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linguistica linguistics sprachwissenschaft master sociolinguistics

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Nexo - Soluções Linguísticas


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Senta que lá vem o Stories. NEXO Tradução Revisão Linguística Translation Linguistics Revision

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Panagiotis Kikionis


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Still Alice (2014) stillalice drama oscar juliannemoore alecbaldwin kristenstewart movie cinema linguistics professor alzheimers disease still alice juliannemoore theacademy

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Jelena Grofulović


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Arabic root morphology. Nuff said. P.S. I won't get mad if you make an occasional book recommendation. generative morphology linguistics bedtime roots wineeeeee

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Nexo - Soluções Linguísticas


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"Oi, eu sou um suco." Obrigado, marciov79, pela imagem. NEXO Tradução Revisão Linguística Translation Linguistics Revision

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K a y l i n


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Gobbledygook is a fun word! It is defined as "talk or writing which is long, pompous, vague, involved, usually with Latinized words." The allusion was to a turkey, "always gobbledygobbling and strutting with ridiculous pomposity." I know a few research articles that can be described this way! Gibberish is also a close synonym. linguistics

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If you dare to look inside. . . . poem poet poetry writer poetrygram

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☁Büşra Yağmur Öz☁


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Yaşamıyorum gibi bir şey... Ben ve benim balık hafızamın toparlaması gereken terimler... Hayatımda en çok zorlandığım şeylerden biri uzun uzadıya cümleleri aklımda tutmak. Ben ezberciden çok mantıkçı biriyim galiba... 😂 Doktorumunda teşhisiyle 'zayıf hafıza'ya sahibim.😂 linguistics literaturestudent englishliterature studyingforexam languageacquisition languageprocessing humansandcomputer thursday 😒 wannasleepallnight 😔

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jane Gallacher


Comment from jane Gallacher:

Things that make me happy....accidentally stumbling upon the linguistics llama on Pinterest!! This llama is comedy gold right here!!! EDIT: I realise that only speech therapists find this funny!!! nerdygirl speechpathology speech linguistics linguisticsllama fricatives plosives phonology ilovephonology nerd university ipa transcription phonetics speechpathologist sounds work imaspeechtherapist hilarious funnymemes positivevibes discovery instagram instagood instafun instafunny geek

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Comment from Emily:

Posting this in honor of the fact that I will be in Russia two weeks from today!!! 🇷🇺 Instagram is--theoretically--a family website, so I had to keep these passages relatively G-rated (and you know me...of course I would NEVER do or say such explicit things in any language...😏). So if you want to see the spicer stuff, they have versions of this book in multiple languages. Check it out! Also, I can totally vouch for the whole Slavic "don't sit on concrete or your ovaries will freeze" saying. My host mom in Moldova was always telling me that. Researchers have not been able to find any valuable correlation between concrete sitting and infertility in women, but I don't think that will stop babushki (grandmothers/local old ladies) from warning young girls about the dangers of sitting on concrete! linguistics russian slang

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Christian Gruber


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Theater theorie wissenschaft science communication anthropologie linguistics magic zauberkunst sprache bildung

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Wes Pinkston


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✨📚 Write your own story 📚✨

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Marta Wroniak


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Ten moment, gdy się uczysz, a tutaj libacja. nieśmieszneżarciki padaminamózg mojestudiatożart nocnestudentówpierdoły linguistics english naukamocno libacja

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Trying to blend in with the street art. streetart vivaelarte morningcommute charro barriooeste salamanca españa L1A linguistics DPproject

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This neighborhood is an outdoor museum, complete with sun, blue skies and puffer clouds. Yes please. streetart vivaelarte vivalacreatividad morningcommute charro barriooeste salamanca españa L1A linguistics DPproject

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Charla "Cómo hacer hablar a las máquinas: la fonética aplicada a la generación de voz artificial" Universidad Alberto Hurtado linguistics

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Allez Elizabeth


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Thanks babla.languages! The origins of the word coffee. qahwah short for qahhwat al-bun or wine of the bean? Looks like I'm a winoforever 🙄😂 ☕️🍷etymology languagelearning linguistics languagenerd aspiringpolyglot allezelizabeth

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Comment from Maria:

This is from the book "A Grammar of Eastern Pomo" by Sally Mclendon. Published by the University of California Press in 1975. This information is priceless and we are so grateful for these efforts. The Pomo in the County are still working hard to keep their language alive to this day. . "Eastern Pomo, a Hokan language of North California, is one of seven closely related languages... It was formerly spoken in two discontinuous areas along the northern and southern shores of Clear Lake proper, which is located in the last range of coast mountains west of the Sacramento Valley, about one hundred miles north of San Francisco."

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linguistics havenoidea 교수가 얘들아 옛따 ~ 여기 꿀 묵어라~~🍯🍯떠먹여주는데 퉤퉤투테테테 캐케켁 뱉는중

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Donny Miles


Comment from Donny Miles:

-Y el buscador, que tenía el trabajo más difícil de todos, atrapar la dorada snitch, una pelitos pequeña con alas, del tamaño de una nuez, cuya captura por finalizado el juego- 'Cuya/o' is such a funky word, but pretty easy to use. Reading chapter books in Spanish really forces you to learn entirely different sets of vocabulary versus just speaking and writing in the language. spanish language linguistics harrypotter theprisonerofazkaban elprisionerodeazkaban reading

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