learnspanish learngerman learnitalian japaneselanguage languageschool speakspanish learnjapanese polyglot bilingual learningathome learningitalian learningchinese learningisfun learningspanish learningnewthings learningeveryday learningenglish fluentforever translation languagestudy learningforlife vocabulary

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Olivia Flowers


Comment from Olivia Flowers:

A day in my life: Sunday, 25th June, Winter! Making huge progress in French and feeling quite zen after organising studies better. studygram studying study studyabroad prep exsams studies frenchiegram french learnfrench frenchstyle frenchstudent organised organise learn learning purple pens newlanguage learninglanguage wifey💍 livingthewifeylife lifestyleblogger flowerchild flowersarepeopletoo flowersrsa bossbabe bosslady

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French with Abboura


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👂cette semaine[ setö sömen] LA semaine prochaine [ la sömen proshen] LA semaine dernière [la sömen derniyer] bientôt [ biyento] plus tard [ plù tar] frenchwithabbourafrenchlesson learnfrench french

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