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Comment from Ivan:

OnMondayswewearblack meangirls pink so because my first class was canceled for the eclipse we were expected to get a picture of us viewing it... not only do I suck at taking pictures but all I had was my camera phone... I promise this is totality😂 disappointed but well I'm glad to start classes again, and too see my second family, I may not talk to everyone often in my class but I know I could depend on any one of them with anything... definitely gonna be a fun year😇2017eclipse eclipse nofilter interiordesign 4thyear lookingforward tothefuture lol

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Comment from bamichels:

Last pic of my birthday. THANK YOU to every single person that reached out to wish me an amazing day! Texts, calls, messages, FaceTime, videos, pictures. You all have my heart ❤️🎊🎉 A lot of change this past year...looking forward to everything to come! birthday celebration thankyou blessed grateful happy cheerstotheyear lookingforward

29 Minutes ago

Marie Simonsen


Comment from Marie Simonsen:

Been there, done that 🙃foreverhappy foreverme lookingforward newcommers2018 goals fitnessgoals

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Comment from Chris:

How some of us in Coquitlam,BC saw the astral phenomenon eclipse eclipse2017 moon sun pass infrontof excitement partial in7years lookingforward

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Anika Eckert


Comment from Anika Eckert:

Sometimes moving forward - no matter how hard it is - is the best and only thing you can do and after some time (sometimes a couple of years, sometimes just a few days) you are where you belong to. lovemylife goodtimes itsworthit liveisgood nevergiveup nevergiveuponyourdreams lookingforward lifeisbeautiful recoveryispossible

34 Minutes ago

Rio Arapi


Comment from Rio Arapi:

Way back home.. A beautiful journey ended another amazing one is about to start..❤Nicole❤ asiantrip backhome goodvibes greatmemories lookingforward niece ❤

39 Minutes ago

H e l e n e


Comment from H e l e n e:

the last few days i feel like my mind is clouded because of fear and what might come or not come. i thought that by now i should have the answer what to do with my life. still, i'm a bit clueless... so traveling comes in helpful... to take away this stress. travel mindopener takethestressaway newlife newbeginnings wordsofwisdom lookingforward

39 Minutes ago

Marianne de Koning


Comment from Marianne de Koning:

Over 3 weekjes zijn wij hier ♡

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Comment from jessiesgiirll:

🙆❤ library artbooks art artwork physicaltherapy photography beach girl lookingforward books aesthetic tumblr

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Riders Management


Comment from Riders Management:

Repost swissmoto2 ・・・ One week to go until we race in silverstone again. weareexcited britishgp silverstone silverstonegp2016 throwback lastyear raceweekend comingsoon lookingforward motogp moto2 carxpert garageplus interwetten racingteam racingfamily sundaymood nextchapter

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Ivan Yang 杨轶凡


Comment from Ivan Yang 杨轶凡:

Wish me good luck for this semesterlookingforwardfashionmeetsmusic

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Comment from Lotte&Morla:

makingthingsready - preparation 🐱🏡🐱 upcycling upcyclingart upcycle upcyclingfurniture diy doityourself chalkpaint sleepingplace basket catbasket placetosleep feelslikehome newroomies catcontent foundlings lotte morla withoutmummy newhome love kittenlove catlove catmummy lookingforward

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Cristina Steinmann


Comment from Cristina Steinmann:

when it gets dark outside while you are in the store... picoftheday shopping outletoforange afterwork whenyoufinish2hoursearlier powershopping tickingthingsoffthelist nowicanfitrightin sportystyle dressforzanzibar lookingforward sale shoppingqueen bloomingdales thatandsackson5thavenuewerethebest didntevenlookatshoes proud andnowsomegreatersicecream findingthegemsoforangecounty

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Travis Briton


Comment from Travis Briton:

Procrastinating by staring into the abyss that is my wardrobe .. I hate moving. procrastination toomanyclothes movinghouse instagay gaymelbourne homo gaypierced beardedgay whiskers profile jawline ksubi gaysinbeanies ihatemoving lookingforward

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Emily Branson


Comment from Emily Branson:

This is one of my happy place, where is yours? Dreaming of warmer nights, longer days and sand between my toes!

1 Hours ago

Paulina Constanza


Comment from Paulina Constanza:

Noche de pelis, lecturas y organización de viajes, clases y reuniones feliz newbeginnings lookingforward waitingfor sweetj floridastateuniversity doingmybest teaching

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Roe Bearz


Comment from Roe Bearz:

If you could read my mind, you might see more to me that meets the eye. iseeyouwithmyheartnotwithmyeyes streetart stencilart eyestencil lookingforward eyeforaneye eyelove ♡

1 Hours ago

Francesco Sala


Comment from Francesco Sala:

❤️. lookingforward

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Comment from #Y.Hany17=D:

It Just 3 Week Of Hard Workout and her i am now with the new update ✌ i all my way up✌ fitness hardwork summersgoals nevergiveup lookingforward ultimate notingcanstopme

2 Hours ago

Jacob Huttner


Comment from Jacob Huttner:

Looking forward to the end of this month. Manhattan Kansas LookingSharp LookingForward Suit Hair UnderCut Wedding GoingHome

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