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🇪🇸If you can't get any difference between SER and ESTAR in Spanish ➡️that's a great video lesson to help you 🤔✅Spanish spanishgrammar learnspanish español teacher

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Nueva Lengua Spanish School


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Nosotros amamos Bogotá ❤️🇨🇴 ¿Y ustedes? 😊

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👯👯‍♂️PLEONASMO 👉🏻Es una figura literaria que consiste en emplear en la oración uno o más vocablos innecesarios por redundantes, pero con los cuales se añade expresividad a lo dicho. 👉🏻En la lengua hablada no es recomendable abusar de la redundancia. 👉🏻Ejemplos: ▪️Lo vi con mis propios ojos. ▪️ Sube arriba. ▪️Baja abajo. miamigopaquistanívendemóviles tienedetodo yprotectoresdepantallasuperbaratos escribirbienessexi

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Espanol 4 Kids 🇩🇴

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La palabra del día es: "tobillo" Today's word is "ankle" livethedream bilingual kids learnspanish tobillo ankle

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Fluent Forever - Gabriel Wyner


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Other languages’ cats can fall into a different grammatical group than their dogs. This was once the case in English, but eventually, we got sloppy with our grammar and forgot the grammatical differences between dogs and cats. Many languages didn’t. In any of these languages, you need to memorize each noun’s grammatical group in order to build a sentence successfully. This is known as grammatical gender, and it’s a pain in the neck. * * * languages foreignlanguage languagelearning frenchlanguage bilingualeducation studyenglish learnrussian learnfrench learnspanish learngerman learnitalian japaneselanguage languageschool speakspanish learnjapanese polyglot bilingual learningathome learningitalian learningchinese learningisfun learningspanish learningnewthings learningeveryday learningenglish fluentforever translation languagestudy learningforlife learntime

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Plurality Global Institute


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"A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language." (Gaston Bachelard)

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El Pasaje Spanish School


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SpanishWords with elpasajespanishschool , we have loveforSpanish! Check our Spanishonline lessons at o email us to 👉El Ingeniero es el que diseña y controla proyectos: la construcción, la producción de sistemas informáticos, la organización del trabajo, etc. coursesinbuenosaires lovewords lovespanish learnSpanish lenguageexperience buenosaires ElPasajeSpanish

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Monica Cunningham


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Instituto Cervantes NYC: Fall in love with Spanish! ❤🍁😉 Fall classes are open for registration ! 📓✏️📖 10-week sessions that meet once a week start in October and run through December. Our intensive September classes meet 3 times a week for the whole month. Get back to school this fall season ! . . español castellano spanish ele learn learning language languages languagelover newyork newyorkcity manhattan speak teach teaching speakspanish learnspanish institutocervantesny institutocervantes cervantes nyc fall backtoschool school . . Repost from Instituto Cervantes NYC with

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💡Jorge Sivit 🇪🇸


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✏️Can you write an example using the Affirmative Imperative❓ VERB PONER (to put) AFFIRMATIVE IMPERATIVE 📘You can review its conjugation in my previous post. We use the Affirmative imperative to make requests or commands. 🇪🇸¡Niños, poned la mesa, es hora de comer! (Hey kids, set the table, it’s lunch time.) ●NIÑOS: children, kids [common noun, masculine-plural] ●PONED: put [verb PONER, 2nd person-plural, affirmative imperative] ●LA: the [definite article, feminine-singular] ●MESA: table [common noun, feminine-singular] ●ES: he, she, it is [verb SER, 3rd person-singular, present tense, indicative] ●HORA: time [common noun, feminine-singular] ●DE: of [preposition, invariable] ●COMER: to eat, to have lunch [verb COMER, infinitive] - Learn to pronounce this sentence LIKE A NATIVE SPEAKER with the video I’ll post tomorrow! - - - - - - - - - spanish learnspanish learningspanish studyspanish speakspanish keeppracticing inspanish enespañol aprendeespañol spanishteacher spanishlessons spanishclass spanishbasics spanishsteps languagelearning español espanol spanisch spanische spanischlernen espagnol apprendreespagnol испанский スペイン語 lightonspanish spanishgrammar spanishverbs spanishconjugations spanishinuse poner

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Joe McCright


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Aprenderemos sobre elsalvador learnspanish teachspanish aprenderespañol enseñarespañol español spanish

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Spanish Prátaí


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So yesterday we received our first dm asking us to explain Spanish adjectives!🏁 grammar mistakes are crucial in exams🔪🔪keep spreading the word so we can keep posting🏌🏼‍♀️learnspanish leavingcertspanish ireland backtoschool

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Joe McCright


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Aprdenderemos sobre costarica puravida learnspanish teachspanish aprenderespañol Spanish español

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After hours of traveling across Ecuador, Sadie was tired, sweaty and hungry. She finally reached Chugchilán, a small and remote village. It was getting dark, and she realized she was stranded. Ok, no problem, she would use her basic Spanish to figure out when the last bus leaves, and that would be that. The bad news? The last bus was long gone. The good news? She would get to experience something far more memorable and unique. And her first ever ride on a milk float!

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Montanita Spanish School


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Study good, study hard, study Spanish! Estudiar bueno, Estudiar duro, Estudio Español!

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Talking Tapas


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¡HOLA! Me encanta la camiseta 😍 lovethistshirt cutebelle learnalanguage learnspanish spanishlessonswithtapas spanishcourses

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Joe McCright


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learnspanish teachspanish mfltwitterati aprenderespañol español Spanish mexico

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Black Girls Learn Languages


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Living life in different languages does feel a bit like living multiple lives. ESPECIALLY if you travel! • Are you living life more than once? • Inspired by polyglotprojectarg blacklinguistas blackgirlslearnlanguages

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Speak Better Spanish


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Tuesday Travel Spanish mini-lesson is up! Today we are covering how to ask if someone speaks Spanish, and possible responses! Where's your next trip? Let me know in the comments! I'm off to the Dominican Republic later this year! travel adventure digitalnomad spanishclass traveltips international internationaltravel learnspanish spanishlanguage spanishteacher

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Linguaroo Spanish


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Useful Spanish expression❗️Remember lots of new words a day with free Linguaroo app! Download from the description right now and practice listening, writing and translating every day!😃 Spanish spain learnspanish spanishboy spanishgirl spanishfood linguaroo travel app freeapp

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Marina dare to take on August sun in Madrid ViveElEspañol 📷: kazbanova Would you like to win a portable speaker? Link in bio donQuijote donQuijoteSchool donQuijoteMadrid Madrid Spain Spanish LearnSpanish SpanishSchool ViveElEspañol

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