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Comment from Crazy[C]World:

Encore une semaine avant de m'envoler au soleil avec mon cousin d'amour thoms_perez 😘😘 Tellement hâte ! ✈️☀️🌴 livesimple love life famille family travel voyage vacances vietesreves liveyourdreams sun soleil sea mer plage

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Sheri Doyle


Comment from Sheri Doyle:

The amazing village of bukitlawang Indonesia I am in love! sumatra asia sooffwego travelblogger seetheworld wanderlust village flowers igtravel nikon instatravel liveyourdreams trekking feelslikehome journey thetravelscenes

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Comment from Be&Re:

Dreambig liveyourdreams havefun loveyourself lovethelifeyoulive bekind beclassy becool springbreak summeriscoming nevergiveup keepitsimple enjoythemoment flyaway

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Follow your Heart🦄🎸🌈💘


Comment from Follow your Heart🦄🎸🌈💘:

Jessa 👍👌👍wochenende 😎😎😎😎😎 Mal die letzten 2std abgeklemmt überstunden abbauen 👍💕👍👍 Habt noch m schönen Tag 👋👋👋👋👋 samusiehtdaswochenendeauch samuhaber samugrinsebacke mrdingdong mrblueeyes lovethis lovelyvoice liveyourdreams Google

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Core of Success


Comment from Core of Success:

‼️ JEDER hat mal eine NIEDERLAGE, der entscheidende Punkt liegt jedoch darin ob man wieder aufsteht oder liegen bleibt ‼️ GEWINNER stehen nach JEDER Niederlagen wieder auf, bis sie ihr Ziel erreicht haben 🏡🏎🏝☀️💰 VERLIERER schmeißen das Handtuch bei der ersten Niederlage ✖️ FEHLER sind dazu da um aus ihnen zu lernen ‼️ Zu welchem Typ zählen sie sich ❓ coreofsuccess winners motivation team networkmarketing success quitorwin liveyourdreams failforwin gewinner vollgas leader unternehmer

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Comment from renj__:

From now on I will look into the future and not the past anymore. I was negative all my life. I got hurt, was disappointed and never got something back. I always thought it was my fault. Now I am stronger than ever before and now I know that is not always my fault. I always tried my best, tried to do everything right and I am proud of myself. from now on I will look optimistic into the future. A lot of people don't see their own faults. Sometimes you have to be selfish and don't try to satisfy everyone else, unfortunately it does not work for me. I will always care about others first, that's who I am. My life is changing from day to day and i am very thankful for it. I'll soon be a wife and someday a mother. I will pass everything I've learned, to my children. Life's not always easy but there are countless beautiful little things you should appreciate. There's always be a reason, and someone who cares. I look into my future, our future, with positive vibes. With strength. positivevibes positivity nomorenegativity friendshipgoals hatersgonnahate idontcare idontgiveafuck future past strongwomen beautifulgirls fashionblogger iamwhoiam vibes liveyourlife liveyourdreams love peace ilovemyman ilovemyfamily wifey married greatpeople selfie selfish ego me

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Ana Hughes


Comment from Ana Hughes:

Yay Mickey! 😍

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Comment from Tiffany:

iLoveMusicals Saturday, February 4, 2017. iLovePlays iLoveDurham Day35of365 DPAC Spontaneity HedwigAndTheAngryInch I cried at the end. It is never too late to be what you could've been. BeYourself LiveYourBestLife LiveYourDreams Don't allow the insecurities of another rule your destiny. TheArts DurhamNC BlackHistoryMonth

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Comment from Tsiniasbaggelis:

28-04-17 finally summer is here fashionblogger fashiongram ig_greece artmodels light liveyourdreams lifo ig_greece igersmood igersoftheday greece greecephotography summer sunnyday portrait_greece portraitphotography

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Isotta Guarino


Comment from Isotta Guarino:

A meal without wine is called breakfast! (Unless you are Tyrian Lannister, then all your meals ARE just wine) ❤🍷 winelover gameofthrones itsfriday

