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Saskia Rebecca Cole


Comment from Saskia Rebecca Cole:

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Comment from Lisa:

Pentaceps! 😀💃🏻 newmuscle quadriceps physiotherapy legdayeveryday 😜

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Sean Bennett


Comment from Sean Bennett:

My calves seem to be enjoying the extra attention, at least something positive is coming from this haha progresscalvescalfgainsgymgymlifelegdaylegdayeverydayrecoveryfitfitnessfitnessmotivationmotivationbodybuildingbodybuilderbodybuilderlifestylehealthycutswoleimprovementanytimefitness

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Comment from AocArmy:

🔴 Sometimes in life you must improvise when you dont have weights 😄👑. . 👉Like & Share Now.👈 🔴 AOCArmy 🔴 ActionsOnlyClub ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ bootybuilder gluteworkout gluteworkout glutes legday girlswholift girlswithmuscles legdayproblems legdayeveryday backworkout fitness fitnessmotivation gymtrainer Gymflow squats fitnessfreaks fitlife instafit dailymotivation fitnessmodels fitchicks fitbabes igmodels bootybuilding backday yoga flexible

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Will Scheel


Comment from Will Scheel:

Just a few miles from the trails I used to call my own, grant767 and I found ourselves on gravel roads we've never been on in our 26 years. I got to see how the rain and winds of time have changed the trails I used to know so well, and I got Grant to get his bike dirty. Our 25 mile social pace ride, catching up, out riding ranch dogs, and riding levees made the penhalebicycleco Gypsy feel right at home. I carried all my supplies and extra layers in the roguepandadesigns Highline dropper post compatible saddle bag and while I didn't have that much in there, I did like how steady it was. I didn't notice it waving about at all. I only noticed the peaceful evening on the bike, the fantastic lighting, and new (to me) trails.

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Orlando Pescador Jr


Comment from Orlando Pescador Jr:

Fuck your quarter squats redondopower powerlifterswhopowerlift powerlifting teamnocalves titanpower81 atg squats skwaats legdayeveryday liftheavy respectthedepth gains bootywerk

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Erika Gonzalez (Eka)


Comment from Erika Gonzalez (Eka):

What she tackles... she conquers. 🌺💋

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Daniel Hohmann


Comment from Daniel Hohmann:

Night Funcional Training 💪💪 dhannpersonaltrainer strenghttraining strongman funcionaltraining fitnessboy fitnessgirl legday matamaisnaoenterra legdayeveryday instaboy fitnessmotivation fitspiration fitness instaman workout instafit workoutoftheday fit lifestyle gymtime gym trainning fitnessfun coach teamfit brazil

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Alexander Burton


Comment from Alexander Burton:

Today was Day 4 in a row of doing 7 x 12 medium weight leg press + 2 x 15-second windgate sprints + 1-minute vibration page squat hold at theaspi my legs are thrashed! legday legdayeveryday gymlife legpress ketogenic ketosis lowcarb fasted fastedcardio power focus strength muscle weightloss weightlossjourney staytough lchf

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Kaitlyn Millican


Comment from Kaitlyn Millican:

About to study my life away. Pray I pass my test tomorrow fitlife fitfam fitcouple fitgirl gymshark gymlife gym swolemate abs girlswholift girlswithmuscle squats bulking gains gymlove gymday legdayeveryday gymfreak fitchick fitnesslife fitforlife motivation navyfiance itworks plantbased wraps protein proteinshake investinyourself

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Brains And Brawn Athletics


Comment from Brains And Brawn Athletics:

The pups of Brains and Brawn Athletics chilling in the HQ for nationalpuppyday

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Comment from AocArmy:

🔴ShotOut Appreciation To Our Fitness Followers.😊 Follow 👉 sexyfitnessgirlshq FitnessModels Page Now.* 🔴AOCArmy 🔴ActionsOnlyClub ❤Like & Share Now*✔ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ fitgirls fitness fitnessmotivation gymflow Gymlover squats gymgirls fitlife instafitness motivation inspiration motivate fitchicks fitbabes supermodel bootybuilding bootybuilder legday girlswholift girlswithmuscles legdayproblems legdayeveryday neverskiplegday bikinimodel shotouts

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Michael Horton


Comment from Michael Horton:

SQUAT Bench Deadlift uspapower squat squatday squatlife squatbooty squatitout squatsfordays meetprep chicagofitexpo 6weeksout

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Cassandra Marie


Comment from Cassandra Marie:

😅💪🏼🍑 legdayeveryday glutesworkout legworkout teamfit staymotivated stayhappy workoutmotivation fitspiration workout fitness fitchicks thickfit bootywork bootygainz bootybootybooty

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Sheena Patel


Comment from Sheena Patel:

This workout was LEGendary...ha-ha But seriously, this was definitely one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. 😩 Sometimes an extra push is all you need. Try to get every rep when you can; don't forget that even with a spot, you're still exerting maximum energy. PUSH THROUGH. • •Stair-master warm-up 25 floors •Leg Press Drop Sets 4 x 10 (killed me!! It was hard to stand up after this...and this was just the beginning) 🔥🔥 •Weighted Calf Raises 3 x 25 •Barbell Front Squat 5 x 5 •Hamstring Leg Curls 3 x 10 •Dumbbell Lunges 2 x 25 •Bear Crawl Down and Back •10 Push-ups •Sideways Bear Crawl Down and Back •10 Push-ups •Weighted Plank 60 seconds •Front Plank 60 seconds •Side Plank 30 seconds (each side) •Incline Treadmill Burnout 10 minutes •Pray that you'll be able to walk the next few days

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Nick Williams


Comment from Nick Williams:

Here is a great chipper ladder WOD I did today. This one is tough but I enjoyed it and will do it again. A good goal would be sub 10 mins. Give it a try. BetterThanYesterday NotDefinedByResults CrossFit CrossFitter CrossFitLife HYLETEnation LiveSore PRGNX embracethepain fitnessaddict Reebok norestdayhere wodeveryday legdayeveryday rurogue FunctionalFitness ICrossFit ILoveCrossFit GutItOut

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David Mendoza


Comment from David Mendoza:

Check da socks!!!! newkitday summeralready whiterocklake dallas texas defeet diadelosmuertos portlandwave cycling cyclist cyclinglife roadielife ridejahbike rideyourbike getoutside specialized tarmac iamspecialized legdayeveryday

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Jen M


Comment from Jen M:

Remember how my last 1RM for front squat was 175 from a few months ago, then I doubled 185 for 2 last week? Well here are today's singles at 185, 195, and 205 for a total 30 1RM PR. So stoked to have broken 200 for this lift, with room for more. More stoked to see where it ends up after another 6wks. • Seems like my hip mobility has gone down tho, for both my front and back squats. But also I don't think my legs have ever been meatier 😂😍. Need to sit back more and sink into it, and push my hips through stronger at the top!! Constructive technique critiques welcome, lookin at you stanley_lk king of gorgeous front squats. • • • squat frontsquat shesquats bootygains powerbelly legday legdayeveryday gzcl jackedandtan jackedandtan2point0 week6 w6d3 1rm pr liftlikeagrrrl girlswhopowerlift girlswholift girlswholiftheavy fitmom momswholift momswhopowerlift momswholiftheavy momstrong strongmom powerlifting powerlifter powerbuilding liftheavy

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Caryn Dayhoff


Comment from Caryn Dayhoff:

An alternative to lying hamstring curls if you don't have a lying hamstring curl machine. Make sure your feet are securely held underneath a heavy low object and position your knees on a comfortable mat. Let your body fall forward being ready to catch yourself. Lightly push up with your hands using mainly your hamstrings to return to an upright position. Caution!!! This exercise isn't for the faint of heart! Questions on how to modify? Let me know!

4 Hours ago

Rosario Green


Comment from Rosario Green:

One run can change your day, many runs can change your life... 5 mile cool down💪🏆legdayeveryday nopainnogain fitness run triathlete endurance training headwind legs gainz goals

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