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Conrad & Cassandra


Comment from Conrad & Cassandra:

To have more you must simply demand more of yourself 🔝 ! askushow teamelitemalta herbalife goodnutrition markhughes motivation inspiration results liveyourdreams dreams targets team malta joinus grateful positive fgura income business

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Comment from Laura:

Easily one of the weirdest, funniest, and most fun experiences of my life. Geisha transformation in Kyoto! • • • kyoto Japan travelJapan travelling liveyourdreams kyotojapan japan🇯🇵 kyoto🇯🇵 geisha

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Larry T Hill


Comment from Larry T Hill:

15.10.13 A shower ! Land, people, social interacation! throwback larry_t_hill ・・・ Ahhh, first fresh water shower. Ohhmahhgawd.. Soothes the salt water rash. Sailing motherlandvoyage Darwin Kupang Indonesia Australia shower . . Throwback fest: Celebrating the realisation of two dreams: moving to Sri Lanka from Australia without flying and living here for minimum three years. throwback larry_t_hill . . . . . . . . motherlandvoyage sailing srilanka australia Darwin overland Indonesia conscious travel slowtravel diy conscioustravel slowmovement crewing liveyourdreams tweet travelwithoutflying

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мαяgυєяιтє2130 💕


Comment from мαяgυєяιтє2130 💕:

"Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that your are." 🌷🌷🌷💗 oneofthebestdaysofmylife BeautyUnfiltered nofilterrequired HappinessisTulips 🌷favouriteflowers liveyourdreams BeHappy 😄 gethighwithNature jumpshot GodsCreation awesomeness jumpforjoy grateful spring2017 thisisHolland travel wanderlust Bucketlist✔️

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Comment from Laura:

• • • kyoto Japan travelJapan travelling liveyourdreams kyotojapan japan🇯🇵 shrine japaneseshrine kiyomizudera kyoto🇯🇵

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Kathleen Cooper


Comment from Kathleen Cooper:

❤️🌅☀️sunsets LoveFL lovelife lovephotography takeapicture beautifulsky skyporn floridalife photography photographer photoporn naturelovers naturephotography loveoutdoors getoutside liveyourdreams beautifulview waterphotography sunset sunsetporn lovephotography capturephotography capture waterphotography outdoors getoutside hiking adventureoften adventureisoutthere

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Comment from Isreal:

I spoke in this particular church last year but apart from the commendations and the ovations I received on the very day there's nothing more. Recently I made up my mind to quit my 9-5 and on the day I made this decision as I exit the office a young guy walked straight to me and said he was at that particular church last year and he followed my speech all through and that he had been looking forward to meet me, he told me how my speech had helped him to reassess his life, focus and become productive and after all he asked this question, "will you coach me?" uhm I smiled .... Here is the lesson.. Keep putting out good works Continue to sow seed of greatness Results will come not immediately What you have is enough Keep trying... Success is on the way... LiveYourDreams RunWithAVision ChaseYourGreatness ChangeTheWorld Peace

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Rachael Aprill Phillips


Comment from Rachael Aprill Phillips:

I love working for myself. I get the chance to meet so many amazing people and companies. lovewhatyoudo liveyourdreams betruetoyourself dreamscometrue dowhatyoulove dreambig believeinyourself havingfun happinessnow womenboss workfromhome livingforachange trynewthings thinkforachange traveltheworld startyourownthing loveyourlife

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Comment from Laura:

• • • kyoto Japan travelJapan travelling liveyourdreams kyoto🇯🇵 kyotojapan japan🇯🇵 shrine japaneseshrine kiyomizudera

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Helena 〰•HHSS•


Comment from Helena 〰•HHSS•:

"Todo mundo fica bonito com uma luz, e ela vem de dentro." 💙 verdade bomdia saudades trabalhar amar ame o próximo sempre beyourself beyourbestself liveyourlife liveyourdreams begood

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